Ephemerisle: Get in on The Second Deck of the Floating Libertarian Future


Ever wanted to be in on a secret conference of finger-tapping, chuckling supervillains out to destroy the world and then escape to their superscience floating lair? Well, that's not exactly what the Seasteading Institute is about, despite this rather laughable take on them from Alternet. (The laughs get a little strained as you see the various people in the comments thread openly calling for the murder of the libertarian thinkers and funders behind the Seasteading idea.)

But if you want to experience what I wrote about both in this July 2009 Reason magazine feature and this October 2009 Reason Online travelogue, the beginning stages of a libertarian experiment in building floating stateless cities, you might want to think about coming to this year's second annual Ephemerisle Festival, happening July 22-25. (Yes, dammit, in conflict with ComicCon!)

The first one was great fun, and I expect the second one to be as well. Be prepared to learn how to build floating platforms, to get wet, and to be ready for lots of heady political talk, or to completely eschew any heady political talk if that's how you prefer to roll, or float.