Imagine How Tough The Arizona Immigration Law Would Have Been if Immigrants Actually Committed Crimes!


There's a lot of nattering about how the state of Arizona simply had to take things into its own hands given the abject failure of the feds to "get control" of the border with Mexico over the past decade. Folks across the spectrum have acknowledged that the Grand Canyon State is in the grip of an immigrant-led crime wave as muy caliente as the speecy-spicy peppers that neo-wetbacks are surely carrying across the border like so much…produce from Mexico, a member in proud standing of a North American free trade zone.

So, what's actually up with crime and illegal entries into Arizona?

According to FBI statistics, violent crimes reported in Arizona dropped by nearly 1,500 reported incidents between 2005 and 2008. Reported property crimes also fell, from about 287,000 reported incidents to 279,000 in the same period. These decreases are accentuated by the fact that Arizona's population grew by 600,000 between 2005 and 2008….

The number of apprehensions of unauthorized immigrants made by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency [also shows a decline]. Since a peak in 2000 of more than 600,000 illegal crossers apprehended, the number fell to 241,000 in 2009, Tucson Sector Public Affairs Officer Mario Escalante told CNN.

"We've seen a steady decline," he said.

Now granted, Escalante is a foreign-sounding name, so anything he says should be discounted. But he notes in the same story that drug-cartel violence in Mexico has basically stayed there.

More here.

Blaming everything rotten in the world on immigrants is a great American tradition (and, in the case of my Irish and Italian family members who helped make the American Century a little less WASPy, I can kind of understand that). But as Reason noted back in a 2006 special issue devoted to "reality-based immigration reform," the only time immigrants really are a problem is when they stop showing up.

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  1. Jeez.. are we this stupid?

    I live in Korea, which has industrialized in world record time.

    And soon faces a shrinking population.

    The US is perhaps the only nation that lives by an idea, not a people. As long as we bring people in? As long as we make the mix work?

    That’s a win… despite right now.

    1. Exactly, it’s not like America is making tons of friends around the world right now. We need all the allies we can get.

    2. I disagree. I took off last week. Ate at a different place every day for lunch. Monday, East Indian. Tuesday, Mexican. Wednesday, Middle Eastern. Thursday, Caribbean. Friday, Ecuadoran.

      Damn furriners.

    3. The US is perhaps the only nation that lives by an idea, not a people.

      We should start a group to promote this idea. I know, let’s call it La Raza – The Race. We could make common cause with groups with catchy slogans like “Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing.” We could advocate for a “homeland” in which to practice our commitment to this idea, Aztlan. I can feel the love and “mixing” now. Pass me a burrito.

    4. The US is perhaps the only nation that lives by an idea, not a people. As long as we bring people in? As long as we make the mix work?

      The people who are coming in want to vote for a bigger welfare state.

      1. Yeah, that’s why we don’t allow liberals to have rights.

  2. Of course, these yahoos won’t let truth get in their way of their rhetoric.

    Arrest the bastards, and let Arpaio sort ’em out!

    1. What part of illegal alien do you morons not understand. They commited a crime by crossing the border illegally.
      They pay no income or social security tax, they overload the schools with kids that can’t speak English and they drive with out licences or insurance. They flood the emergancy rooms without paying for servies and drive up the cost of healthcare.

      You peopel are fools.

      1. How dare they not pay taxes! How dare they take jobs!

        Who do they think they are, free individuals?!?

      2. It’s easy to respect and obey the rule of law when the laws are targeted at other people. How much respect for the law do you think you would have if you were stuck on the other side of the border making $1.50 an hour and new that you could have a much better life if you payed some guy to take you across the desert? How much respect do you think you had for a law that you couldn’t clean toilets and plant strawberries in America because of where you were born?

        And something like 2/3 of illegal immigrants do pay social security and income tax, both because the taxes are withheld from their paychecks and because many voluntarily pay in the hopes that it will help them get legal status. Plus, something like 47% of American citizens pay no income tax, so it’s not like illegal immigrants would all be filling up the treasury. Oh, and no illegal immigrants receive benefits from social security.

