Draw Mohammed Day

First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day


Via Dan Savage's blog at The Stranger, some clever chappie (I don't know who) has declared May 20, 2010 "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day," in support of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and in opposition to religious thuggery. Why May 20? I haven't a clue, though it could have something to do with Otto ascending the throne of Greece. Or, more likely, King Sancho IV of Castile's founding of the Study of General Schools of AlcalΓ‘.

I will be employing my tremendous skill as an illustrator, of course, and expect that my colleagues will do the same. If they refuse, they will be declared weak-kneed, namby-pamby, quisling infidels and will be shamed on this blog (Though such idle threats rarely work these days; perhaps I could threaten them with a painful death, which seems to do the trick). If readers would like to show their solidarity, please email your Mohammad masterpieces to me here: mmoynihan at reason.com. The best ones will be published on Hit & Run, which, along with the concomitant death threat, is reward enough.

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  1. Oh hells yeah, I got to get in on this. Is the deadline May 19?

    1. Prodigy69 is a cockflange!

    2. Prodigy69 is a cockflange!

    3. fuck u bitch :)…ure a bitch..

    4. please dont do these kind of stuff. that realy heart us. please, it is request. donot force us to do things that we dont want to do against you.

      1. This post makes me think of the classic wife beater who tells his wife: sorry honey, I don’t mean to hurt or kill you, it is just, well you know, you pushed me to it.

      2. Infant.

    5. A proper and correct rendition of mohammed would be that of a beast with 2 horns living in a lake of fire.

      If you know what I mean..

      Draw mohammed as a falsh prophet or an anti christ or as the devilincarnate IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS

      After all, If you believe in God then all other false gods are the devilincarnate.

      Horns, a tail, cloven feet, red skin?

      I’m sure that many pictures already of the false profit exist on the net and it should be easy enough to borrow one of those and fill in the name underneath to indicate that mohammed is the false profit or devilincarnet. etc.


      1. intresting thought… i wonder what would jesus say?? πŸ™‚

        i wonder if you have ever seen a muslim draw a degrading image of Jesus Christ the son of Marry πŸ™‚

        yet you stoop to this level.. tisk tisk … what has the west gotten itself into .. liberal extremism.. so forceful in imposing your thoughts and ideology that you see anything better as a threat..

        tisk tisk tisk …

        check why Muslims dont mock Jesus or Moses?? May God have mercy on both and keep them in Peace.

        and .. Grow up … idiots.. you know why the propaganda is out.. there..but you choose not to see..

        Blind, Dumb, Deaf.. you will never see

        1. Why are you worshipping Mohommed and making an idol out of him? Isn’t that against your religion? Shouldn’t you worship God, not Mohommed?

          If you really were concerned about not making idols, which is the reason for the law against making images, then you would not care if someone outside your religion does. You follow the letter of the law but not the spirit, because while you don’t want to make an idol, you have already created an idol in your mind.

          1. extract from islam.thetruecall.com

            This is one of the reasons that they call Muslims by the incorrect name “Muhammedans” for so many years! Muhammad, like Jesus never claimed divine status. He called people to worship only Almighty God, and he continually emphasized his humanity so that people would not fall into the same errors as Christians did in regards to Jesus. In order to prevent his deification, the Prophet Muhammad always said to refer to him as “the Messenger of God and His slave”. Muhammad was chosen to be God’s final Messenger – to communicate the message not in words but to be a living example of the message. Muslims love and respect him because he was of the highest moral character and he brought the Truth from God ? which is the Pure Monotheism of Islam. Even when Islam was in its very early stages, God revealed that Muhammad “was sent as a mercy to all of mankind” ? thus informing us that the message of Islam would become very widespread.

            True Muslims strive to follow the great example of Muhammad, peace be upon him, but they do not worship him in any way. Additionally, Islam teaches Muslims to respect all of God’s Prophets and Messengers ? but respecting and loving them does not mean worshiping them. All true Muslims realize that all worship and prayer must be directed to Almighty God alone. Suffice it to say that worshiping Muhammad ? or anyone else ? along with Almighty God is considered to be the worst sin in Islam. Even if a person claims to be Muslim, but they worship and pray to other than Almighty God, this cancels and nullifies their Islam. The Declaration of Faith of Islam makes it clear that Muslims are taught only to worship God. This declaration is as follows: “There is nothing worthy of being worshiped except for Almighty God, and Muhammad is the Messenger and Servant of God.”

          2. Excuse Me!!

            We don’t worship Muhammad, we dnt hve any idol of Muhammad PBUH… We do worship the one and Only Almighty Allah….we Follow the teachings of Muhammad, the ways He told to spend a decent life as He was sent to us By Alimighty Allah as an Example…

            We dnt worship Him.. but We repect Him..

            This shows that you people even dont know the abc of Islam hahaha

            and like ignorant donkey came to argue πŸ˜›
            Go and first read wht the Islam And Muhammad Is… then come to comment here πŸ˜€

    6. A proper and correct rendition of mohammed would be that of a beast with 2 horns living in a lake of fire.

      If you know what I mean..

      Draw mohammed as a falsh prophet or an anti christ or as the devilincarnate IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS

      After all, If you believe in God then all other false gods are the devilincarnate.

      Horns, a tail, cloven feet, red skin?

      I’m sure that many pictures already exsist of the false profit on the net and it should be easy enough to borrow one of those and fill in the name underneath to indicate that mohammed is the false profit or devilincarnet. etc.


  2. Is it ok if the picture I draw vaguely resembles an inkblot with four angular extensions and a smaller blot on top?

  3. LOL, love it. thats what I am talking about dude.


    1. You going to draw a picture of Mohamed too? I’ve never met an artistic spam bot with a a sense of humour before; guess I haven’t kept up with AI technology recently.

      1. I know…this is the best spam bot ever. Although I also love the commenter called spambot.

        1. I for one eagerly await Spam-Bot’s entry to this contest. Robot Psychology!

          1. And the worst Muslim whackos can do is threaten to drain the batteries….

            1. Or inflict memory effects so that the AI’s can never get to full charge again πŸ˜‰

              1. You have no idea what we can do to you. You cowards.

  4. This is so perfect. I’m in.

    I’m going to have my kids do drawrings, too…(more cover for the rest of us)

    Thanks, Michael!

    1. Child services will be knocking on your door shortly for endangering your children!

      1. quit being a douche

    2. dont u think this is wrong…all of you are idiots..no one ever messed up with ure religion…why do you have to get into ours..stay out of it…ure so lame..gosh!…ure world starts on sex and ends on drawing pictures of the holy prophet shame on all of u..

      1. We’re not getting involved in your religion – YOU are the one trying to push your beliefs on US. We are simply standing up for our right to draw or say whatever we want. Have a problem with it and find our society offensive and sex-crazed? Then feel free to LEAVE. There are plenty of countries where these sorts of rights are prohibited. I’ll give you a hint, they’re still living in the stone age and the majority are in the Middle East. Afghanistan would be a great option for you and is a stellar example of what happens when these types of rights are denied.

        1. What?? we rnt pushin anything, u just want to humiliate our beloved prophet (PBUH, n then if some body get offended u say they r aggressive n terrors.. Stop these stupid things, stop drawin our prophet, u have alotta stuff to draw, go draw ur donkey face.. IDIOTS

        2. I just say dat GOD will give u the punishment of wat u hav said abt our religion.And if sumthing is going wrong in anywhere else,its the duty of every human being to point it out and we do it whether its USA or Afghanistan…no matter which country it is…our duty is to spread truth…nothing else.So plz dont use harsh wordz about our religion.


          1. You think you got power? Ever heard of Hiroshima or Nagasaki?

            1. Ever heard of the 9/11 ?

              1. What about it? Not even in the same boat.

        4. Hay English guys, everyone has believe on death and the life after death whether in heaven or hell. so the point is, this is obvious that everyone will get the payback in the shape of punishment or pleasent of his/her done badthings or rightthings in the world. so why you guys dont think on it with cool mind. every body has believe on that one day we all have to die. what will we say to our God about badthings which we did in this life. stay cool, think on it, drawing of Our Prophet (PBUH) is just like game for you but you all will be in big trouble after doing that, may be not physically but virtually or intelactually you all will feel the worst difference in your lifes and after death you can’t run anywhere from the punishment of God. Think on it. take this seriously n dont do that. Thats all.

          1. There is no heaven and hell so don’t waste your time and breadth wasting the short precious life that you have by getting all worked up over the ideas of people who lived centuries ago.

          2. I eat your shit! You fuck my mother!

        5. @hey: these atheist bi people do not have a religion so stop convincing the racist bastards

      2. Last I looked the First Amendment was still alive and well in the USA. Don’t like it here Towel Head? Get Out. Problem with me? Bring on your empty threats and you’ll get your 76 clitorectomized virgins at the end of my 357 mag, who’ll never know you’re a small dicked asshole who can’t fuck. Jesus is Great! Mohammed is a Pig’s Asshole. BTW you ignorant jerk, we have our noses rubbed in separation of church and state, especially we Christians, on a regular basis here, so go shove your Islam where the sun don’t shine when it comes to political discourse. Can’t have it all your way in MY country hummas eater. Pulled pork anyone?

        1. Yet my name causes you to wet your pants asshole … ahahahahahaahahahah

      3. A proper and correct rendition of mohammed would be that of a beast with 2 horns living in a lake of fire.

        If you know what I mean..

        Draw mohammed as a falsh prophet or an anti christ or as the devilincarnate IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS

        After all, If you believe in God then all other false gods are the devilincarnate.

        Horns, a tail, cloven feet, red skin?

        I’m sure that many pictures already exsist of the false profit on the net and it should be easy enough to borrow one of those and fill in the name underneath to indicate that mohammed is the false profit or devilincarnet. etc.

    3. u r really goin to pay 4 dis …..
      dnt u ever dare to do dis ok…
      pRophET is the loved one of Allah…
      and Allah will never forgive u …if u get ur children draw his prophets pictures….i sware he is watching u…thnx
      Allah bless u always

      1. I am pissing up your prophets ass. And he likes it.

  5. I’ll be submitting one.

    Thank Odin for computers, I can’t draw worth a shit.

    1. How does that work? I can’t draw for shit, for some reason thought i should get a tablet for my comp…and guess what I STILL CANT DRAW FOR SHIT! Though it’s slightly better than using the mouse.

      1. MS Paint, Photobucket and loads of screwups.

      2. Get a picture of something and Photoshop it (or use GIMP or Paint.NET for free). It doesn’t have to be a “drawing”, just a depiction of Mohammed.

        1. Leave it to me to completely ignore all the non-drawing possibilities of computers. *sigh*

          1. Don’t forget all the other possibilities: sculpture, photography, clay models, paper mache, etch-a-sketch, glitter and glue, paint-by-numbers, cosplay…the list goes on! πŸ˜€

            1. Emoticon:


              1. That’s really good!

                1. Hah! I love that πŸ™‚

            2. right …. like gluing macaroni to construcion paper… then the glitter

      3. please dont do these kind of stuff. that realy heart us. please, it is request. donot force us to do things that we dont want to do against you.

        1. Try something you illiterate concern troll. You smelly piece of shit.

        2. No one is forcing you to do anything. It’s precisely because of completely ignorant comments like yours that it is so necessary to draw your “prophet”. We’re not afraid of you. You need to know this.

  6. All I can say is, if you join in on this, I cannot guarantee your safety. Not that I’m making a threat or anything.

  7. All I can say is to whomever joins in on this, I cannot guarantee your safety.

  8. Effing spam filter. Ok, I was doing a celebrity impersonation that won’t post. Here it is:

    Religion of Peace:

    Wo whomever joins in on this, I cannot guarantee your safety. I’m not making a threat, I’m just sayin’.

  9. Can I just scan my asshole on the all-in-one, and send it in? I guess I could cut and paste a turban on it, if that would help.

    1. Too funny!

    2. Perfect

    3. yea u’ll be depicting ure mom tht way asshole!

    4. yea u’ll be depicting ure mom tht way asshole!

    5. u can represent ur mother face by ur asshole… Allah will destroy you all

  10. Fuck it, if Trey and Matt had the cajones to up the ante on their previous “Family Guy/Muhamamd” episode, I’m down with the cause. As a graphic designer, I’ll be submitting SEVERAL; and as a freethinking deist, I’ll make sure they’re as fucking irreverent, sacrilegious, and scatalogical as I can make them.


    1. Well said.


      1. You’re a fucking moron.

        1. ure a fukin moron bitch

          1. You’re a Mormon

  11. This will be fun. I may actually take a little time to attempt to do one.

  12. I’m going to make three submissions, but under the pseudo-names “Paul Krugman,” “Spencer Pratt” and “Michael Moore.”

    1. It’s a good start, but we need another 545 submissions at least.

    2. Don’t forget Robert Fisk.

  13. I’d draw a picture of my own cock, but I shave my balls and cock-base for my girlfriend, who likewise treats me to her Brazilian. So I could do Mohammad, but without a beard.

    1. Mac: What’s not to like? Mohammed with a face full of pubes? Hilarious!

      Dennis: Yeah, but where are we supposed to get that many pubes, man?

      Mac: We shave!

      Dennis: Well, that’s gonna be a problem. I laser. It’s like a turtle shell down there.


        1. Again, you’re a fucking moron.

          All those who reinforce the insane and obtuse views of Islam should be burnt in a fire made from Qurans.

          1. and again ure a motherfuker

            1. Sure, kid. Grow up.

  14. I just wanna see all the anime style Samurai Mohamed submissions. That’s how i see him at least, inline with the southpark Matrix Jesus.

  15. Feh. Drawing? I’ve got a photo, which is what you get when you’re on nickname basis.

    1. You son of a bitch, that was my first thought. WHY YOU…

  16. So this country is famous for a little something called the “First Amendment”….does the text of this famous first amendment prohibit the government from abridging freedom of speech or is the text an incantation that endows us with the right of free speech? If it’s the former, and I don’t know whether it is since I don’t feel like Googling it, the famous first amendment might not be relevant here (still makes for good copy).

    1. Augustus Freeman IV|4.23.10 @ 7:47PM|#
      “….If it’s the former, and I don’t know whether it is since I don’t feel like Googling it, the famous first amendment might not be relevant here…”

      Yes, it is the former, but it’s still relevant.
      While the freedom is recognized rather than granted, the government is supposedly charged by the populace with the responsibility of protecting citizens from violence in the exercise of those freedoms.

      1. If it is the former, the first amendment isn’t relevant.

        Even if we say that “the government is supposedly charged by the populace with the responsibility of protecting citizens from violence in the exercise of those freedoms,” the first amendment does not state that the government is charged with doing so.

        That responsibility of government may be stated somewhere but it does not appear in the first amendment.

        1. It’s based on Common Law which existed before the constitution. The government must, at minimum, protect people from doing physical harm to each other, and also to enforce contracts between parties.

  17. I still think Bush’s push to get America back to the moon was really a plan to have the astronauts paint a giant mural of Mohammed across the entire lunar surface, just so W could piss off his archnemeses every full moon.

    1. Its sappy, but i liked how Hancock but a heart on the moon.

      Alternatively, the giving-a-raspberry emoticon would be pretty cool too.

    2. That’s a great idea. They could use those John Dere tractors for that. Maybe that could still be a nice project for someone at the NEA…

  18. Can we do a musical, animated parody? I’d love to see Mohamed bopping along with a showtune!


  19. I’ll do, like, a self portrait. Is that cool?

    I read books. Like, with no pictures. In them. I’ve thought about reading. Books.

  20. fuckin’ sweeeeet.

  21. They’re everywhere. Can’t even post a comment here without agreeing to “submit”.

  22. incidentally where do you submit them to? I couldn’t find a link anywhere. And as for wylie’s suggestion of an Anime Mohamed how about a Touhou Mohamed too? For those of you unfamiliar with the Touhou project it’s a bullet hell shoot em up game franchise. Most apt. (For those who want to attempt it remember that all Touhou characters are female)

    1. I love it, Mohammed in a thong, garter, and French maid skirt. The Japanese are fascinated with Western religious iconography, making Mohammed fashionable over there would be awesome.

  23. Sadly, I can’t draw. But this would be my submission if I could. You have a guy in a turban talking to a kindergarten teacher, saying “I’m here to pick up my wife”.

    1. Perfect, except make it wives.

    2. Perfect, except make it wives.

    3. Perfect, except make it wives.

        1. Mohammed had multiple wives

          1. The youngest was 7. Consummated the marriage when she was 9.

  24. Related: The website revolution muslim was hacked a short while ago, and the traffic was redirected to pictures of mohammed…

  25. Just sent in my drawing. Trust me, it’ll simply be…

    …the greatest.

  26. If I could draw, I would draw a strip of Mohammad chasing a six year old girl with his pedophile lust in his eyes.

    In the second frame a Crusader Knight would draw his sword and slash Mohammad’s head clean off.

    In the next frame Mohammad’s severed head would bounce over and hit Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the head and knock him dead.


      1. We dont care if people take the piss outta jesus, the simple fact is we dont get angry about it and laugh at people who care about fake bullshit lies spread as a ‘religon’.
        You and mohammed can die in a fire

          1. Christians get moderately annoyed when people draw offensive pictures of Jesus. Some of the more fundamentalist ones boycott something. That’s it.

            1. Would any Christian still hope of getting a free pass into heaven or avoiding prison for that matter after killing someone who draws a bad cartoon of God? I don’t think so and that is a fundamental difference between these two sister religions and many societies today.

            2. Christians get moderately annoyed because you people have made and marketed pictures of JESUS yourselvessss !
              but we haven`t !
              coz we have`nt seen Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.w)… and those who have seen him NEVER DREW his picture.
              That is why we do not attempt to commit this SIN.
              Mark my words whoever draws such pictures should theirself be ready to face the consequences…coz those who commit SIN are SERVED then and there!

              1. Tough shit. No one is making you draw a picture of Mohamed (taking a dump on his name). A lot of us don’t believe in sin, so what you say is meaningless.

          2. “hey”

            You’re an idiot.

  27. You know, it’s possible to stand up for the rights of others to be offensive boors without being an offensive boor yourself. A subtlety I’m not surprised is lost on this crowd.

