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Anti-Pot Protesters Apparently Prefer Molotov Cocktails to Medical Marijuana


The Boston Globe reports on anti-pot protestors in Montana who seem to have misunderstood what it means to get lit:

Someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Billings medical marijuana business early yesterday and spray-painted "Not in Our Town" on its storefront, the second such act in as many days, authorities said.

The incidents came as the Billings City Council was scheduled to vote last night on whether to place a six-month moratorium on new medical marijuana businesses opening in the city.

…Trevor McFarren, co-owner of Montana Therapeutics, said his business provides medical marijuana for about 50 people and has operated since January. Until now, the business has never had a problem, a complaint, or even a bad phone call, he said.

McFarren said he believes the council vote has something to do with the timing of the act, which he estimated caused $2,500 in damage. "I'm sure they're trying to fuel the fire about" the vote, he said. "It's more of an attack on the community than anything."

For a great look at the thriving medical marijuana business in Los Angeles, see Brian Doherty's April cover story

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  1. Yeah, we don’t tolerate uncivil pot-head punks in this fair town! Only violent acts of arson are allowed!

    1. An uncivil pot-head? “Hey man, go get some more cheezy poofs and beer or I will fart on your couch!!!”

    2. Hah, thanks for the LOL.

    3. Pending vote.
      An act of destruction.

      Yet we’re supposed to believe ANTI-pot forces did this?

      Come on.

      This smacks of the false flag operations done by Democrats in Denver and elsewhere.

      1. What makes you think the Democrats are on the pro-pot side?

  2. Those medical pot clinics are a fire hazzard and should be shut down!!!

    1. Medical pot clinics are a fire hazzard? Well, so is a library. Should we close them down too?

      1. Uhhhh, I believe he was joking about the fire. So please let me do the ha, ha(ha,ha).

  3. Reminder to Montanans: Unlike Californians, you have the ability to shoot back.

    1. I would love to read a headline like: “Assault Weapon Wielding Alternative Pharmacy Owner Ends Would-be Firebombing.”

  4. How fucking hard is “live and let live” to grasp?

    1. X-man,

      Remember that the world has more than a few people whose attitude is, rather: “Somewhere, someone is experiencing pleasure or having fun right now. That has to be stopped.”

      1. And I’m proud to represent MY party in that effort, Draco!

    2. How fucking hard is “live and let live” to grasp?

      Pretty fooking hard. But anybody who reads here knows that already.

  5. it’s worth noting that this is literally terrorism. “It only did $2,500 worth of damage this time, but what if the next attack burns down the business or injures or kills someone?”

    Just like Islamic extremists, these people seek to harass, intimidate, and use violence to get their way.

    Will we let their “objections” carry the day? It would be about as wise as letting your 3-year-old carry through with their preferred all-ice cream diet…

    1. Are you going to change your handle to Keeven White/David Brooks?

  6. Puritans, Draco. Fucking puritans.

  7. Reminder to Montanans: Unlike Californians, you have the ability to shoot back.

    I don’t know anybody who “needs” to be reminded.

    1. I don’t know anybody who “needs” to be reminded.

      Since noone has been shot yet, I beg to differ.

  8. How fucking hard is “live and let live” to grasp?

    Really fucking hard, apparently.

  9. I hope one of these arsonists get shot on their next firebombing. at least there could be something positive to come from shit like this, the more violent the prohibitionists get, the better and more moral the pro-medical marijuana movement looks in comparison.
    the prohibitionists can’t stand it, they know they are losing their futile battle, and now some are resorting to violence. free markets promote peace, prohibition promotes violence.

    1. correction: I hope one of these arsonists get shot on their next firebombing.

    2. Agreed, this only makes them look desperate and more than a little crazy. Another hearts and minds win for cannabis law reform.

    3. What would be even more just would be for the arsonists to fuck up spectacularly and spend the next six months in the burn ward only to be tried upon release from hospital.

      1. and then need medical marijuana for pain management.

      2. And not allowed pain meds.

  10. I don’t believe that I have ever seen the words “anti-pot protesters” put together before.

    Do these people think that there wasn’t any pot around before the storefronts opened?

    1. That is what I was thinking. What do they chant, “bullshit, we want people to suffer. Drink, drink, until you puke”?

  11. Being willing and able is not the same as being there. And- shooting somebody who does not present a direct threat to your life, or the life of another, is disallowed; even here.

