Where Different Sorts of Fame Get You With California Voters


Prominent liberal reporter and theorist and one of our nation's longest-lasting and interesting political bloggers Mickey Kaus runs for the Dem Senate primary in California, gets 5 percent, 94,000 votes. (He was on the ballot with his real first name "Robert" so maybe didn't get that blogger name recognition). Same election, media-hound lawyer and leading Obama birther conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz (with merely 21 campaign donors!) pulls in over 372 thousand votes, 26 percent, in her run for GOP nomination for secretary of state in the tarnished Golden State.

Full Cali vote results from yesterday. Former Reason guy Dave Weigel with the analysis on the Kaus and Taitz ironies, such as they are, at the Washington Post. Look for a great feature interview with Kaus on his quixotic campaign and struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party in a forthcoming issue of Reason magazine.