    A lot of non-radical, non-violent Muslims think physical representations of Mohammed are blasphemous too — and you are going out of your way to offend them, too.

    1. Mohammed was a MAN. Even if they think he’s a god, if they believe in violence to stop offensive speech, then FUCK their beliefs. If they make a violent threat or act, we are justified in violent defense and even more derisive, insulting, damning speech.

      Regarding American muslims who threaten, under our law, an individual can call out another of reasonably equivalent size to hand to hand “mutual combat”, and not be charged with a violent threat (as long as the challenger does not have a known significant combat training advantage). But that’s not what they are doing. They are threatening deadly harm. That’s illegal, and they deserve not only to be derided, but to to be investigated and arrested if caught.

    2. Who cares if they’re offended? Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. And if they can, well then fuck them anyway. While we’re at it, fuck their nonexistent god and fuck their false prophet. Fuck.

      1. That’s the 0.5% spirit!

        1. Yeah, a little less blasphemy and we’ll be running the country in no time.

          1. The eagerness to offend is only the symptom of a much more deeply rooted disease.

            1. Shake your head a little harder and a little more sadly, there. Tut-tut, what a poor degenerate fellow am I, who cares so little for the feelings of his fellow-creatures.

              1. I say fuck ’em. You were right in the first place.

    3. A lot of non-radical, non-violent Muslims think physical representations of Mohammed are blasphemous too

      They would be wrong in the same way Christians who insist Jesus turned water in to grape juice against all Biblical verse and common sense, and like you, they would be ignorant.

      1. Then again, much of the Koran reads like a Summer Bible School primer for first graders. A Noah who wasn’t a drunk wanker, a Lot who didn’t fuck his daughters because in Islamic theology ‘prophets’ are special beings incapable of wrongful actions, and it includes stories of Jesus’ youth from a Roman era novel intended to be a fictionalized account of his youth and it was meant for children to read, but not intended to be the basis of a belief system hundreds of years later.

        The irony being as a result of never going through the reformation and age of enlightenment where they would have been forced to endure a few Voltaires and Nietzsches of their own, and Western culture being in the midst of an age of multicultural decadence, where Tulpaesque sanctimony and condescension has replaced Noblesse oblige, Muslims are treated like children by the rest of us.

        1. All I’m saying is, don’t go out of your way to offend people, especially people who’ve done you no wrong (which includes the vast majority of Muslims!). Merely advice, not support for coercion. Hell, it’s not even advice, it’s the common sense you claim to adhere to.

          But hey, if you want to invoke Voltaire and Nietzsche to justify your adolescent pranks, go right ahead.

          1. I fully agree with you. Since my God considers the name “Tulpa” to be blasphemous, you should now change it, and then we’ll both wait and see what my God thinks of your new name.

            1. My God considers lack of reading comprehension to be blasphemous, so your inability to decipher the meaning of “going out of your way to offend…” offends me.

              I really doubt that any of the people salivating over drawing Mohammed were planning on doing it before it became a “nyah nyah nyah” campaign to piss off Muslims.

              1. If someone started a similar campaign against, oh, say… the Westboro Baptists…

                1. Those Westboro morons are dumber than a box of rocks! Probably not smart enough to BE offended when we mock them! Wasted effort.

              2. That’s fine, to be offended.

                To then threaten people with murder, that’s not fine, and should not be tolerated. Let them realise that people won’t heed their warnings.

          2. But hey, if you want to invoke Voltaire and Nietzsche to justify your adolescent pranks, go right ahead.

            Thank you for being you.

          3. The word ‘the’ offends me.

            Stop using it you offensive fuck.

    4. “A lot of non-radical, non-violent Muslims think physical representations of Mohammed are blasphemous too — and you are going out of your way to offend them, too.” I don’t want every priest to be called a pedophile, but guess what? We earned that reputation and we need to get the fuck over it too.

      1. OK, I’ll call it: collectivism.

        We earned it,” you say. We.

        So when one priest molests a child, the 95% of other priests who had nothing to do with it are responsible. OK.

        1. The molesting priests are pestilent bastards but the good priests/bishops/parishioners who ignored them, are accountable to God.



              1. But when god is NOT real, who gives a fuck then?

        2. In the eyes of the secular Left-Big Media alliance, yes.

        3. Show me where raping of boys is part of the religious text the priests use.

          The islamic texts contain explicit calls for violence, their religious leaders issue fatwas that justify murder using the direct authorization flowing from the religious texts.

          So when one imam authorizes murder, the other imans ARE responsible because they support and justify the religion and religious authorities that provide the justification for the murder.

          Do you really not know the difference between renegade outlaws and devout fundamentalists? That is the difference you need to understand. They deserve to be mocked. It is the duty of a free person to mock those who would take away our freedoms.

          1. Sahland, I don’t imagine, the molested kids give a shit whether the abuse was written in any religious text.

            1. maybe you should imagine then if you can’t logically understand the difference…


    5. What did Theo Van Gogh do to deserve death? Logically speaking, I mean.

      1. This has nothing to do with my comment. Obviously he didn’t deserve death, and his murderers deserve to be shot to pieces (after a fair trial of course).

        1. What I’m getting at, Tulpa, is that the reaction to Theo was just as unjustified as [insert cartoony depiction of Mohammed].

    6. But it’s ok when the bible is put in a pile of poop or a jar or urine; that is considered art right…or Jesus being depicted as something else that’s ok right…all is fair in love and war………

    7. A lot of non-radical, non-violent Muslims think physical representations of Mohammed are blasphemous too — and you are going out of your way to offend them, too.

      They deserve to be offended. Until they actually find and end the “apostates” among their “religion” they deserve derision of the highest sort.

      Besides, why would they deserve any special attention? South Park portrayed Jesus as a porn addict and Buddah as a coke head. But the pedophile priest deserves special attention? Fuck them and the horses they had sex with last night.

    8. Fair enough. I’m a person of faith, and am non-violent. I’m personally offended every day by something or someone. I deal with it. So can they. If not, then they don’t deserve free speech. It cuts both ways.

    9. Then a lot of non-radical non-violent Muslims need to re-read their Koran. Mohammad forbade _THE_ _FAITHFUL_ from portraying his image to _PREVENT_ them from _MISTAKENLY_ _DEIFYING_ him.

      That is, he specifically wanted to make sure that they _didn’t_ allow his image to become an icon of worship.

      If we take him at his word, than every follower of Islam who tries to make/keep his image as sacred is a traitor to their faith and the Koran.

      1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. And it’s not even a historically agreed upon rule. We have numerous pictures of Muhammad from Ottoman and Persian depictions of Muhammad from hundreds of years ago. Most Shi’a don’t even care as long as the picture is respectful. Hell, the South Park depiction was entirely theoretical. And either way, as non Muslims, it doesn’t matter. If Islam is correct I’m going to Hell anyway.

    10. @Tulpa No going out of our way to remind you that in america we have freedom of speech including drawing mohammed. if i am offended by salt, will you stop using it? religious idiots! Offended! please!

    11. Tulpa, you are wrong. These people (the ones who bother to come here and tell us how angry we are making Allah) need to be offended and offended again until they get the point. Free speech includes the right to offend people. Use your rights or lose them. Sometimes people need to be offended.

    12. too damn bad. if you don’t like our freedoms, get the hell out of my country. and take you’re blood thirsty “god” and his idiot caravan raider false prophet with you.

  28. To water down the pool of targets even more, make a paper copy and post it in a public place.

  29. You infidels will feel the wrath of Allah for your vile blasphemies!

    Mohammed will return from Jannah and kill you all, just as soon as he’s done beating wives 300 thru 350. He has been getting behind on his wife beatings because he keeps getting phonecalls from the Obama administration asking for various kinds of advice, such as how to demonize free people, seize dictatorial power, and make sweet love to goats.

    1. You don’t know how to make sweet love to a goat? You grab her by her haunches, insert your cock, and chant at the top of your voice, “Death to the White Man!”*

      * historically true, in case you were wondering.

    2. In that vein,

      Q. What did they call Mohamed when he owned one goat?

      A. A shepherd.

      Q. What did they call Mohamed when he owned several goats?

      A. A pimp.

      1. I don’t get it. Why did they call him a shepherd instead of a goatherd?

      2. and whts ure mom?

        A. a whore

        1. ooooo… clever comeback. idiot.

  30. Bring it on! I’d like to see them make threats against all of us!! Should be interesting to see everyone’s work.

    1. Are you the Luna who used to live in Sarasota, Florida?

  31. I would like to see all of Reason’s Friday Funnies people try their hands at this. I think they could do it with their bear hands.

    1. Dude, you don’t know how goddamn hard it is to draw with bear hands. The fact that you actually want the right to bear arms shows you just have no clue what it’s really like.

      1. winner!

  32. In for drawings of Mohammad railing a pig in the ass while eating bacon and treating women with respect.

  33. I was told I can’t even mention the Prophet in a disrespectful or off-hand manner.

    Muhammad is dumb. Or something.

    Come an get me. I dare you.

    1. Seems Mohamed’s first name was “Poindexter” and he wore thick glasses on the prophet’s playground. Thus, he had to get his much bigger followers to beat people up when he was made fun of, as he couldn’t defend himself …

  34. You know… this is probably necessary, but there are too many people who are doing this because they hate Muslims.

    I think if you’re going to be fair, he should be blowing Jesus, or paying $5 to watch Jesus get a blow job from an alterboy or something.

    Why can’t we all just be nice to each other for a change and not do stuff just to be cocks all the time?

    1. but no fun

    2. Fair enough…and I am concerned re the use of this by anti-Muslim bigots, too.

      But…right now nobody (as far as I know) is threatening to kill anyone over Jesus being satirised on South Park, right? I think we can become too fearful to comment because of not wanting to be bigots, but this is serious stuff and I think it right to stand up and be counted…even if in a light-hearted way.

      1. You can condemn Comedy Central’s censorship without going out of your way to offend people who had nothing to do with this.

        1. Ask yourself this question: Why would it offend someone to see the image of their prophet in the first place? Why?

        2. I can’t see how you figure that the “Eternally-Offended” crowd at the local CAIR mosque doesn’t deserve this, plus much more.
          Why should anyone submit in fear to their threats and violence? Do you somehow believe that all the “moderate” muslims don’t hear the hate that is preached every friday against anyone who is not part of their Ummah?

        3. No you cannot. If you are not willing to take risk yourself then you cannot condemn them for being afraid to stand up to thugs.

      2. Deb is correct. South Park has satirized many, many religions. They have satirized Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and they even had an episode that satirized atheism. They had one episode with the “Super Best-Friends” a group of crime-fighting religious figures from many faiths. It was both brilliant and irreverent. They lost a voice actor over their parodying of scientology but so far as I know it is only Muslims who have actually threatened their lives over such parodies.

        1. +1

          Or to quote that great philosopher, “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke”

      3. To begin with, being “anti-muslim” is not the same as being anti black or gay or whatever. Islam is merely a set of beliefs, not a race and/or ethnic group. There is nothing wrong with being “bigoted” against a backwards theocratic mindset. If some of the comments here, including this one or some of those who will submit a drawing, perhaps I should say “hand in a drawing” instead as Islam itself means to submit, may come off as being “anti-muslim” or bigoted it is the fault of Islam and not ours. If a gay man is hostile to Islam because Islam openly advocated killing him, is he a bigot? Or an atheist for that matter? I myself am an atheist, here is what the Qu’ran says about me: Qur’an:9: 5 Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” So count me as a bigot, because I quite simply hate this shit; honestly…fuck these pricks

    3. Tell you what, send this same comment to a billion followers of a schizophrenic desert poet, and I’ll consider its merits. Until then, don’t lecture all the rest of us who DIDN’T blow up the World Trade Center or kill Dutch artists with the Rodney King speech.

  35. Wow…. this is fucking stupid. I want to go into detail, but I’m just too blown away.

    1. It’s brilliant! America has lost it’s freedom of speech due to the bully-boy tactics of Muslims. This will go a long way in getting it back. The more people participate the more effective it will be. Freedom needs a constant defense but we don’t expect it from space-cadets like you. πŸ˜‰

  36. I agree, this is completely immature. No wonder my generation isn’t taken seriously…

  37. Great idea! I am in!!!!

  38. There are some more serious actions, too.

    Have a look at this:


    Then perhaps read this:


    And, if you wish to, sign this:


    This makes some interesting points, too:


  39. I see this more as “I am Spartacus!” than “Go frack yourselves.” This will, of course, be seen as an offensive prank to some.

    What can I tell you; freedom includes the freedom to be offended.

    1. It is about freedom but my possible participation is not to offend. What else can a person do to counter threats of violence?

  40. I’m in.

    I figure I’ll copy an image right out of some Koran that was published before the ban on images came about. This site might come in handy:


  41. i guess u people have no respect for others believes*sob*
    do whteva u want but in the end u r also hurting some ppl out thr who respect thr Prophets whom u seem to disregard and make fun of

    hope Allah makes u ppl see the write way(Aameen)

    1. fur reel?

  42. Could I submit a picture of Peter Kay in his Manchester Evening News arena yellow jacket? In ‘The Sound Of Laughter’ he tells of working there earlier, and having to wear a name tag with ‘Mohammed’ on as it was the only one left!

  43. I’m all for freedom of speech (and by extension, art), but I also respect the beliefs of others, though I do not share them. I’m a happy Agnostic. I find the above “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” thing to be pretty distasteful. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you ought to. It’s not just radical Islam that doesn’t believe it’s gravy to portray the prophet, it’s a religious tenet. Punishing a whole group because of the actions of a few is a widespread phenomenon. I believe it’s called persecution. Persecution of a minority (in this country) for what they believe in is never good.

    1. “Punishing a whole group because of the actions of a few is a widespread phenomenon.”

      Agnostic, who is being punished? Who is being harmed by a mere picture? I would not be harmed if someone drew a distasteful picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pasta be Upon Him). Who is being harmed by this?

    2. No one has a right to be offended by my actions unless I tie them down and force them to listen to it. I respect a Muslim’s belief that drawing a picture of their prophet is sacrilegious, but I am not a Muslim. Muslim’s have many beliefs ? do we now have to follow all of them not to offend them?

      1. Err ? wrote “actions” meant “speech”

      2. >>>do we now have to follow all of them not to offend them?

        That seems to be the gist of it, yeah.

        1. Does this also mean that my local restaurant should not cook bacon in the morning because it smells like porc in the street?

      3. Follow all of them not to offend them? I believe we have to follow all of them not to be killed by them!

    3. Here’s a fun fact!

      The prohibition against depicting Mohammed did not arise until as late as the 16th or 17th century. Even after the 17th century, up to modern times, Islamic depictions of Mohammed (especially in Shi’ite areas) continued to be produced.

      There are many early examples of images of Mohammed *created by muslims*

      Check it out: http://www.zombietime.com/moha…..c_mo_full/

      1. hell you kattie…….. i dont beleive that any images of Mohammad(SAW)(PBUH) is created by any Muslim….. and if someone has then he is not a Muslim……he is one of you people………and mind not….you are going to HELL……

  44. Hey, agnostic, follow your own advice. Just because you don`t believe in freedom of speech or a sense of humor does not mean you need to preach to us all.
    I am in for the drawing. Many of them! And one of them is going to be signed “Agnostic”.
    Freedom of speech! Down to religous oppression!

  45. Cartoon idea:
    Mohammad sitting in heaven (or where ever Muslims go) and he is looking down at all the Muslims on earth and how Muslims oppress and beat women, threaten death to others that do not believe in the Muslim religion or draw a picture of Mohammad and do not speak out against violence by Muslims. He is shaking his head in bewilderment.
    Caption of Mohammad speaking:
    “How did I get surrounded by so many idiots?”

    1. Artist for Bigotry would seem to be a more apt nickname for you. Consider a change, won’t you?

      1. There ya go! Change is good…

      2. People choose their religion just like white supremacists choose their ideology. There is nothing bigoted about mocking someones choices.

      3. Blatantly not following a tenant of another religion is not bigotry. It may not be necessary, for example if someone goes around loudly using the name of the Lord in vain. But in this case it is necessary. We have to show TERRORISTS that we will not be TERRORIZED, and this is the most public and obvious way to do it. Muslims need to sit down and say to themselves “why do I care if someone who does not share my faith does something that is against my faith?” ALL of them need to, including moderates. So they have no right to be offended unless somebody ties them to a chair and forces them to look at it.

    2. Mohammad sitting in heaven (or where ever Muslims go) and he is looking down at all the Muslims on earth and how Muslims oppress and beat women, threaten death to others that do not believe in the Muslim religion or draw a picture of Mohammad and do not speak out against violence by Muslims. He is shaking his head in bewilderment.
      Caption of Mohammad speaking:
      “How did I get surrounded by so many idiots?”

      What? What actions of the pedophile priest would make you think that he didn’t expect people to follow his example? Some moslems don’t want to follow the teachings and action of their prophet. Violence and oppression of women and infidels is what he did, even if they do not.

      If he were looking down from heaven he would think, “who are these so called moslems who do not follow my example” rather than wondering why some did.

    3. I love the idea but he should be sitting with all the gods and they should be looking down on most of the living!

  46. Comedy Central did cave into terrorists, but that’s their right. This isn’t a freedom of speech issue, we all have the freedom to draw anything, but Comedy Central has the right to make business decisions and not to broadcast certain content. Every news channel does the same thing, and has that right, whether everyone likes it or not.

    1. It is a freedom of speech issue. Comedy Central was terrorized into making that decision. They did not make the decision because they thought they would lose their muslim fanbase. They made it because they really didn’t think it was worth dying over. It is the duty of the US govt to find and stop these people, because they are using force to quiet free speech.

    2. Another take on it (because Ray Ray’s didn’t make a whole lotta sense to me):

      Comedy Central is adding to a disturbing trend of cowardice in reaction to these threats to free speech from institutions that should put free speech at the top of their list of concerns. This particular threat was pathetically passive, making Comedy Central’s rolling over on their bellies even more cowardly. Still in the final analysis, its not their fault — it’s the intolerant religious fanatics’ fault and they are overdue to be subjected to some mass ridicule.

      Oh, yeah, and standard libertarian disclaimer that Comedy Central is free to self-censor the episode, and we are all free to mercilessly criticize them for it.

