L.A. Loses Deep-Fryer, 45 Percent of Items Purchased With Taxpayer Funds


lost. tragically lost

In budget-crunched L.A., a new report finds that 45 percent of items purchased with taxpayer dollars have gone missing [PDF].

(Los Angeles) – City Controller Wendy Greuel released an audit today showing that
various City departments could not locate hundreds of items purchased with taxpayer
funds, and that hundreds of other items had been sitting unopened or unused for up to 7

* Of 254 items that we attempted to locate, 115 were not where they should have been. While 56 items were ultimately found in the wrong location, 59 were unable to be located at a cost of $938,000.
—Some of the items that were never found included a video recorder purchased by ITA for almost $60,000.
* Departments are supposed to conduct a physical inventory of items every two years to maintain accurate physical inventories of equipment. ITA and Sanitation have not conducted a review in at least 5 years and Recreation and Parks has not conducted a review of all items in at least 7 years.
* ITA and Recreation and Parks have 138 items that were purchased at least 1 year ago, still in warehouses or staging areas. These items are worth $237,000, and some were purchased over 7 years ago.
—Some of the items not placed into service included 9 microwaves, 1 deep fryer and 2 television sets by the Recreation and Parks Department and various computer equipment by ITA.

All this is a state and a city and a country that are totally out of money!

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  1. Liberals have been in charge of LA government since what the 60s? At least 40 years. And the place is broke and pretty much a third world level government. The same is true of nearly every big city government in this county. They all are run by doctrinaire liberals. Have been for decades. And all are complete and total train wrecks. But no liberal will ever admit fault or take any responsibility. Imagine if conservatives were in charge of these governments. All we would hear about is how conservatives hate minorities and destroyed city governments. But liberals steal and destroy the quality of life for millions of people and don’t even bother to shrug.

    1. But don’t you know, that if your heart is in the right place, results don’t matter?

    2. So if Los Angeles is such a horrible place to live, why is Reason headquartered there?

      1. Starve the troll, people.

        1. Come on, that’s a legitimate question…Reason must see some advantage in being in LA when there are plenty of places like small-town Mississippi where they’d have more freedom.

          1. Dan, do you like gladiator movies?

          2. You think Balko wouldn’t wake up to find himself dead in small-town Mississippi for exposing the endemic corruption down there?

          3. “…why is Reason headquartered there?”

            The same reason men do anything: to fuck slutty hot women.

            1. But why do slutty hot women hate liberty?

              1. Dan, I think you’re the greatest, but my dad says you don’t work hard enough on defense. And he says that lots of times, you don’t even run down court. And that you don’t really try…except during the playoffs.

                1. Rasheed?

                  1. Nice.

              2. Who cares if they hate liberty? As long as they are down for a dose of baby batter, acolytes of Reason could not care less. Moreover, one night stands are one of Ben Franklin’s/God’s greatest inventions enabling men to get what they really want without all that “talking” and “knowing a person” garbage.

                1. “without all that “talking” and “knowing a person” garbage.”

                  Yeah really. What’s up with that shit?

        2. Starve the troll, people.

          Unfortunately, Dan T appears to run on photosynthesis.

          1. That’s offensive. Stop it.

          2. Tulpa,

            I guess it’s finally time for us to destroy the sun. Some people said this day would never come to pass. They were fools.

      2. This resident of Detroit* is certain they have their reasons.

        Do you criticize your local government or just move every 6 months?

        You can be such a shallow idiot sometimes.

        * Detroit Public Schools just posted the worst reading and math score of the 18 largest school districts in the nation. Should I criticize the system and work for meaningful change or just move?

        1. Come on – none of you guys are interested in meaningful improvements in government, local or otherwise. You just hate government as part of your childish ideology.

          You folks are practically euphoric when some report comes out showing some government agency not doing a good job.

          My question is simply that if small government = more freedom then it would seem that more of you would live in places with little or no effective government.

          1. Starve it, people. Please. For all our sake’s.

            1. Did Dan say something?

              1. Dan? Dan who?

          2. Dan, have you ever seen a grown man naked?

            1. Better question..Dan, do you ever get a semi from the smell of a men’s locker room?

            2. No, but I felt a naked man grow.

          3. Well – none of you guys are interested in significant improvements in the government, local or otherwise. Do you hate the government as part of the ideology of the child.