        And no shit they drive without licenses; they aren’t allowed to get licenses, and they need to get to work building our houses, growing our food and cleaning our buildings.

        1. “And something like 2/3 of illegal immigrants do pay social security and income tax, both because the taxes are withheld from their paychecks and because many voluntarily pay in the hopes that it will help them get legal status.”

          I don’t understand how this works. How do employers withhold SocSec/income tax from people with no Social Security numbers, etc.?

          And how do illegals “voluntarily pay” income tax? Do they just stuff cash into an envelope with a note with their name on it, and mail it to the IRS?

          If 2/3 of all illegals are above-board, on-paper, by-the-book taxpayers as you’re suggesting, wouldn’t that make it *extremely* easy to locate and deport them?

          What am I missing?

        2. All right, I did find this:

          And another vital thing happened in 1996: the Internal Revenue Service began issuing identification numbers to enable illegal immigrants who don’t have Social Security numbers to file taxes.

          Well blow me down.

      3. I agree 100% with JohnD. Many of you seem to be living in Never Never Land, or perhaps just insulated places that are not inundated with illegals. My business is in a city flooded by them. It has been ruined, trash everywhere, bad (no) manners becoming the norm, stabbings and grafitti, people with 5 kids at age 20, absolute refusal to learn anything, especially English, large sections of town only government (taxpayer funded) housing. They break things in my business, let their kids run free everywhere totally unsupervised, even at pre-school age and younger. It is a HUGE problem here in Washington County, Oregon. I am writing from actual every day experience. I grew up in central California and watched that part of the state pretty much be destroyed by the inflow and conversion of towns and cities to Mexican ghettos. People want to be all PC, but the reality is impossible to ignore if you live in the southwest, or on the west coast, and elsewhere. Many here have no intention of ever learning English or assimilation of any kind. They want to make this part of Mexico and are not shy about telling you so. The police in many places, including where I work, now spend much of their time dealing with gang problems, fights, burglary, assaults, and murders. It is the vast culture of willful ignorance that bothers me most though. SO many did NOT come here to improve themselves and have no intentions of doing so. Schools ARE overwhelmed by large families with children who speak no English. My mom has worked at an elementary school in California for 30 years and says it is the same there now. Many families forbid the children from speaking English at home and encourage no learning. I know people from all over the world, some who have become citizens, and others who are working on it. NONE of them would refuse to learn the language, obey the laws, and go through the process legally. There IS a way to become a citizen, legally. The process does need to be improved, but that does not justify those from the south giving the U.S. and civil behavior the middle finger. I deal with the problem all day at least six days a week. The number one basic problem, terrible parenting. I have many friends from Mexico and they too are unhappy and ashamed by the trashy disrespectful behavior by what is, unfortunately, the vast majority.

        1. What, is Mexico going to reclaim the antique malls of Auburn?

          Which town is your business in? Give us some specific examples of where you see all these stabbings and graffiti (all in Spanish, I assume?), and I’ll be happy to go look and confirm that you’re not pulling your claims out of your ass.

          Keep in mind you’re not the only Oregonian on this site; several of us live pretty close to you. And I, for one, call bullshit.

          But tell you what. I’ll support kicking out the Mexicans from Oregon… right after we kick out all the Californians. Sound good to you, tanback?

          1. Gah. You said Washington County, not Marion. That spoils my otherwise flawless rant.

            Nevertheless, I think you’re wildly exaggerating the problems you see.

            1. Jake, you must be a dickhead

              1. Jake, you must be a dickhead

                Yeah, that’s likely true. But it still doesn’t change the fact that Steve clearly doesn’t live in the hyperbolic Aztlan-ravaged hellscape he’s trying to paint for us.