      1. I don’t see how you conclude that it’s not Comedy Central’s fault because there was only the vaguest of threats.

        I doubly don’t see how ridiculing the beliefs of not only the threateners but many other Muslims is an appropriate reaction.

        Maybe I lost something when I grew up out of adolescence that you still have. Cherish it — once you lose it, you’ll never get it back.

        1. I get your point of view, but I don’t see it as ridiculing beliefs of innocent Muslims. I see it as standing up for all of our right to not be subjected to other’s religious beliefs.

        2. I don’t see how you conclude that it’s not Comedy Central’s fault because there was only the vaguest of threats.

          I doubly don’t see how ridiculing the beliefs of not only the threateners but many other Muslims is an appropriate reaction.

          Maybe I lost something when I grew up out of adolescence that you still have. Cherish it — once you lose it, you’ll never get it back.

          I admit that I am drunk, but I never, until this thread, realized what a complete and total asshole you are.

          I am not a rag-head. I can say or draw any god damn thing I wish. If you know people who will cry or piss their post toasties because of a picture that I draw, Tough. Fucking. Shit.

          Jesus snorting coke offends Christians. How come I haven’t seen you defend their sensibilities? Same with Scientologists and Buddahists? Oh, those people don’t say “you will meet the same fate as Theo Van Gogh”?!! The man was murdered in the street, but that is a “vague” threat?!!!

          Your and their being offended, offends me. So fuck off.

      2. It DOES make sense to you, you just disagree with me. You don’t think a known terrorist group making a threat is terroristic. I do. You think Comedy Central “should” put free speech at the top of their list of concerns, I think someone threatened to put a gun to their head if they excersized their free speech. However, we seem to agree that free speech still rules, comedy central is free to self censor, and religious fanatics are lame.

  47. here is one to balance:

    jesus getting a bj


  48. why would anyone wish to draw the most despicable character in history.

  49. This little ‘toon (after the Danish Motoon madnes) was brilliant:


    Or for link google: YAAFM Muslims

    Very funny.

  50. When’s “Draw a swastika on a synagogue day?”

    1. Sorry, that’s been done ad nauseam. You been living in a cave with Osama?

    2. Ok, this whole “This is offensive so we should still not do it” thing is really starting to bother me. At what point are we able to just use reason in regards to others’ silly beliefs? A symbol that represents hate and death of an entire group of people, plastered on a place of worship in an act of vandalism, is seriously offensive. People coming up with weird, arbitrary standards based on their own religious beliefs and trying to make non-believers adhere to them out of “respect” is stupid. It’s just stupid. I don’t care if you are a super great muslim. It’s a stupid thing to get offended by, just like Christians who don’t like blasphemous terms. It’s completely arbitrary, and I will not be shamed into “just getting along with everybody”- THAT’S offensive.

      1. How about erecting a giant swastika on private property, with the owner’s permission, across the street from a synagogue?

        1. Talk to me about that if we start having a bunch of people killed by Jewish folks simply for drawing a swastika. I have never heard of this happening so it is not equivalent.

          1. So, if a couple of Jews kill a person for displaying a swastika, and a tiny group of Jews starts threatening others who display swastikas, then every synagogue in the world is fair game for a swastika display?

            1. “tiny group”? There happen to be a hell of a lot of these “tiny groups” in Islam all around the world including in some Western countries. Not just people who go apeshit over cartoon prophets but also kill their daughters for dating a non-Muslim. There are also Muslims who kill other Muslims over doctrinal differences. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a very tolerant branch of Islam and because of their relative tolerance they are persecuted by other branches of Islam. All you need to do is Google the words “honor killing” and you will discover just how “tiny” this group is.

              1. So you’re not going to answer the question, I take it.

            2. Yes, they would be, but it would never happen except perhaps in your lunatic fantasy world. Big Red Herring… nice try though.

            3. No, but if huge crowds in Israel are whipped up by the government to riot and vandalize western embassies and lots of Jews in this country act sympathetic, then they are all fair game. And they can always just ignore shit like this. People who go out of their way to be offended by things deserve to be offended, in my opinion. If someone suggested that we should all spray paint images of Mohamed on mosque walls, I might agree with you.

            4. sadly, they already are.

        2. Yeah, tulpa. You’re still not getting it. While it would totally be within someone’s right to erect a swastika on his own property, I, personally, would fail to see what sort of statement that is supposed to make other than to offend people. The Jewish community does not dislike swastikas because of some lame arbitrary religios standard- it is a disliked symbol because it represents a horrible chapter in our world history. It is not the same as someone expecting EVERYBODY else to conform to their behavior because, well. They have a belief system they don’t want challenged.

          1. Just to toss in my two cents: you say the swastika represents a horrible chapter in our history… granted, and agreed. Mohammad (or at least the fucked up version of him that extremists and terrorists deify) represents a pretty shitty historical period too, so isn’t it sort of a wash as far as that comparison goes?

    3. That’s just dumb. He didn’t say “draw mohammed on a mosque”. You know what they actually call “draw a swastika or otherwise make fun of jews day”? Every freakin’ day of the week in most of the world.

      1. Exactly right.

    4. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow in most countries that aren’t America.

    5. You seem to be confused. We’re opposed to making vague death threats against people Muslims hate, not for it.

  51. It’s impossible for me to respect a religion that makes some women wear potato sacks with eyeholes, and dresses their two year olds with bomb belts. I will gladly submit an entry poking fun of the prophet of anachronistic idiocy. There has never been a religion more intoxicated by their ignorance.

  52. I have no drawing ability, but can contribute an idea: if we could find a porn star willing to make stylistic sacrifices, we could hire a tattoo artist to draw Mohammed on her. That, combined with some skillful razor work, would result in a smiling Mohammed with a wide (albeit toothless) grin, and a beard that actually grows.

    1. This is the winner.

      1. That way someone actually COULD fuck Mohammed.

  53. Every day is “Draw Mohammed Day” for me.


  54. I am Spartacus!

  55. I hope this becomes subversive street art. Plaster neighborhoods with Mohammed, strength in numbers!

  56. It’s all very childish, not that childish cannot be fun, in a childish way.

  57. Dude- where’s my fatwah?

  58. I believe it’s called persecution.

    You have a pretty broad conception of persecution.

  59. Something like a pig isn’t he?

    1. yea ure mom and dad were thts why u came out as an outcome asshole!

  60. Mohammad was a pig farmer wasn’t he, or he just like having sex with pigs…I forget.


      1. you’re not very smart, are you?

      2. You’re a funny guy, you know that?

      3. That offended nobody but the grammar nazis.

  61. Better be careful. Somebody might find someone who knows how to properly oil and sharpen a k-bar and lopp of somebody’s head. Ah never mind, they aint that smart. Semper Fi!

  62. Simply brilliant. πŸ™‚

    [For a light hearted take on our present peril]

  63. I think it’s the pasta, it is the only one without eyes.

  64. Would Mo be mad if he knew he had ham in his name?

  65. First amendment doesn’t apply to Comedy Central, but this is a funny idea nonetheless.

  66. I swear in the third pic down on this page:


    Mo’ is stroking a cock with the left hand and has his thumb up the ass of a hog with the right…or maybe cupping a boys balls…..

    Photoshop…here I come….

  67. i have mine done, being only a little puter savey, how to i post my entry?


  68. well hell, how bout this?


  69. I love this πŸ™‚ I’m so sending in a pic.

  70. I’m not artistically inclined, but I would like to submit a drawing.

    we’ve got to stop this cowtowing to these 7th century savages, with their duplicitous ‘prophet’ (who I respect as a military tactician, but nothing else).

    The Qu’ran is nothing but text cribbed from the Holy Bible, cobbled together with ancient desert myths, all to praise a moon god.

  71. Oh, I have got to get in on this. May 20th, huh? Gives me some time to think of something sharp and pithy (but not offensive to women or children).

  72. Am I the only one who say this picture:


    And thought, “Holy shit, he’s riding a centuarian Wonder Woman!!!”

    1. Saw. Saw. I meant to type saw, and I need more coffee.

  73. islam is all about peace, prophet MUHAMMAD is the reason of the existence of this universe, you people cant understand, you are deaf as well as blind.. you are just able to make cartoons.. buy colors and do drawings….. thats your work

    1. Yeah, there’s that… OR maybe Muhammad started his crazy desert cult for the same reason that every other asshole cult leader in modern history started a cult: to get LAID.

      I do find it funny that according to MUSLIM theology, chastity was always one of the tennants of Islam and yet Muhammad had as many as 13 concubines in addition to his as many as 9 wives.

      Let’s not even consider the number of girls he fucked who didn’t make it into the history books.

      I can’t draw for shit, so here’s my picture of the “seal of all prophets”


    2. Gosh, and I thought maybe Allah had something to do with the existence of the universe. After all, Allah is God is Yahweh, etc…. We all believe in the same deity, so why inflict violence on those who don’t belive in the deity’s name as you do? My belief is to let others believe as they will. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you if you don’t believe as I do…remember Africa….

  74. Ooh, Ooh, I am so gonna be irreverent and controversial with my ham fisted cartoon. I might just do a shitty in my pants and call it the Prophet. OMG LOL.

    This idea might actually manage to be even more intellectually backward than religious fundamentalism.

    1. THANK YOU. This is exactly what I was thinking. It would be a LOT easier to get behind the Mohammad drawing thing if Islamophobic racism weren’t so big a problem, but as it happens, it is. Also, ONE group sent a death threat. ONE. And it had not been the first time SP depicted Mohammad. But no, the “Muslims be crazy” narrative just HAD to get played up didn’t it.

  75. Perhaps one day adherents of Islam will firmly, unequivocally, and in large numbers start denouncing threats of violence, while reasonably reproving others to show respect for their theology. It is on that day that demonstrations like these will become gratuitous and disrespectful…because they will have EARNED respect.

    That day has not yet arrived.

    1. Wow, good point, except it has happened. It just never gets much news time because fundamentalism is more interesting and gets higher ratings. Most of the large Islamic groups within the developed world have publicly declared their shame over the few fundamentalist reactions. Go into any Mosque you can find, and ask any member their opinion on the murder of Theo van Gogh, or any of the other atrocities.

      This whole situation has never been about islam, it’s been about a few rogue states and groups in the east who use religion to rouse up groups of brainwashed soldiers. There are numerous cases of similar atrocities involving different religions. Northern Ireland was a good example for a long time, as are the numerous rogue churches within America like Westboro Baptist. The only reason they’re less violent is because they’ve lived their lives in a nice, comfortable country. The countries responsible for the extremists we now face are underdeveloped holes, and in a lot of cases, this is the fault of the western world taking advantage of them to increase our own wealth.

      Don’t get me wrong, I despise the actions of the extremists, as I despise any mass violence, but never confuse the source of the hatred to be the religion – the bible has easily as many violent passages as the Koran, you could swap the two, and the political climate would be nigh-identical, simply due to reasons of wealth.
      Religion is the tool of hatred, not the well from which it springs.

  76. I think this is a perfect idea and I am in complete agreement. But why limit it to just the muslim images. Why not make May 20th the day to annoy all religions, onaments & history across the board that people hold sacred. I think it will be a good day to also publish all the piss Christ art and degrading christian images that seem to drive the right wing christian fundamentalist crazy. Also don’t forget you can also print and publish all nazi art and holocaust denying essays and poetry that are submitted on that day. Don’t forget the racist sambo images too. Make it a real annoy everybody day.

    1. Slight modification: make May 20 the day to annoy all religions arrogant enough to believe every single person on earth must obey their dictates or be threatened with violence. Thus far, however, “radical Islam” is the only religion which fits that bill. For all the Christians who complained about Piss Christ, none threatened to kill the photographer or firebomb the museums that displayed his work. The South Park episode that never showed Mohammed DID show Buddha snorting cocaine and Jesus watching porn, but no Buddhists or Christians threatened to kill Parker and Stone over that.

      So fuck those intolerant shitheads, and I hope this “draw Mohammed” contest annoys them so much they all suffer brain aneurysms and drop dead.

      1. so the violence thing is what gets your goat. what about those sacred histories that are so prtected that you risk jail time if you so much as raise a question about it like they do for certain subjects in some european countries. I am yet to see people like you or other right wing fundamentalist raise any objection were that is concerned. or is this only fair when directed at muslims?

        1. Agreed. It amazes me when Christians scream their hands are clean. There is more violence and hatred in the bible than any other book of religion. Christians just cheery pick what suits their agenda.

          All religions are crazy

        2. You must be new here.

          “what about those sacred histories that are so prtected that you risk jail time if you so much as raise a question about it like they do for certain subjects in some european countries.”

          I’m sure that everyone here thinks this is bullshit, even though I don’t really have any idea what you are talking about. With very few caveats, nobody should go to jail for their speech. It doesn’t matter if they are supporting or criticizing nazis, zombies, Jesus, Mohammed, Obama, Lincoln, Henry Ford, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Ted Turner, Mother Teresa or Robert Mugabe.

          1. Yeah, I just re-read. Not sure what he/she meant either. I took it as all religions are pretty much the same when it comes to tolerance. Some just go about violence more directly. Anyway, religion sucks

      2. Actually radical Christianity also believes people must respect their beliefs or suffer violence. They are called violent anti-abortionists and they kill people, mostly doctors, who disagree with them.

        1. Well said!!! To murder in the name of God (a god of ANY religion) is the worst possible way to spread the gospel! Hypocracy knows no religion, hypocracy knows ALL religions as one! Any who promote violence and commit violence WILL burn in Hell, Haites, Purgatory,…wherever.

    2. You, sir, are an idiot. Please point to all the “right wing christian fundamentalists” who make death threats over (routine) mocking of their religion.

      1. Well another fool heard from. Why not just admit it. this is your chance to satiate your latent prejudices. since it is no longer polite to direct it at certain people within the country, but muslims are still fair game right.

        1. He made a valid point – draw a picture of Jesus, and the most you’ll get is an angry letter to the local newspaper editor, or MAYBE a protest.

          1. of course he did. i agree with your point completely. threat of violence is never a valid way to address this issue. but the question is will these same people be making the same case with such gusto if it wasn’t the moslems being ridiculed. during the serano/maplethorpe piss christ and the jesus dung affair, we had powerful mayors, senators (ie helms) and congressmen who were willing and able to use the power of the state to try and do something about what the right wing/christian fundamentalist found objectionable. we have situations where extremist are shoting abortion doctors with nary a peep from most of the people here. but when it is time to beat up on a weaker segment of society, their juices are flowing. all rapped as a defense of the first amendment. There are ceatin parts of the “West” right at this very moment when if you give a contary reading of certain historical issue, you risk jail time. I am yet to see Reason or most of the commenters on this page give any major attention to these laws. Just to be clear I fully agree that everyone should have all rights to depict images and ideas as they see fit. I just wonder why it only seem to ganer such enthusiasm when it is directed at moslems.

            1. “I just wonder why it only seem to ganer such enthusiasm when it is directed at moslems.”

              If you understood Islam and Muslims you wouldn’t have to wonder.

        2. Well another fool heard from. Why not just admit it. this is your chance to satiate your latent prejudices. since it is no longer polite to direct it at certain people within the country, but muslims are still fair game right.

          When idiot Christian groups protest adult video shops in my city, I don’t feel I need to give equal time to criticize Muslims, Budhist, or the Hebrews when I ridicule those Christians for their actions, and spare them their wittle bitty hurt feelings.

          Same with Muslims who think their Muhammad’s shit doesn’t stink. I don’t feel I need to also include Christians, Hindus, and the ‘brews, just to spare someone’s wittle bitty hurt feelings.

          The hippie ass ‘spread the love’ points you made here and in the post above are just stupid. Even if it were some hidden animus that fuels me as you suggest, that still beats being a Goddamn flake (hippie).

        3. Yet another drole, pithy comment from an effette pseudo-intellectual who considers himself our “superior”. No doubt a regular at DU and KOS, an avid Stewart watcher, under 25, and resident of NY or Boston.

      2. Well those folks are too busy bombing clinics and murdering doctors and harassing pregnant women for wanting to have an abortion, and hurling misogynist racist epithets at the women of color who enter the clinics. But of course, those folks are just protecting the ~sanctity of life, amirite?

    3. When people riot, put hits out on people and stab other people because of anything making fun of Jesus, or denying the Holocaust or shitting on Moses, making fun of blacks, whatever, then your comment will be meaningful

      Until them, STFU

  77. But will anyone have the cajones to go goatse.cx with their drawing?

  78. Is this place real? It’s full of fucking idiots.

    1. It is not a place, Finch. People don’t actually live here, dumb ass.

    2. Totally agree. So many idiots here. And that includes the guy defending Islam.

      Religion poisons everything.

    3. That’s irony, that is.

  79. I thought the prohibition on drawing Mohammad only extended to Muslims? If so, is this an Obama-like power-grab to force the whole world into respecting a thoroughly disrespectable murderer? I think Muslims, especially the “silent” peace-loving majority (as the fiction goes) in the United States need a lesson in free-speech, so count me in!

  80. Oh, and Finch… you’re a dickhead.

  81. I’ll definitely be entering. I’m not sure what my drawing’s angle will be yet, but I’m already positive it’ll be rendered in purple crayon and involve fellatio.

  82. I’ll be there! This is so cool!

  83. Most of the time I find the conversation here intellectually stimulating, but it’s amazing how quickly it can turn into an adolescent circle-jerk.

    It’s like a reception at an art museum where the attendees are all quietly discussing the subtleties of each piece and each artist, and you go to the restroom to take a piss and when you come back, they’re having a belching contest.

    1. Perfect analogy. This is my first time here. Is this like some right wing blog toilet?

      1. Only to those rooted firmly in the far-left, Dee.

        1. Sorry. You got the wrong guy. I have no affiliation. Just calling it like I see it.

          1. I wasn’t pointing at you, Dee… I was pointing at them over on

            1. …the far left. Sorry, dunno why the post didn’t have the rest of it on it.

          2. Aren’t you late for your diversity class?

      2. You do realize libertarians arent right wing, right?

        No, you dont, because you are a fucking idiot.

        1. Oh, and welcome.

    2. What could be more childish than to rationalize appeasement into a virtue?

      That is what you are doing whether you are aware of it or not, Tulpa.

      1. I’m not “appeasing” anyone. I think CC was stupid to censor the episode, given all the offensive crud they don’t censor, and I think “RevolutionMuslim” should be prosecuted for making terroristic threats.

        What I’m concerned about is offending the 99.9% of Muslims who weren’t involved in this whole affair. And the people here aren’t just talking about drawing a picture of Mohammed — they’re talking about drawing horrifically insulting pictures of Mohammed.

        1. But, so what? You are still treating Muslim’s like they are little children who need to be patted on the head and cuddled before you send them on there way with a juice box.

          I once submitted a cartoon to Hustler when I was still in high school in the 80’s depicting Jesus strolling out of an outhouse with a newspaper in his hand and a very satisfied look on his face, and the caption read, ‘Ah! The Shit of Shits for the King of Kings.’ They sent me a letter back saying they liked it but it was too similar in style to their in house guy.

          I would not have considered doing that with Mohammad as the target of ridicule at the time, but I have grown more open minded with time, and it is a sign of progress that we now consider Muslims to be a subject worthy of offending.

        2. I think that part of the strategy is desensitizing people to this. This is long-term. Many of these people come from societies in which no one would even dare thinking a nasty thought about Mohammad let alone draw a picture of him. In a sense it is a bit like North Korea and Kim Jong Il. If the government were to ever collapse there it may take some time for North Korean society to adjust to the idea that they can insult him all they want without being beheaded or worse. Our society’s political correctness has merely delayed the adjusting process. They need to get over the fact that we are a free society. We are free to draw whatever we want. We can parody whatever we want. Your religion is no more protected than my religion of Pastafarianism and Mohammed is no more protected than the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pasta Be Upon Him). A religion is merely a collection of ideas and there is no reason why religions should be more protected from parodying than political ideologies or scientific theories.

          1. ^well stated

            1. Thank you!

          2. The problem is that they are NOT going “to get over the fact that we are a free society. We are free to draw whatever we want. We can parody whatever we want. Your religion is no more protected than my religion of Pastafarianism and Mohammed is no more protected than the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pasta Be Upon Him).”
            They are NOT going to become more free like us, they are making us LESS free!! Comedy Central affirmed that terrorism works – we no longer are a free society. We all we obey Islam whether we are Muslim or not. That is why a “Draw Mohammad” day is needed – not to make them more like us, but to KEEP us from becoming more like them.

        3. All’s fair in love and war. And if you don’t believe that a significant number of the world’s muSLUMs don’t consider this a cultural and religious war, then you’re head’s in the sand.

        4. Why would they be offended? The restriction on creating images of Mohammed only applies to muslims. So the “rational” “99.9”% wont be offended.

    3. Tulpa, you pretentious ass. Most of those people discussing subtleties in art work are fucking clueless. OTOH, your belching contest is not a bad analogy: Honest remarks are like belching and farts.

  84. nothing will be change
    “no god but allah & muhammed (peace & passings be ubone him)is the prophet of Allah

    1. Ayat, do you have an opinion on this subject. Do you believe it is ethical to threaten the life of someone for merely drawing a picture?

    2. Adults believing in fairy tales and killing in the name of this fairy tale. How utterly pathetic.

      Oh, and maybe you should denounce this bullshit about threats. If you truly are a Muslim stand up and say something.

      1. Laugh all you want, but if I see ONE MORE drawing of Peter Pan, I’m gonna start fucking cutting people!

        1. What about a picture of Mohammad in Never-Never Land or wherever it was Peter Pan went.

        2. you never fucked me!

          1. You never asked.

    3. Ayat, what about peace to his people?

  85. The cowardice here astounds me. Name calling on a blog? Really?

  86. I am thinking of drawing a lesbian pig named Mohammad with her female lover. They will be drinking alchohol and wearing Israeli flag pins.

    1. I saw an awesome animated GIF of Muhammed having sex with a pig somewhere.

  87. I think this pretty much sums it up. Christopher Hitchens is my preacher.


    1. You’re just so superior. I bow down before thee.

  88. I for submitting the bomb in the turban one. Wait how about “Piss Mohammad”? Perfect.

    1. Piss Mohammed?! I like it! Then we can show a painting of him with flying vaginas and covered in elephant dung, and see how they like it.

  89. Here is a business idea. A liquor company called “The Mohammad Liquor Company”. It could have Mohammad as its mascot.

  90. I have it! The best idea so far. To combine this with another recent Hit & Run headline – a Jack Chick comic parody with Mohommod illustrating one of the more bizare or morbid or strange parts of the Koran.

  91. Not much reason going on.

    1. Oh noes, watch out for the metacritic guy! He can create hurricanes from his snivel!

    2. He is playing chess when we can barely figure out the pattern of pieces on the checker board. Oh noes!

      I truly dread how he is going to respond to my sarcasm. It’s gonna fuckin’ blow me away into the Atlantic!

  92. I’m definitely doing a submission. I can’t draw, but I’ve got Poser 7 and enough props to make it good. Screw it, I’ve done four deployments I really don’t care if they get mad anymore.

  93. Who are you hoping to offend? People who issue death threats over these things are always offended, as a default setting. Everybody else will just be bemused as to why there are hundreds of crayon-scribbled drawings of bearded men fucking pigs or somesuch on an(other) internet blog. I understand the sentiment behind the idea. I just can’t believe the retarded frenzy it’s set off here – like an inverted Dail Mail comments page. But less funny.

    1. “Who are you hoping to offend? People who issue death threats over these things are always offended, as a default setting.

      In answer to this I will repost something I posted above:
      PIRS|4.24.10 @ 4:03PM|#
      I think that part of the strategy is desensitizing people to this. This is long-term. Many of these people come from societies in which no one would even dare thinking a nasty thought about Mohammad let alone draw a picture of him. In a sense it is a bit like North Korea and Kim Jong Il. If the government were to ever collapse there it may take some time for North Korean society to adjust to the idea that they can insult him all they want without being beheaded or worse. Our society’s political correctness has merely delayed the adjusting process. They need to get over the fact that we are a free society. We are free to draw whatever we want. We can parody whatever we want. Your religion is no more protected than my religion of Pastafarianism and Mohammed is no more protected than the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pasta Be Upon Him). A religion is merely a collection of ideas and there is no reason why religions should be more protected from parodying than political ideologies or scientific theories.

      1. How do you know my religion isn’t more protected? – just kidding. I understand all that. Even the bits that don’t make sense. I just don’t see how all the rabid filth-art advances anything. Although I’m looking forward to seeing it in the same way that I used to look forward to the viewers’ gallery on HartBeat with Tony Hart and Morph.

        1. Art is a form of communication (or at least it should be). My main problem with much of so-called-modern art is that a great deal of it does not communicate anything to anybody (with the possible exception of the original artist). Say what you want about Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s drawing skills but at least they communicate ? bluntly ? but they communicate their message to their intended audience. They do so in much the same way that the original Star Trek series did. They take a situation in real life and change the names and places that the controversy takes place. One episode of South Park had illegal immigrants from the future. Another had a controversy about the official South Park town flag (think about the Georgia state flag of several years ago). That is how Trey Parker and Matt Stone communicate. Many people have described their artwork as “rabid filth-art”. Call it what you will but it is far more meaningful and communicative than much of what passes as “modern art” in elite museums around the world. What does parodying Mohamed accomplish? I suppose that depends on the particular parody and since these are still being drawn I cannot comment on a piece that does not yet exist. What I can tell you is what it COULD accomplish. It could comment on Middle Eastern politics, on the culture of the Muslim Diaspora in the West, it could comment on the treatment of women or gay people etc. It could accomplish a great deal.

          1. Slow down a bit. I’m not knocking Stone and Parker. For the most part they are spot on with the points they raise and the clever ways that they make them. I’m a fan. I was talking about all the people here who aren’t Stone and Parker thinking that they’re equally worthy because they thought of a thing that would upset a fundamentalist. It’s too easy.

            1. Again, I cannot comment on a piece of art that does not yet exist. Maybe someone in here will come up with a brilliant piece that even Stone and Parker would be proud of ? I do not know. What I do know is that it is silly to insult a non-existing work art that is still in the concept stage. I was merely tossing out setting ideas. I have not yet put pen to paper on any of these ideas.

              1. I’m sure yours will be great.

  94. I’m gonna draw a shit. No, wait, a cock. No, a cock covered in shit. No, I’ve got it. The prophet riding round Soho on a shit covered cock. As if that’s the best use of your free speech. Why not draw a picture of Mohammed painting a mocking self-portrait. Ohh double sacrelige, aaagghhh my fucking brain.

    1. If you think our comment thread is so low-brow why are you bothering to be here, read the comments and even participate? Just asking.

    2. you think you’re being funny; your “joking” is sufficient to sentence you to death under the system called “Sahria Law”.


  95. alan is the main reason.

  96. O ye who believe! Be not friendly with a folk with whom Allah is wroth, (a folk) who have despaired of the Hereafter as the disbelievers despair of those who are in the graves.

  97. And what though ye be slain in Allah’s way or die therein ? Surely pardon from Allah and mercy are better than all that they amass.

  98. Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

    1. alan knoweth, also.

      1. The Mighty Finch. He stands above us all, yet he can’t even get me out of his head.

    2. I have respect for all lovers of peace.

      But does Allah knoweth why some muslims are cowards who kill women and children and slit the throats of innocents? Other religions must be more powerful and true religions, because they do not need to kill to convince and convert. How can this not be true… no?

  99. What’s the prize? I’m in it to win it, even if it’s a BLT, heavy on the bacon.

    I see the followers of the “peaceful religion” are already making veiled threats. They need Muhammad desensitization therapy to be more tolerant and stop being violent.
    I’m in.

    Allah Ahkbar baby

  100. I’m torn between a Mr. Hanky with full beard and turban, or a Skeletor figure with a scimitar and cartoon bomb.

  101. So when one priest molests a child, the 95% of other priests who had nothing to do with it are responsible. OK.

    Yeah, the same way the “good cops” are responsible for the actions of the rest.

  102. Wish I were more artistic… I would do one of the Kaaba as a toilet, with mohammed sitting on it with diahrreah..and his followers eating the stuff leaking out at the bottom….

  103. And if they want MY head, they had best approach silently from my blind side. Else I will convert them to Buddhism (that whole third-eye thing, ya know..)

    1. Blind in one eye? What happened? Dogshit on finger?

      1. As a matter of fact, yes. It came from your mom’s ass.

  104. I will enter my pic. Didn’t take long for me to draw one.

  105. Wish I were more artistic. I would draw the Kaaba as a big toilet, with Mohammed sitting on top with diahrreah, and his followers eating the leakage oozing out of the bottom…

  106. I am going out to my Airstream, NOW, and starting work on my piece of anti-art depicting my Friend in Christ, Mr. Mohammad.

    and posted on SISTER LOUISA’S CHURCH OF THE LIVING ROOM Facebook Group Page.


  107. I am ALL over this one. In fact I may draw more than one! Hell I’ll even let my dog draw one and she can slobber all over it as well.

  108. I made a Facebook group so you can show your solidarity. Join up. Have fun! http://bit.ly/cGnmRs

  109. Intolerant professors
    Teach Students
    To Tolerate Intolerance

  110. I have a slightly different suggestion because I’m artistically challenged.

    Last year after Yale University Press cravenly caved in to fear – and greed for petrodollars, I suggested that every time the Islamofascists threaten someone for an image, post that image on your blogs.

    See here: http://www.stephenwbrowne.com/…..e-cartoon/

    and concerning my beloved South Park, here: http://www.stephenwbrowne.com/…..-the-fuss/

  111. Here’s the link to the article in Seattle: http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=11&sid=313170
    “Norris has asked other artists to submit drawings of any religious figure to be posted as part of Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (CACAH) on May 20th.”

  112. Who needs a drawing? We have photos of him in the faces of every one of his followers, every Muslim. Most of the images are unremarkable, some like the faces of Ayatollah Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, Mohammed Atta, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Nidal Malik Hasan, Ayman al-Zawahiri and any others who justify their acts of peace or violence by reference to his revelation. Since the prophet Mohammed died long ago, the only way we have to imagine his countenance is through those who have followed him. It’s a sad thing that most Westerners only have the faces of people like Mohammed Atta, Ayatollah Khomeini, Nidal Malik Hasan, Ayman al-Zawahiri or any of the legions of other terrorists who devote themselves to violent jihad to judge from. Every one who threatens violence, “warns” of violence, issues fatwas enjoining violence, or engages in violence as an act of martyrdom or jihad, reinforces the image of their prophet in our minds. If God approves of such acts, then he is not someone I could worship or love.

    If someone puts his foot on my neck and compels me to yelp the Takbir doesn’t change my heart nor endear him to me. His paradise is poisoned.

  113. This Muhammad cartoon idea is great. Public attack on sacred figures worked for me, after ripping up a papal photo on TV. The Catholic church and its moderates heard the brave stand, reacted immediately and got the lesson, they purged priestly pederasty, ordained women, and halted campaigns against art and sexual orientation, then John Paul II became a world pariah, and I was hugely popular and hugged by the Saturday Night Life cast and crew. If only I had the opportunity also to add 12 year old’s style of goat-fucking and pigskin jokes over and over and over and over, it would have been perfect.

    I mean you don’t see Buddhists threatening people over an audiovisual presentation.


    And for suggesting a sacred city should be shared, Jews never threatend me.


    Or Christians in modern times threatening insulting media or artistic presentations and celebrities, they just write letters to the editor that’s all, no death threats over things like Piss Christ or Virgin in a Condom.


    And nobody dismissed me as a simple asshole just venting my hostility rocks off in a meaningless way, rather, instead they all saw it a well-thought-out articulate and sure to effective alarm against church malfeasance and backwardness.

    1. Yawwwwwwwwn

  114. should read: “articulate and . . . effective alarm. . .”

  115. Could somebody please do a Mohammad crop circle?

  116. The real reason there are to be no drawings/paintings of Mohammad is that he has a pig-snout for a nose!

  117. YES, FINALLY! This is a fantastic idea! Let us all stand with the creators of South Park to defend their right of free speech. Let this be known as Free Speech Day from now on!! I call on all librarians, and libraries, in the spirit of Banned Books Week, to put their ideals on the line, and join in this day to exercise our freedom of speech

  118. http://www.comedycentral.com/p…..ankey1.jpg

    my mohamad will look something like this thanks trey and matt

    1. LOL That is Funny As hell!

  119. On a similar note, here is a Facebook group for people who want to change their profile pic to an image of Mohammed, in solidarity with the South Park creators and all those opposed to censorship. If enough people do it, there is no way groups like Revolution Muslim will be able to target all of us. They’ll be forced to simply get over it.


  120. I’m down with the drawing contest and the reasons behind it. However, I can’t really get behind the idea of tarring all of Islam with the same brush, which some of these commenters do. There’s an element of Christians who would kill doctors for performing abortions – and many who support them for it or apologize. But the majority do not. There is a racist element in the tea party movement; most tea partiers however are not motivated by racism or are any more racist than the average liberal. There are nutcases in every wide movement, but the nutcases do not define the movement as a whole. And I’m not saying that all nutcases are morally equivalent; just that this tendency to sweep everything under the same rug is not reason-based or informed. In the specific case of Islam there is a growing movement of liberal scholars and liberal Islamocists. Islam is undergoing something of a reformation itself, though it is an early, ragged beginning state. But if you read some of their work, such as Reza Aslan’s “No God but God” you will see that Islam is not the horror story that many mainstream Americans make it out to be, who have never explored the Koran at all.

    1. I do not tar all of Islam with the same brush. I am very well aware of the Ahmadis who are a very tollerant group of Muslims. I have nothing but respect for the Ahmadis and other tolerant Muslims. But there is also something to be said for asking the question: Why are there so many Muslims doing these things when Buddhists do not? Why don’t Buddhists kill people for making fun of Prince Siddhartha? Why don’t we here about Quakers threatening the life of someone for drawing a mean picture of George Fox? Ideas matter. If you teach tolerance and love as part of your religion you will have a very different society than if you teach that killing infidels will guarantee you a place in paradise. The Ahmadis and perhaps other Muslims as well have managed to interpret Islam in a more tolerant well and I hope other Muslims learn from them.

    2. The analogy with Christians who kill abortionists is not apt. These people believe they are preventing the greater violence of mass murder of unborn children. You and I might think they are just flat out wrong about this — abortion is nothing like murder — but that does not mean much. Perhaps it is right to see abortion as murder. In that case, I am failing to work against an injustice. OTOH, I can not see any way to construe criticism, even misplaced criticism, of Mohamed as *violence* that might require violence to stop.

  121. The historical contexts of these religions were very different (also, Quakerism is a branch of Christianity, not the whole of Christianity which historically has killed people in its name). Wahabbism hijacked traditional Islam, which was prior to the time the Wahhabist came about more tolerant of different faiths than Christianity was. But because Wahabbism arose in Saudi Arabia and then the Saudis became fabulously wealthy beyond their dreams, it allowed Wahabbism to flourish and spread its nasty interpretation of Islam to other places around the globe. If it weren’t for this accident of history, if oil was found in Thailand instead, we wouldn’t be having this dialogue about a contest to draw cartoons of the Prophet.

  122. I’m picturing a two-frame cartoon. The first frame shows a Catholic priest butt raping a little boy. The second frame shows it was Mohammed in a Catholic priest suit.

  123. i want to till to this animal which make this above that he couldnot touch our prophet with any thing because what he made increas our love to our prphet and that abrove that you know that we are right beacuse at least we have the leader who lead us to the right way and that make us more paitent and more strong

    1. I’ll put an effin’ grammar fatwa on your ass if you post like that again.

      1. Al Jacket Akbar!!!! alalalalalalalala!!

  124. My entry in the Draw CENSORED Day contest:


    you like my drawing?

  125. Oops I forgot his beard…


  126. “Via Dan Savage’s blog at The Stranger, some clever chappie (I don’t know who) has declared May 20…”

    Dude. Pretend you’re a qualified researcher, and do a Google search. Or, better yet: look at the bloody cartoon. “Some clever chappie”? Try Molly Norris. It says so right in her artwork that you posted on your blog without the artist’s permission, remember?

