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Reason Morning Links: Obama Pledges Aid to Palestine, BP Stock Falls, AIG Bailout Slammed


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  1. If it was going to be the name of the Patriots stadium that would make more sense.

    1. How early do you get up to compose your comment links, Johnny?

      1. I'd assume a person who chose a Sun as their handle would never sleep.

        1. I see all. Except the dark side.

      2. Are you the guy in those Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials?

        1. LULZ, I was just about to ask where Rainbow and Moon were this AM.

          1. I killed them. Backstabbing bastards!

            1. Are you finally going to fess up to Global Warming or are you just going to sit up there in the sky and laugh?

              1. Since I warm only half the earth at a time, I am only half guilty.

                1. Now where is Volcano? It's confession time for you too!

          2. I've been lurking for years.

            1. It is good how you sometimes hide your dark side.

              1. I try to keep it from...flaring up.

  2. From the BP article:

    Yesterday the White House said it would press the company to pay the salaries of staff laid off as a result of a six-month moratorium imposed by the Obama administration on exploration activity in the gulf. The freeze means a halt to work on 33 existing oil rigs, affecting thousands of jobs.

    Urge to kill rising.

    1. That is one thing BP should *not* have to pay for. Obama shut down exploration, not BP.

      1. It'll be really cool when BP goes bankrupt and can't pay its claims and Obama bails them out with taxpayer IOUs. Then it'll be really funny and ironic when BP's CEO goes on TV to crow about early repayment of its loan, which was really a small repayment funded by a different loan. Who needs summer replacement sitcoms when we have reality TV?

        1. Can Obama install himself as king of BP like what he did to GM?

        2. You keep using this word, "funny". It does not mean what you think it means, i think.

          1. Cosmic jokes can be funny in a deadly serious way. That's how the existentialists got their foot in the door.

    1. "Americans" and "faith in government" shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Certainly not historically.

    2. The trust line creeps up for a few years - without getting nowhere near the 1958 mark - and plunges again in 1994,

      Way to edit Miami Herald.

      1. I don't see nothing wrong with that.

        1. Double negatives are one of my biggest grammer pet peeves. That and I couldn't come up with a response to the article that did involve a GM style rant.

          1. Me to. "nowhere near" doesn't even mean anything. At best it is a strange idiomatic phrase. You don't have to have a PHD in English to change "nowhere near" to "anywhere near". Seriously, do journalists even take English classes anymore?

            1. Would you rather live in Gaza or the Miami Herald's editorial office?

              1. I have a good friend who is a reporter in Gaza. She loves the place. No kidding. It is very affordable. All you need is a little money to live in an apartment building with a good generator.

                1. a good generator...and missile detection, and knife wielding jihadist head chopping detection system.

          2. "Nowhere near" does not belong in a newspaper; even an editorial.

            1. Should be "Nowheres near"

            2. Not even in the Letters to the Editor. Journalism is a profession like prostitution is a profession.

              1. Stop insulting prostitutes Pro. They have more standards than journalists.

                1. I was thinking more about the formal education usually required for someone to be a "professional." You know, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, blog commenters.

                  1. So you want blog commenters to get a license? I'm confused. (as usual)

                    1. There's no inherent need for licensing professionals, of course. However, blog commenters have remained under the radar, up till now. Of course, with our high incomes and perks, that honeymoon, coupled with the states' undying need for more revenue, must sadly end.

                    2. We could go back to calling our congress-critters with these rants. I bet that would stop the licensing process cold.

          3. Incorrect corrections are hilarious.

            *grammar* is the correct spelling, and you failed to properly use the double negative in your second sentence by omitting the word 'not'.

            And John - you meant, "Me, too".


  3. Thank goodness it is only $400m instead of $400b, for now.

    President Obama pledged an infusion of $400 million in aid for housing, school construction and business development in the Palestinian territories Wednesday, saying after a one-on-one meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that the situation in Gaza is "inherently unstable."

    Schools and hospitals are where Hamas shoots from and where they store their rockets.

    You can tell which side Obama is on by who he keeps appointments with. Bibi had a pre-scheduled meeting too.

    1. Thank goodness they don't need help with oil leak.

    2. Maybe the aid money could be delivered by blockade runner.

      1. We ARE America, should we send it any other way?

        1st Post Maybe. The Post That Hurts The Most.

        1. The Air Force should carpet bomb Gaza with 400,000,000 dollar bills.

          Think of the quality Youtube videos that would generate!

