Civil Liberties

Victory Against Eminent Domain Abuse in San Pablo


The Contra Costa Times reports on some great news from San Pablo, California:

The San Pablo City Council this week dropped plans to extend its eminent domain authority, bending to a raucous groundswell of mistrust and resentment of city government that included threats of a recall.

The council action—4-0 with Councilman Arturo Cruz abstaining—amounted to a no-vote on a series of ordinances and resolutions to amend redevelopment plans covering more than 90 percent of the city; one of the ordinances would have reinstated for 12 years the agency's powers of eminent domain, which lapsed in March 2009. It ends, at least for now, an emotional, four-months-long public debate during which opposition solidified and city officials failed to rally support for eminent domain as a land-acquisition tool to facilitate development.

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