Another Member of the "Borderline Sedition" Watchmen



Commenter John informs us that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has apparently joined the Joe Klein Klub for Hunting Down Seditionistas:

The Democratic governor, who is close to the president, made the comments at a forum at Suffolk Law School's Rappaport Center, where he was asked by an audience member about partisan battling in Congress.

Patrick said that even "on my worst day, when I'm most frustrated about folks who seem to rooting for failure," he doesn't face anything like the opposition faced by the president.

"It seems like child's play compared to what is going on in Washington, where it is almost at the level of sedition, it feels to like me," Patrick said.

In a follow-up interview, however, Patrick called his statement "a rhetorical flourish." Klein, on the other hand, is now aiming his rhetorical flourishes at libertarians:

Joe Klein's America

I suspect that [Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act comments] will be the first of many such disasters for the Tea Party libertarians. They are about to find themselves faced with actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology. This will be a rare moment of public education for an electorate that doesn't pay sufficient attention to even the most important aspects of democracy. […]

If the Republicans play their cards right, they will step away from the brink and recognize that a certain don't-tread-on-me libertarian spirit has always been close to the heart of the American dream, but that libertarian extremism has always been a loser–and that even Ronald Reagan found that he couldn't put a dent in the liberal social safety net because it was too popular.

Most extremist moments in American politics are passing fevers. Glenn Beck's ratings are down; his paranoid act is wearing thin. Balance will eventually be restored–which, in this case, will probably mean fewer Democrats in Congress (because their 2010 levels were unnaturally high, given past history), but it will also mean that more Republicans will understand the downside of demagogic extremism.

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  1. Opposition is sedition. Obama should be dictator. Interesting.

    1. If you had told me it would be like this a year and a half ago, I’d have scoffed at you as a paranoid maniac. joe would have ridiculed you mercilessly. And look where we are now.

      1. I’m actually dumbstruck that a purportedly mainstream political party seems to be not-so-quietly suggesting tyranny. In the U.S.!

        1. It just shows how weak and desperate they are. They know the party is going to end in November. And they also know that none of their policies are working and things are getting worse. They are very afraid right now.

          1. Dissent is treason.

            They are about to find themselves faced with actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology.

            How’s that working out for the Democrats?

      2. Yes they would have. I said all through 2008 that once Obama got into office everyone who disagreed would be branded a racist and liberals would discover that dissent under cuts the government. And that fuckhead Joe Boyle would scream “stop arguing with the liberals in your head”.

        1. And that fuckhead Joe Boyle would scream “stop arguing with the liberals in your head”.

          Anyone want to make any bets he will come back in January after the dems loose power and start again on his campaign to get libertarians to vote for Democrats?

          1. I believe that the phrase “left libertarian” should be sedition, punishable in the same way as treason.

            1. Send the bill for the bullets to the Cato Institute.

              Oh wait…

          2. joe won’t be coming back; we would destroy him daily with ease, pleasure, and no mercy.

            1. I miss his kisses. (sniff)

    2. Wasn’t it all the lefties who screamed that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” when Bush was in office?

      1. They were just kidding.

        1. Just as they were about the anti-war protests.

          1. Ha ha! You believed the leftists!

          2. and bank bailouts… and oil spills destroying the nation… and the loss of civil liberties…

      2. It is fun to bring that to them just to see them stammer & turn red.
        My favorite is “I remember when regime change starts at home was cool and not treason”

        1. If Republicans actually had a sense of humor, they would just word-for-word recycle all of the Bush-era democrat/progressive slogans. Well, only the anti-war Republicans could honestly use the anti-war slogans, but eh.

      3. That’s because back then it was the right kind of dissent… and the wrong people were in charge.

        Now it’s the wrong kind of dissent, and at long last, the right people are in charge.

      4. I purpose a new liberal bumper sticker: “Dissent is racist.”

    3. I like the cut of this Deval Patrick’s jib. I mean, of course all his statements are predicated on a deep seating understanding of the value, of the beauty – nay – the righteousnesses of sedition?

      Man, my dream would be to do a little sedition myself some day.

  2. Sedition!

    1. Sed-i-tion!


      1. I see what you did there.

  3. The social safety net is just so popular. You mean like this Joel Klein?…..h_care_law

    Like that popular? Fuck you Joel Klein. Please just die and take Tom Friedman with you in some kind of murder suicide involving long pikes, leeches and lots of pain.