  127. Maybe someone with some skilz could do Mr. Hankey from South Park with a turban and a scimitar.

    Here’s an image with the appropriate background:

    1. Maybe someone could read about 80 posts up. Here ya go:


      1. Oh so sorry for bad linky. Cut and paste.

      2. Sorry that I missed one or two posts out of hundreds, I shall strive to do better.

        Dennis’s depiction is similar to my suggestion but doesn’t include a scimitar or the context of the toilet bowl.

  128. The EIGHT dirty words that that you cant say on TV:

    Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits and Mohammed

    Glad he isn’t my savior.

  129. Is it OK if I send a photograph of Mohammed instead?

  130. This has to be the best M. cartoon ever, by a brave Swedish lady, addressing one of the more foul aspects of Big Mo — his pedophilia! His ugly naked self at 53 years old, with his 9-year old “wife”! Sorry for the long weblink, I can’t control that:


  131. Look just because the Mahatma wouldn’t fight back, marched his followers to the sea in protest of the British salt ban, and went on hunger strikes, doesn’t mean he deserves your school-boy pranksterism. Grow up!

  132. This is an awesome idea that’s so long overdue.

  133. Chris Muir got in ahead of you today on his Day-by-day cartoon.

  134. Subway restaurants has determined that you cannot eat bacon, ham and other pork products in many UK establishments. The reason for this is because it might be offensive to some Islamic customers.

    Sign our Petition to help bring back bacon & Ham at subway restaurants:


  135. I propose on the first day of Ramadan, we infidels will declare and Beer, Bacon and Babes Day. Enjoy the three things Muslims detest them most, alcohol, pork products and hot sexy intelligent women. Ask the sexy new intern at you office to lunch at Red Hot & Blue. Get a pulled pork platter and your favorite beer. Have an intelligent conversation with her while you lust after her, and fantasize about having a nooner with her and her BFF from her facebook page. If you get lucky, use a hotel owned by Indian immigrates (most like the owned by Hindus)
    Then wait for the human rights councils of Canada, most European countries, the Ivy League and the United Nations to pass a resolution that it is a human rights violation for infidels to eat pork, drink alcohol and watch porn during Ramadan.

  136. It’s not like anyone knows what he looks like anyways. They just want to feel important, those wacky terrorists. Just another civil war re-enactment club that doesn’t want to bite the dust. I’ll give them some credit though, I do enjoy arabesque and caligraphy.

  137. A bear in a burqa. How can they object to that? It is hidden.

  138. You do realize that 90% of the practitioners of Islam are peaceful humans who just want to be respected right?
    South Park is not the end-all be-all of the modern age, there is still a thing called respect for your common man whether or not they believe the same things as you. And you wonder why the extreme muslim terrorists hate America. YOU ARE WHY!

    1. The point is that South Park has treated every other religion in the same way. Heck, they’ve treated Christianity worse, probably because they’re more familiar with it. Never has Comedy Central censored them before. Isaac Hayes quit because he was so offended at the episode making fun of Scientology. No censorship. This time they fold. It has nothing to do with respect; it has everything to do with fear. And each time a “courageous” first amendment institution caves to thugs, it encourages more thuggery. Of course, it gives a certain type of folks a chance to prove they are better than their countrymen by taking the extremists’ side and explaining what we all did to deserve the irrational hatred of a backward fringe element of a major religion. What do you expect for your understanding, that they will kill you last?

    2. They hate Americans because they are Muslims. Not because of anything any of us did.

    3. Your statement shows you know nothing about Islam.

  139. Kyle|4.26.10 @ 7:11PM|#

    You do realize that 90% of the practitioners of Islam are peaceful humans who just want to be respected right?

    No, I don’t realize that, and the polls bear me out. This idea, that Islam is just Christianity with funny hats, ignores the level of violence that is endorsed by Islam.

    For example, a large proportion of Muslims believe that suicide murderers are justified in their actions, much larger than 10% … and even in “moderate” Indonesia, about half the Muslims think that stoning to death is the appropriate punishment for adulterers.

    So you’ll excuse me if I don’t think that a religion that endorses burying women up to their necks and throwing stones at them is anything but barbaric.

  140. *sarcastic* South Park quote (Richard Dawkins ep): “You have to be a dick to everyone who doesn’t think like you.”

    Seriously, why are you attempting to deliberately offend all Muslims worldwide? How is that an appropriate response to the words of a single Muslim group? (as I understand the news story)

    This is not the way to persuade or even improve relations with the Muslim community. Rather it will only enforce the perception, right or wrong, of Western insensitivity. This “tactic” is more emotional than logical, along with being childish, disrespectful, and counter-productive.

    1. It’s called a freedom. The piece of shit Muslims might not believe in it, but the fact is, I do, and so do 99% of my brethren from the USA. — My point is that nothing should be shielded because it hurts someone’s fucking feeling. It’s not harming anyone in any way. … At least not in a way that matters. “Boo-fucking-hoo, they drew a picture.” Someone puts a teddy bear on a screen, and a response is to kill the makers behind it? What if America had that response to every Arab-asshole that blows up our citizens? A joke is a joke, and anyone should be able to make a joke, without pain of death by some fucking asshole in a different country. Get the fuck over it.

    2. Muslims are destroying our freedom of speech through intimidating threats of violence. You want to sit on your ass and let that happen Scott? Freedom ain’t free lad. Defend it or lose it.

    3. I thought the same thing as Scott for a split second. What if it provokes a war, I thought. Horseshit. Defending liberty is worth looking childish, disrespectful, belligerent, blah, blah, blah.

      Exposing a hateful, idiotic religion/society is the point of this exercise. Besides, being emotional is part of being human. At least our emotions don’t cause us to blow up innocent life.

      1. First off, I agree that the death of Van Gogh and the other threats are utterly despicable and unacceptable and need to be dealt with ASAP.

        I have two issues with this idea. One, that this might offend all Muslims, peaceful and otherwise. Many Muslims are peaceful and I have read articles in which they condemn Revolution Islam. I don’t see the upside in deliberately offending people who don’t wish to hurt anyone else. Realize that these people live different existences from you. I wouldn’t think to call, say, an Iraqi whose had his country invaded and friends and family killed, whose faith might be the only thing that keeps him going, a crybaby. It’s easy to sit in America in relative comfort and say lighten up, but some people might not understand.

        Two, is that the potential for abuse of this idea is large. Are we going to just draw simple pictures of Mohammed, or are we going to make this as obscene as possible (as some people have already started doing). How is it going to look in the Middle East, with all that is going on, after we’ve made such efforts to say we do not hate Islam, if a sudden and deliberate onslaught of mockery is released worldwide?

        It’s easy for us to talk about being brave, siting here in anonimity. It’s another thing for the soldier doing patrol on May 20 when news hits Baghdad that there are thousands of pictures from America depicting the Prophet and a donkey doing anal. I’m no expert on Middle East relations, so maybe I’m overblowing the consequences, but I doubt anyone else here is an expert either.

        Again, I am all for free speech, and we need to put a stop to this bullshit of threatening artists. 100% agree with that part. If someone can prove to me that this will lessen the danger to people like Stone and Parker, then I still might be for it if it was done without undue obscenity. But remember there are fanatical Muslims and then there are peaceful Muslims. And this targets both groups indiscriminately.

        1. Peaceful Muslims have the option of staying off the site so as to not get offended, just like Christians have the option of not going to see Piss Christ.

          If anyone gets hurt following this, the responsibility and the fault will lie squarely on the shoulders of the Muslim fanatics doing the violence.

          The whole point of this exercise is that our government is most assuredly NOT putting a stop to this bullshit of threatening artists, so we have to take action and solve our problems by ourselves. Kind of like the Tea Party concept.

        2. I like that Donkey idea…is that taken?. To “not be offended” by other citizens is not a right or liberty, and it doesn’t matter what belief/religion one holds. The muslim extremists, if citizens, have the right to a secular government and their own personal liberties, including freedom to practice their own religion. With the stipulation that practicing their religion is not killing, or otherwise taking the personal liberties (e.g., freedom of speech) of other People, including their own wives. Threatening violence to stop free speech is tyranny. In this case, Muslims have the right not to watch South Park, and even to tell other people that this is wrong in their religious view (blasphemy), but that is it. Threatening death to force their religious belief is tyranny and is against the very core of The United States of America. That deserves absolutely no consideration. I’m sure other Muslim citizens understand, like the rest of us, that in a free society you are likely going to be offended, and that is a small price to pay. As far as our troops abroad, they are in danger every single day. What is the enemy going to say/do?…”that’s it now we are going to extra super going to kill you.” Is it any worse being killed as a crusading infidel than a blasphemer?

        3. I’m with you Scott. I think this is a great idea for showing terrorists that murdering artists will only cause Mohammad more embarrassment, but all these idiots who are taking this as a license to be disrespectful of other religions….I thought the whole point of this was to say that it’s okay to have a different opinion, and we aren’t going to slaughter you over it.

          1. Being disrespectful is very much the point Megan, because there’s no greater disrespect then to threaten someone’s life over an idea, disrespectful or not.

            If actual killings hadn’t been taking place or actual attempted killings taken place… none of this would be happening. I mean most people don’t go around shoving Piss Christ in Catholics faces every day because Catholics didn’t get all murderous over it. If they had, they’d be getting a lot of dis-respectfulness coming their way too.

            Muslims must ideologically and emotionally be brought to heel, even the nice, peaceful ones. It’s just a burden they must deal with now. It is the year 2010 now, you know.

  141. you know what?
    draw what you need
    if you draw some thing dirty “that,s you”
    if you draw some thing beautiful “that,s you
    but muhammad (peace & passsings be ubone him) is some thing else
    you can,t under stand that because you don,t know any thing “true” about his life
    you just see some people saying : we follow muhammad
    but they don,t
    they are very far from him
    just like jeorge bush he is chrestian & he killed amillions of children in Iraq without any guilt
    i can,t draw 3eysa el maseeh(peace be ubone him )killing children because of Jeorge bosh

    1. Read Mo’s bios. He was a terrorist, a rapist, a murderer and an abuser of a 6 year old little girl. He was a narcissistic psychopath.

      1. You Bone him. Not interested.

  142. Posting the Mohammad illustrations online isn’t all that big a deal. I can find illustrations online already. Print them on Reason magazine -> then it’ll be something to note. Heck, even Free Inquiry magazine already reprinted the Dutch Mohammad cartoons, to which even they were denied by a couple of outlets: http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1P2-112041.html Everybody Draw Mohammad Day is a noble idea, but it seems no better than Comedy Central if you can’t even get your publisher to distribute the content no different from any other magazine you’ve published.

  143. If you wan to get your cartoons of Mo(ham)ed out on the net and don’t have any other way, try creating your own blog on Blogger or any of the other instant blogging sites. In fact, create several of them and post your creations on all of them. Then email all of your friends the links to those sites and ask them to forward the links to their lists. If your cartoons are innovative and funny, they may soon go viral. You can also turn several Mo(ham)ed cartoons into a slide show movie and post the movie on YouTube. There are plenty of ways to get your artwork out there, if you are just a little creative. I’m going to start working on mine now. I’m thinking of Porky Pig, with a beard and towel.

  144. Excellent! Muhammad’s been a regular on the Gods Playing Poker comic strip for years, but I’ll make a point of something special for May 20!

  145. I really don’t know what the hell is wrong with you guys… Whether you all that actually supports this stupidity is either atheist or just some fucked up muslim hater or even seeks amusement in others pain… Please stop this stupidity before anything unwanted happened… We hadnt done anything to your religion… Why cant you leave us alone…. Are you that desperate in making fun of our religion and prophet!!! What’s in it for you… Sure you will feel happy but if another tragedy occurs wouldn’t it make you guys responsible for igniting the flame or revenge in our fellow Muslims hearts…

    1. I am Spartacus. Who the hell are you?

    2. You should kick your fellow Muslims’ asses if you see them getting ready to start violence.

  146. Please read my blog read how islam will win the
    clash of civilization.


    1. Read your blog, you need a checkup from the neckup. Your world is a “special” place but still have a nice day.

  147. Molly Harris,

    Don’t back down. You are doing the right thing. Go for it, expose the Muslim wankers who follow the delusional self serving ravings of some goat shagging pedophile.

    You can quote me and I don’t gaf.

  148. Under the heading great minds think alike, I created an Everyone Draw Mohammed. This is the address:


    There are few filters on this. That means I don’t care if it is offensive, and I don’t care if it isn’t very good. I mean take a gander at mine and you will see that no artistic abilities are necessary at all. The point is draw and give the terrorists the finger. Or draw on your own site, and send me a link. Either one works.

    And the mission statement is here:


    Keep fighting the good fight.


  149. Please just stop doing this senseless thing… Do you really want to go through with this.. I speak for all when I say that every religion in the world stated that it is wrong to defame other religion….. If it so, why don’t you all follow your own religion and leave us alone…

    1. L.A.W.
      First: You don’t speak for all.
      Second: Do you respect the beliefs of white supremacists? Do you feel it is wrong to offend them? The whole idea of being offended is pointless and egocentric. You’re post offends me but who gives a shit. Get over yourself. NO ONE needs to respect anyone’s religion.

      1. Meant L.A.C….

  150. Let us be… If you all want to make fun of me go ahead, but please leave our prophet out of this…

  151. can I add a drawing of old mo. and his 9 year old wife?

  152. It would seem my advice fell on deaf ears…

  153. Hey let’s all join the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave which is making a comeback with this great cultural defense. I think there is a great icon in standard Google Mail — a big turd with flies around it.
    Mohamed was a pedophile!!!!!!

  154. Good luck people – if you do not stand up for your rights you will lose them.

    “But will you be drawing anything?” – No, but in my case such a drawing would be a crime against art (I am a malcoordinated wretch, I can not draw) rather than a “crime” against Islam.

  155. Just tell me any good reason for doing this? fun? getting attention? being anti Muslim and proud of it?if it gona make any difference in world before and after draw Muhammad day? if you say its courage ……..its not.its matter of respect of believes of large group in the same way we respect Jews all these so called liberals and outspoken have courage to do same against JEWS without fear of anti semantic.
    I will request Muslims just ignore these people and they will be done.They are trying their best to get attention and get some revenue for their publication just ignore them

    1. Because I am Spartacus, that’s why.

    2. I hate Islam and I apologize to no one for it. My portrait of Muhammad will reflect this.

      1. Good for you for saying it to. I have said for many years that Islam is a horrible and evil thing. The sooner it is wiped out the better. Cant wait to see the picture!!!

  156. Yeah… I think its for the best just ignore them…. Instead of adding more sin in fighting and cursing them… I think we should really try to ignore them… May they reap what they sow…..

    1. L.A.C.,NOW you’re getting it! When these fools make fun of Christ MY relationship with God in Christ is NOT AFFECTED! My only response to such folly is a sad smile, a shake of the head and the either voiced or silent thought, “These poor fools! They haven’t a clue what’s what.” My congrats now that I see you moving the same way!

  157. Moynihan, you are the FUCKING MAN!!!! I can’t draw at all, I really wish I did. Awesome idea

  158. How would you submit the drawing!

  159. May Allah S.W.T Return All Your Bidding Tenfold

  160. How can I upload my picture?

  161. “Australians all, let us rejoice, for we are young and free” to draw Mohammad too. The word will spread around the book groups.

  162. People, it doesn’t have to be obscene.

    Use your brains, your audience will be much wider if it’s funny/ meaningful and “G” rated work place friendly.

    1. Make your own interpretation otherwise you are not exercising your freedom of speech.

  163. Interesting, Muhammad’s been depicted in history many times before by Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. Here’s a wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D…..on-Muslims

    Even more interesting I find is the famous Orthodox Catholic poet Dante depicting Muhammad in Hell with his chest split open, and intestines spilling out: http://zombietime.com/mohammed…..s_inferno/

    So yeah, depictions of the Islamic prophet by non-Muslims throughout history is nothing new. Comedy Central cowing out to idiotic religious extremists, however, is.

    1. Dante wasn’t orthodox… Being italian from Tuscany he was roman catholic

  164. Here’s an Entire site Dedicated to pictures in history of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad: http://zombietime.com/mohammed_image_archive

  165. You guys … Why do you all keep on doing this stupid thing huh? What do you want from us… Are u all that desperate in searching a way to defame us!!!

    1. Not all Muslims are violent extremist killers, just as well neither are all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Secular Humanists, Deists, Theists, Atheists, etc. Everyone is capable of being however good or bad one wants. Drawing Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Muhammad, Ayn Rand, etc. in whatever way anyone wants is not a reason to threaten killing anyone. If a Christian draws his or her beliefs on paper depicting Muhammad, or any other religious figure in his/her view of Hell, you have just as much right to express/draw the same claim about whatever that person represents. Drawing anything on paper or anywhere else doesn’t threaten your life or anyone else’s. That’s what the center of the matter is here. Writing, or drawing is not reason to threaten or act violently on others.

    2. You really don’t get it, do you? We could
      care less about your dignity, your notion of which badly needs deflating. Satan fell because he took himself too seriously; remember that! As to God and ALL the prophets and the
      Messiah, they can take care of themselves! I know; I speak with God and He tells me to mind MY relationship with Him AND NO ONE ELSE’S! And if someone makes fun of your prophet, how does that endanger your relationship to God? I want particulars on this and yes, I want a
      real answer to that question!!

  166. If you keep this up… Not only u guys will be shunned…. But your country as well

  167. Glad to see other taking up the this event the original creators seem to be dropping out, probably from people sending them nasty death threats no doubt.

  168. Haven’t those mohamedians seen this then?


    1. like anyone’s gonna to believe your me or anyone else for that matter the Caps lock is one big give away πŸ˜›






  175. It’s about time somebody started this. If we draw a stick figure are we going to hell? Oh no!!

  176. Law abiding citizen, we in the West believe in freedom of speech. Your ‘fatwahs’ to stop this will not work. That is the way it operates here. If you do not like what you see, do not access it. But you cannot ask others to stop what they are doing, this is not an Islamic country where the rights of individuals are neglected.

    If you want to, you are at perfect liberty to go ahead and draw cartoons of your own: say about Jesus, Buddha, the boogeyman. Why don’t you approach it that way?

