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And yes, McCain has registered as a fundraising page.

Link via the Twitter feed of Allah Pundit, who has appropriate commentary. Wonkette also has an impressive collection of what McCain used to say on the issue. Reason on McCain here.

UPDATE: As alert commenter Nick M. points out, Pinal County isn't on the Mexican border. Sheriff Paul Babeu had to drive at least 85 miles for that campaign commercial.

NEXT: Reasonoids: Come Hear Radley Balko Speak at the University of Maryland Tomorrow Night at 7pm.

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  1. I just cannot imagine anyone with a single lick of common sense taking anything McSame says seriously.


    1. Anon-bot is more sensible than about half of the citizens of this country.

      1. Maybe a little more than half.

    2. UGH! You sexy bitch!

  2. First human!

  3. Just when we need barfman the most, he is nowhere to be found. Oh well, I know it’s a poor substitute but,


    1. If you want Barfman to show up, then you need to turn on the Barf Signal.

  4. Business is BOOMING!

  5. 10′ border fence – $49 Billion.
    12′ ladder – ~$300.

    1. Of course, the use of a ladder requires that the border crosser be on foot (or possibly bike, I suppose). Given the AZ deserts, that alone is a deterrent.

      1. or a couple of stair cars a la arrested development

        1. “Climb that wall, homo!”

  6. Release the danged hounds!

  7. Jo Dean-Jess is nearly sentient!

  8. Raise the danged immigration quotas first, stupid.

    Less illegals means less problems.

    1. That’s amnesty! We won’t accept it! You can’t make us!

    2. Unfortunately, fewer “illegals” won’t help your poor grammar.

    3. Why not do a reverse amnesty deal? Pass a raise to the quotas which takes effect within a year or two, but disqualify anyone caught in that time frame (or thereafter) from legally getting a work visa for a decade.

  9. Is anyone surprised, really?

  10. It’s unfortunate that the Keating scandal didn’t torch his career before he could have done any damage.

  11. McCain is the guy that Mencken was thinking about when he said that if a pol discovered he had a significant contingent of cannibals as consituents, he’d be promising them fattened missionaries for dinner.

  12. I can’t WTFV at work. Summary please? I already know what you’re going to say, but I’d like to make sure.

    1. We can lick illegal immigration if we just finish the danged fence and impose a police state on our side of it.

      Border Patrol Agent: HUG HUGUE HGHULUGAUR
      Border Patrol Agent: Senator, you’re one of us.

      1. You know what, Warty, just go GURR HROIURUOI ARRGGHJ DUUUUUUUHHHHH yourself.

        Also, thank you for the summary.

      2. I thought there was something creepy about the “your one of us'” thing. Us who? Is it some secret xenophobic masonic tribal thing, where old dudes have a circle jerk around totems and shit?

        1. you are /=/ your


          1. Ha ha, I kind of thought the same thing.

            1. There’s us, and then there’s everyone else. It should play well with the Fox News crowd. 😉

        2. We accept him! One of us! We accept him! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble! We accept him! We accept him!”

    3. It’s actually a brilliantly satirical ad where McCain makes fun of immigration hawks for blaming economic ills on immigrants.

      …Just kidding. It’s pandering, insulting, retarded bullshit that amounts to “put a fence and the drugs and crime will stop AND NO MOR TAKE UR JERBS!” I imagine Lonewacko’s jerking off as we speak.

    4. Another politician in a carhart type jacket acting like he’s been out there on his ranch fighting the good fight forever, his eyes in a permanent squint from days out in the beating sun, hands like rocks callused by hard work and determination.

      Basically the border guard wants to put troops on the border, because of home invasions, murder, and drugs. We know this because McCain tells us so, he also tells us in his most folksy hard worker Clint Eastwood voice to “finish the dang fence”, whatever the fuck good that will do.

  13. Foolish Americans! Your puny fence is no match for our mighty uneducated and poorly fed mobs!

  14. I’ve decided instead of the fence it should be a moat filled with gulf oil.

    1. Make it a trench full of live chupacabras and it’ll be foolproof.

  15. Problem: half the illegal immigrants go through Arizona.

    Solution: complete the danged fense tear down the fence in California.

    1. Or California could build a high-speed rail system to a border town on the Mexico side and then bring in immigrants in an organized fashion.

  16. Interesting that they use the Pinal County Sheriff, when Pinal County is not on the border.

    1. Damn Mex don’t respect borders!

      1. Hey, if people were dying because of a drug war you would want to get across the border too. 😉

    2. A lot of the smuggling , both drugs & humans, runs right through Pinal county west of I-10.
      I’ve been involved in cleanups in the Ironwood Forest National Monument.
      Some areas of the monument are off limits to BLM rangers without an official armed escort. They said we could go in and clean up trash in those areas without them. Civilian vehicles don’t get shot at.

