Public vs. Private Compensation Redux


Last month, in response to study after report after article showing public sector workers far outpacing their private-sector counterparts in salary (let alone the usual advantages in pension and health benefits), the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (motto: "to help state and local governments become knowledgeable and competitive employers so they can attract and retain talented, committed, well-prepared individuals to public service") and the National Institute on Retirement Security ("fostering a deep understanding of the value of traditional pension systems to employees, employers and the economy") teamed up to produce a big not-so-fast study [PDF], concluding that the compensation disparity is due to the superior education and experience of government employees, and that state/local gubmint types actually earn less. The report got boffo box office.

But is it true? The Reason Foundation's Adam Summers takes a swing at that question, and provides some other context, here. And our classic cover story on the Class War is here.

After digesting those, take this Reason.tv nightcap: