The Deadline is Nigh for Everyone to Draw Mohammed!


After being physically attacked during a lecture in Uppsala and having two "offended" critics attempt to burn his house to the ground, the artist Lars Vilks, the man behind the rondelhund drawing of Mohammed, has wisely gone into hiding. And you, dear reader, defender of free speech, opponent of millenarian religious cultists, have the opportunity to do the same. The deadline for Reason's Everyone Draw Mohammed Day, bequeathed to us by a Seattle artist who decided that we should stick up for free speech by drawing Al Gore, is tomorrow at noon. So stop being such a perfectionist and just send the damn thing to mmoynihan—AT— 

And for inspiration, here is the full, uncut video of Vilks being attacked for showing a film, produced by a very brave Iranian woman, of Mohammed as a gay man. At about five minutes into the clip, a shrieking man, speaking in accented Swedish, shows that while he might have learned the language of his new country, he still doesn't quite get the culture: He asks, incredulously, why the police "didn't stop the film."