Congratulations to Radley Balko, Winner of WPA Maggie Award for "Forensics Fraud?"


Forensics Fraud

This year, the Western Publishing Association nominated Reason for an unprecedented seven Maggie Awards, in categories ranging from feature writing to interviews to single issue excellence. Hit & Run was nominated in the Best Blog category, an honor we share with you, the fabulous little people.

Even creepy dolls covet the Maggie award.

Last night the Maggie winners were announced, and while I like to say we lost six times, we did bag a winner: Reason's Radley Balko takes home the lucite for "Forensics Fraud?" his investigation of corruption in the Rankin County, Mississippi medical examiners's office, from our April 2009 issue.

Regular Balkonians know that this story was just one part of Radley's extensive coverage of abuse of the criminal justice system in the Magnolia State and beyond. In addition to winning numerous awards already, Radley's work has helped expose the weak case against condemned prisoner Cory Maye and the stunning shenanigans of former Mississippi "chief state pathologist" Steven Hayne.

Congratulations to Radley for the Maggie and for his ongoing service to the cause of justice in America.

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  1. Congrats Radley, you do very much deserve this!

      1. Good morning! Happy Mother’s Day!

        1. Good moring Suki! Happy Mother’s day to you!

        2. Happy Mothers Day Suki!

          Even if you have a penis and testicles, who am I to Judge?

        3. Good morning all

    1. I agree. Balko, you write about the stuff that is wrong with America at the most fundamental level. We might never fix these problems, but without somebody casting a harsh light on these problems we most certainly will never fix these things.

  2. Cangratulations to Radley for this well deserved recognition of your investigative reporting on fonesic “science” as it is practiced in Mississippi.

    This is an example what journalists should be doing, uncovering corruption.

    1. The worst thing is that Radley seems to be the only journalist doing this. Which is even more to his credit, and also even more of a condemnation of the rest of the shitbag journalists out there.

      1. Most of the media thinks that there primary function is to lead Praise & Worship services for our Great Leader in the White House.

        Who has time for actual journalism?

        1. to lead Praise & Worship services for our Great Leader in the White House

          What other function SHOULD they serve?

          1. I thought they were supposed to be watchdogs, not cheerleaders or priests.

            Anyway, congratulations Radley! You deserve it.

            1. Watchdogs? What fun is that?

              1. Hey, why did you name one of your kids Orly? Was it so when they lied to you about something you could go, “O RLY?”

    1. Let me add my congratulations to Radley. Well deserved.

      In regard to what Epi said, this is from Solanum’s first link – “Morris told KIRO TV that when showed the video to that station [KCPQ], he was told, “We’re definitely not going to run this.” Morris told KIRO 7 Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne he believes the station declined to run the video to protect police.

      “The station has a close relationship with police agencies because it airs Washington’s Most Wanted,” Morris said.

      “Washington’s Most Wanted is their money-maker,” he said.

      Fucking disgusting.

      1. Color me unsurprised. I watch the SPD hassle immigrant workers every fucking weekend from my window onto Western Ave. Oh, it takes three SPD cruisers to shake down some dude hoping to get some work? Awesome, pigs. Just awesome.

        1. I just moved up here to WA from AZ a few years ago(Bellingham, now Port Angeles). I was a bit surprised at the amount of “South of the Border” immigrants there are. And yes, with my job, I see the worst up here too. Sad.

      2. At the Fox affiliate’s website, the news division is taking it on the chin from the commenters for not showing the footage until their hand was forced. (You could say the commenters are beating the Fox out of them.)

        But at least the Fox station is suing to get the tape back.

      3. I look forward t news of your being beaten senseless with great anticipation. Asshole

        1. So you like police brutality? Get cancer and die, cuntsore.

    2. The second link is equally disturbing. A poor guy escapes totalitarian hellhole Burma, only to have his house broken into and be beaten by thugs with badges.

      Chief Glenn De Caire. “The person we wanted was in the apartment next door. All the right investigative steps were taken and in the end, it was wrong … We accept responsibility.”

      IOW, nothing is going to be done, and no one will be fired, but someone might get a free vacation – e.g., “paid administrative leave”.

      De Caire said he met yesterday with members of Hay’s family and apologized. He also offered the services of counsellors and to meet again with the whole family.

      Hay said he is too scared to meet with police…

      Welcome to America, land of the free.