    If the Missouri River Drug Task Force (or individual members) isn’t directly involved in these bombings, they certainly will not hesitate to use them as an excuse, in the name of “public safety”, to get aggressively involved in investigating every single dispensary in the state. And they will request federal assistance.

    I have been predicting, for a couple of months, that there will be armed invasion raids on pot outlets before the end of the summer. I think this moves that forward.

    1. Yeah. To the cops, the dispensaries create “crime” in much the same way as drawing Mohammad would create a “safety risk” according to Viacom. Protect the victims by shutting them down.

    2. And don’t forget the possibility of a business competitor being behind this and making it look like grass-roots opposition.

    3. So you can’t shoot to protect property in Montanna?

      But I’d say chuckin a lit bottle gasoline at me presents a direct threat to my life anyways. Who knows if they have another in their back pocket or not?

  12. Zeb, it could indeed be a case of the townspeople thinking there’s some kind of insidious new criminal element creeping into town. Most people I know who hold anti-drug views are remarably lacking in their knowledge of how prevalent drug use actually is.

  13. And- shooting somebody who does not present a direct threat to your life, or the life of another, is disallowed; even here.

    I think someone throwing molotov cocktails would probably qualify, at least in Texas (and Montana).

    Arson pretty much presumptively represents a direct threat to life, fire being so dangerous and all.

  14. Yes, they are “remarably” lacking. “Remarkably”.

  15. RC-

    If you’re in an enclosed space, and somebody tosses a molotov cocktail in there, I’d say “Fire at will.”

    But vandalism… might be problematic.

    1. I would say that you are likely to be justified in shooting someone with a lit molotov cocktail in their hand, especially if they are facing in your direction.

      If they’ve already tossed it, probably not.

  16. Who the hell are these people? This is the first I have ever heard of this – anti-pot activists. Jesus Christ on a cracker, get a fucking life.

    1. Ill take a guess

      1. Busy Body Liberals

      2. Social Conservatives

      3. Religious Conservatives

      4. Paleoconservatives

      1. Maybe, but consider : Once Government owns healthcare they will have to nationalize pot.
        After 100 years of drug war it will be ironic if Government ownership finally destroys it.

        1. What in your right mind makes you think this? Government is already trying to ban “bad” foods and smoking, one of the reasons being that it increases health costs for all.

      2. Could be a longshot but it could also be drug dealers who angry about potential loss in profit

  17. DW, as noted by Draco (channeling HL Mencken) above there is a strong strain of puritanism in our society. If people were willing to mind their own business, and let others live in peace, gay rights wouldn’t be an issue.

  18. I blame the libertarian mob.

  19. I’m not sure why you chose “protesters” (plural) to describe this, as if it was the work of an armed band of torch wielding anti-ganja Montana militia nightriders. From my reading of the article, it’s more likely it was some lone nut. Billings is a ski bum / granola hippie college town (home of Montana State U; think of it as a Division I-AA Boulder), and like most college towns is chock full o’ nuts.

    1. oops, my bad… had it confused with Bozeman.

  20. Maybe the arsonist got a contact high from the burning weed, and will develop a taste for it.

    Just trying to find the silver lining here

    1. And if pot becomes completely legal, imagine the effect of prairie fires.

      1. that will be used as a reason to use SWAT teams to fight prairie fires

  21. FWIW, this was first covered in yesterday’s Morning Links.

  22. I hope this act of terrorism will lead to a strong, effective anti-terror (aka “hate crime”) law that severely punishes attacks on ANY controversial business or the people who run it, whether it’s an abortion clinic or an SUV dealership.

    Vigilante “justice” is a truly evil thing, and the way many local governments are selective in prosecuting it is a worse one. If this keeps up, victims will have to start shooting back, and I’d rather not go there.

  23. Did you ever stop to think it could be maybe one or two jokers at most, and yet wow! All the MEDIA coverage like it’s a big story(“alright!, got another anti-pot story, this will make the news director smile.”) Look I worked in the media industry for just over 2 decades(’08’my last yr.)as an on-camera meteorologist. What I saw is still the same. Same story slant, same system of “sensationalism”(endless stories). The more things change, the more the worldly control($$$$$) of buying people out remains the same. “We the People” must take a stand for our individual rights w/ out the propaganda. Tea Party, Coffee Party or any U.S. party that isn’t the same as the parties of the past century.

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