    3. Suki, if I was President the Med fleet would have broken the Israeli blockade of Gaza by now.

      So if you are annoyed at our current policy, always remember that [from your perspective, at least] it could be a lot worse.

      1. I am supposed to be comforted that we could have a bigger terrorist lover in the WH than we do now? Not working.

      2. So you favor an interventionist foreign policy that sends our military to wars overseas, Fluffy.

    4. I have no love for Obama nor his policy towards Israel, but I thought Bibi canceled the latest meeting because of the flotilla mess.

      1. Thought he was told not to swing by after his Canada visit.

        1. I read the Obama told Bibi not to go straight to Israel instead of keeping his appointment at the White House.

          Helen Thomas to Bibi, "Leave Israel and go back to America where you came from."

          Obama to Bibi, "Leave America and go back to Israel where you came from."

  4. Adultery still illegal in New York and the woman's defense is she never had sex with her trans-gendered husband.

    1. Good morning, Suki SF!

        1. I suppose so. 😎

    2. I feel your pain.

      Wanna feel mine?

    3. Silly radio talkers are saying that adultery should not be illegal. Why have marriage on the books at all if violating it is no big deal?

      1. Is it against the law somewhere, i thought it was just a breach of contract.

        (Obviously not married, Happily. Well, as happily as possible considering i still live on this planet.)

        1. I'm not married *yet* and getting rid of the adultery law just strengthens the case of people who are against marriage. Far as I can tell they are just hippies and fringe Libertarians, but still.

          1. Great so that's one area the govt doesn't have to worry about dissension.

            Keep that line orderly people, you'll get married soon enough.

            1. but can we stop pretending marriage is something based on love?

      2. Well, I can see the argument that the gubmint should not be in the business of criminalizing adultery. It should be a civil matter for the parties involved to litigate among themselves. Why should the government expend its policing and prosecutorial resources because this guy slept this that girl instead of this other girl?

        It's a breach of promise one person made to another - the type of controversy civil courts are particularly well constituted to deal with. I see no need to fire up the powerful machinery of the judiciary system against the individual who broke his or her promise.

        1. Modern life is so confusing. I mean, am I supposed to be for legalizing gay adultery or against it?

          1. I'm confused on that one too.

        2. But marriage is not just a contract with two people. It is a license from the government too.

          1. This is a real tough nut. If only we had a libterian Mullah to ask.

            1. Of the Pope of Libertarianism. Would Ayn Rand do?

            2. Where is The Jacket when we need him most?

          2. Only recently. The original intent of government sanctioned marriages were to keep rich men's daughters from marrying the wrong sort of men who were too dark, jewish or poor. Why should the gummint have a say in how I organize my family?

          3. Yeah, and there's that as an issue too. Why should I have to get legal permission (and of course, pay a FEE) to the gubmint to get married? They couch it as a public health issue - i.e., preventing incestuous marriages, which would lead to Justice Holmes' generations of imbeciles, and making the betrothed get blood tests for various communicable diseases. But aside from any legitimate public health issue that might be present, why should I have to get a "license" from the government.

            And - by the way - you have to get a marriage license to GET married - not to BE married afterwards. I know of no legal authority for the notion that if you commit adultery, you have somehoe violated your government-issued marriage license.

            The license does not govern the relationship between the two parties in the marriage.

  5. BP stock has plunged nearly 50 percent since oil spill began.

    I'm thinking about buying as much BP stock as I can. I'm sure to make a killing when all the bailouts kick in. Plus, helping those British widows and orphans will give me a nice warm feeling!

    1. I'm wondering what will happen if they miss a dividend or their price drops too much. The pensions will have hard covenants that dictate what they can hold and if BP violates one a sell-off will start. A massive sell off, the cost of clean-up, the uncertainty of the US government, and they might be restructuring before the end of next year. Which would be bad for shareholders.

      Just a call to halt dividends caused a huge plunge.

      1. All that said I took a leap with BofA when they bottomed out and they were in a very similar position, but not identical.

    2. I'm sure to make a killing when all the bailouts kick in.

      Will the stock value increase enough to offset the taxes that pay for the bailout? Or are you already working on 2015-HyperInflation dollars?