      1. The Hay breakin and beatdown happened in Hamilton, Ontario.

        1. The way Johnny Canuck puts the boots to a suspected drug dealer you’d think he was charged with stepping on the maple syrup with anti-freeze.

          1. You wouldn’t believe what we cut the Canadian bacon with…

        2. My mistake. I’m so used to hearing things like this from American cops, I just assumed…

          1. That’s very embarrassing.

            1. Yes, I should have realized our Canadian neighbors would catch up to us in brutality.

      2. [Police Chief] De Caire touted the good work of his officers “overall” and the “number of drugs taken off the streets that will not make it into the hands of children.”

        Not only did he gloss over the fact that his officers brutalized an entire innocent family, but he also managed to squeeze in “off the streets” and “for the children” clich?s all into one statement. Bravo.

        1. I don’t know how in the world a reporter can sit there and listen to a douchebag making excuses like that without calling him out.


    3. Here is an interesting bit of conversation relating to the Seatle beating:

      “I saw the video this morning, and spoke to Chief Diaz this morning about it,” McGinn told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

      Question: “It wasn’t brought to your attention prior to today?”

      Mayor: “It wasn’t brought to my attention prior to today.”

      Question: “Does that bother you?”

      Mayor: (Pause) “I have a very strong relationship with Chief Diaz.”

      1. Juanita|10.11.07 @ 11:42AM|#
        Oh well…But everyone always gets what they deserve. If the kid obeyed the law he would not have been sent there.

  3. Someone should buy Newsweek, put Balko in charge of it, and watch it become the premier investigative journalism vehicle of the 21st century.

    1. Seconded.

      1. Let us use Roberts rules of order to sort this one out. The motion has been seconded and is on the floor. All in favor say “Aye.”


        1. Yo!

          1. Technology!

        2. Aye.

    2. Truth-in-advertising laws will require it to be renamed to “Kick-in-the-nuts-week”, and who wants to subscribe to that?

      1. The same people that made “Ow, My Balls!” one of the highest rated shows on TV?

    3. A few people here have commented that we really need a libertarian version of CNN / Faux News / MSNCCCP. I think that would be a better forum, especially considering how much more effective video can be in certain instances.

      1. BP-I’m working on it.

        1. then maybe some day my B.S. degree in Film and Video Studies will pay off.

          yeah, i know the degree is a B.A….

          1. I really, really want to make a documentary about the War on Drugs. Get into the history of it, then take down the arguments for it one by one.

            I’d state upfront that it’s meant to be a hatchet job on the WoD – but going after the strongest arguments they have for it. If you want to change people’s minds, nothing is gained by burning straw.

            1. I think I already saw that one.

        2. It’s probably too much to do at once, but I mentioned on another thread that outreach would be a really, really good idea. Most immigrants that I know are entrepreneurs, and would probably be fairly receptive to the libertarian message. Especially since small business owners are the exact people who get fucked hardest by the government at every level.

          Channels (or at least some programming) in Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Chinese could do wonders for the number of libertarians around. Still, getting the first channel in English up and running would be enough of a challenge initially.

    4. It’s an intriguing idea, but would it be profitable? Does the public actually want to know these things?


      1. You mean the public is comprised of people other than you, BP and J sub D?

      2. Profit, smofit. That’s why the FSM invented the Kochtopus. 🙂

      3. It might have to be subsidized to some extent, but then again, what is the size of MSNBC’s audience?

  4. The only legitimate purpose for government may be protecting our rights and liberties, but surely that’s too important a job to be trusted to government employees.

    Thank God for people like Balko. Three cheers.

    1. Hence, the folly of the state’s monopoly on the administration of justice.

  5. Nice.

  6. Balko unwittingly discovered an evil the government isn’t responsible for. Holy fucking shit! Or did the government make the doctor do it? Fuck, am I going to have to read this? I’d rather ream my nostrils out with a potato peeler. So did the government do this or not?

    1. That reminds me… I need to have my lawnmower blades sharpened.

    2. Interesting. At some times, the creature complains that libertarians blame the government for everything. At others, the creature complains that libertarians aren’t blaming the government. Experts suggest that the creature could be suffering from mental retardation.

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        1. damned, that should have been reply to max. sorry heller

          1. When did H&R posters become such fans of posting recipies? I never saw this before today. Is this an inside joke?

            1. It’s a riff on ‘feeding trolls’.

              1. Thanks! 🙂

              2. “It’s a riff on ‘feeding trolls’.”