    1. I’d be happy even if their murder suidicide was short and pleasant.

      1. Who gets the profits when the mustache is auctioned off on ebay.

        – Insert von Mises quote about the market as the reflected wants of the consumers. –

    2. John your assignment for the week is to cite a poll that’s not Rassmussen or an article that’s not pajamasmedia. Seriously dude.

      I know, I know “Sean Hannity who? I’ve never heard of him…”

      1. Tony your assinment is to work on the IQ test so you can score above 90 or maybe even hit triple digits. As part of that I want you to work on your reasoning and logic skills. I am really optimistic that you will get your reasoning skills above that of a fifth grader. Of course understand when you do, you will no longer be a liberal and that may come as a shock.

        1. don’t feed the troll

  4. They are about to find themselves faced with actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology.

    “They” are the incumbents.

    1. “the utopian foolishness of their ideology.”

      This is what is known as projection.

      Liberals are the ones who are utopian – not liberatarians.

      1. Lies!!!

        It is fact that Green jobs replace real jobs at a 100 to 1 ratio and GM is an integral part of the US economy!!

      2. Stupid libertarians, being against violence and all.

  5. And thanks for the hat tip Matt.

  6. Welcome to the club, boys. You’ll get used to the clove-flavored gin in no time!

    1. All rise for the two minutes hate…

  7. So their true colors are finally showing as progressives adopt the language used by totalitarians, how adorable.

    1. When they get annihilated in November, the screeching will be deafening, and will be sweet, sweet manna to my ears.

      1. I make no promises about the Republicans being any better. But they can’t be any worse. And listening to the liberals cry is one hell of a bonus. Their tears and gnashing of teeth is just going to be wonderful.

        1. The Republicans are terrible too. But we’ll suddenly have gridlock, and the scumfuck politicians can spend several years accusing one another of sedition all they want instead of passing any laws.

          And yes, the dismay of TEAM BLUE will be such a refined and elegant pleasure as I mock and laugh at them unmercifully.

          1. Careful now. They don’t call the GOP The Stupid Party for nothing. They have 5 months of utterly screwing the pooch to go.

            1. They used to call the GOP the Evil Party. It didn’t take long for the Democrats to take that title.

              1. The Democrats are the retarded party.

                I’m looking forward to when Klein and other retarded fetuses like him get their abortions. That’s healthcare I can believe in.

            2. Republicans: Stupid Party
              Democrats: Evil Party
              Libertarians: Silly Party
              Greens: Goofy Party.

          2. If only the Dems had an electoral mandate and the approval of the masses yearning for fairness and hope and change. Things would be so much better.

            Oh the they had all that? Well if only the right people had the power necessary to get things done, without any of those antiquated processes specified in that stupid Constitution thing.

        2. I make no promises about the Republicans being any better. But they can’t be any worse.

          I really wouldn’t go that far. Think “the Republicans probably won’t be any worse” is as far as I’d go.

          1. Lock the grid!

            1. It’s like Hellraiser!

            2. right now we just need the raping to pause for a little bit. Gridlock will do that.

          2. Exactly, both parties could be worse than the other at certain times. The Republicans will probably be better only because of gridlock.

            1. We’ll never get comprehensive immigration reform and a consumption tax with the Republicans.

        3. “But they can’t be any worse.”

          Is that a challenge?

      2. If this country weren’t knee deep in shit right now I’d almost welcome it too. Another 2 years of farce and ridiculousness as Republicans try to find some lame reason to impeach the president and make complete idiots of themselves again.

        But this country really really can’t afford the Republicans being back in power. You may not be a seditionist but you’re hardly a patriot if you wish to see that lunacy imposed on us again.

        1. Yeah Tony. what we need is more government takeovers and a two trillion dollar deficit. Lets go bankrupt now. Why go for the lesser of two evils when you can go all the way and have two more years of Democrats without any adult supervision.

          1. How insane do you have to be to consider spending $2 trillion invading the wrong fucking country to be the lesser of two evils?

            1. Had Obama done all this shit and made any progress on ending the war, or gotten rid of the PATRIOT Act, you would have a valid point. However, he has not. And I don’t really even consider it the lesser of two evils. I’m just sick of the smugness. Plus we got the chance to elect a few anti-war Republicans.

        2. Stop questioning my patriotism douchebag

        3. We can’t afford to have Democrats in power, either. Fucked either way.

        4. Obama has not done one thing Bush didn’t do first. He’s just doing it harder and deeper. War, bailouts, cronyism, etc. Even Bush was promoting corporatist healthcare first.