        2. So what you are really saying is that you don’t care if people are coming to the US illegally, you only care if poor people are coming to the US. Or else you are claiming that Mexicans in general are dirty criminals with no regard for their surroundings. Maybe you are implying that Mexicans prefer to live in trashed-out ghettos as opposed to nice rows of tan houses with manicured lawns.
          Here’s an idea for you: try reading a little history. See how people of any nationality worked and lived when they first came to this country. People fled from their homelands and came to the US because of oppression and abject poverty. They come here poor and desperate with the idea that their children some day will be able to live like you do now. The answer is not to make harsh laws that infringe on basic human rights because you don’t like the way people look or talk or live. The answer is to make it legal for more people to come here and work for reasonable wages so that they can benefit from the economy that they are already helping support.

    2. Illegal Aliens are not the same as legal immigrants.
      Burglars are not the same as invited guests.

      1. and your country isn’t the same thing as your house, because you share your country with other people who might want to invite those folks in. Why do yo uget to tell me who I can hire, who I can rent or sell my property to and whose businesses I can patronize?

      2. Irwin, if you are not Native American, there is a claim to make that you are here illegally too…

        1. When are you leavin’ gringo?

        2. I’m a native American. I was born here, as were everyone back to my great grand parents. At least. So I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my “native American” status.

        3. No peoples are native to North America but if you insist on the “native” thingy, I was born here, my parents were born here, grandparents and great-grandparents. I’m “Native American”. I just happen to have white skin.

        4. wow, I can’t believe people like you and Jorgen can actually be serious. You must be illegals yourselves

          1. Speaking as a dickhead, let me just say this: you’re an idiot. Please pipe down and let the grownups talk.

  3. JohnD’s delicious juxtaposition of terrible grammar and misspellings of basic words in the process of calling all Hit’n’Runners morons and fools has filled me with a species of glee on this stormy morn. Thank you, kind sir. Thank you for being you.

    Now, off to read some of MNG’s contributions to other threads. Gotta maintain my buzz.

  4. Xeones – let me tell you something, JohnD’s is exactly how the moronic ant immigration groups sound like in America, lead by a some hate groups linked to “white supremacist” ( and the foolish fall for it, mostly ignorant people so they try to demonize immigrants when in fact the flows of immigrants have degraded, but Comprehensive immigration reform is desperately needed in America and the American. This Arizona law “profiles” people by how they look, there for is a racist. For example if police stops you and you are white, they probably won’t ask for your papers, but if you are latino, they Will – or if you are white and left your papers at home they will believe you, and if you are a Latino they won’t buy it and will hold you guilty until proven innocent, that sir is against the Constitution and contradicts everything America stands for.

    1. Irony alert!!

  5. “Raaaaacist!!”

  6. I want hard workers here. I don’t want illegals to abuse our welfare state. Maybe that isn’t happening, but there’s some evidence that CA prop 187 would have saved the state a bunch of taxpayer dollars. But would the CA economy have grown as much without illegals? And in our bubbly economic situation, are economic booms and socialist programs a good combination?

    I kinda think it’s a wash, but then again, I’m not in a place where they “took’r’jobs”!!!! Obvious solution: let states be porous mega welfare states or xenophobic English-speaker-only welfare states.

    1. Illegals aren’t eligible for welfare. Legal immigrants cannot collect Social Security or Medicare without a decade or so of work. The welfare argument is irrelevant.

      1. You have a very narrow definition of the term welfare. Who’s picking up the emergency room tab? US born children of illegals… who’s paying for their education?

        1. Everyone who pays property taxes, which includes the vast majority of illegal immigrants.

        2. Taxpayers, in both cases. Of course, illegals are paying taxes, too. They probably do receive more than they pay, but someone will no matter what. Moreover, keeping them also requires paying taxes, and the illegals can’t help foot the bill for that.

          I also think your definition of welfare is too broad. Not every non-military government service is welfare, just like not every government subsidy is socialism.