                [winks and nudges with elbow] Get it?! eh, do you get it?!

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          1. One of my favorite Three Stooges Skits had them trying to follow a recipie for a stuffed duck(?) and “cleaning” bivalves (removing the edible part) before stuffing the empty shells inside the bird.

    3. Forensics fraud is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

    4. Max|5.8.10 @ 1:55PM|#
      “Holy fucking shit!”

      Oh, look! Max has learned to swear when posting his bullshit.
      Way to go Max, you sewer-sucking fuckwit!

  7. Congratulations Radley. You look out for us little people better that anyone else out there!

    So I say to all the little people
    Who spit shined and polished
    My long and jagged trail to the top, “Thank you.”
    For without you, the little people, I would not be where I am today.
    It is truly you who are, showbiz.

  8. Little people–little brains.

    1. Max knows best.

    2. Have no fear for Max is here to provide brilliant insight and analysis of all of the stories of the day!

      1. If it weren’t for my posting here and your moronic replies, traffic would be way down and the utter marginality of your stupid little cult would be even more painfully obvious than it is. I’m on the payroll, idiots. Go suck Ron paul’s cock.

        1. Oh look! Max has learned to post bullshit with his swearing.
          Way to go Max, you sewer-sucking fuckwit!

        2. Max has no ego at all, does he?

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          2. I continue to recommend the fried haggis on a stick from Check’s in Glasgow. Mmmmm – heart attack and fried deliciousness on a stick, all in one.

            1. …and good luck to ma pals in Shotts and Field Marshal for the RSPBA contest season. Slainte

  9. Congrats Radley! Balko’s work is one of the most important in the nation. Law enforcement officials are the end point of any government coercion and imo anyone concerned with that should share Balko’s focus. His work is indispensable.

    1. MNG, somehow, I do not think that your detractors around here appreciate your capacity to offer balanced, consistent and nuanced posts.

      1. MNG should isolate the part of his psyche that produces such brilliance, and stick with that exclusively.

      2. Agree, and I’ve only been reading this place for six months.

      3. I assumed this was actually posted by MNG’s evil, er, good twin, posing as him.

      4. Oh, MNG isn’t in the same category as the trolls. I have disagreements with him, but I believe he’s offering his honest opinions.

        1. Unlike the Chony Collective, MNG will occasionally post something that’s not completely bat-shit crazy. I would advise you not to hold your breath, but it happens.

      5. Thanks LM, and er, some of the others I guess.

        I’ve been reading/subscribing to Reason and posting here for more years than Ghost of the Kitty has had hair on his balls. Some adolescents and fanatics get all in a tizzy when anyone disagrees with what they deeply hold to be true. It’s probably a sign of some internal doubt already existing. When you add that to a limited sense of humor that latches on to the first cute idea and then rides the horse into the grave and the afterlife you get something like him.

        He’s the troll imo. He’s got nothing unique or real to add to the discussions here. He can read Zagat’s reviews for all I care 😉

        1. For the record I certainly don’t think Tony is a troll. He strikes me as what he says he is: he’s gay, he has some libertarian ideas but many mainstrean liberal ones. I’ve disagreed with him here many times, but I can truly say I know many people like him, who would put forward his views. I can say, with just a little less confidence, the same about Chad.

          What amuses me is that in thread after thread people here acknowledge, and get much fun in decrying, people who are simply saying what Chad, Tony, and sometimes myself say. You acknowledge that many people think this way, and yet if someone expresses that view on the thread many instantly shout “troll!!!” Certainly you are aware that a great chunk of people in this nation hold views similar to that expressed by me, Chad, Tony whoever. The % is probably higher than that which expouses libertarian ideas. To think that anyone resembling the former is dishonest and simply trying to stir the pot strikes me as goofy and suspect.

          There are more of us out there than there are you. In a democratic system that is important. It would behoove you to engage us in honest debate, to get to know how we think and what we value so you can convince us to your side at times. No betrayal of your principles would be involved, hell one of the things that I admire about libertarians is that, unlike most conservatives I know, they actually have honestly held and applied principles. They may be wrong, but they are honest 😉

          1. Agreed with you here, MNG. And I happen to like you Tony and Chad. I just don’t like Max. He never offers anything but shit talk and anger. I’m new at this commenting on political sites thing and never really understood what people meant by “troll.” Seems to be used a bit much to where it loses whatever meaning its supposed to have. Anyway, debating and commenting on here would be boring if it were only us Libertarians.

