Militarization of Police

Reason Writers Around Town: Radley Balko Discusses SWAT Teams and Drug Raids With Vice Magazine


Yesterday, Reason Senior Editor Radley Balko sat down for an IM interview with Vice magazine. The topic was police militarization, SWAT teams, and the Columbia, Missouri drug raid that become a YouTube sensation last week.

Read the interview here.

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  1. Isnt it sad. After watching a video like that, it makes me rejoice every time some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty!


    1. And, as posted in response to the original video:

      Anonymous, on May 13, 2010 wrote:
      It is stupid punk cops like this that makes me (and a lot of others) rejoice everytime some stupid cop gets clipped in the line of duty!


  2. When a SWAT team saves some innocent life, Balko closes his eyes and holds his hands over his ears likie some fucking see-no-contrary-evidence losertarin monkey. You asshole anti-cop fanatics can stick your idiotic market-worshiping ideology up your fat asses.

    1. Yes, clearly Radley is arguing for no SWAT teams EVER under ANY circumstances. Reading comprehension: A+!

      1. I am.

    2. Hello Shit Facktory!

      1. I take offense to that comment.

        1. How so?

    3. Not bad. Your post manages to combine a strawman, reducto absurdum, and several ad hominems. Now if you could only throw in a little “poisoning of the well” you’d score a 100% on the Trollometer. As it is, it just barely gets to 82%.

      Keep up the good work, you’ll get there.

    4. I think anyone would agree if say there is a known murderer hold up with hostages randy would not have a problem using SWAT. I know i wouldn’t

      If you watch the video you see a guy with his family asleep with a couple of house pets. There is absolutely no reason two detectives with a back of 2 more beat officers could not have knocked on the door at say 7:30 in the morning and peaceably served the search warrant on an unarmed pot smoker with no violent criminal record.

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    Weakest Troll Ever.

  4. Kool: Max is merely the latest incarnation of Edward/Lefiti/Morris/Forrest, Hit’n’Run’s oldest and least intelligent troll.

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      And then leave him in the woods.

      I suppose ignoring him will have to do.

    2. Didn’t he have another name, too?

  5. I was going to join Big Brothers and take him for ice cream.

    You could still take Max out for ice cream, if he hadn’t been banned from pretty much every every food court in the land for violent public masturbation.

  6. Didn’t he have another name, too?

    I thought so, but i couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was, and he is definitely not worth the effort of research.

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      Yes, I know, but I’m not strong like X.

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    I will not break. I will not bend. If more people were willing to stand as unflinchingly against the little manifestations of tyranny as i am against this minor internet annoyance, we wouldn’t need this website.

    1. Your resolve is about as impressive as your micropenis, X. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to keep licking Reason’s delicious, delicious boots.

    2. I have to ask, what is people’s problems with threading? Without it, comments could be in response to pretty much anything, just total chaos. At least this way you have some semblance of order.

      1. We had conventions, n00b. Conventions that your n00b brain couldn’t begin to comprehend. Don’t investigate if you want to keep your sanity.

        1. I’d blockquote or italicize whatever I was responding to. I might even address the previous commenter by name, adding a level of civility lost in this modern, yet oddly primitive, culture.

          1. Those were the days, weren’t they? How I miss them.

            1. Yesiree. Why, I recall back in, oh, Aught-Three or so, we all had to fly to California and write our comments on a giant scroll.


      2. Without it, comments could be in response to pretty much anything, just total chaos.

        In sharp contrast to the current threads, I suppose.

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