  6. They don't call them "Famous But Incompetent" for nothing.

    WASHINGTON ? The FBI thought it was closing in on Joran Van der Sloot in the notorious Natalee Holloway missing-teenager case, and he was videotaped and paid $25,000 in a sting operation. But when the agency delayed his arrest to help build a criminal case, he took the money and headed for Peru, where authorities say he now has confessed to killing a different young woman.

    The investigation of van der Sloot in the Alabama teenager's case simply was not far enough along to have him arrested, the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office in Birmingham said Wednesday.

    Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy asked FBI Director Robert Mueller for an explanation of "exactly what happened in this case and the basis for all actions taken by the FBI."

    1. Oops.

    2. They don't call them "Famous But Incompetent" for nothing.

      Or, "Female Body Inspector".

      What -- too soon?

      1. Ha ha ha, yeah way too soon.

      2. How about "Fucking Bureaucratic Incompetence"?

    3. Oh piss off. Like it was the FBI that killed her. It was that fucked-up Dutch sociopath.

      He could have just as easily killed some young woman where ever the hell fate placed him. It's what the fucker does.

      I hope the Peruvians put him down. Hanging him would be sweet. Can't wait to see it on YouTube.

    4. SEEEEEE!!!!1111oneoneoneone

      We need less stringent due process, or MORE WHITE GIRLS WILL "GO WILD" AND THEN DISSAPPEAR. IT COULD BE YOUR DAUGHTER NEXT!!!!!!

      OMGZ, wont somebody think of the Darwins?!?!?! err, childrenz!!11!

  7. Hezbollah lauds Helen Thomas

    "Respected American journalist Helen Thomas's answer shows ... a courageous, bold, honest and free opinion which expresses what people across the globe believe: that Israel is a racist state of murderers and thugs," Hezbollah MP Hussein Moussawi said in a statement.

    1. Respected American journalist

      That's funny in so many ways.

    2. Looks like Hezbollah has a new spokesmodel.

      1. Or a poster gnome.

      2. Take a good look Mo, there's 71 more of those waiting for you in paradise.

        1. That would make a good Photoshop.

    3. I didn't know Barack had two middle names.

      1. SHIT! Does that mean I'm a terrorist too? Err, racist, err, fuck...i don't even know what your connection there makes me, but its something bad, i'm sure.

  8. Bernanke said that having a credible deficit-reduction plan in place "will help keep interest rates down and help growth" in the near term, but indicated the economy was too fragile to start cutting the deficit now.

    I'll quit spending smoking tomorrow.

    1. Looks like I picked a bad time to quit huffing glue.

      1. Come on Barry, take a toke and relax. You are doing too much.

      2. Huff mo, bro.

    2. The economy is too fragile for the government to stop spending so much? That's a stupid-ass remark. By that logic, companies should've gone on hiring and other spending sprees last year because the recession made things too "fragile."

      1. HELL YEAH. If they'd done that we wouldn't be in this unemployment shit we're in now.......wait, what, hang on, someone handed me this book, "Econ 101", i feel like i have to go read it, right now.

  9. Why is "pledges" spelled correctly in the links but not in the header? These things disturb me.

    1. "Pleges Aid" is different than pledging. You pledge with your own money. He is robbing the Pleges to pay Hamas.

      1. Urban Dictionary: plege
        Group masturbation, usually males, sitting or standing in a circle jerking themselves or each other off

        Now I get it.

        1. As long as he is paying them with that instead of money I drop my earlier objection.

        2. The things you learn on the internet...

          1. And they're all true!

            1. This sentence is false.

        3. Lifelong connections man. Because none of them want to get told-on about that circle jerk back in their Harvard days.

  10. Oooh! So much good stuff this morning. Let's start from the top.

    Obama pledges $400 million in aid to Palestinians.

    The Obama administration's promise of aid includes money to increase access to clean drinking water, create jobs and build schools and affordable housing. State Department officials called the projects "a down payment" on the U.S. commitment to improving life in Gaza.

    How is Obama going to distribute this aid to the residents of Gaza without involving Hamas, who I'm ppretty damned sure is still on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations. It seems to this dull and simple lad that it would be a violation of federal law if Obama sent financial aid to them.

    Also "affordable housing". Cabrini Green on the Mediterranean?

    1. How is Obama going to distribute this aid to the residents of Gaza

      I'm gald you asked, John. We're going to rent a ship from Turkey, and then...

    2. still on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations

      Obama renamed them "freedom fighters." One of the longest find/replace operations since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    3. Cabrini Green on the Mediterranean

      That pretty much describes Gaza. A packed population of welfare queens with too much time and no responsibility.