            1. Seems to be used a bit much to where it loses whatever meaning its supposed to have.

              Much like terms such as: racist, bigot, greedy, selfish, liberal, fairness, fallacy, well-endowed, irony, hypocrisy, kindness, “code word for [insert buzzword du jour]”, rights…ad infinitum.

              1. Agreed completely with this too.

          2. It’s not always the point behind what’s being said; a lot of time it’s how it’s being said.

            This is a libertarian website. The vast majority of people here have libertarian views. It you want to offer counter arguments, fine. What often happens, however, is that flip, smart-ass remarks take the place of arguments. And when someone makes flip smart-ass remarks on a website where 95% of the people disagree with them, they are going to come off as a troll.

            If I went to Daily Kos and made smart-ass remarks about how the free market is obviously superior to government intervention, and how anyone who didn’t think so needed to get their head out of their ass and think for once, I would be shouted down very quickly before being banned. It’s their sandbox – I shouldn’t expect anything different.

            If I actually wanted to change their minds, I would go in with the approach that
            1) they actually want what they say they want, despite the fact that government programs have proven to be counter-productive time and again. I would not assume bad faith, since this is about the quickest way to piss people off.
            2) I would lay out my arguments in the most precise manner possible, and I would try to point on congruences wherever possible, while acknowledging the differences.
            3) Then, and only then, I might ask them to look at the values they have, and the politicians they support, and ask if they noticed any disconnect between the stated goals, and the actions taken by those politicians. If they noticed any disconnect between the stated goals of regulation, and the results of regulatory capture, etc.

            Changing minds is hard work.

            1. And usually a fruitless endeavor. But it sure is fun to try sometimes.

          3. Incredible!

  10. Congratulations, Radley. You deserve it.

    … Hobbit

  11. This is exciting news for Mr. Balko! Congratulations!!

    1. Buddha Bar, the trendy, Asian-inspired, Paris-based, international restaurant/nightlife sensation (with outposts reaching from Shanghai to S?o Paulo), is slated to open the second week of May in the Convention Center/Capitol Hill corridor (455 Massachusetts Ave. NW). Zagat got an advance peek at its soaring interior ? construction reportedly cost $10 million ? that fuses a Far Eastern aesthetic with French opulence. Asian tattoo art, gold burnished walls, floor-to-ceiling draperies, rococo chandeliers, birdcage lighting over a long illuminated bar and vast dark-wood dining areas tucked between gilded columns are all presided over by the chain’s signature 18-ft.-tall Buddha statue.

      1. Incredible!

  12. So, given the huge cash award that so properly goes with this, does Cavanaugh cut his pay?
    Don’t let him, Radley!

  13. Congrats Radley!

  14. Congrats Radley, a well deserved acknowledgement.

  15. The doll really does look like Balko. I assumed that the “Maggie” was some cheesy candle-in-a-glass that came with it , but no zoom reveals that is the award.I guess the trophy shop was all out of gold-painted pot metal typewriter effigies atop simulated wood grain pressed sawdust bases. Like Mom always said: “It is the thought that counts”.

    Congratulations to Mr Balko. Keep up the good work.

  16. Radley, as a journalist I congratulate you.
    That’s tough, aggressive, hard-nosed and meaningful journalism you did with that story, and do every day.
    Hire my ass. I’d make you proud.

    1. I first read that as “hairy my ass”. I blame SugarFree.

    2. I don’t think Balko swings that way, dude…



  18. Congratulations, Radley and Reason!

  19. blah

  20. Oh wow, that makes perfect sense to me dude.


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  21. Often times the debate on these threads, and in the national discourse, is based on the outcomes of policy. Whose prescription, based on their ideology and brand of philosophy, will produce the greatest prosperity for the most people. As libertarians we should be unconcerned with outcomes, and hold to one tenet; that coercion is always wrong.

    The flip side of people being free to succeed is their being free to fail. Of course, it can be shown the negative, and most times, unintended consequences of social engineering. Like the abuses of power, and the real lives ruined by government action. The end game though is ultimately freedom and autonomy for the individual.

    Reading Reason magazine has shown me that Mr. Balko is doing a very good job of showing the injustice of coercion and the failure of the state’s war on its own citizens.