      2. Well most of you on this site are a bunch of dumb pro-illegal immigrant people who have no clue what you are talking about!!! Or you are children of illegal immigrants! The fact of the matter is ‘YES’ you can collect social security and welfare if you are illegal in the state of arizona as long you run over here and spit out a kid who automatically gets their U.S.status!!! And guess what those mom’s will never, NEVER pay into any of those funds that they are taking away from!! And for the dumb dude that says illegals pay into taxes is ignorant and needs to get some facts before he talks. Because personally my 10year old son has been working since he was 3months old!! Yeah by some illegal tryin to make a better life while ruining someone elses! And another thing by the time he was 5 he had 7 men working under his social at the sametime, but according to IRS and the Social scurity office they showed no activity or funds under his social. How is it that all 7 never paid in? Oh cuz you stupid people who hire them found a way to screw everyone else and pocket the extra money for yourselves! And to the one who says that nobody has the right to tell him who he can invite into his home, you are absolutly right! But I and every other U.S. citizen has the right to say when and who they want to support/donate their money to.

  7. The reason why we should have some say in who businesses hire is because there are laws governing compensation, taxation, work hours, etc. By hiring individuals who aren’t here legally, a company is already breaking the law, and in many cases they continue to do so by paying cash, and by paying wages that are below what they are allowed to pay Americans. There are plenty of Americans who need work, and the more companies are allowed to hire illegals, due to soft or no enforcement, at below minimum wage, without taxes and benefits, the more unemployed Americans there will be.

    I hold little blame for those who come here illegally looking for work. Sometimes you just have to do what you need to survive. That doesn’t make it right, nor does it take away the responsibility of the government to actually enforce the law, and protect the integrity of related laws.

    One last point, I’d fully support reasonably open borders, if we got rid of about 98% of social programs, and labor laws, especially on the federal level.

    1. There are plenty of Americans who need work, and the more companies are allowed to hire illegals, due to soft or no enforcement, at below minimum wage, without taxes and benefits, the more unemployed Americans there will be.

      Not necessarily. For starters, illegal immigrants also need places to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Those goods are going to come from somewhere, probably from other Americans selling them. An illegal immigrant takes a job but also must have goods and services to live. S/He
      both produces and consumes.

      Also, by holding down labor costs, illegal immigrants may keep American jobs in America. Say you run a meat-packing plant, and you can’t afford to pay legal wages to your workers. Either you hire illegal meat-packers, go out of business, or relocate to Vietnam. If you go out of business or relocate, all of the legal jobs go away as well: accountants, HR, managers, truck drivers, lawyers, etc. Depressing the value of some labor may help other labor stay employed.

      That doesn’t make it right, nor does it take away the responsibility of the government to actually enforce the law, and protect the integrity of related laws.

      IOW, the Communist Party had to enforce the ban on the import of Bibles. Otherwise, how could it continue to suppress religion?

      1. Yes illegals would both consume and produce. However, if allowing workers to be hired under minimum wage, without health and unemployment, and without paying taxes is allowed, then those who are required to live according to the law are at a disadvantage. Increasing the need for workers by bringing more people here doesn’t make up for that shift.

        With that said, I’m opposed to minimum wage laws. However if they exist, taxes, insurance and social security are all required, a competitor that elects to break the law to avoid those penalties to their business success, my business is at a serious disadvantage. I’d gladly get rid of much of that federal interference, but while I’m subject to it, so should be my competition.

        As for your IOW statement, that only makes sense, if you consider suppression of religious freedom to be equivalent to attempting to regulate fair market practices.

        1. However, if allowing workers to be hired under minimum wage, without health and unemployment, and without paying taxes is allowed, then those who are required to live according to the law are at a disadvantage.

          True. So why are you attacking the fruit of the problem tree instead of its root?

          As for your IOW statement, that only makes sense, if you consider suppression of religious freedom to be equivalent to attempting to regulate fair market practices.

          You missed the point. I’m mocking your underlying assumption, which is “The law is the law is the law.” That’s a terrible philosophy.

          1. I hasten to add that your contention that illegals don’t pay taxes is largely incorrect.

          2. I can see and discuss them in their own terms. With a tax supported social state, immigration must be restricted in order for the state to be maintained. Without that state, immigration can ebb and flow as it will. I’d love to be rid of the social state, but until we’re rid of it, I support immigration control.

            My assumption wasn’t about the law, it was about reality. The reality is that we have laws in place that when inconsistently enforced, artificially put people, that follow the law, at a disadvantage. I don’t support that.