      But they do have better weather than Chicago, so they got that going for them.

      1. Gaza is actually beautiful. It used to have a big tourism industry. It sits right on the Med. The people there are fucked. Most of them are not radicals or terrorists and just want a pass into Israel to work. But they are constantly victimized by radicals on both sides. It is just tragic.

        1. The sides who victimize them are named Hamas and Hezbollah. There used to be a third side but his wife moved to France with all the PLO money.

          1. We'll just ignore the Israeli army destroying bank records in 2002 shall we?

            The fact is, whenever Likud runs the show, they do everything they can to wreck the the Palestinian economy; Kassam rockets don't fire themselves you know, you have to ensure there are lots of pissed off unemployed guys around to ensure the ineffective attacks that garner Likud votes continue

            1. And Bush plotted 9/11 so he could grab Iraq's oil, I suppose?

      2. That pretty much describes Gaza. A packed population of welfare queens with too much time and no responsibility.

        Camden, NJ too.

      3. I did some volunteer work (Habitat for Humanity) at Cabrini Green when I was in law school. Wretched only begins to describe the place, and you can bet my libertarianism was greatly reinforced by the experience.

        1. Would have been high rent apartments if the sort of people who like and expect to get something for nothing didn't live there. But the government explained it was the buildings that were the problem. Living in large structures leads otherwise productive and civilized people to act like self-destructive animals. I know it's true because the government told me.

          1. It was weird, given some of the nearby neighborhoods, like Lincoln Park.

        2. Why is there no Halibut for Humanity? Give a man a fish, you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. Until BP kills all the fish. But again, we digress.

          1. Give an Islamic man a fish and he builds a fish bomb.

            1. And then complains that Israel is starving his children.

    4. If they were complaining so much about getting shot when they messed with Israel, what are they going to do when they get Obamacare?

    5. And of course, all of that money will go directly to water, schools, and housing. Not even one penny of it will go towards weapons and propaganda. Not at all. None of this will get into the hands of terrorists. None of it will be funneled to corrupt politicians' coffers. It'll all go juuuuust where it's supposed to go.

  11. On Wednesday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke urged lawmakers to take the same approach with the budget deficit: Devise a plan now, but act on it later.

    Because congress's track record on following through with promised spending cuts is teh awesome. OTOH, it's nice to see retro street games* making a comeback.

    * Kick the Can.

    1. Wow, you must have been rich! We always had to play kick the rock.

      1. LULZ! That made me blow coffee.

      2. That is only because we started locking up our trash cans at night. Damn kids.

      3. You had a rock? Consider yourself lucky!

        1. It was my best friend until Companion Cube came along.

          1. Astrid,

            I have this vision of you as the strange blond haired girl in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix who is always having her things stolen.

            1. Is one of those "things" being stolen her virginity?

            2. She was one of the more amusing characters in Harry Potter, but the comparison doesn't really work, I almost never got my things stolen in school.

              1. She was. I watched that movie for the first time a couple of days ago. I thought Harry should have gone for her over the Asian chick.

          2. Did you get cake?

            1. They say Companion Cube has to go in the fire first, but Companion Cube tells me this is a bad idea.

              1. Drop your friend in the fire? There may be karmic consequences.

  12. Investors rushed to offload BP shares when trading began today, as fears grew over the future of the company.


    Despite finding 200 violations in Gulf drilling operations over the past five years, MMS collected only 16 fines.

    Is regulation or the invisible hand more effective in deterring irresponsible acts by corporations?


    1. What was BP irresponsible about, other than drilling where the government told them they could and taking that deal?

      1. There are millions of gallons of crude oil from a BP well that is fowling beaches and wetlands while decimating the brown pelican (back to the endangered species list for you). BP can't shut it off and its safety featutures failed miserably.

        Hell yes BP is goddamed responbsible for the cluterfuck in the gulf. I don't give a flying fuck if the whole incompetent irresponsible corporation goes belly up due to liability costs.

        Fuck them.

        1. ^^^THIS^^^

      2. I suspect BP has had enough of Obama's "boot on your neck" shit, jail your ass , etc.
        They could just roll over and leave Uncle Sugar holding the bag.

        1. Except BP is, you know, British. So it would be Uncle Nigel holding the bag.

          1. Sometimes Uncle Nigel holds my bag, but he made me promise not to tell.

          2. If modern cinema has taught us anything it is that a British accent is the mark of the Beast. I call it "Malcolm McDowell Syndrome".