    If being a feel-good sycophant is the road to a prestigious post at the NY Times, then Radley will never attain such. But, in his muckraking on the edges at Reason magazine he admirably provides a service that all journalists should aspire to; speaking the truth to power.

    Congratulations Mr. Balko, and hopefully your stories are eventually read by everyone…let the entire populace have that kick in the nuts feeling every friday, and maybe then we’ll see some real change.

  22. Excellent post cap l. Not only did you give the kudos Balko deserves, but you also incorporated every Iron Law into your post. An elegant and endearing summary.

    1. Thanks Groov, I appreciate that.

      I see you are awake. So what is it, night owl, insomnia, methamphetamine, or a guilty conscious?

  23. Radley Balko, the old guard journalists tremble at the mention of your name. And they well should. Nothing else on Earth, with possible exception of the Internet, threatens their strangle hold on information quite like one with the courage to publish truth.

    vincit omnia veritas

    1. I always think of the mini Stonehenge from Spinal Tap when I see your name.

  24. On call and I usually run on little sleep anyway. 6 hours is a blessing.

    1. Oh that’s good, I’m glad we don’t have to stage an intervention, reason style. In case your wondering, a reason style intervention consists of me and epi stealing your drugs, and doing them in front of you to show you how truly dangerous outlawed narcotics are.

      How is your crusade against poor sick people going, i.e. when is the party?

  25. Aversion therapy is dubious at best in it’s evidence of effective outcome.

    If you mean no longer accepting CMS, a month and a half.

    1. Aversion therapy, when practiced in a professional manner on an ocd patiet, and video taped, can be really entertaining to watch. In a sadistic sort of way, of course.

  26. Wow, imagine that!


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      Makes about 3 cups.

      1. I have to say, PIRS, you are posting some damned fine recipes this morning.

        The people semi-complaining about this recent phenom are missing the benefit – debate, thought, kvetching, humour, witticisms, metal (Warty)…and pie.

        Reason – when do we get “Teh Reasun Cookbook”? I see a fabulous fundraising opportunity…

        1. Thank you 🙂

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  28. Balkonians? WTF? We’re Agitators, Dammit!

  29. Yes, congratulations.

  30. Congratulations on this and many other jobs well done! I hope to shake your hand some day!

  31. Radley is the best journalist working in America today.

    Seriously. He’s a fucking hero. Period.

  32. I’ve been reading/subscribing to Reason and posting here for more years than Ghost of the Kitty has had hair on his balls.

    More of your thoughtful, carefully reasoned debating style?

    Some adolescents and fanatics get all in a tizzy when anyone disagrees with what they deeply hold to be true.

    Or perhaps your obnoxious attention-whore trolling and mechanical contradiction disguised as argument just piss people off.

  33. Now, I’ll do it with proper italic tags.

    I’ve been reading/subscribing to Reason and posting here for more years than Ghost of the Kitty has had hair on his balls.

    More of your thoughtful, carefully reasoned debating style?

    Some adolescents and fanatics get all in a tizzy when anyone disagrees with what they deeply hold to be true.

    Or perhaps your obnoxious attention-whore trolling and mechanical contradiction disguised as argument just piss people off.

  34. Giuliani is *still* a disgusting, slimy piece of shit. As if anybody would be surprised.


  35. This headline is a perfect example of why a sentence ending with a quote should have its punctuation on the outside of the quote, not inside as many grammar nazis insist. A grammar nazi follower would read that headline and think the author was unsure whether Radley deserved congratulations, since the entire sentence is interrogative (rather than just the name of Radley’s piece).

  36. Congrats Radley. You are the epitome of jouralism IMHO.

  37. Mr. Baker’s concern that Freddie may be racking up losses by overpaying for mortgages derives from his suspicion that the government might be encouraging it to do so as a way to bolster the operations of mortgage lenders.

    That would make Fannie’s and Freddie’s mortgage-buying yet another backdoor bailout of the nation’s banks, Mr. Baker said, and could explain the government’s reluctance to include them in the reform efforts now being so hotly debated in Washington.

    Gretchen Morgenson

    1. FWIW, Gretchen Morgenson is the worst business writer ever to work in print journalism. On Poor Gretchen

  38. FWIW, Gretchen Morgenson is the worst business writer ever to work in print journalism.

    You can’t be wrong all the time.

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