  8. “Look, you can’t have open borders when you have a welfare state!”
    -Milton Friedman, Charlie Rose Dec. 2005

    I’m inclined to agree with Uncle Milty.

  9. If Americans are such a bunch of racist, anti-immigrant rednecks, then why would these immigrants be leaving countries in which the political and cultural institutions are in the hands of people who look just like they do, only to get closer to “whitey”? Shouldn’t these places be virtual utopias, free from the corrupting influence of “whitey” and his evil ways? What’s up with that? Shouldn’t guys like CJ be standing at the border waving them back?

    1. The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.

      1. Best to keep the brown peeps away from us then.

      2. Hahaha, that is so hilar!! No wonder Mexico has put an alert out to stay out of Az. Good!

      3. SS, I totally agree with you, except that I would broaden your statement “The white race is the cancer of human history” to “The HUMAN race is the cancer of history.” Every race and nationality has been guilty, at some point, of the oppression of its own people, the murder of other people, the destruction of their own environments, of blind greed, fear of outsiders, and on and on and on. White people do not have the market cornered on iniquity.

  10. I understand it’s tough to respect a law when poverty is rampant and provisions are available for one to alleviate that poverty by violating loosely-enforced laws, but our infrastructure is incapable of supporting the number of people worldwide who desire to work here.

  11. Answer me this any of you enlightened people,If Jan Brewer signed this bill to stop illegal immigration how come she has’nt taken steps to back up the Border Patrol,she has the power to enact the National Guard but has’nt done so,therfore all this bill amounts to is political gain,of which come Nov i’m sure we all will learn to what end,besides she was railroaded into signing by a former cop with proven ties to White-Supremacist Groups(google Russell Pierce), i don’t see how you can stem illegal immigration from within Maricopa Co.

    1. I have thought that this would be a very good question. I’ve heard that the answer from the governors office was no comment.

      1. The reason for the “No Comment” is because they know exactly what they are doing, and it has nothing to do with immigration, that’s just what they want us to believe.

  12. Has anybody read the 10th amendment,i did,and from what i can see Jan Brewer apparently either has not read it,or does not understand it, if she did,she would not have signed this bill.

  13. Definition of a racist – Any person who is winning an argument with a liberal. Immigration is a legal process that defines who can legally come into a country and the process they must go through. Illegal “immigrants” do not follow this legal process therefore making it constitutional for States to deal with a breaking and entring crime not immigration that is under the purview of the Feds. Where does Mexico have the right to tell us anything since their illegal immigration laws are much more severe then ours. It is a felony to be an illegal in Mexico. As far as having to show that a person is here legally, I have to show my passport everytime I come back to the US. I have to show my ID everytime I get on the plane. I had to have a copy of my birth certificate to get a drivers license. I have to file tax returns with my SS# every year. There is not any equal protection for US citizens since illegals didn’t show any ID to come to the US, they don’t file income tax returns, They don’t show citizenship to get a drivers license. Illegals get more than equal protection. US citizens are getting screwed. We also need to remember that if an illegal is paying income tax or SS they have committed ID theft and or fraud of which they should be in jail for.

    1. Where does Mexico have the right to tell us anything since their illegal immigration laws are much more severe then ours.

      Thank you, JR Hanson. I was just sitting here thinking, “Man, I sure could go for a big ol’ non sequitur about now.” And did you let me down? No, you did not!

      1. Jake – you did not let me down either by skirting the issue at hand and trying to minimize. The hypocrisy of Mexico is always very relevant. The only thing I am surprised is that you didn’t attack those who don’t believe like you as a racist.

        1. How is the “hypocrisy of Mexico” relevant? Do you think illegal immigrants are coming across the border in order to fulfill some sort of Mexican foreign policy goal? Because Mexico’s governmental positions are sort of irrelevant once those people are in the United States, don’t you think?

          Do you suppose that the guys looking for day-labor work outside the local Home Depot have a lot of say in how the Mexican government does things? If not, what the hell does the Mexican government’s policy on immigration to Mexico have to do with how we do or should treat immigrants in the United States?