            They are practical people, with a certain euphoria report shows a government agency does a poor job.

            My question is simply that if the small government = more freedom, then it seems that most of you live in places with little or no government effective.

          4. Dan, shhhh, the grownups are talking.

          5. Dan, you’re right. About everything. Horrible, life destroying government, however awful, however corrupt, counterproductive, wasteful and however many souls it crushes is better than no government at all.

            1. Hey, feel free to move to some place with no government at all, then.

              I’m sure it’s fantasic.

              1. You’re kind of like those people who say, “Don’t complain about anything, you could be starving in the deserts!”

                After awhile, people stop listening to you. We’re individuals, in our triumphs and our tragedies both.

              2. All libertarians must move to Somolia in order to prove that they are not hypocrits!

                Do it I say!

              3. Dan T.|5.21.10 @ 1:33PM|#
                Hey, feel free to move to some place with no government at all, then

                Yes, Dan, Libertarians all want to live in New Freeland.


    3. Dan, no one should have to move because their government is acting in an incorrect manner. The onus is on the government to live up to its promises and responsibilities, not on us.

      1. These troll detours are what mouse scroll-wheels are for. And because of the nested comments, it’s easy to scroll right past the visual indicators until the regular thread picks up again. So if your intent is to be read, you have failed. With me, at least.

        1. incif makes it even easier, I cant even accidentally read the trolls. Or anyone who responds to them.

    4. This situation is further indication the MAJORITY of CA and US citizens have surrendered control of their
      ‘Democracy’ to the Wealthy Old White Men who’ve BOUGHT every elected official with campaign contributions paid for with WORTHLESS DOLLARS!

      NEOCONS & NEOLIBERALS have no right to complain at the results of their WILLFUL stupidity & passivity!

    5. hey John, why dont you go piss off you dumb shi*, liberals or Republicans, both are the same. its fucktards like you who still think one is good while the other party is bad. fucck you and i hope you go to hell asshole.

  2. I am mostly surrounded by city workers in my little town, and I would guess that this is normal. They constantly have tools and such that they’ve borrowed from the city. The trick isn’t to get the bureaucrats to act better, because that’s impossible. Just give them less to work with. Losing 45% of a little is better than losing 45% of a lot.

    1. I’d be surprised if this stuff was “borrowed”, I’m guessing it was “appropriated for personal use” (stolen).

      1. I had a girlfriend that was appropriated for personal use once. Now she is fat, has 3 kids, and shops with food stamps. What a worthless piece of shit.

        1. A lot of us harbor this fantasy about ex-girlfriends.

    2. My old man worked for a national lab. We had every tool imaginable in the house. (He died 8 years ago and we’re STILL going through the garage and basement finding tools and wondering what they’re for and trying to find people who will take them, I’m sure they’ll wind up going to scrap metal dealers). None of the tools were stolen – they were all taken from the dumpster. The defense budgets basically replace every tool annually even though the life span of the tools is 20+ years for the most part. (Upwards of 200 years for screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc. Changes in plumbing have rendered some of the tools obsolete for the most part, at least for houses built in the last 20 years.)

      The stuff goes in the dumpsters because if the defense department had an annual tool sale, it would put hardware stores out of business and people might start wondering why the government is replacing tools so often.

      1. I’ve always thought defense/military spending was an enormous black hole for all kinds of waste and fraud. But no one in Washington will touch it because a) it’s a great jobs program and b) if you question any expenditures you “aren’t supporting our troops.”

        1. Not to mention, reduction in military waste = “taking our marching orders from Al Qaeda”.

      2. None of the tools were stolen – they were all taken from the dumpster.

        In many institutions, both public and private, “taking from the dumpster”=theft.

        The fact that it’s in the dumpster does not mean it is not still the company’s property.

        Many, many years ago I worked briefly in a warehouse for a major national electronics distributor. Everything that went in the dumpster had to be smashed until it was utterly unusable. This included, for example, perfectly functional coffee makers with say, a broken carafe or some other perfectly fixable flaw. Sometimes it would have been possible to produce one or more functional ones by cannibalizing parts but if any employee had ever done that they would have been fired on the spot.

        1. Just like the food at the end of the night that is not kept as leftovers is not for employee consumption and gets tossed.

