Corporate Welfare

Another Area Where Obama Is Even Less Transparent Than Bush


Farm subsidies.

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  1. What do you have against food, Jesse? And people eating? Black people need to eat, are you a racist or something?

  2. AlterNet? Who cares what some right-wing mouthpiece blog thinks?

  3. So, who’s going to step up and tell us how Obama is better than Bush on everything important, like justice, fairness, apple pie, Mom, and puppies? Anybody? Anybody?

  4. Obama is better at looking like he’s taller than average. That’s important. To tha ladayz.

  5. How disappointingly predictable.

  6. Another little wrinkle in reality that libertarians want avoid discussing because their little cult chatechism doesn’t have a pat answer for it: THE FUCKING OIL SPILL.

    1. Gonna find my baby,
      gonna hold her tight
      gonna grab some afternoon delight.
      My motto’s always been;
      when it’s right, it’s right.
      Why wait until the
      middle of a cold dark night.
      When everything’s a little
      clearer in the light of day.
      And you know the night is
      always gonna be there any way.

      Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.

      1. Anybody referencing Starland Vocal Band should be ostracized from impolite company.

        1. I was having serial-sex with a strawberry blonde co-ed when that song was getting major airplay. Good times.

      2. aaa-aa-Afternoon Delite !

    2. We’re talking about food, troll. Do you eat oil? If you do, then get your herpeed ass to the gulf and start chowing down.

    3. It’s spelled “catechism”.

      1. An anti-papist bastard is what he is.

    4. So Max, you’re arguing that Obama is less transparent about the oil spill than Bush would have been? I’m not sure what your evidence is for that.

    5. Max|5.20.10 @ 1:04PM|#
      “Another little wrinkle in reality that libertarians want avoid discussing because their little cult chatechism doesn’t have a pat answer for it: THE FUCKING OIL SPILL.”

      Would you believe it? Max is *right*. What a failure! Why, those libertarian theorists should have spent all their time coming up with an answer for airplane crashes! Ooops, make that oil spills. Well, one or the other…

    6. Yeah I’m just dumbfounded about how to solve this problem…

      Oh wait, shouldn’t the people who damage the property of others pay to have it fixed?

      Wow, that was a close one Max. You almost destroyed the entire libertarian philosophy. Almost.

  7. Wasn’t today the day that everybody was supposed to do something?

  8. If only Bush didn’t get rid of all of my fellow paper pushing comrades, we would never have had this mess!

    It’s the ten years of neglect, I tell ya!

    And our addiction to oil. If only we could be completely self sustained without externals. Wait, scratch that . . . I see where that vile logic would take us.

    Hands off my pension! Get away! Just fifteen more years of clocking in at the dull fucking public sector job, and then I’m living the dream life, and retiring down to . . . Arizona?!?


    Back off, libertytards! Forget everything you heard about externalities.

  9. Yes, becuase the Democrats and Republicans have done such a wonderful job both regulating oil spills out of existance and punishing companies that are responsible.

    Oh, wait.

    As to the on-topic issue: Why is this even a surprise anymore? Talk one way, do another is standard operating procedure. Sadly, if more people outside of Reason knew this, we’d elect fewer of the “other” guys and maybe more of the “different” guys.

  10. No, he’s pretty fucking transparent.

    1. Let me be clear,

  11. So no more fun maps where we can see how much tax money is raked in by the poor farmers of New York City, etc.?

    1. That’s a pretty cool illustration of the arable land in the US. And it’s extremely shitty that a map of subsidies will give us that.

      1. Zoom in to NYC, San Francisco, and other major cities, and you can see the urban neighborhoods where many of these “farmers” actually live. It’s bad enough that farm subsidies exist at all, but it’s totally absurd that tax money is going to city dwellers because they own some land someplace else.

        1. Well, sure. All I’m saying is that, if you zoom out far enough, you get a pretty good picture of what parts of the country are farm country.

  12. Where’s Muhammad?

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