    2. Thank you..and guess what if you are not a doctor, lawyer, or someone who make triple figures Mexico doesn’t want you. You would never be given citizenship there or even a work permit! And if you got caught there illegally, they wouldn’t just deport you.. they would put you in one of there jails and torture you!

  14. My favorite definition of racism: injecting race into a situation where it doesn’t belong. It applies equally as well to traditional racists, as it does to people who cry racist at immigration laws, or who require one to be of a certain race to receive certain benefits, or to one who uses the race card to invalidate an opponent instead of winning by well supported and reasoned argument.

  15. Mexico needs to clean-up their corruption. They have a huge industries in oil and gas, tourism and agriculture. Why aren’t they wealthy? The US should required that Mexico give the US 100 barrels of oil each year for each illegal from Mexico in the US. That might help pay for the $8,000 per student to educate, medical and other social program costs, money for additional prisions. (1/3 of inmates in federal prison are illegals. I don’t know the amount in state prisons). I am a very strong proponent of legal immigration. We need to secure the border and the have people who want to hire people to sponser people to come into the country. It is now coprporate welfare where companies get the benefit and the taxpayers cover the costs. The politicians haven’t done anything because the Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats want cheap votes.

    1. So much fail.

      1. Why is the Mexican government responsible for paying for illegal immigrants? Are you advocating welfare?

      2. An estimated 27% of federal prisoners are *non-citizens*, which can be legal or illegal immigrants.

      3. The Republicans don’t want “cheap labor.” Anti-illegal immigration has been one of their biggest policy positions. Who do you think made the Arizona law?

      1. 1. Why shouldn’t Mexico pay for cost of their citizens in the US illegally instead of the US taxpayers? It is their responsibility not the US taxpayer. It is not a US welfare program but Mexico taking responsibility for its actions. Mexico is receiving billions of dollars from these illegals (sending money home)while the US taxpayers subsidize the costs.
        2. There are different statistics published. On report said 33% are illegals. You obviously have seen a different one. Reguardless, the taxpayers of the US should not be paying for foreign citizens. Deport them or bill the country they came from.

        3.GW Bush and McCain supported the McCain/Kennedy bill. GWB and the republican congress did nothing to control the border. Most repubs in power don’t really support controlling the border. Only the States that are the most affected are doing pushing controlling the borders (ie: Arizona) The rank and file repubs are rightfully against illegal immigration the power brokers are not.

        The Feds need to reimburse the States for the costs of illegal immigration unless and until they follow the law and control the borders. Arizona and California’s financial issues deal directly with the cost of illegals. It cost California a minimum of $ 8 billion just to educate the kids of illegals.

        1. Your point 1:
          How, precisely, are US taxpayers “subsidizing the costs” of Mexicans sending money home? By hiring them? You’ll agree that once you pay someone for services rendered, the money you’ve paid is no longer yours, right?

          Your point 2:
          Keep in mind that most illegals in federal prison are there for one particular crime: entering the United States illegally. That makes your insinuation of a wave of violent criminals seem rather less impressive, don’t you think?

          1. Well Jake lets see:

            1. How are illegals sending money home to Mexico, that come out of us legal citizens pockets…umm have you ever heard about the bust they made in Nogalas?? Where women were crossing the border haveing children to get them Social security numbers, and then setting up PO boxes?? Oh you haven’t well let me tell you, these women would bring their kids across for free schooling (out of the tax payer’s pockets), and then would receive their welfare checks/food stamps to the PO boxes!!! Or maybe it’s when they bring their kids across for a free education (well at least free to them) and then come back to ‘SUE’the state because their daughter was promoted to the next grade and still couldn’t speak English fluently! WTF if you are around spanish only for 17 hours a day and taught English for 7, what the hell do you think the girls is going to speak better??? **MONEY OUT OF THE TAX PAYER’S POCKET!!!*** because they one the case, to keep it PC for people like you!!!! Do you need more TRUE examples or is this enough for your ignorance?