    2. Progressives ARE totalitarians.

      1. Explanation, preferably with footnotes please.*

        *Glenn Beck is not considered a reputable political science source.

        1. Why is it, do you suppose, that you’re the only one here who keeps bringing up conservative radio personalities?

          Could it be that it’s easier to mock these colorful media characters than address the actual issues?

          1. Because this witchhunt language on “progressives” that’s been appearing here is straight from Beck’s paranoid ranting.

            This is how Republicans win, the demagoguery of semantics. They did it to liberals, got pissy because they think we started calling ourselves progressives to avoid the stigma, and are doing it all over again. I pay attention to what these figures say, and I notice when free-thinking libertarians are being frightening little Beckbots.

            1. I’ve been calling out progressives as totalitarian Nazi fucks HERE since well before Jonah Goldberg’s book, much less Beck.Elsewhere since about 1972 in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL when I learned about eugenics and Margaret Sanger (shout outs to Star Trek TOS in B&W rabbit-ear TV reruns for teaching me the word “eugenics”).

            2. Oh my, it read George Lakoff!

              Beck schmeck, but it is amusing to note that if his ratings are down, they’re no doubt down to… four times MSNBC’s instead of six.

            3. witch-hunt is now a meaningless term. it had meaning during the spanish inquisition.

            4. Yawn. It’s more that liberals/busy-bodies/state-worshipers have fled to the term “progressive” to escape the pejorative “liberal.”

              The conservatives in the media and elsewhere have just been following them down the slimy path throwing rocks at them as they do.

              It’s the hilarious and continual process of the political class trying to rebrand themselves. “New Democrat” “compassionate conservative” yadda yadda yadda.

              1. You are everybody!

                You are everybody!

            5. Well I like that they call themselves progressives instead of liberals. I’d let them have Woodrow Wilson over Thomas Jefferson any day.

    3. Considering modern totalitarianism has its roots in “progressive” movements, it’s not really all that surprising.

      1. Detailed explanation with footnotes, please.

  8. They’re Godwining themselves. We can’t be held responsible for the analogies we might make.

  9. Most extremist moments in American politics are passing fevers.

    That’s what the tea party needs – More Cowbell!

    I am genuinely impressed by Klein’s forthrightness with saying basically that The People (TM) are ignorant distracted morons – of course not as much as those Tea Party Libertarians – but nonetheless still morons.

    1. Leftists have always believed people are stupid… and people have proved them right far too often by voting in leftists.

      1. Leftists have always believed people are stupid… and people have proved them right far too often by voting in leftists and Neo-cons.

        Fixed it for you, Fixer.

        1. Or “proved them right far to often by voting.”

        2. You do know, don’t you, that Neoconservatism came from the left?

          1. Well now you are just arguing semantics. The point is, the left these days views their opponents as various shades of the overthrown Neo-con cloth which libertarians will never ascribe to. With a left/right red/blue voting dynamic complete with superficial differences between the two disdainful flavors, conflating the Neo-cons with the left is almost the same as conflating the left with Neo-cons. Ultimately, they suck donkey balls and the public-“school” “educated” voters of this country are not equipped to see that there is not a substantial distinciton in the first place.

  10. this is the same kind of rhetoric used by both sides, when people criticized bush’s war when he was prez they were nazi sympathizers and blame america first people, now obama is prez if he gets criticized its racism and borderline sedition. there is no difference between democrats and republicans, when there all righteous leaders get criticized they mouth off with the most extreme rhetoric denouncing the other side. both side suck and are wholly incompetent. democrats and republicans could fuck up a wet dream

    1. Can a black person be seditious?

      1. Of course not, what are you some kind of racist?

        However, they can be crunkitious.

    2. Another rube who voted for 0bama outs himself…

  11. “but it will also mean that more Republicans will understand the downside of demagogic extremism.”

    I love the projection there. From where I am sitting, I see a demagogue President who has broken every campaign promise he made and done one thing after another over the objection of the public. And whose party is about to suffer historic losses in the November election. Yet, Klein thinks it is the Republicans who are about to learn about “the downside of demagogic extremism”.

    Klein really is profoundly stupid.

    1. John, you are powerfully stupid. Obama is the opposite of a demagogue. When he tries it, he doesn’t do too well.

      Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are demagogues par excellence. Very little they say is true, and it’s meant to arouse lizard brain fear.

      And what campaign promises are you referring to? Passing healthcare reform? Surely you’re not jumping down his throat over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or Guantanamo.

