Guess Who 'Sploded Your Ship?


Former South Korean President Kim Dae Jung won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 for his efforts at reconciliation with the criminal regime in Pyongyang (the so-called Sunshine Policy), which provided North Korea with significant aid while getting almost nothing in return. The policy was abandoned in 2008 by President Lee Myung-bak, having done nothing to alleviate the squalid conditions suffered by the hostages of the Juche dictatorship. Now, how will President Lee respond to news that Cheonan naval ship was likely, though not definitively, sunk by a North Korean torpedo? The latest from the AP:

South Korea's defense minister confirmed Monday that traces of an explosive chemical substance used to make torpedoes were found in the wreckage of a naval ship that sank near the border with North Korea.

The 1,200-ton Cheonan went down in the Yellow Sea on March 26 after an explosion tore through the frigate. Fifty-eight sailors were rescued, but 46 were killed. Seoul has not directly blamed North Korea for the sinking, and Pyongyang has denied involvement. However, suspicion has focused on the North, given its history of provocations and attacks.

South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae-young said earlier that an initial investigation indicated that a torpedo was likely to blame for the disaster. On Monday, he confirmed media reports that traces of a high explosive were found on the ship's wreckage.

"It's true that RDX, a chemical substance used in making torpedoes, has been detected," he told reporters. "The possibility of a torpedo (attack) has increased, but it's too early to say anything."

I wrote about the hipster sunshine policy here, which involves make skinny jeans with North Korean slave labor.

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  1. What’s a little torpedo killing 46 among enemies? Move along here. Nothing to see.

    1. They are still technically at war with us. Thanks to Doug and Harry.

      1. Doug and Harry deserve all the blame?

      2. You can blame FDR, Truman and Ike (and the UN). Doug was famously told he didn’t have any say in the matter.

        1. “You can blame FDR, Truman and Ike (and the UN).”

          And the Tri-lateral Commission. And the Federal Reserve. And the Communists in the State Department.

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            2. What is mince meat?

              1. It’s mouse meat. I learned that from some cartoon…”I’ll make mincemeat outta that mouse.” Ergo…

                You’re welcome!

                1. Now I understand. And yes, thank you.

                2. I hates Mieces to Pieces!!

                  1. The actual quote is “I hate those meeces to pieces!”. … Also, my friend Klondike Kat is no longer “making mincemeat outta that mouse” or any other mouse. Seems that the costs of all the regulations from USDA, FDA and OSHA along with the increased minimum wage forced him to shut down production.

              2. Mincemeat = minced (finely chopped) meat

  2. There’s something off in your last sentence. I think “make” should be “making”.

    1. He’s just a racist. He’s trying to make fun of Koreans (or, as he would say, “China-men”). But he’s not very good at it, since “make” for “making” is more of a slavic error (“skinny jean” would be the appropriate Asian-type error).

  3. Chemical residues from a sunken wreck? Ummm, not exactly conclusive.

    Wouldn’t examining the hull be the only conclusive way to know if it was hit by a torpedo? Call up the discovery channel, they’ll have an ROV down there lickitysplit!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out – I thought the same thing too. That is not to say that I think it was not by the NK’s… but this is the part where we can insert tired, but relavent WMD arguments too… the implications of a NK sinking a SK ship is far too heavy to weigh on chemical residue of ship at the bottom of the sea.

    2. Uh, both halves of the wreck have been raised. Like, not on the bottom of the ocean any more.

  4. What could South Korea do to that nation that its own government hasn’t already done ten times over?

    1. Bomb the Palestinians maybe? Or Iran? Works for Moynihan, Scandinavian Liberty Lover!

      1. Way to read there, fuckass.

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  5. I’m kind of surprised North Korea even had a functioning torpedo. I’d have thought it was traded for rice a few years ago.

    1. Ummm, I imagine they traded rice for the torpedos. Starving peasants be damned.

      1. I meant the soldiers and sailors would take the functioning parts of their equipment and trade them illegally for rice.

        1. I think the soldiers and sailors get fed.

  6. If only there were some way this could be blamed on the Iranians…

    1. They paid for the torpedo by buying missle parts.

  7. ” Now, how will President Lee respond to news that Cheonan naval ship was likely, though not definitively, sunk by a North Korean torpedo?”

    Moynihan’s preferred answer: “He should declare immediate war!!!!”

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    1. I can haz RDX?

  9. oh wow that makes pretty good sense to me dude.


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  11. “The possibility of a torpedo (attack) has increased, but it’s too early to say anything.”

    They have to know already. They’re probably just waiting until they can release all their findings as accurately as they can.

    1. “The possibility of a torpedo (attack) has increased, but it’s too early to say anything.”

      How likely is it to be anything else?

      Why would we buy that it’s anything but the most obvious, simplest explanation without proof?

      The appropriate response to something like that is another question entirely, but we’re not stupid!

      I’m with the Colonel on this one. If a warship in disputed waters blows up like it was hit by a torpedo, how stupid do you have to be to assume it was something other than a North Korean torpedo?

  12. The life of a Repo Man is always intense.

  13. Traces of RDX?

    Hmmm. Are they implying TWA is responsible? Innnnteresting.

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          1. I enjoyed the surrealism of the recipe retorts to trolling, but the above ‘tardness is a bit over the top, even for H&R.

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    1. see, Ghost Kitty is a figment of my imagination. I’m arguing with myself. That’s what makes this so much fun!

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      Now back to my Dell cross sums. This June edition is a real pickle!

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      As long as we’re going with the surreal recipe schtick, might as well step it up a notch …

  24. And I promise I’ll let you two finish. But Mr. Moynihan should know, as he seems to present himself here as well-read on Korean affairs, that “Juche” ideology really doesn’t mean shit to the North Koreans. It’s a distraction for outsiders, how the regime presents itself to the outside world.

    But the average North Korean doesn’t really understand or care about it. The INTERNAL propaganda is much more juvenile, and more about racism, extreme nationalism, and leader worship. The whole “communist” thing doesn’t really factor in.


    -runs in circles, biting tail-

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    Jesus wept.

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  32. Thanks to Doug and Harry

  33. Two months later, still no war.

    I guess Moynihan will have to paradrop into Pyongyang and start it personally.

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