  177. Screw all that stupid religous extremism bullshit. This is what freedom is all about. religion is just another way to keep the public down. and control what people can do. FUCK MUHAMMAD!!!

  178. hey everyone,i’m an arab christian…i know that muhammad has a detailed physical description..maybe for those who want to do it right,i suggest u go to websites that has his biography,they night have his description


  180. Remember Times Square …. O yah, it’s so on.

  181. Does this mean we’re all gonna die now?

  182. Really guys… in our religion we must do our best to stop others making fun of our prophet especially Mohammad…. Its our duty as fellow Muslim… So you see I don’t intend to shun any other religion or make fun of it nonetheless…. But for you all to keep on doing this kind of things… You all should be ashamed of your self… A man is ridiculed for protecting his religion… You guys are all pathetic…. We hadn’t even touch the tip of all of your religion with our jokes or even make them an issue… So why can’t you guys do the same for us… Please for the sake of sanity… STOP THIS FOOLISH THING!!!

    1. L.A.C., you’re backsliding. You were on the right path your last post when you said the best thing to do is ignore these adolescent-brains. Anyhow, where’s your answer to MY question? Why does your prophet need protection from ridicule anyway? My Christ only requires me to listen to what he says and have faith in him as the Christ, for it is that faith that gives one the strength to persist in listening to him and following his path. Don’t you see, L.A.C.? A robust,
      healthy faith needs no protection against ridicule or questions. Only a brittle faith on the verge of collapse anyway needs such protections! Well, which is yours? Pray and think about it and reopen your own door to ijtihad. And again, my first question: if someone else makes fun of your prophet, does that have any effect on what he said or did and hence, does it affect your relationship with God? And if it does,
      how so? Read your last post, and you’ll see you haven’t yet answered those questions. Can God and the prophets not take care of themselves?

  183. Yeah. Damned zealots will be forced to avert their eyes from my drawings on 5/20 like am forced to listen to their fucked up notions of righteousness.

  184. Do you think Allah S.W.T and our prophet Muhammad S.A.W couldn’t take care of themselves? Oh on the contrary it is Allah S.W.T who is watching and protecting us… And it is HE who protects our prophet… So Godfrey deBouillon… In reply to your question, Allah S.W.T is taking care of all of us in this world…. Even the non-Muslim… That is how gracious and generous Allah S.W.T To all of us…..

    1. No indeed. I know very well God and the prophets can take care of themselves and that God does care for each and all of us. Indeed, that they CAN take care of themselves and don’t need indignation from any of us is PRECISELY MY POINT.

  185. And your doing here does not affect my relationship with Allah S.W.T. neither with our prophet Mohammad S.A.W. Its just offending and not right you know… For us Muslim who had done nothing to you guys…But you all replies in an act of which you all say free will, mocks our prophet and thus our religion.. Isn’t it a heartache to watch…

    I know I said that it is best to leave them be… But even you, Godfrey deBouillon would be angry if after you post countless comments to stop this act of disgrace toward our religion, they still ignorance and kept on making fun of us… Wouldn’t you…

    1. Law Abiding Citizen, stop those crazies that are inciting the world against Mohammad! They are the the guilty party here, we – this blog – are the natural reaction to the terrorism of those few who would murder God’s children instead of allowing Him to be the judge of His world.

      1. yea megan very true…

  186. Actually, no, I wouldn’t be angry. I’d feel a bit sorry for such tedious fools and I’d wonder who (literally) in God’s name did them such dirt to make them so angry at God. Remember, God can take all our anger; David was never shy about voicing his anger to God–and that was from the man after God’s own heart, remember! You seem to respect Scripture; do you know the Zabur and the Injil?
    I hope I could say I’m sorry for whatever injury they feel God dealt them. Then I would say that God is no earthly sovereign to require us to smile when we’d rather smite Him. No,what God wants from each of us individually and all of us together is HONESTY and ENGAGEMENT! He would rather have us yelling at Him than we be silent. Do you get it yet, L.A.C.?
    Your heartache should be for their uncomprehending folly. Can God and the prophets not take care of themselves? And if your relationship with God is unaffected by all their stupidity, why should you care? Let them make jackasses of themselves and maybe ask God if there’s a way for you to enjoy that!

  187. right, it is about time you all knew what is going on here. Muslims *DID NOT* complain about it or threaten anyone. Revolution Muslim is a front site set up by a a bunch of Israelis who use it to portray Muslims in a bad light. YOU ARE BEING SUCKED IN. I’ll bet this does not get published.

  188. To you Godfrey deBouillon , does this seemed right… Do you honestly did not care if this is your religion that they are mocking… Surely as a man of religion, I thought you would understand… Can you just sit idly by and watch as your religion been mock and shunned..

    1. It is written in the Injil, said by Isa al-Masih, “By their fruits you shall know them.” If my religion (and by that,do you mean my church or how I live my life?) bears good fruit, is that not proof against any mockery? And if it does not bear good fruit, can it not be said that perhaps mockery is even a necessary ‘wake-up!’ call to me and/or my church to live out what al-Masih has said to us? No, if mockery annoys me, the right thing for me to do is to ask WHY and if it points out things that must be remedied. On the other hand, if it’s of old and passe things, what real harm does it do? In such a case, all it does is make the mockers look like dummies! Always remember that ‘defending one’s dignity’ is an all-too-human trait; it is not part of divine character. Outside of God being Love, there’s little concerning God’s nature about which I’d be this bold, but I believe I’m on solid ground here. If you think otherwise, tell me WHY and on what do you base your belief about such a matter? Oh–and if my religion was shunned, I would also want to know why and what we can and should do about it. You ready to do that? Reopen your own door to ijtihad!!


        1. That’s the right spirit, Kadir!!

    1. Anwar al-Awlaki, you are a bloodthirsty son of apes and swine!! May the God Who is Love show your blind followers the true light so that they all desert you and leave you in impotent darkness! May that same God forgive me for that I have not enough of Him in me yet to wish you His mercy as well! Take warning: whenever free men must fight slaves or zombies, free people have won every time–and they (WE) will win this war, too! Repent while you can, or an exceptionally hot corner of Jehannum will have your name on it!!!

  189. “Fight for the right to draw Mohammed, but then decline doing so.” anonymous blogger

    I am against offending Muslims who had nothing to do with the South Park censorship. If the whole drawing thing could somehow only ‘get back’ at Comedy Central and Revolution Muslim, that would be SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Islamic doctrine offends me and many others like me. Are you against people like me being offended by this doctrine or are you simply biased towards Islam. See how this works?

  190. muslums reading this may say things lieky who messed with your religon and whatever. One thing you need to learn is that every major group is made fun of. most people deal with it. you threaten and kill people because of it.
    we wont stand for. killing people will only anger us and make us humiliate you. you wana kill any body who dipicts your prophit. good luck killing eveyone pariticipating. draw Mo day is a statment rather than an insult. you cant kill everyone who dosnt agree with you. thats not how it works. if you didnt kill and threaten people we wouldnt be doing this. when we are threatened we dont cower. we dont respond with violence either. we respond by desroying your evil reputation

    1. And you need to learn that like any group, us Muslims have every right to be offended when you offend us. And it is well within our Allah-given right to voice our disgust of your actions.

      But you are right Drawing Prophet Muhammad is a statement, one that will be the only worthwhile thing you’ve done in your life. Your legacy will be being an internet tough guy, tough guy.

      Oh and you did cower. Comedy Central didn’t show the cartoons. The original cartoonist of this fad bowed out, even the Facebook group creator bowed out. None of the reputable US newspaper or TV channels ever showed cartoons of what was assumed to be Prophet Muhammad. Really after all of this, you have nothing to show for. I feel somewhat sad for you.

      1. You can be offended and insulted all you want to be, but we don’t have to give a shit. I don’t give a shit if you’re offended. Deal with it buddy.

        You’re insulted. Good. That’s the intent. Now go blow yourself up in name of the pedophile Prophet Muhammad… if you’ve got big balls.

        1. You are inciting violence and terrorism, you pathetic fool. Don’t you realise your whole life is a contradtion and you add nothing to humanity except be an oxgyen waster. You should just continue posting on anime related blogs and do us all a favor. Fool.

  191. Fuck muslims and their religion of hate and oppression. Lets all draw Mohamid. I hope when those terrorist fucks die there are 100 virgins waiting for them.

    100 male virgins waiting to fuck them in the ass for all eternity. Screw em

    1. You are using homosexuality in a negative light. You won’t like it when Wonda Sykes calls you out on your lame ‘stache and the fact that you’re 36 years old and still live in your parents basement and eat Ramen noodles 6 days a week.

  192. *~@):~{>

  193. I am a Muslim, a practicing one. I am saddened by these hijinks of you people. Do you not see how you are managing to piss of regular Muslims in your quests to piss off “baddies?” You may think you are doing something noble and grand by drawing what you say is Muhammad, but in reality you are just pathetic people floating about your life without any real ambitions or cause-c?l?bre. If you feel so strongly against Muslims/Islam, why don’t you go join the Army or Navy and go join the war in Afghanistan or Iraq?

    1. Screw you Salaam and screw your prophet too.

      1. That’s all you can really do is throw hissy fit in moments of rage. You have neither the courage nor the balls to do anything.

        My Prophet has been dead for 1400+ years. You can’t screw him. And I am not gay; so, Tommy, sorry to get your hopes up. You’ll have to manage by masturbating. Alone, as you have for always.

        1. Salaam. I may not agree with all you say, but I admire your attitude. Hissy fits are something we all do better without, and you do well to be saddened by such ‘hijinks’ as they originate in spleen and/or lack of understanding. But what was that first post? Was that you or another using your name?

          1. Sorry, my mistake. Your ‘first’ post turned out to be your second one!

    2. Salaam,

      the fight against Muslims hating of freedom of speech ain’t in Iraq or Afghanistan, it’s here in America… you know, where Muslims are having our television censored. I defecate on your religion. And you, by the way, can suck me off!

      1. You see, Muslims account for less than 1% of American and have no serious power in any circle of American life. We aren’t deliberating your freedoms. Rather you, the persecuted majority (*laughs*) are the one shoving your views down our throat and severely limiting us from functioning as proper and productive citizen of not only America but the world. Every time you say or do something out of your hate, you make us feel uncomfortable and we withdraw when we should be engaging. So think about this next time you post, comment, talks, do anything. Think about how your actions and your words are contributing negatively to America and the world.

        Muslims haven’t censored any TV or any newspapers. Numerous newspaper pubished the pictures which are thought to be resprenstation of Prophet Muhammad.

  194. ohh u loooseerssss….seriously loosers.. u wil draw the pics just to show ur hatred towards islam..and that show how cheap u ppl are.. just a piece of shit ..al of u who draw that..and draw it and i asure u .. ur hands wil not work ever again Inshallah

    1. I’m going to draw the Prophet Muhammad fucking a ten year old girl. How you like them Apples sidra?

      1. Just because you draw a random picture and say it’s Prophet Muhammad doesn’t make it Prphet Muhammad. You are but a lonely man and we will do well to leave you with your own devices and vices. Just as long as you don’t get out of your cage and harm anyone else, that is.

  195. its funny u r fighting against a Prophet who died 1400 yrs back..hahahah its soo funny that u r still threatend by him that his teaching might not take ur children or family away from ur own fake religion..and i find it hillarious and childish..grow up ppl please grow up.. instead of drawing ..open ur mind.

    1. Open our mind to backwardness and inferiority… say what?

      1. You do have to see the irony that the Prophet Muhammad was an orphan, goat herder who lived 1400+ years ago. And now, you and your entire civilisation is threathened by his legacy and his teachings. So what good are you nukes and your aircraft carriers? You cannot every fight or win against ideas and thoughts with armaments or power. You will do well to convince your hickville to join the 21st century and learn to coexist.

        1. “You will do well to convince your hickville to join the 21st century and learn to coexist.”

          Those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Pot meet kettle.

      2. open your mind from filthy ness to decency and pureness which only Islam Tells….

        Go and Study Islam first then say who is backward and who is inferior:)

      3. open your mind from filthy ness to decency and pureness which only Islam Tells….

        Go and Study Islam first then say who is backward and who is inferior:)

  196. I don’t understand why the haters are assuming that this is automatically going to be a disrespectful or offensive act to draw a picture of Mohammad.

    If it’s because they are assuming that the depictions will ALL be deliberately insensitive and designed to hurt ALL Muslims by excoriating their figurehead, then they are speaking too generally. Blasphemy is generally a victimless crime, and I think people tend to respect their OWN values, not those of other cultures, first.

    Consider that maybe people are ANGRY that depicting Mohammad artistically using OUR free speech led to real-life violence, & the response to such violence is now creating a backlash against said organistion justifying said violence.

    (If you are a moderate member of said organisation, tell the fanatics to FUCK OFF, or,even better STOP SUPPORTING the doctrine which justifies killing and destroying over a cartoon. Get some help!)

    If, however, the assumption is that by merely depicting Mohammad, that’s automatically offensive no matter how sensitively or realistically drawn (as my submission is), then this is precisely WHY a person who respects the values of their OWN country– of free speech and freedom from religious persecution– MUST take up the pen to exercise the rights that other cultures not only refuse to give themselves, but want to deny us through threats of death (real or implied… the dirty work has already been done… all a wingnut has to do is cough *Theo Van Gogh* and non-fanatics will be cowed into submission to deny ourselves our own rights to expression.)

    Respect needs to be earned, after all. Read through Surah 9 and also decide whether burning embassies, attacks on churches, and 100 dead people is a proportionate response to a frickin’ cartoon, and is deserving of our “respect”. What about the *respect* for leaving places unbombed, people unkilled, and symbols of the West undestroyed?

  197. any religion is not allow to defame other religion respected persons. if u have religion so you shouldn’t try to do that, unless u do, it mean u haven’t any religion.

  198. Wat a shit is going on here???muslims never try to draw their Prophet’s picture den y u people r taking interest in it???u must respect others religion and feelings u hv no right to play with them so its a kind request that please stop all this otherwise muslims will never be quite on this

  199. this is simply the worst thing one could ever do. why don’t you understand, that its not always about doing what you want. Its also about respecting others beliefs and creating a harmony among the different traditions. it is just too sick to see people not realizing such things.

    1. If drawing a picture within one’s OWN rights (not all Islamic sects even have a problem with images of Mohammad so it’s CLEARLY not a “target” against ALL Muslims) is the WORST thing a person could do– above stoning a raped teenager to death, above cutting off thieves’ hands in a soccer stadium for everyone to see, above beheading prostitutes and hanging gays, then you are immoral and possibly a psychopath and need help.

      If your religion is what is causing you to see things so distorted and hatefully, then quit your religion as it’s not constructive. It’s damaging. Get rid of it. Don’t pass it on. And certainly don’t defend it.

      Religions are NOT deserving of respect if what they preach is immoral. Some clues: does your holy book preach hatred or intolerance towards gays, women, other tribes; promote slavery, demand blood sacrifices (both human and animal); and, does it threaten infidels & apostates with eternal punishment?

      If so, then you have an immoral doctrine on your hands and it needs to be rejected, not revered.

    2. Respectfully you need to be Westernized. It’s time to grow up man realize the pedophile Prophet Muhammad never spoke to God and that such can be said all day long and forever more, rather or not it offends you or not.

      Do you understand friend? If you don’t, you’re going to be upset Muslim for the rest of your life. So if I were you, you better learn to live with it. You simply don’t have any other choice my man.


  200. we strictly condemn this event and as a Muslim it is our duty to stop u from publishing this event.

    1. please now its time to stand. come and join against that stupid thought.

    2. How are you going to stop us from making of the pedophile Prophet Muhammad?

      You can’t stop us. Haha.

      1. Au contraire, we have stopped you. You said it yourself previously that Muslim are censoring American TV and newspapers. Which is it, chumps? Are we able to severely limit your rights or are we not capable of doing it? Make up your mind.

  201. You will be punished by Allah for all this…

  202. My word… they still are going for this stupidity…. I really dont know what’s wrong with all of you who support this idiotic act of your so call free will. Why can’t you let us be.. And get back to all of your life… Because if you don’t we Muslim will still stand and fight word by word till our last breath to defend our religion…

    1. Excuse me ignorant Muslim, but what do you not understand about what is going on? Muslims are pig shitting on our free speech. It’s wrong and we will not abide it.

      Get use to it or else. Ultimately you will lose, grow up, or perish in hate.

    2. You’re too arrogant and stupid to know what’s going on. You’re a mindless slave to your ideology.

  203. May GOD have mercy on you..i must say all you people dont know what you are indulging yourself in. We are people with open mind and respect other religion. No matter what. Its not your fault you people are disgrace of what you are.

    1. Insulting the pedophile Prophet Muhammad is a disgrace you say Pakistan? Haha… I say worshiping a godless man who fornicate with a child is disgraceful.

      Fuck Muhammad, today and forever!

  204. Peace and prosperity can never be achieved by hurting people’s thoughts and beliefs. Thus, publishing any kind of pictures, caricatures or drawings which present the prophet Mohammad Salallah Aleh Wa Aalhe Wasalam’s appearance displeases Muslims out and out. People who are indulged into such a campaign are actually insecure, jealous and full of hatred for Muslims. In turn, we Muslims still believe that we must stop doing such things which hurt each others’ feelings. You would never hear a Muslim talking ill and evil about the Prophet Jesus. We consider him as a messenger of Allah (God) and a true guide to his own people.

    Hence, let’s stop hatred any longer and spread the message of love, peace and brotherhood.

    Let’s say “NO” to any such day and any such photos.

    I pray that Allah almighty show us all the right path.

    1. The pedophile Prophet Muhammad… I ass fuck him before all Muslims.

      As Allen Ginsburg said once, “I shit on Islam”.

    2. I say YES to Draw Muhammad Day. If Muslims are hurt then that’s too bad. Welcome to the free world.

  205. Mohammed was just a successful psychopath who plagerised the Arab, Hebrew, and Christian religions, to make a predatory warrior cult, disguised it as religion, so he could become a ‘holy’ warlord. He was no prophet, he did it all for power and profit.

    As an atheist I regard all religion as falsehood and immoral, they they may start out as relatively harmless mysticism, but ends up as subtle or overt vehicles for control, power, and slavery.