      1. Jesus Tony. Did you forget your meds? How is closing GUITMO, Leaving Iraq, ending warrentless surveillence and stopping enhanced interrogation techniques, and not raising taxes on anyone making less than 250K and doing something about Bush’s deficit going?

        Seriously Tony what is the matter with you? I really hope you are performance art because if you are as dumb as your posts, I hope you don’t live alone or have to take care of yourself.

        1. I’m just saying he’s par for the course at delivering on campaign promises at the very least–he’s actually achieved a great deal I support, and the fact that he’s not a bumbling corporate whore Republican who can’t speak proper English is a big plus in my book.

          I have plenty of criticisms, but I’m just gonna go apeshit because I know I only have two choices, him or the evil ones.

          1. *barf*

          2. “…him or the evil ones.”

            Sweet Christ man. Your bar for evil must be pretty low considering the type of people who went for the gold to earn that distinction (Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, and a whole host of other statists). If you labeled your opponents as stupid, it would be more apt since most republicans who aren’t Lex Lutho…Dick Cheney can be considered dumbasses. I guess you could call them evil for perpetuating this so-called war on terror, but many Democrats (including Madame Clinton) had a hand in that as well because they were too busy being bleeding vaginas. I guess you could call them evil for trying to strangle Healthcare “reform” in the crib, but many of them actually did represent their constituents who voiced their angry unprincipled “hand-off my Medicare” opinions (since you believe in the power of “Democracy”), so then you have to label 30-40% of the country as evil. And you might as well throw the Libertarians into that camp, so according to you at least 40.35% of the nation’s population is evil. I guess that means you’ll have enough fuel for the power plants come the cold dark winter of 2011.

            1. All I know is Bush’s wars have killed more Americans than al-qaeda, and if the latter is evil, then so must be the former.

              1. As long as you are including all the Democrats who were too pussy not to oppose the war-related bills cradle to passage. Sounds good to me then. What about destroying our children’s future so we can live in McMansions today? That’s got to count toward the evil tally right? Or how about handing favored souless corporations the keys to the keys to the kingdom and then claiming “freedom” was the cause of all our ills. I would say evil people are generally dishonest.

                Also, are burning human bodies environmentally friendly?

              2. What’s that? Middle Eastern extremists in the Middle East have killed more Americans than Middle Eastern extremists in America? Ok. Shocking.

                Pop quiz: Judging solely by the last 50 years’ history of Democratic and Republican presidents involvement in wars, what are the odds that Obama would have gotten us into a war within his presidency had he not already inherited a couple?

              3. Since Obama has yet to draw every troop out of Iraq and Afghanistan, Tony, that would make him just as evil as Bush.

      2. Well, really, did he actually make any actual promises? Most of the semi-non-vague stuff he’s gone back on but most of what he said could really have meant anything.

  12. Somebody explain why Rand Paul is considered a libertarian.

    Seriously, I just don’t get it.

    1. Because to explain why he is not a “libertarian” would require actual reporting and understanding of the issues. And when you consider that the legacy media is all as dumb as Joe Klein, which is to say they are all as dumb as a bag of hammers, it is not surprising they just label him something and move on.

    2. He’s a conservatarian.

    3. All libertarians are racists.
      All racists are libertarians.
      Therefore, all libertarians are racists.

      1. That’s enough to make Nomad explode!

        1. But not enough to stop V’ger! That requires Persis Khambatta, a bottle of Romulan Ale, a Twister mat, and a lot of Astroglide.

          1. Dude. Nomad and V’ger are the same thing. It was just one long, long episode.

            1. V’ger was WAY hotter.

            2. This doesn’t even make any sense, you clod. Kirk talked Nomad to death; how could it become V’ger?

              Sometimes I wonder whether you are mentally qualified to practice tiddlywinks, let alone law.

              1. You, you who purport to understand computers accepts that Nomad would go into an inescapable logic loop from that dialogue? Are you insane?

                Nomad just faked his death out of boredom, hooked up with a slutty machine-world chick, and came back a little later to hit on and merge with a hot Deltan he’d read about. The entire point of the movie from Nomad/V’ger’s point of view was to get laid.

              2. I knew you were stupid, but you go and surprise me with just how stupid you are.

                Look, Both V’ger and Nomad were the amalgamation of and Earth probe and an alien probe, with all of the power of the alien probe and the data of the Earth probe. Both Nomad and V’ger sought out Earth to cleanse it of people.

                Besides, Nomad was made out of old soda cans and flat head screws, with a LiteBrite set thrown in and didn’t have the budget that ST:TMP did, which is why he could double-talk it into exploding in 42 minutes.