        2. I’ve never understood why they have policies like this… it makes no sense. When I was in college, they had a room in the basement where they put all the electronics that were being thrown out and students could come collect them. One of my friends ended up with a slightly outdated supercomputer.

          Also, unless I’m forgetting something, once you throw something in the trash, it is no longer your property for purposes of the 4th amendment… the police can go through it to search for info on you without a warrant. So why would the same not apply to a private citizen?

        3. Actually I can understand why they have that policy. If employees can salvage broken or discarded items it certainly creates an incentive to “accidentally” break an item or decide it is obsolete. If we know anything about human behavior, it is that people respond to incentives.

          I worked in a drugstore in college and part of my job was unloading deliveries of candy and other snacks. I didn’t dip into the stock without making a bona fide purchase. But some of my co workers weren’t above “accidentally” dropping and breaking open a box of candy and then consuming the contents.

          1. In addition your first point there is the additional fact that manufacturers do not want to compete with a parallel market of “nearly new” used items obtained for free from disposal sites.

            In most cases the manufacturer had reimbursed the distributor for the full cost of the appliance. They had either been returned as unsatisfactory by the end user or had been received damaged in transit by the warehouse. The manufacturer did not want to pay the shipping costs back to its facility and were perfectly willing (apparently) to take the distributor’s word for it.

            I never did it but one of my co-workers there said that a couple of years before a manager looked on as they smashed a half dozen or so brand new Whirlpool ranges with sledge hammers before putting them in the dumpsters.

            Nowadays, most manufacturers actually do support a secondary market for items like this. They are inspected, repackaged and sold as “reconditioned” or “recertified” or somesuch. They realize that a market for their products exists among people who are not willing to pay full cost and as long as it does not significantly reduce the number of people who are, and they get their cut from the sale, they’re willing to support it.

            But in the 1950s and 60s appliance manufacturers were afraid that such sales would dilute their brand’s value. They would not even support “scratch and dent” sales.

        4. “The fact that it’s in the dumpster does not mean it is not still the company’s property.”

          The Supreme Court disagrees with you.

          “Stealing trash is not illegal. The Supreme Court ruled in 1988 that once an item is left for trash pickup, there is no expectation of privacy or continued ownership.”


          1. Man, that is the most useful link in the entire history of the intertubes!!!!!
            Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
            Now, free to sacvange!

            1. It might depend whether the trash was at the curb or in a dumpster on private property, though.

              1. It does.

                The key phrase in that link is “once an item is left for trash pickup“.

                Items in a dumpster on private property is either the property of the property owner or the haulage contractor who owns the dumpster. Good luck with trying to secure it from dumpster divers though. If you need to dispose of sensitive material you’d better use a secure disposal service if you don’t want it pinched.

                Also, good luck with the cops. I believe that courts have ruled that the contents of your trash can are not covered by the Fourth Amendment. But anyone else rifling through your trash can next to your back door can be prosecuted for trespassing and theft.

  3. I’m shocked. No, seriously, I’m really stunned that a city government – especially that of Los Angeles, California – is anything less than a model of perfect efficiency and accountability. Next you’ll tell me that Barack Obama is a pathologically narcissitic lying sack of shit.

    1. Sit down, WTF. There’s something we need to tell you…

      1. We’re sorry to have to say this – but there’s no sack…

        1. I keep it in a jar on the night table, to remind him whose large and in charge.

    2. {{{{{EXPLODES!}}}}}

    3. Hey I just realized something. Weren’t we supposed to be out of Iraq within 16 months of Obama’s coronation? Which was when—January 2009?

  4. While 56 items were ultimately found in the wrong location, 59 were unable to be located

    I have a pretty good guess where they wound up.

    Some of the items not placed into service included 9 microwaves, 1 deep fryer and 2 television sets

    Sounds like the Parks and Rec crew is too lazy to steal.

    1. “Sounds like the Parks and Rec crew is too lazy to steal.”

      How many microwaves and deep fat fryers does one person need? And pawning that stuff is a pain in the ass. And it is not like we need the money.

    2. Some of the items not placed into service included 9 microwaves, 1 deep fryer and 2 television sets

      Super Bowl party that never happened?

  5. Three facts
    1) Property managemnent is a pretty damned basic managerial function.

    2) The overpaid managers in L.A. government should be fired or demoted for failing to perform their basic duties.

    3) #2 will not happen.