    State politics is just a secular reflection of the evils of religious control, it offers nothing constructive, just talk, and laws which solve nothing and cause new problems.

    The people at the link below are left-wing idiots; cooperative anarchy would be far better, because none of these Socialist thieves could lord it over us or usurp the products of our hard work to parasites and crooks!


  206. i must say grizzley what you have just said will have a great impact on your life…just wait and remember this comment of mine…

  207. allah tum sbko tabah ho barbard kar dale.allah kare tum logon par esa azab ae k tum log bad tareen mout maro
    hi things show tht yu are busurds this shows your cheap mentality
    and insucurity from islam.and i warn and pray for da each people who have done all dis that allah all mighty give u da worst ever death and azab on you people so nxt time u ll see no one ll be able to do it again u r dogs u can only bark

  208. hey……. stop doing all these…
    if we muslims are stopped then this isn’t dat we fear but we were stopped by our prophet (S.A.W) to not use bad wording for anybdy….
    If u r strong then come face to face… i m fm afghanistan…..see we didn’t let u to take victory even after 10 years…….be cool ….and wait for time when we muslims will all stand together against u …it iz da fault of we muslims…dat we r nt standing together……We will inshallah soon stand against all u persons who r insulting our religion.

  209. atleast you should care of some ones sentiments, is that humanity that you all are pretending to be the master of.
    realy, the person that is non muslim cant’t be called as ambassador of humanity,
    hey christains what are you doing, you are drawing the one who was from the family of your christ, and jews , you are also from the prophet who was also related to that chain, the pious GOD’s chain of prophets. think of it if you are human and have mind to think, and don’t have narrow mind. just think of it

    1. Must of these people probably aren’t Christians. We’re much worse meri… we’re non-believers.

      The pedophile (as the Koran teaches us he was) Prophet Muhammad did not know God or speak to God. He was a just a dude, a child fucking, conquering dude.

        1. Translate that for me will you.

  210. Please Stop all this.. You people will surely burn in hell fire.. Please it’s for ur own good.!

    1. Haha… no.

      1. You are laughing on this. But Ali is saying perfectly correct. Get ready for being burned badly in the hell. And what will exactly happen every time you will be burned Allah will give you new skin and then will burn you again and the process will continue.

        1. Haha… burned in hell. Whoopy, sounds fun. Just don’t burn me or anyway during this lifetime. I’d appreciate it if you’d just keep this burning fantasy to your head. Appreciate you dude. Peace.

      2. u idiot,if u will not stop then see what we will do to u!!…just see u mother fuckers!

        1. What are you going to do to us again?

    May ALLAH Guide you peoples Then u’ll understand Islam !!
    if ur not the day iz not far from you its very cloze when we Walk On You Beware Accept ISLAM Or Die !! LAST CALL for every One !!

    1. No, don’t accept Islam. Deal with my friend. Peace.

  212. I copied this notice just before it was removed. http://www.facebook.com/pages/…..ef=tsabout a minute ago ? Abu Safiyyah @@ Every Muslim Brother and Sister: Please make this message viral in all the facebook groups and let facebook know this very well=Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah,It has been more than two weeks now and Facebook has not deleted the group “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” because of hate speech against our Prophet Muhammad [saw]. If that group would have been made against some other personality, facebook would have quickly made out their ‘terms and conditions’ and would have permanently removed the admins and those other involved in this activity. But since it ‘Our Prophet’ [saw], they are equally responsible for helping such a group defame our Prophet Muhammad [saw]. Thus, we the Muslims make facebook equally responsible for it and we’ll consider all the 900+ employees in it equally responsible for going against Muslims. Facebook team and group will be equally responsible for anything that will happen to their headquarters or any other office they hold because of promoting and dishonoring our Prophet Muhammad [saw] by helping them. Their hatred against the Muslim is eminent as till now they have not taken this group down by following their own ‘terms and conditions’. It seems that their ‘terms and condition’ doesn’t imply if the claimed party is a ‘Muslim’. Even if we fail to find the real criminals behind this group, we’ll not leave facebook. All those who will assist these people in performing hate speech against the Prophet Muhammad [saw], will become equally responsible and anything happening to them will lay on their own shoulders not Muslims.This is not a threat at all, but this is a message to make this clear that facebook as a team should not consider itself free from any responsibility and they will be definitely held responsible for supporting such gang under the label of so called ‘freedom of speech’. This is to explain to them as a warning what possibly can happen, if they allow this event to take place. The story of Theo van Gogh is not too far to take a lesson from.We as Muslims very well know facebook headquarters and other offices and not complying to your own ‘terms and conditions’ and then not respecting the final Messenger Prophet Muhammad [saw], will become a cause of humiliation for your ownself and the history will become witness as a response, as to what happened to the blasphemer of Prophet Muhammad [saw].Don’t forget the message delivered to you from the Usamah bin Ladin (ha) that”If there is no check in the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.”A smart and wise person doesn’t take long to make a correct decision. Clarifying the South Park Response and Calling on Others to Join in the Defense of the Prophet Muhammadhttp://mujahidblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/clarification_south_park.pdfThe New Facebook Headquarters http://techcrunch.com/2009/06/…..adquaters/


      1. No the message it still up. I’ll be reporting this to the FBI.

    2. Some Muslims are so pathetic. Hopefully it is an empty threat… but lets not bank on hope though.

  213. I strongly condemn this campaign.It must be stopped. It is nothing but humiliation of Muslim’s feelings. Also it’ll cause separation among the different religions in our globe.

    1. There already IS a separation. Islam is nothing if not an intolerant divisive ideology.

    2. Yep, embrace the humiliation my friend… embrace the humiliation.

      Get over the fact that people disagree with you and to say so, and say it harshly and insulting if they so choose.

      Freedom of speech, Ehsan, is more important than anything ever said or written by the pedophile Prophet Muhammad. This will always be.

  214. hey u creat problem for urself MUHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) IS ALLAH beloved prophet you will see ur result in this world and in hearafter and that will decide the truth

    1. The truth is your prophet is a pussy.

    2. Not likely man since the pedophile Prophet Muhammad (if we call Roman Polanski a pedophile, we must also call the Prophet Muhammad that too) is dead, was not holy, never spoke to God, cause God, frankly (haha), likely doesn’t exist.

      Anyway, no way in hell Allah exists. Dude is way too mean and cruel. I just don’t believe it. No apologies.

  215. that is not human’s work i belive u give us a message that u have 100 faathers ask 4m ur mother

  216. u`ll bear the pain in the hell..u mother fuckers..FIRE OF HELL is ready for u,god will not fordve u,u`r not human,u`ll c,u`ll be ruined by muslims very soon..INSHALLAH…

  217. god will not forgive u..u`ll bear the pain..fire of hell is ready for u,we muslims will ruin u INSHALLAH very soon!

  218. GOD will punish u..

    1. I doubt it, but least you’re not saying Muslims will punish me. Props to you for that adil sher.

  219. GOD will never forgive u,u`ll bear the pain…fire of hell is ready for u..u`ll be ruined by us,…we r muslims..n u r non muslims..

    1. If I meet your god I will kill him.

  220. sham in all of those people who did this bullshit
    an all of u b ready for d punishment and dat is hell d never ending fire……..

  221. u all bastards…u l destroy INSHAALLAH if u try to do so..u aa r motherfuckers..n ll destroy soon,..ALLAH ll destroy u if u draw our NABI MOHAMMAD (SALLAHOALAIHEWASILM)…

    1. u r right,they will be destroyed!

      1. How will be destroyed? Muslims will kill us you’re saying?

  222. for all of you who are sensible:

    no 1 is allowed to humilate any religion. thats what every religion says. Islam being the top of list.
    muslims are not terrorists , even if a person who is by birth a muslim and indulge in such violent activities does not remain a muslim by faith. there’s a misunderstanding about muslims.
    y does not the world call america or israel a terrorists, they are killing thousands n thousands of innocents in palestine, iraq. ??
    we Muslims do not get dominated by such crap activities , we have firm beleif in our religion and love our prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). we are all peace lovers and condemn any violent activity by any person any where in the world.
    we condemn such drawings crap .
    u may like to make such sbmisions and try having fun. we will do whatever we can
    peace for all.

    1. My god says I’m allowed to trash Islam if I want to.

    2. Actually, all human beings are allowed to humiliate religion… and especially when they’re being told they cannot and are in fact being prevented from doing so.

      Muslims continue to bring this humiliation on themselves. You’ve asked for it and now you’re going to get it.

      So next week… we will all make fun of you and depict your pedophile Prophet Muhammad for what he truly was… a man of conquering, violence, and misogyny.

      Deal with it… cause this is your world and it will not being changing.

  223. u all will go in fire,INSHA ALLAH!!!!……………u just draw mohammad day and we will kick u and kill u by our muslim hands,,,idIOTSSS!!!!!!!!

    1. Like I always say : Islam is the religion of hate.

  224. u all will go in fire,INSHA ALLAH!!!!……………u just draw mohammad day and we will kick u and kill u by our muslim hands,,,idIOTSSS!!!!!!!!

    1. You will kill people over drawing the pedophile Prophet Muhammad? Really?

  225. we hate u and u r fuck,u bloody bastards!


    1. Having trouble with your cap lock key.

    2. You’re going to kill President Obama? Shit, I thought the KKK was going to be doing that.

      This will shock progressives I think and might actually piss them off. I wouldn’t do it if I were you. πŸ™‚

  227. I dont know why you people do such things.Your Christ didnt preech you such.Atlest follow ur Christ

    1. Oh I will draw images of Christ and the pedophile Prophet Muhammad making love as well.

      Christ the Jew will be on top and the pedophile Prophet Muhammad on bottom. πŸ™‚

      1. yah rite !
        thats ALLLLLLLL u can think of…..
        coz u ppl urself do all this crap thats why ur now including ur GOD and ur religious preachers as well in it !

        1. Well good for you and them. More power to you guys.

          It won’t stop any criticism coming your religion’s way anytime soon though. Cause in America, it would be unconstitutional. Yay!

  228. salam…I am so stunned to see so many english people going against propeht PUBH …I just wana ask dont you guys read your holy books… ?its so clearly written in bible and EVERY religious book in the world that PROPEHT MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H is the last messanger from God..please seriously think before you do any thing…If you have problems with what muslims are SAID to be doing just make them target..its so kiddish to target such a sacred personality …you guys mentioned afganistan and iraq…america is ruling those countries now.. their troos are there but i dont see even 2% of development in those countries infact migration caese are being reported more than ever…you people are so lame to think upon anythning..you just sit ,yawn and think of doing something beyond stupidity…muslims never targeted your prpehets and religion ..infact they respect them and agree they are meaasanger of God too…but you are so narrow minded to even think this way…i will again ask to please think over it again ..its seriously NOT FUNNY….may Allah guide you all..ameen

    1. No, it’s seriously funny and beautiful. Muslims are not above being made fun of. You are not special because you are Muslim. In fact you’re mostly backwards thinking folk who don’t yet fully understand the modern world and what that means for you, and your religion.

      I’m faithless, by the way, but the bible doesn’t mention the pedophile Prophet Muhammad at all. Get educated dude.

      1. lolz we dnt want you modren world
        where there is only lust and filth exists:)

        we are proud that we are Muslims….

        go awayyy…

    2. the only place the bible mentions mo is when Jesus says a false prophet will follow him.

  229. All of you non believers!! listen… you are living in a fake and sick state of mind..although your POP and all think tanks knows that that ISLAM is true religion and right path,,no matter what you guys are doing..ISLAM is there to lead the world till the day of judgment,,if you are not accepting this fact,your offspring will realize it and embrace,Im not going to abuse you b/c you really need sympathy and lots of prayers…Because the ways you are following is leading to fire of HELL,,I welcome you to study ISLAM..May Allah give u right knowledge and bless you,so that you are not amongst those poor people who will be decided as fuel of hell…take care..

    1. All think tanks know that ISLAM is true religion… oh yes, this so true! All think tanks know that ISLAM is true religion.

      Oh my God… Islam is more worthless than Mormonism, and trust me bud, most people especially don’t think Mormonism is the true religion and right path.

      Keep worshiping the pedophile Prophet Muhammad if you want to, it is a free country after all (if you’re even American), but just don’t get all jihadist or scream racist when I simply say that Islam is not the true religion and that Muhammad was simply some dude.

      Anyway, if you guys keep acting this way nobody in the West will respect you (not that we really do now) and you will be converting very few people to your “true religion”.

      Peace my man.

    2. Beliver
      All of you non believers!! listen..///

      No. We’ve had enough of your BS.

    3. the only way to the father is through his Son Jesus Christ.
      Repent from following your murderous bloody moon god (who is Satan in disguise) and find Christ or you are doomed.

  230. You people are sick losers…people who are so freaking sick and bored with their lives u have nothing better to do…go rot in hell beacause that is a place made for sinners like u.

    1. Oh no… we’re sinners! We will roast in hell… a place that doesn’t even exist. Haha.

      I tell Allah to bring it on!

  231. You follow Christ the Son of God as u call him….this is not what he preached…nor does God preach such things…you people are all children of satan and most probably worship him too…your sick a nd satanic mind is enough to prove it.

    1. No, many of us don’t follow Jesus Christ. We make fun of him too and his followers, which is why we can make fun of the pedophile Prophet Muhammad and you guys too.

      It’s about time for you guys to mature as a people and learn to deal with some criticism and some insults. Just turn the other cheek if you respect Christ like you say you do. πŸ™‚

  232. you guys dont even what u all are doing and i challenge u all that ALLAH will not let u do this event INSHALLAH and u guyz dont know the power of islam .we r the one who defeated 3 times larger army than us by the help of ALLAH so please , i recommend u guyz to stop this hilarious thing PLEASE FOR UR OWN BELIEFS OR CHRIST

    1. Respectfully, Allah doesn’t exist. There is no Allah. The pedophile Prophet Muhammad was just a man… just like Christ.

      I’m agnostic, not a believer in Christ. Get a clue guys… there are many non-believers in the West, like for example all these cartoonists. They don’t care for Jesus either. They shit on him too like they shit on the pedophile Prophet Muhammad (he was, cause the Koran tells us so… and we must talk about him like we talk about Roman Polanski). πŸ™‚

    2. The event is a done deal.

    3. We know precisely what we’re doing Fahad.

  233. fuck u guys u will be burned in hell!!!! and i have no words if i could make it i would kill the person who made this event this is an open threat

    1. Haha… you guys are hilarious. Killing people over speech. Haha.


    1. Free speech is nonsense? Really? FBI… haha.

      1. FBI guy I hear your mommy calling you. Run along.

    2. bullshit. are you 9 years old or what?

  235. all of you will burn in hell for this. and bad things will happen to you for in this life also. Beware the Wrath of Allah. shame on all of you.

    1. adeela,

      What bad things will happen to us?

  236. Allah will answer to me.

  237. u englisg people are such mother fuckers… thats why u are only for piss off… shit in ur mouth… pissing on ur tongue… fuck you all bastards….. u r really disgusting people…. really u will be rwaraded more than this…

    1. faisal
      u englisg people are such mother fuckers..///


      1. a concise, cogent and intelligent argument, Tommy.
        I’m convinced!

    2. faisal,

      How will we be rewarded?

  238. Very soon…ppl like yu all, wil see a marked change in their lives….ur lives wil be living hell…n yu all wil rot in hell, coz that’s the place u hav opted for urself…u do not understand the Power of Our GOD and u nvr wil, coz al of u r dumb…u r blind, n wil nvr see what u did wrong…u r mute, n wil nvr admit where u were wrong…n u r deaf, n u wil nvr hear the Vioce of right path…n very soon all of u will be dead, n none of ur ppl wil b able to save u..when ur souls wil b torn apart from ur bodies ruthlessly n al of u would be doomed in the heat, fire n dark of hell…
    just wait n watch!!!

  239. Guys, u must know that all these cheap n stupid activities against our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him)r just a waste of ur time nothing else, U cant harm our Prophet’s image or our religion as it is the best religion in this world…These stupid childish activities show ur low mentality.

    1. … and being a Muslim says a lot about you, my friend.

      We will not shut up.

      1. i would love to see your end and the way you’ll die.. defienately it will be an example for ur entire nation.. and then (after your awful, disgusting and terrifying death ) no one will dare do such a thing again..

    2. sana
      U cant harm our Prophet’s image///

      We’re showing you that we will not be bullied into slience.

    3. sana
      That is the point people are trying to make. Drawing stick figures will not harm your religion. I hope you encourage every other Muslim to think the same, and work against those that threaten violence.

  240. We can only pray for you Non-Muslims!
    Even science goes with Quran…… good for u ppl to know if you believe in facts and only apparent things!

    God may have mercy on you after such an indecent act.

    1. Blah, blah, blah… stop telling us what we can and cannot say.

    2. Aneesa
      We can only pray for you Non-Muslims!///

      Don’t want your stinking prayers.

  241. no need of such unethical n immature attitude.
    Prove that your religion is better…….if you have any!
    Simply thats how it goes.

    1. “Prove that your religion is better”… I you’re not a Muslim and saying this. Certainly you know that during this lifetime you guys are epically failing at proving your religion is the best.

      Am I right?

      I’m non-believer, by the way. Is that the best for you? I don’t know. However, it is the best for me.

      1. we dont need to prove it to you that our religion is the best!

        simply read a single page of Quran …..dn reply!

        1. So why do other religions have to prove their the best and you don’t? Why do you disrespect Christians and Buddhists this way?

          I jizz on the Koran, my friend.

          … and don’t ever tell me to not reply. I’ll say what I want, when I want to. Understand?

          1. r u sure d man who fuked ur mom……… wz maried to her!!!
            did she reciewd u 4m dogy!!!!
            u need a sycyatrist!WEIRDO

            1. I’m not sure what you’re saying my friend?

              Incest porno doesn’t really offend me though.

            2. your genius shines through in each comment you make

  242. If you ppl are doing this because of the blasts,so let me tell you that Majority of sufferers of the terrorist activities are Muslims. and those carrying out these blasts are you Non-Muslims of different areas of South Asia!!!

    They are inhumane barbarians like you…not giving a damn to the feelings of others !!

    1. Drawing pictures and making speeches is akin to blowing people up? Really?

      Come on, use your noggin and think about what you just said Isma.

