Who's Chooming Who in Obama's America?


Nice drug-war column by Cato's Gene Healy in the D.C. Examiner. Excerpt:

In his high school yearbook photo, President Barack Obama sports a white leisure suit and a Travolta-esque collar whose wingspan could put a bystander's eye out. Hey, it was 1979.

Maybe that explains the rest of young Barry's yearbook page, with its "still life" featuring a pack of rolling papers and a shout-out to the "Choom gang." ("Chooming" is Hawaiian slang for smoking pot.)

Far be it from me to condemn our president for harmless (and amusing) youthful indiscretions. […]

Yet, in his new National Drug Control Strategy, Obama "firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana or any other illicit drug" and boasts of his administration's aggressive approach to pot eradication. Watch your back, Choom Gang.

Whole thing here. I wrote about Obama's drug hypocrisy earlier this month.