                1. Who are you responding to, you grade-A nimrod? It can’t be me because your insipid response makes no sense in that case. If it’s ProL, I’m glad for you that you are able to operate on his primitive wavelength, but don’t try and rise up to mine, because you can’t.

                  1. Tony could figure out who that was in response to, that’s how stupid you are.

                    I can’t believe you’d be mean to ProL like that. I bet you regularly drown bags of puppies in the river, don’t you?

                    1. He’s just kidding, JW. Episiarch once went after joe with great wrath for insulting me. He’s okay with the insults, but not if they aren’t funny. He’s Don Rickles. I mean that literally.

                      Loved you in Kelly’s Heroes, dude!

                  2. STER-I-LIZE!

                    1. He’s just kidding, JW.

                      Yeah, I know. I was just jumping in.

                      I bow to his Jedi-like insult talents.

                    2. Even Triumph knelt before Don Rickles.

                    3. Snu-Snu!

      2. I love that being a libertarian means you are a racist redneck and a limp-wristed academic and a mustache twirling billionaire and a smelly drug smoking hippy; sometimes depending on context, sometimes all at once.

        1. We are but a blank screen for their projected fantasies.

          1. It’s the fact that they understand virtually nothing about us that allows them to project their own beliefs onto us.

            Yeah, they really do hate freedom.

        2. No matter his vocation, the libertarian is invariably an insufferable douche.

          1. I’d rather be an insufferable douche than a fascist.

            1. You’re that too. No matter how much lipstick of liberty you put on it, it’s still a fascist pig. Your policies lead to authoritarian rule by a monied elite. Your concept of social justice is darwinian. Your Nietzschian supermen who should rule the world are ever the victims of a parasitic underclass that should be put down. Fascist.

              1. Wow, you seem to think you know a lot about what I think.

                “Authoritarian rule by a monied elite” historically can only happen with the support of a large governmental apparatus which the monied elite manipulates towards its ends.

                Let’s get government to leave me the fuck alone, and I’m pretty sure I have my own capacity to keep Wal-Mart from treading on my freedoms. They have almost as much money, but far fewer people with guns.

                1. So fascists now want the State to:

                  Respect free speech (rejecting censorship at every point)
                  Respect civil liberties (running the gamut from a SWAT team not shooting your dog to TSA not using nekkid scanners to US Citizens not taken to a war zone where their habeas corpus rights are taken away)
                  Reject corporatism (by removing subsidies of all kinds)
                  Reject excessive militarism and interventionism
                  Reject excessive nationalism
                  Respect individual rights and reject the collective (instead of the individual being subservient to the state)
                  Follow free-market policies (instead of central planning, nationalization, and price controls)

                  Wow, these new fascists are nothing like wikipedia says they are. Damn wikipedia!

                  BTW, when Tony calls someone a Fascist why do I have a vision of Rick from the Young Ones in my head?

              2. *barf*



              3. Read The Coming Corporate State (“an exposition of fascism”) before you call someone a fascist again.

              4. Tony, you are so stupid and pretentious you even embarrass me.

              5. Bullshit, Tony.

    4. …because he says he is. Just as Obama is a centrist. And Joe Klein is a freakin’ genius…

    5. Because he’s not a ProRegressive. He is not one us, therefore, he is one THEM, and not just any them, the worst kind of them.

    6. So, smart guy, why isn’t he a libertarian. Because he isn’t an anarchist or a cosmotarian?

      1. His support for a large overseas military presence, for starters.

    7. Pretty much he’s libertarian compared to everyone else in the Senate.

      1. Paul is a little bit to the “right” of Jim DeMint. No one else is even close.

    8. You idiots, your circular firing squad is an ellipse! Have you no sense of proportion?

      1. FTW!

  13. The video for Patrick’s comment is at

  14. Whitehouse Press Sec. Gibbs on the First Amendment:

    “You’ve got to have a license to drive a car in this country but regrettably you can get on television and say anything”


    1. You’ve got to be kidding me.

        1. Regrettably, we can’t execute people in government for shitting all over the Constitution.


    2. And yet, he sees no irony.

  15. Klein’s right. We need safe, sensible, centrist policies, such as:

    * The President has the right to kill any American citizen he believes dangerous at any time.

    * The President has the right to arrest any human being anywhere, fly him or her to Afghanistan, and hold him or her there incommunicado and free of judicial review.

    * The next six months in Afghanistan are the most important. (hahah, just kidding!)