          3. Except BP generates 1/3 of their revenue from the US. Walking away from $83 B of revenue would screw them over royally.

            Interestingly, they report their segmented earnings as US and non-US in their 20-F.

      3. What was BP irresponsible about, other than drilling where the government told them they could and taking that deal?

        I guess you haven't seen or heard the information from some of those who were present in the meeting room and on the rig, regarding the decision by certain BP representatives regarding the manner in which they were going to shut the well down. There is evidence mounting that they showed a blatant disregard for certain procedures for shutting down the well that were designed specifically to avoid a blowout.

        1. After spending all that money on that expensive rig, people on the rig decided to endanger their own lives to save some money? I am really not believing that.

          1. Read the review on the 2005 Texas City explosion. Blatant disregard for procedures, improper use of equipment, lack of communication, understaffing, insufficient management coverage are all proven. There is some evidence that some of problems were systemic to the company and not localized to that plant.

          2. I am. Never underestimate people's stupidity.

          3. Ever break the speed limit? You know it could get your car wrecked and your ass killed.

          4. I do. People get sloppy and stupid. You have to stay on top of them constantly about following procedures, or else they start to take shortcuts. They get the attitude that because nothing has ever happened, nothing ever will happen. All these safety regulations are just a PITA foisted off on them by OSHA, MMS, and corporate to prove compliance. Since all them roughnecks know what they're doing better than the engineers who designed the equipment, they tend to ignore safety procedures. The oilfield does not, despite what some might say, have a culture of safety. It has a culture of get it done, right goddamned now.

            I fight this every single day, in some way or another. Either I'm trying to make the equipment more idiot proof, or I'm pointing out how and why they'll get bit, or (my favorite) I'm reminding some yotz to wear his fucking PPE correctly.

          5. Not necessarily the working guys on the rig - but managers at a certain level in BP, who stepped in and said, essentially, "screw that; here's what we're going to do about shutting down that well." Again, there are those who were there who have related the discussions that took place, and from what I've read and heard it sound plausible and believable.

            It would certainly not be the first time something like that happened. How about that mining accident that killed 30 something guys? Someone within management made a decision about how the mine would be ventilated, and MSHA is saying they violated the rules. Seems like something similar might have occurred here.

            I certainly have not seen or heard anything yet that would lead me to beleive BP is totally blameless here.

            Hopefully, we'll know more as the investigation uncovers more.

    2. But it's Bush's fault for deregulating!

    3. What would the invisible hand be doing that regulation isn't?

  13. "The Federal Reserve and Treasury fundamentally changed the relationship between the government and the country's most sophisticated financial players," the Congressional Oversight Panel reports, noting that Uncle Sam's financial support has inflated the insurance giant's credit rating. "Markets have interpreted the government's willingness to rescue AIG as a sign of a broader implicit guarantee of 'too big to fail' firms."

    Can you say "moral hazard" boys and girls?

    I knew you could.

    1. And remember kids, when Big Government gets in bed with Big Business everyone else loses.

      1. That would be the worst erotica ever.

      2. This union always gives birth to Big Problems.

  14. BP stock has plunged nearly 50 percent since oil spill began.

    The cat was always the hero in "Dilbert."


    The British rockers broke away from their longtime label, EMI, in 2007 and went on to embrace the new digital era with the release their seventh album, In Rainbows, which they offered up over the internet and allowed fans to choose the price.

    Yorke has now issued a warning to upcoming artists, urging them not to sign traditional record deals because they would be tying themselves to "the sinking ship."

    In an interview for a new high school textbook called The Rax Active Citizen Toolkit, which aims to inspire youngsters to become more politically literate, Yorke claims the music industry is on the verge of a major crisis and could collapse completely within "months".

    He says, "It will be only a matter of time - months rather than years - before the music business establishment completely folds. (It will be) no great loss to the world."

  16. Jesus Christ.

    Updated 7:56 AM PDT, Wed, Jun 9, 2010

    Print Share Buzz up!

    Get Adobe Flash player

    To view this video you must to have Flash Player 9.0 or later installed. Click to download the most recent version of Flash.

    Police said Tuesday that a "suspicious device" found on the roof of a business after a fire earlier this month was a rocket. Authorities are attempting to determine whether the case is connected to a series of attacks on the Hemet Gang Task Force.