        2. Why shouldn’t they repay the United States?? They tell their people how to get here illegally!! They tell them about all the free stuff they can get here!! They even tell them how to screw our systems to get the most out of us!! Why because they are corrupt and don’t want to deal with their own poor and crooks! Let us deal with it right, we can flip the bill.


    Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano lied to the American people about the border fence. It was never built to original specifications. She said the actual fence stretched 745 miles? It doesn’t? large regions are still old barbed wire fencing. Other areas are restricted by vehicle barriers. In some cases none functioning cameras and movement sensors is the only enforcement. The Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill specifically eliminated the main funding mandate of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 as a two layer fence. Learn the facts about these lies at AMERICAN PATROL. Washington has already appropriated over a trillion dollars to fight two isolated foreign wars and also assisting in building Israels wall. If Amnesty is passed the costs will dwarf the two wars we are now fighting. But the taxpayers of our nation get the budget cuts for our national security fence, and get–NOTHING, to protect us from the deadly insurgency of drug smugglers and millions of illegal aliens. No wonder Arizona had to enact a strict immigration police limitation. on law

    What do most politicians and entertainers know about living in the real world today? Absolutely–NOTHING! Shotages of energy, crammed highways and ever growing pollution of the environment–and humans too. Here to do citizens-legal residents harm. PUT THE NATIONAL GUARD ON THE BORDER–NOW!

    The Tea Party and thousands of anti-illegal immigrant organizations, will fight to stop any type or form of AMNESTY. Any kind of Amnesty will just bring in millions more people, waiting their turn for the next path to citizenship. Those here can bring in millions of close family members, which we as taxpayers will end up supporting. If Amnesty passes we will be obligated to give more government entitlements. Before President Obama signs the final document, the border will be swarmed by hundreds of thousands who will arrive by plane or ship. Finally the legal immigrants who have waited for years, will be upstaged by the illegal criminals here. It should be up to the people by popular vote or by referendum, because giving 20 to 30 million foreigners a rapid path to citizenship is an unjustifiable outrage. It will be a major catastrophe on the Federal, state, county and city public welfare benefits inflicted on our nation. We cannot afford it and it will divide the country, as other states like Arizona have been forced to enact their own immigration laws. The government we voted for refuses to protect the border or the majority for the American people, because of NAFTA and its diplomacy with the corrupt government next door. There should be no restraints on funding any of these measures when it comes to the American people’s protection, for jobs, taxes, infrastructure, ecosystem, population growth and more. To learn more go to NumbersUSA website

  17. Interesting how crime figures drop when there’s less money to spend on arresting officers and prosecution.

    Now check Emergency room traffic and profile that in comparison.

    Ah, I see a rather different statistic emerging, Hmmm.

  18. I assume that the writers herein are intelligent, this whole Arizona Immigration Bill is been created purely for political gain,we’re only 6 months away from mid-terms,and as ususal those in power want to secure the next term, if any of you don’t find this convenient, well i guess you’ve missed the “BIG PICTURE”,bottom line if Jan Brewer wanted to secure the Arizona/Mexico border with her National Guard she has had every opportunity to do so.Political gain I THINK SO.

  19. Bane of all mankind is excess population. And if we allow this country to expload with illegal aliens from China, Mexico, Indian, Pakistan and you name it, this country will have standing room only for sleeping. Excess Population is NOT what the voters and taxpayers want, and a managed environment is. An excellent article by the person who helped write the Arizona Law.

    Attorney that helped draft SB 1070 Arizona’s tough new law rebuts the major criticisms

    ? April 29, 2010

    1. And if we allow this country to expload with illegal aliens from China, Mexico, Indian, Pakistan and you name it, this country will have standing room only for sleeping.

      [Citation needed.]

  20. I am sure Rob Krantz, if he were alive, would be relieved to learn that crimes committed by illegal aliens in Arizona are not a problem.

    1. Dunno about Rob Krentz’ opinions, but unless I’m much mistaken, there’s no real evidence to suggest he was killed by an illegal; in fact, recent reports suggest that he wasn’t.

      But good job on the baseless accusation anyhow.

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