  6. a video recorder purchased by ITA for almost $60,000

    In Los Angeles, even the Parks & Rec don’t-suck-dick-in-the-bushes videos are shot with CineAltas. Sweet.
    But a Valley porno creep stole it. Also sweet.

  7. Oh wow, imagine that. Who would have thunk it?


    1. I know, right?

  8. We have a deep fryer we can loan L.A. It can flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds.

    1. 40 seconds? But I want it NOW!

      1. “Please take the fries off my head, kid. The basket is extremely hot.”

        1. “There are several sacred things in this world that you don’t *ever* mess with. One of them happens to be another man’s fries. Now, you remember that, and you will live a long and healthy life.”

        2. “My mom says that if there’s a depression, that I’ll have to enter a dance marathon.”

          1. Dance marathons are appropriate for wars too. (God this was a terrible movie! Did referencing it break teh internetz?)

          2. “My mom doesn’t have papers.”

        3. Sug–I’m disappointed. You’re only #3 on Google. You can be #1. TRY HARDER.

    2. But I want it NOOOOOOW!

      1. Grrr. Curse my fat, slow-typing fingereses.

  9. So according to the report, the auditors tried to locate 254 items and ended up not being able to find 59 of them.

    So how is this 45%?

    1. Just because you eventually find it by sifting through your employee’s pockets and lockers doesn’t mean it wasn’t lost. But, yeah, the lede is a bit misleading in that regard.

      1. Fair enough, although it could just be that something was supposed to be kept in storage room #1 and instead somebody stuck in room #2.

        1. Dan, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

        2. Dan T.|5.21.10 @ 11:11AM|#
          “Fair enough, although it could just be that something was supposed to be kept in storage room #1 and instead somebody stuck in room #2.”

          Room #2 being Sam’s garage; he ‘borrowed’ it a year or so back and sort of ‘forgot’ to return it…

    2. Whether you purchase a commercial deep fryer or not, it is absolutely essential that you maintain it and keep it clean. Keep in mind that these units can easily exceed several hundred dollars so you definitely need to do regular maintenance on it in order to extend the life on it. The frequency in which you need to replace the heating oil really depends on how often you cook and how much of it you use.

      When looking at a deep fryer whether it is a digital or a countertop model, be sure that it also comes with a heating oil filtration system in place. This helps to ensure that any food bits and debris are properly removed from the fryer. One of the things you will also need to do on a regular basis is to ensure that the inside is properly cleaned.

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      1. You forgot to mention that you should not pee in the deep fryer when the oil is hot. The instructions always leave that out.

        1. Speaking from unpleasant personal experience, are ya?

          1. You should really try the funnel cakes!!!

        2. I was a fry cook years ago. It was time to change the fat so I turned it off to let it cool a little. I then drained it into a 5 gallon bucket. A few minutes later, I accidentally stepped into the bucket. The hot fat started to fill up my boot, which was tied with double knots. Couldn’t get that boot off fast enough.

          1. Comedy gold!

            The summer after high school I worked as a busboy. A prep cook spot opened up, but they gave it to a dim-bulb coworker with less seniority because they knew I wasn’t there for a career. He had a hard time learning that when using tongs to grab the fish out of the deep fryer, he should avoid dipping his thumb into the oil. By the end of the day his thumb looked like a small sweet potato.

            1. Always be sure the table the deep fryer sits on is stable before you begin cleaning it. Hands splashed with hot oil hurt like a mofo and the calloused blister lasts at least 14 years.

      2. Can you fry a corpse with that?

  10. Now that they have unearthed their deep fryer, they can wrap some hot dogs with bacon and, um…

  11. Wow, the link to the report now says it’s temporarily unavailable. Guess they got scared when they found out that people actually were looking at what they were posting…

    1. Wendy Greuel

      Is it just me, or is this the Greatest. Lunch. Lady. Name. Ever.

      1. “You’re serving us gruel?”

        “Not quite. This is Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel.”