      All that being said, Babeu would be better off
      patrolling the desert in his county , not hanging on the border with McCain.

      I’d also love to see that camera pull back so everyone could see the security arrangements needed to make that commercial

  17. A little part of me died when I watched that ad.


  19. “It will work this time”?

    Don’t you mean — “This time FER SURE”?

    Ladies and gentlemen — behold Sheriff Bullwinkle!

  20. THIS time it won’t be a complete clusterfuck and waste of money.

    THIS time I promise I won’t cum in your mouth.

    THIS time I …

    1. “””THIS time I promise I won’t cum in your mouth.””

      Oh Punky!

  21. McCain makes me miss Bob Dole.

  22. If anything has solidified my pro-immigration stance as of late, it wasn’t The Mummified Jaw of John McCain. It was a street festival just outside of my girlfriend’s apartment this past weekend. In addition to delicious food and great music, it featured a wrestling ring complete with an announcer screaming, “Are you ready for some LUCHA LIIIIBREEEEEEE???” over a portable PA system followed by about an hour of face smashing, folding chair swinging mayhem. Anyone who wishes to deprive me of this in the future is no friend of mine and certainly no real, red blooded American.

    1. Them Mexicans is the best damn Americans we got.

    2. delicious food…great music…a wrestling ring

      Can’t stand the music or the idiotic wrestling culture, but the food, or rather the Americanized version of it, is excellent. Can’t they leave that here and ship the rest of it back to Mexico? Especially the music?

  23. I liked McCain better when he had the eye patch.

    1. It was all downhill after Die Hard.

  24. Can’t stand the music or the idiotic wrestling culture, but the food, or rather the Americanized version of it, is excellent.

    Americanized Mexican food (Tex-Mex, as its known) is to real Mexican food like Americanized Chinese food is to the real thing.

    My preference is New Mexico-style. But a close second is Mexico City-style.

    1. Try some Sonoran. After growing up on Tex-Mex , It’s one of the best things about living in Tucson

    2. By “Americanized” I meant what you get here in America. It’s palatable. I’m no food snob, and I’m sure as hell not going to Mexico to get the “real” thing.

      1. But…

        You can go to an immigrant community, preferably in a rural farming area, and get real Mexican food without the questionable ingredients. Some of the vest shit you’ll eat.

  25. Complete the danged fence. heh. thats funny.
    Outside of the border towns , This IS the new fence. They did more to facilitate smuggling by putting in the roads to build it. When it was 3 strand barbed wire it was miles from any drivable road. Now all you need is one of these

  26. That’s scary. However, there’s one good quote: “This time it will work.”

    Yeah, right.

  27. Don’t forget the Canadian border. Save us Canadian taxpayers from building it when all you American’s try getting in when the empire collapses.

  28. Seriously, are there still Mexicans trying to get INTO the United States? Why?

  29. John McCain



  31. As is typical, a bunch of morons criticizing a STEP towards the solution of ILLEGAL immigration, but none of your idiots has any useful suggestions. Way to go, Liberals!

    You see…the fence is PART of the plan, in addition to a greatly increased border presence. And if any of you knew ANYTHING about the situation, you would know that once they cross the border, they move IN-LAND, so a cop from a 85 miles away DOES HAVE AN ISSUE. Hell, here in Michigan we have illegal immigrants all over the place – can’t imagine what it’s like there.

    How pathetic that all you idiots can’t look past the candidate you didn’t like and see that they are trying to secure our borders. Or don’t laws matter to you fools?

    1. You know who else laws mattered to?

  32. Sheriffs in Arizona are uniformed politicians. McCain has been relying so heavily on Paul Babeu, the Pinal Co. Sheriff, as a character witness only because Joe Arpaio wasn’t available. Babeu was elected (in 2008) as a young, skinhead version of Arpaio, & is widely assumed to have statewide political ambitions.

    Before coming to Arizona, he was the Headmaster at the DeSisto at Stockbridge School in Massachusetts, a dodgy, cultish boarding academy for troubled kids. A few years after he left, it was closed by state authorities for creating an unsafe environment for the inmates. Several of his subordinates were indicted for assault.

    So the guy in the ad with McCain is creepier than he looks & McCain’s need to seek his approval is even more pathetic than it seems.

  33. McCain needs to retire gracefully, BUT…the fence, along with increased employer enforcement, should be basic elements in keeping illegals out. President Barry will never secure the border, because he eyes too many prospective votes from the status quo.I’m tired of my friends returning to their countries of origin, because the believe in obeying the rule of law, while illegals from the South, will soon be rewarded by Barry, Dems, and other Sheople.

  34. Mr McCain

    Tear down this wall!!


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