    The fire was reported June 3 at Los Altos Market in Hemet. Police said the nine-pound, inert training rocket malfunctioned and landed on the roof of the building, where firefighters found it after the blaze was extinguished.

    Authorities said the M29A2 rocket was pointed in the general direction of the Hemet Police Department, according to Southwest Riverside News Network.

    The discovery came amid an investigation into attacks against the city's Gang Task Force and City of Hemet property.

    1. Why are you pushing Flash, John?

      1. PL, leave the guy alone. Flashpushing should be legalized.

      2. For the same reason I am the guy behind anonymity bot. Cash baby.

        1. You made little Steve Jobs cry.

          1. Not possible. He had his tear ducts surgically removed as part of his second cyborg surgery.

            1. And I had my redundancy-checking circuitry surgically removed about the same time.

              1. I dunno about that. The removal could've been done without surgical techniques. Like through the use of the teeth of a monkey.

                1. Nanobots rebuilt his body so that he is indestructible. That's not really a surgical procedure, is it?

                  1. My dictionary is fuzzy about whether "surgery" requires incision. Were the nanobots introduced orally or through some kind of injection or incision?

    2. Maybe they were just concerned about Enminent Domain like the Chinese farmer in the next thread.

    3. Obviously the NRA's fault. They must have bought it at a gun show, the same place the Mexican drug cartels buy all their grenades and M2 machine guns.


    I love this. I think most people have seen it. But if not, it is worth reading.

    1. That'll be $1 billion, please.

      1. There were no fines when Fonda said "cunt." I doubt there will be any here either. Considering the tongue-bath they give Obama's nutsack every morning, I'm sure things like this can be overlooked.

        1. Come now. . .that was Jane Fonda. This is some little nobody. An unperson. Jane is above bourgeois morality, but we can't have hoi polloi like that running amok on the airwaves!

          This is really, really, fucking brilliant.

          1. I just cunt believe what I was hearing!

    2. PB never complains when I put links in my comments.

    3. I'm much more horrified at the serious beating this stupid young girl's boyfriend visited upon her other friend, over something she said in a "text messaging war" than her use of vulgarities on TV. She seems like a nice little sociopath in the making. At least her last name already is Manson, so she won't have to "join the family".

      1. I've worked with countless 13-year-olds. They do stupid things without thinking them through. I think it's a little too early to diagnose Manson as a sociopath.

    4. Baseball telecasts have a 10-second delay, but morning news programming is live. Sounds about right.

    5. I couldn't help it - had to download the video.

    6. Her name wasn't Mindy MacCready was it?

  18. Great, now we are going to give money to Palestine? Nayone else getting tired of this nonsense? When will the US finally mind its own business and deal with its own problems?

  19. What do you do with all those filthy Gawker pennies, Sugarfree?

    Go treat yourself to a Clark Bar.

  20. Gawker relies on Flash to make their horrible websites even more horrible, don't they?

  21. President Obama pledged an infusion of $400 million in aid for housing, school construction and business development in the Palestinian territories Wednesday, saying after a one-on-one meeting with the Swiss bank account of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that the situation in Gaza is "inherently unstable."

    And yes, I beleive that Hamas is still designated as a terrorist organization, although I'm sure the polite fiction that only its "military wing" is terrorist will be used to evade the law and facilitate the padding of Swiss bank accounts.

    I continue to be puzzled by the question of whether Barack Obama is so genuinely stupid that he thinks more than a pittance of this money will actually trickle down to the residents of Gaza, or so genuinely malicious that he knows it won't and doesn't care.

    1. PB, discussed earlier. It isn't our money this time it's the Pleges' money.

    2. I think the $400 million is to help Abbass buy loyalty away from Hamas in Gaza. Abbass will pocket most (if not all) of the money of course.

  22. Buck Up, Campers, when you really think about it, they're giving China's money to the Palestinians.

    1. Could we cut out the middle man and save on some interest payments?

  23. I like Flash if only because the cunts at Apple don't.

  24. Houston Chronicle: 3 days after explosion, WH ignored Dutch offer of skimmers, sand-barrier help; 7 weeks later, accepted. 6/9 3:35 P.M. -

    1. Pride (hubris for pedants) - One of the seven deadly sins.


    The radical activist group ACORN "works" for the Democratic Party and deliberately promotes election fraud, ACORN employees told FBI investigators, according to an FBI document dump Wednesday.