  12. It wasn’t “missing-missing”. I think it was something else, but I don’t believe it was “missing-missing”.

  13. The real question: since this is a government audit, can we trust it?

    1. I told you Dan: don’t call me Shirley.

    2. Modern inventory control systems rely upon barcodes, and potentially RFID tags, to provide automatic identification of inventory objects. In an academic study performed at Wal-Mart, RFID reduced Out of Stocks by 30 percent for products selling between 0.1 and 15 units a day. Inventory objects could include any kind of physical asset: merchandise, consumables, fixed assets, circulating tools, library books, or capital equipment. To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a barcode scanner or RFID reader to automatically identify the inventory object, and then collects additional information from the operators via fixed terminals (workstations), or mobile computers.

      1. A Dem representative in Congress will soon be introducing a bill as a rider to the Obamacase legislation, requiring RFID chips to be implanted in the necks of newborns at birth.

        1. How did you know that?????? I must have a mole in my administration.

      2. How do you sell 0.1 units?

  14. They lost 59 items at an average cost of $15,898. Besides the video recorder, what the heck are they buying that’s so expensive?

    Parks & Recreation has unused items averaging $1717 per item. Microwaves and TV sets don’t cost that much. There must be big-time cash embezzlement (kickbacks) in that budget.

    I thought Democrats were the party of the people. Why are they treating municipal budgets as personal slush funds?

    1. Why are they treating municipal budgets as personal slush funds?

      Transvestite hookers do not pay for themselves.

      1. So true.

    2. “I thought Democrats were the party of the people.”

      No, Democrats are the party of government, Republicans are the party of merchant oligarchs. There is no party of the people. According to Plato, the next phase of government after this one is a populist revolt that invests power in the hands of a tyrannical demagogue and his small band of hardcore followers. On the other hand, given his ridiculous ideal government and his propensity to turn out tyrants himself, Plato can go fuck himself.

      1. I was referring to the Democrat’s description of themselves, not their actual governing style.

  15. What depresses me most about liberals, of which Dan T is a typical example and in no way performance art, is not that they believe dopey ideas. Everyone believes dopey ideas at some point in their lives. It is that they cling to these dopey ideas in the face of any evidence to the contrary.

    Big city governments in this country are liberal fantasy land. They have enacted very policy, big government, high taxes, high unionization, high regulation and all the rest. Yet, these cities are all completely dysfunctional. The education systems are a disaster. Businesses either don’t locate there or move to the burbs. They are devoid of a middle class. And most of them are in the process of going broke.

    Yet, despite 40 years of mounting evidence that at the local level at least, their policy proscriptions are a recipe for turning great cities into modern day Detroit, liberals still won’t give an inch. The whole country could turn into Bangladesh and they would still be clinging to their ideas. Nothing will convince them they are wrong no matter how much damage they do. That is both depressing and scary.

    1. Get with the program! God, do I have to explain everything to you? It’s all about:

      1) Reparations and “fairness”. (Thank Jeebus for Maddow. Rand almost exposed me.)

      2) Punishing the evil sexist, racist White Man.

      3) Putting the “right people” in charge, just like private businesses. Except private property is ananthema to my playbook and an excellent rallying point.

    2. John, they’ve long given up on improving anything, and have tacitly accepted that in order for everything to be “fair” and “equal”, it is perfectly acceptable (read: Feature, not a bug) to make things shitacular. Their end is so-called “equality of outcomes” and the means are enacting policies that turn cities into dessicated husks, not unlike Elizabeth Taylor and Bret Michaels Diabetes-ridden body.

    3. The purpose of city government (and any government really) is to hire as many union (i.e Democratic voters) as possible. Actual supplying of any goods or services to the public is not required.

  16. Our CFO went totally bananas* when he found out that a half dozen infusion pumps weren’t in our inventory management system correctly. That’s a failure rate of somewhere south of 0.001%.

    Its funny how buying stuff with your own money changes your outlook on knowing where it is and what its doing.

    *Can you still say that?

    1. Those are my infusion pumps, counselor! Please report for indoctrination re-education immediately.

    2. Can you still say that?

      Oh, sure, we all know what eats bananas.


  17. But isn’t spreading the wealth around a good thing?

  18. All big city governments are “completely dysfunctional”?

    I’m not sure about that.

    BTW, John, where do you live?

    1. All Big city governments are dysfunctional. I live in Washington DC. One of the most dysfunctional of them all. But they are all about the same.

      You prove my point Dan. The supporters of the ideas you hold dear have destroyed the center cities of this country. Turned some of the greatest most productive cities the world has ever seen into barren crime ridden wastelands. Yet, you won’t even admit there is a problem much less that your policies might have had something to do with it.

