Millenials Not Yet Old Enough to Know Not to Trust Their Creepy Uncle


"As of now, I trust the government," says Brittany Tucker, a poli-sci major at Northeastern University in Boston. "I feel like they are trying to do what's best for us and their constituents."

Kids today, they're down with Uncle Sam, according to a new Pew survey. Even poli-sci majors:

NPR reports that "polls going back to 1958 show that trust always begins to head south sometime after age 30. But there are some clues that this generation may be different." Unlike their late- and just-post Boomer parents, they are not only fans of government, but of other big institutions as well:

"The millennials are quite positive toward other big institutions — like corporations and the military and faith — so it does give you the feeling that it's a different generation," says Tufts University researcher Peter Levine.

Do your duty, get out there and turn a kid into a cynic today!