    The documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, are FBI investigators' reports related to the 2007 investigation and arrest of eight St. Louis, Mo., workers from ACORN's Project Vote affiliate for violation of election laws. All eight employees involved in the scandal later pleaded guilty to voter registration fraud.

    Project Vote is ACORN's voter registration arm. Project Vote continues to operate despite the reported dissolution of the national structure of ACORN.

    The handwritten reports by FBI agents show that ACORN employees reported numerous irregularities in the nonprofit group's business practices.

    One employee told the FBI that ACORN headquarters is "wkg [working] for the Democratic Party."

    According to one report, an ACORN employee said the purpose of "[f]raudulent cards" was "[t]o cause confusion on election day to keep polls open longer," "[t]o allow people who can't vote to vote," and "[t]o allow to vote multiple times."

    fuck you Joe Boyle. Fuck you and die.

    1. Well, isn't that the same as doing God's work?

    2. We all know that the democrats have been stealing elections for decades now, but if the whistleblowers can actually back all of this up with real proof, I'm not sure even Obama and Holder will be able to keep it covered up indefinitely. Dare I dream that this could finally be the straw that break the camels' back of the corrupt-to-the-core democratic party?

  26. # Obama pledges $400 million in aid to Palestinians.

    # Bernanke to Congress: Deal with deficit . . . but later.

    How are we not royally fucked? Explain it to me again, slowly. Oh, but write the check to Isreal too before you get started.

    1. Explain it to me again, slowly.

      Let me be clear.

      The Palestinian aid will arrive ... but later, so that they can help deal with our deficit. As I have said before, I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure this thing is shut down.

      1. I think we lost the fight once the president became an invincible non-public figure.

        Explain to me again why the opresident is worth any more protection/immunity than any other american?

        (provided obama is actually a citizen. i guess i'm a birther. get out your papers motherfucker, since we all have to!)

    2. I'm all for ending government to government foreign aid across the board. However, it's noteworthy that most of the guys who complained about US aid to Israel are not complaining about Obama's pledge to the PA.

      1. it's noteworthy that most of the guys who complained about US aid to Israel are not complaining about Obama's pledge to the PA.

        Here ya go: stop giving EITHER of them money, and DEFINITELY don't give them both money, wtf? Are we over there selling the weapons too? (to get back our own money man, its called efficiency)

        No, you know what, lets just keep funding Israel and Palestine, to the point that one of them can afford to nuke the other. Problem-Fucking-Solved. No more ignorant belligerent sandrats. Then we can start nuking america, to get rid of our own ignorant belligerent populace too.

        And then nuke the rest of the planet.

        I'm tired, i just want it all to end. Not by killing myself though, no, that's not fair. EVERYONE has to die. All at once. In the same manner. Nice and Egalitarian.

        1. Chill wylie, I was refering to other commentors.

        2. When you talk like that, wylie, I just want to ask for your hand in marriage. Even though I don't believe in marriage. It would be a special kind of contract. You and me, nuking the world together.

  27. The Obama administraton seems determined to keep outdoing itself in outrageosly illegal maneuvers.

    Now they are demanding that BP pay for the salaries of all the oil workers of ALL the oil companies who cannot work due to THE ADMINISTRATION's ban on offshore drilling.

    A ban that was by the way strictly political and which the administration lied about claiming that seven independent experts supported it. As reported in the Wall Street Journal today, those experts did no such thing as they have explicitly stated.

    BP is certainly liable for damages caused by their own well but they are certainly NOT responsible for the effects of bullshit federal government policies.

    1. It's a massive unfunded mandate!

  28. "...but they are certainly NOT responsible for the effects of bullshit federal government policies."

    Sure they are, if by policies you mean pushing exploration into 5000' of water (over an extremely brittle salt dome), so as not to spoil the view from shore.

  29. I'd bitch slap anyone who came up to me wanting to file a complaint based on adultery. You think I have nothing better to do with my time than to get in the middle of your domestic penny ante bullshit. No question mark needed. That was rhetorical.

    No, no I wouldn't bitch slap you literally, but if you think I'm not going to find a way to punish you ten fold for the offense of wasting my time, you have trust issues, as in you are not paranoid enough. Get that weak ass shit out of here. Don't let me see your face in this office again.

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  31. Thanks a lot you conservative teaturd "patriots" for destroying 25% of America's pristine coastline. Hope you're proud of your contribution to your country - you sorry losers.

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