      Dysfunctional? What do you mean Detroit is dysfunctional? And when was it ever important or productive anyway?

      Just sorry.

      1. John|5.21.10 @ 1:47PM|#
        “All Big city governments are dysfunctional. I live in Washington DC. One of the most dysfunctional of them all. But they are all about the same….”

        Could be, but some are ‘more equal’ than others:…
        I’m sure Dan T will come up with an excuse for this, too.

      2. Hold on, John…you’re a libertarian and yet you live in Washington DC?

        Why? That seems like the last place somebody who values liberty would live.

        1. Sleeper agent.

      3. The biggest problem in San Antonio right now, according to city council, is removing non-diet drinks from all city beverage vending machines. Food vending machines are next on the list.

        That should fill up the agenda for several months, whereupon the issue of falling sales in city vending machines will rear its ugly head.

    2. Columbus, OH. Dysfunctional as well. Same reason. Entrenched Big Gov Democrat City Council and Mayor. Of course our old Republican Governer Bob Taft was even worse but for the same reason. Tax and Spend. Tax and Spend.

      1. Chicago, USA checking in. The two most qualified people in the whole world for a couple of key government positions turned out to be the Cook County Board President’s cousin and her gang-banger, doper boyfriend. What are the fuckin’ odds?

      2. Ha! I came from Youngstown, Ohio. And if you want to see a liberal utopia in action, there it is. The income tax is one of the highest in the nation, for a city, and everything is decay and misery. Everything.

        And the people who just need a bit more help from the government stole my motherfucking truck. And tried to twice before it.

        1. Seriously, why do you all live in such places if the governments there are so bad?

          1. Well, Dan, you and your brain-dead compatriots have pretty much ruined ’bout everyplace.
            Why don’t you (and they) learn something?

        2. I can confirm than the armpit of Ohio is in fact a shithole.

        3. Jersey here.

          All due respect to Chicago, Youngstown, etc., you’ve all got nothing on us. Freakin’ statewide, Cape May-to-Hoboken, all run by the machine. R’s scrambling over each other to see who can out-liberal the D’s faster.

          Highest property taxes, per-pupil spending, worst place to do business, etc.
          Last place in almost everything, except the gas tax, and they’re always trying to increase THAT, because the money they HAD in our Transportation Trust Fund got sucked out years ago to buy votes one way or another.

          Tomorrow, a bunch of unionized state workers, led by our illustrious teachers’ union, are going to rally in front of the state house because…

          avert your eyes, this is really horrifying…

          Governor Chris Christie wants them to kick in 1.5% of their salary to pay for their medical insurance.

          Which they have been getting for free.

          And oh, BTW, they get it for LIFE after they retire.

          Because they’re just entitled to suck money out of everybody’s pockets, and when we all run out, the government will just have to print more.

          Fucking dirtbags.

          1. Correction. I just read the article on that sfweekly link, a couple posts up.

            They might have us beat.

            Holy crap I’m never moving to San Francisco.

    3. I hear Houston is doing pretty well.

  19. According to Plato, the next phase of government after this one is a populist revolt that invests power in the hands of a tyrannical demagogue and his small band of hardcore followers.

    Whaddaya mean, the next phase?

    1. Hasn’t manifested as true dictatorship yet. Still have the trapping of democracy. Odds still favor elections removing these specific assholes from office. Not sure why talking like Rorschach.

  20. Reason – come to SF and see liberalism gone awry. This comes with a $550 MM deficit. SF and LA politicians would not pass the sanity test – “people in glass houses should not throw stones.”

  21. “Of 254 items that we attempted to locate, 115 were not where they should have been.”

    That is a shocking statistic. Are the city workers in LA too stupid to steal the rest of the stuff?

  22. Porlamar Venezuela here. What a great thread.

    If you all want to compare dysfunctional governments, we might win. Probably not over Detroit, but in our own way we do pretty well, because we have oil money. Or rather the gov’t does, so no one really has to work, they just try to steal as much as they can.

    Really it’s OK. If anyone official talks to you, they only want money, so give them some and they will go away or give you whatever it is you wanted. Pretty simple system.

    You don’t have to be secretive about it, they only want money, so just reach in your pocket and give them money.

    As all government is based on crime, i.e. stealing from the people under threat, why not be open about it?

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