    Those sorts of centrist, sane policies? Seriously, shut the fuck up, Klein.

    1. McCain would have been worse.

      1. How is a nuclear wasteland that resembles FallOut3 worse?

        Just kidding about that one (unless you are on Persian soil reading this), but you know that if McCain was president he would have used a tactical nuke to heat seal the Gulf oil leak weeks ago, and not had a month long cabinet meeting constantly debating whether he wants an issue or a solution instead.

  16. “They are about to find themselves faced with actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology.” -Joke Lyin’

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mohandas K. Gandhi

    It sounds as if we (libertarians) may be entering Gandhi’s Stage 3. Would that it were true.

    1. Excellent Gandhi quote. I could read those all day. He could make a liberal’s head explode.

      1. Pacifism? God forbid.

  17. O O O O

    p p p p

    i i i i

    s s s s

    a a a a

    f f f f

    a a a a

    g g g g

    ! ! ! 1

  18. State worship much? God forbid someone preach pacifism. Every day I just wait for my head to explode. It hasn’t happen yet, surprisingly enough.

  19. actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology.

    Utopian foolishness? Wait- I thought it was the Progressives who were cock-eyed optimists.

  20. … but that libertarian extremism has always been a loser.

    Someone needs to fasten a pair of magnets to George Washington’s corpse.

  21. Does anyone remember any actual statement by a Republican during Bush’s presidency that came close to all this “sedition” talk? The Left couldn’t let go of this Ari Fleischer quote where he said that people like a Republican Congressman who said that “people with a towel on their head” should be racially profiled at airports should “watch what they say.” So I’m assuming that that’s the closest any Republican came to such a statement.

    1. No “sedition”, but a hell of a lot of “treason” if I recall.

      1. Cite?

        Congressman Jim McDermott’s trip to Baghdad warranted the charge but I don’t recall any elected/administration official making it.Talk radio maybe.

        1. Ashcroft: “We need honest, reasoned debate; not fearmongering. To those who pit Americans against immigrants, and citizens against non-citizens; to those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty; my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists – for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to America’s enemies, and pause to America’s friends. They encourage people of good will to remain silent in the face of evil.”


    2. It’s not quite the same thing, but there was the “phantoms of lost liberties” remark.

      1. … by Ashcroft

    3. Coulter, particularly, tossed the word treason around a lot.

      1. Ann Coulter is some kind of new hybrid of right-wing bomb-throwing nutcase and performance art. She is also approximately 18.6 times more entertaining than all her detractors, combined. Intense comedy. I really enjoy both Ann, and the reactions to her.

        Let the Ernie-hating commence.

  22. Does anyone remember any actual statement by a Republican during Bush’s presidency that came close to all this “sedition” talk?
    No, but facts always spoil the narrative.

    You are correct in the recollection of the context of Ari Fleischer’s remarks. It was “bipartisan” referring to Bill Maher and the “towel head”-remarking Congressman.

  23. Where the hell is that “sedition” picture from?

  24. Uh, yeah, so the guy who’s having you murder everyone who gets in his way tells you to answer the phone so you can totally fuck him over, so you turn your back on him and pick up the phone.

    Who the heck are we hiring for intelligence agencies in the 24 universe?

    1. My hopes of Bauer busting a cap in Madame President were dashed.

      1. 15 minutes to go, man. We can hope.

        1. Have to wait for the movie. A least a veep suicide and President resigning and asking to be arrested offers fictional satisfaction.

    2. Wait, a woman telling a man she was wrong? This IS fictional!

      1. Nonsense Tulpa, it happens all the time. Women are much more subtle when they admit erring.

        1. Even when they admit they’re wrong, women still manage to make it clear that it’s the man’s fault.

  25. They are about to find themselves faced with actual political rivals who will be more than happy to expose the utopian foolishness of their ideology.

    Look who is getting all puffy in the chest, lol! Joe, you stupid fuck, you think your mainstream Washington Supersucks actually won with playing gotcha race politics so pathetic you had to shift back nearly fifty years to play that card? Get out of the beltway you lumpy headed munchkin; you are all getting so deep up each others asses you are mistaking shit for foie gras.

  26. Tea party libertarians?

    1. I’m more of a Long Island Iced Tea party Liertarian.

  27. Your Nietzschian supermen who should rule the world are ever the victims of a parasitic underclass that should be put down. Fascist.


    You should lay off the absinthe, Tony.

  28. Definition of sedition, 2010:

    Anyone who disagrees with Democrats.

  29. Section. 3. Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

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