  243. See thats the difference btw us and you.. atleast we dont humilate others religion like you. We respect every religion.
    and why is this hatred for Islam?
    just because people like you assume that behind those veild faces who’re involved in suicide bombing are ‘muslims!’ and you cant say anything unless you know who’re actualy involved in it!

    1. You respect every religion? Really… the Koran teaches you to respect other religions. I don’t think so Fatima. We all know what the Koran says about the unclean, non-believer.

      Again, the pedophile Prophet Muhammad would not be getting disrespected if certain Muslims weren’t trying to control what we can say and where we can say it. This is the fault of these Muslims. These Muslims are getting their just deserts for their unenlightened actions. If you are offended… we do not care.

      1. lols.. we’r getting offended! sweetheart its you who are so insecured about your beliefs that you have no other option to express your fear or jealousy other then creating a non-sense event just to satisfy your soul..
        it shows how jobless you are!
        we dont care hunny.. we know we’re on the right track. you go ahead, do whatever you want to do, such foolish events can not stop islam from spreading.
        muslims are the best!!!
        and Islam is a complete religion and complete code of life..
        you go find some colour pencils and draw your mums cartoons!

        1. fatima
          lols.. we’r getting offended! sweetheart its you who are so insecured about your beliefs that you have no other option to express your fear or jealousy other then creating a non-sense event just to satisfy your soul.///

          We’re sending the message to Muslim bullies that we will stand up for our freedom and we won’t be intimidated into silence. Has nothing to do with fear or jealousy – something that you as a Muslim will never understand.

            MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) IS BEST!!

            1. How can you respect other religions if you keep saying Islam is the best religion?

        2. Haha… I’m insecure? I’m telling you I going to jizz on your holy book and I’m insecure? Sweetheart… jizzing on your holy book requires me to get naked, get a hard on and then ejaculate. Oh yeah… I’m real insecure.

          You wouldn’t even be commenting here if you weren’t a bit offended by such acts. So who are you kidding girl?

          And what about Christians who say they don’t think Islam is the right code? What do you say to them? You say to they’re wrong right?

    2. Fatima
      atleast we dont humilate others religion like you. We respect every religion.///


  244. And if you people are such peace lovers then why dont u try n bring peace in World…instead of doing such hurtful acts and further parting people away!!

    Learn to respect other religions!but i guess thats not been taught in your religion.ohhh but u aint have any RELIGION!

    1. Excuse me Yusra, but I’m an American… you know I live in America, the country that is the most religiously tolerant country in the entire world. What do you not understand about that? People of all faiths are welcome to live here and practice their faiths the nth degree.

      This isn’t about respecting religions, this about Muslims respecting freedom of speech, which most importantly includes the right to ridicule religion. It is you who must respect might right to say that Allah is not God and the the pedophile Prophet Muhammad was never nothing more than a man. Why? Cause even Christians, Hindus, Jews, and whomever else must put up with disagreement in America. They can be Christian, Hindu, Jewish, or whatever but they never, NEVER, force people to respect their beliefs or ideas.

      Muslims are no more special than Jews or anybody else. You’re just people. Get the hell over it.

    2. Yusra
      And if you people are such peace lovers then why dont u try n bring peace in World…instead of doing such hurtful acts and further parting people away!!///

      You should instead ask why Muslims threaten free people, who lawfully exercise their freedom of speech, with death.

      1. its only muslims dying!!y wd v b killing our self??

        1. Theo van Gogh was Muslim? These cartoonists in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are Muslim? The writers of South Park are Muslims?

          Those killed on 9/11 were mostly Muslim?

  245. americns dropd cluster bombs!!so vt peace r u talking bout??

    1. Yep, we have dropped cluster bombs… thanks to 9/11 and Saddam Hussein being Saddam Hussein.

      Blow back baby!

  246. hey showing you anger is shame to us because you are nthng but as a person you showed a cheap act…
    so who ever you are may Allah show you a right path and give you knowledge what Hazrat Mohammad(P.B.U.H) was and his teachings…

    1. Showing our anger? Why can’t we show our anger, but Muslims can show their anger at South Park? Hmm?


    1. What worst experience are you dreaming up?

    2. sameer

      Can’t be any worst than this boring conversation with you.


  249. U will see….
    Allah’s wrath is hankering after you.

    1. What will I see… how will his wrath hanker me? Give some specifics. Enlighten me, if you will.

  250. hey!! u still hv time!! ISLAM is really sweet Religion!! thnk 4 while is it good??

  251. hey!! u still hv time!! ISLAM is really sweet Religion!! thnk 4 while is it good??

    1. sameer,

      You think the end days are coming? What’s going to happen you think?


    1. No, this human being will not stop. No apologies my friend.

    2. Welcome to the free world Sameer.



    1. Now you have me trembling in fear Sameer.

  255. What about a limerick contest?

    A man named Talib once explained
    “My nephew has gone quite insane!”
    So he married Moe off,
    (“For the money!” they scoffed)
    To a widow his mama’s age.

  256. Seriously.. Of all the 100 million things in the world, the only topic you pick was a caricature of Mohammed (PBUH)? Who is he to you? If nothing, what good/satisfaction will come out of holding a contest in his name? Yes, deep down you know you’re provoking us.. and that’s the big idea in your sinister mind. This isn’t freedom of speech because apparently Mohammed means nothing to you.. so what exactly are you basing your opinions/drawings on? Hate? Do you even know the flip side to this coin? Is the argument in your head even fair?

    But wait, you just want to hate. And hate you will. I don’t believe in gunning down people, and I don’t stand by it. Infact, if half the people here who ‘claim’ to be muslims knew what Islam was about they wouldn’t be shouting out empty threats.

    Do whatever you think is right, but the question is.. Do you think it is justified to ridicule somebody’s religion in the name of your pretentious ‘freedom of speech’? The truth is.. if you can’t see both sides to the matter.. your speech is only senseless blabber.

    1. Well said Hira…your point is valid.

    2. We’re provoking you? This whole event is happening because certain Muslims are threatening to kill artists and people who lampoon the pedophile Prophet Mohammad. It is these Muslims who have provoked this. If you’re offend by what is going to happen on Thursday… that’s your problem sister.

      You want me to respect you… control your fellow Muslims who can’t take a little criticism without resorting to not just hate, but violence.

  257. Lyle|5.16.10 @ 3:51PM|#
    Haha… I’m insecure? I’m telling you I going to jizz on your holy book and I’m insecure? Sweetheart… jizzing on your holy book requires me to get naked, get a hard on and then ejaculate. Oh yeah… I’m real insecure.

    Oh and I’m interested Lyle.. tell me, what religion do you represent?

    1. I think I said I was a non-believer. πŸ™‚

  258. Thats ridiculous…shame on all of you who are participating in that event. Even despite the religion stuff…it itself is ridiculous…it shows difference between educated and illiterates.

    1. Expressing disdain for a certain religious figure makes one illiterate?

  259. Draw Muhammad Day will be a huge success!! Freedom lives!!

    1. hey shut up and its not a success its ur illetracy and ur mind’s garbage

    2. hey shut up and its not a success its ur illetracy and ur mind’s garbage

    3. Don’t advice or warn them.
      As Allah says in YASEEN verse 9 to 11.

      “We have made in between their hands a blockade and from behind them a blockade, then We covered them so they sight not.
      And it is equal to them, whether you warn them or warn them not, they have not faith.
      In fact, you only warn whoever followed the remembrance and revered Ar-Rahman in the unseen, so herald to him glad tidings of forgiveness and gracious reward.”

  260. A proper and correct rendition of mohammed would be that of a beast with 2 horns living in a lake of fire.

    If you know what I mean..

    Draw mohammed as a falsh prophet or an anti christ or as the devilincarnate IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS

    After all, If you believe in God then all other false gods are the devilincarnate.

    Horns, a tail, cloven feet, red skin?

    I’m sure that many pictures already of the false profit exist on the net and it should be easy enough to borrow one of those and fill in the name underneath to indicate that mohammed is the false profit or devilincarnet. etc.


    1. muhammad is not an antichrist,infact u r behaving like an antichrist,ur not an human who has knowledge,u r a dog,

      1. People who disagree with you are all dogs?

  261. EveryBody Draw Muhammad Day

    Is a very bad idea and we strongly condemed of having any type of issue related to our Muhammad (Salalla ho ali wasalam).

    Hope this should end with immediate effect.

  262. EveryBody Draw Muhammad Day

    Is a very bad idea and we strongly condemed of having any type of issue related to our Muhammad (Salalla ho ali wasalam).

    Hope this should end with immediate effect.

    1. No, we sally forth on Thursday with our drawings. Prepare yourself my friend, or, better, just ignore us.

    2. i agree with hin…. i also condemed

  263. I just want to point something out here: did anyone actually look up what happened in the AFTERMATH of the radical islamic guy killing the dutch film maker?

    The numbers vary depending on where you look, but the fallout was pretty extreme: those outraged by the film maker’s death attacked, burnt down, and desecrated dozens of mosques, the chain reaction of which was that christian churches were fire bombed as well. Basically, the extremists set something into motion that hurt everyone EXCEPT FOR the extremists.

    With all respect for people’s religions (I, myself, would be best described as a hopeful deist) the extremists in this case have made a VERY grave error in judgement. Compare the fan base of a small time independent dutch film maker to that of South Park. While the sheer number of people is, no doubt, the most obvious difference in the fan bases, also consider this: Americans make up the majority of South Park’s fan base… and they are a considerably better armed fan base, on average.

    The potential fallout if anyone actually makes an attempt on Stone and Parker’s life is truly staggering… and if the attempt is successful, the number of innocent muslims likely to be victimized as a direct result is mind-boggling.

    So, I would put it to the extremists to rescind their threats and simply allow freedom of speech to win the day. Sooner or later (and most of the time: daily) everyone gets offended by something… you can’t force them to bend to your will, and if you were in a country that allowed that sort of thing you would most likely have been killed years ago for being a dissenter.

    Isn’t free speech fun?

    1. Ishmael,

      Interesting point, but I kind of disagree. Firstly, I think you overstate the reaction to van Gogh’s death in the Netherlands. Some mosques got desecrated, but no one was killed or maimed, and I’m not sure a single one burnt down. Some definitely got slightly torched, but I don’t know of a major fire that was started. Maybe there was though.

      Secondly, I doubt there would be a major reaction to the murder of the South Park’s guys in terms of violence or destruction. Just look at America’s reaction to Major Hossain’s terrorist act at Ft. Hood. Many people couldn’t bring themselves to acknowledge the guy is Muslim.

      I think a murder of Parker and Stone would shift a lot of 40 somethings and younger into maybe waking up to the backwardness that is much of Islam, but they’re be very little, if any violence.

      Hell, look at 9/11 even… no dead or maimed Muslims in America afterward. Although a Sikh man, horribly, was killed for looking “Islamic”.

      1. You’re giving credit to the 20-somethings in their fanbase for much more restraint than I would, personally.

        While I hope no one carries out the threat, I wouldnt doubt for an instant that Revolution Muslim would suffer a pretty harsh retaliatory strike, unless the authorities are VERY on top of protecting them.

  264. Freedom is not to heart Muslims, is it?
    We Muslim respect all the relegions so its necessary that our relgion is to be respected.We do not allow you people to do such horrible things that hurt us and our religion .

    1. How is Islam the one true religion if you respect all other religions? Why not be a Jew, Christian, or Hindu instead?

  265. May Allah show you the right path. What you are doing is disrespecting one of the most beloved individuals and you are only creating more hatred towards your community and the members that participate. Can you simply not understand and have respect for other people’s values and religion, must you make a mockery out of it for no apparent reason. It is you who have started this, and are continuing to take it on, you simply refuse to show respect and may Allah have mercy on your soul for doing such sinful act.

    1. Yes, the pedophile Prophet Muhammad must be publicly mocked because Muslims are killing people and threatening to kill people over drawing him and disrespecting him.

      What do you not understand about this?

  266. there is no reson to celebrate that day.is our beloved mohmmad(p.b.u.h)is left for disscussuing and drawing.you are not beliver of islam so whay you are takin a isalmic personality.whay dont the jessus mary and moses for that work ? that your religious personalities.make them famous not mohammad (p.b.u.h).by you all this our relegion will enter in your every home.well we love adn respect jessus mary adn mosses.because thay all were muslims.
    well about the matter of freedom of speech so give the freedome of speech to prisnors of guantanomoby
    so give the freedome of speech to the dr.afia siddiqui

    1. Wow… so the first part of your comment is telling people what they can/cannot or should/should not say, write, draw, etc… and saying that (if I interpret correctly) we’re inviting your religion into our homes by way of parodying it… all south park is doing (and the sensible participants in this day’s “festivities”) is putting your religion on the same plane as every other one. Treating every belief system in the same way is hardly some slam directed at your faith.

      Then the second part is asking for someone else to get freedom of speech.

      If the irony of that is lost on you, then you have a closed mind and are only here to repeat what you’ve heard others say.

      Either everything is okay to make fun of, or nothing is… and this is America, so everything has to be. Be sure of it: some things people do as an exercise of their free speech disgust me. But that doesnt mean they should (or will) lose their right to express themselves in a way that causes no one injury.

      To quote Evelyn Beatrice Hall: “je d?teste ce que vous ?crivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer ? ?crire” (I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write)

      The right to extend one’s hand ends only when it meets someone’s nose, and no sooner. Best come to terms with that, you’ll be happier for it.

  267. u r all dogs and bitches,u hav no right to say anything about our prophet(sallAlahu alyhi wasllam).

    1. You’re prophet was a pedophile. You disagree with this statement?

  268. fuck you facebook.;…..fuck these britisher’s bastards..

    1. American, we’re Americans here mostly.

  269. i wanna fuck those who made these pics !! the people who made this are son of pigs

    1. Take your clothes off man and do it to us big boy. πŸ™‚

  270. I think so its not right to insult some one’s father and “Mohammad” the great is 1000 times greater fatherily figure to 1.25 billion people around the globe. So why play with sentiments of 1.25 billion people ???

    1. Cause we don’t respect being bullied into silence by threats of violence. You like it when someone says you better shut up or I’m going to kill you? You respect this kind of thinking Arif?

  271. We Muslims do not support the terrorists when they bomb or kill civilians.. Islam is the religion of peace thats what I’ve been taught all my life..
    You guys, i’d assume, are all sensible people, yet you decide to willfully hurt and disregard feelings of so many people like me, forcing us to a state of unrest and unhappiness.. I just ask you one thing, how is that different from terrorism?
    If you keep poking someone again and again and again until that person has had enough and he responds, would you call him/her a terrorist or would you yourself be the one at fault..
    I have nothing against freedom of speech, I dont even mind if it is hurtful to that person as long as it serves a good purpose..
    What purpose would hurting the pride and feelings of so many people serve you? Just the satisfaction that you can do so, that you can hurt so many people with your words? Is that not cruel or better yet monstrous?
    Please just leave your ego aside for sometime, dont do this just for the sake of doing it..

    1. Ah… it is non-violence and it is just speech. Terrorism is a physical act my man, not an idea, an image, or speech. You’ve got to kill some one or have tried to killed someone.

      Your people are the terrorists… you know, the ones saying they’re going to kill people who draw the Prophet Muhammad. What exactly are you failing to understand about this?

      Stop trying to bully and scare people into shutting up and not publicly disagreeing with you. Some people don’t care for your religion and if they want to spend a day letting you know about that (because of all the violent deeds Muslims do and say they’ll do to people)… well, tough shit for you. Just move along and practice that Islamic peace you’re talking about.

      As Jesus Christ said… turn the other fucking cheek friends. Practice that peace and respect, my friend.

  272. PS: The true Muslims love and have the utmost respect for Jesus, Moses and all prophets.. and we have always been taught of religious freedom..
    Religiously I am not allowed to criticize any religion or anyone’s faith as long as it does not resist/interfere with Islam..
    Why would you guys do this to us Muslims without even knowing us..
    You want freedom of speech but where do you draw the line? Dont let other people brainwash you in to serving their own agendas.. Please remember your humanity.. Dont be a terrorist to us..

    1. Don’t be a terrorist to you? Are we threatening you with violence or are you threatening us with violence? Who exactly is threatening people with death for depicting the Prophet Muhammad?

      This is why draw Muhammad Day is happening, because Muslims are threatening cartoonists and others with death for simply disagreeing with them and articulating that disagreement.

      My humanity is greater than your humanity. You don’t respect a single human being in this world, including yourself, when you think they should not be able to criticize your faith or any faith. How the hell can anyone be of any other faith, especially one that says “we’re the one true religion” and not be about criticizing other faiths?

      Being a Muslim means you ipso facto disrespect and abhor all other religions, cause if you don’t the Koran is just some other book. You make it ordinary, not special.

      Rectify your logic and your humanity sir.

    2. “You want freedom of speech but where do you draw the line?”


  273. just wait for end of days..ur head will boil,ur skin burnt to death,u will be crying for mercy..

    1. Doubt it my man.

    2. In your dirty little dreams Muslim from Hell.

  274. the people who made this is the people of hell..

    1. Good thing I don’t believe in your Hell then.


    1. Muslims love peace? Explain 9/11, all the other Muslim terrorist bombings over the last 40 years, explain Theo van Gogh’s murder, and explain why peaceful Muslims are threatening to kill cartoonists and their supporters over drawing images.

      … also are you bothered at all by the sexual relations the Prophet Muhammad had with his 10 year old wife? That’s a good code to follow you say?

      1. Dear Lyle

        If you go the study the history of 9/11 I just want to ask you why all the Jewish workforce were absent on the day? and If it was done by the Muslims, it means you people seriously need to check your security levels. How can American security personals let go the loaded terrorists into 5 plans? Is that so easy to make fool to the american security personals on airport?

        1. “If you go the study the history of 9/11 I just want to ask you why all the Jewish workforce were absent on the day?”

          They were? Those Jewish brokers I heard panicking over my officemate’s speaker box must have been pre-recorded…

      2. It is to make you clear there wasn’t any wife of prophet of 10 years old. Its totally a very wrong information being spread over.

        As far as the threats are concerned, I’ve explained in my later comments that we can’t even dare to imagine any wrong impression against Prophet (P.B.U.H) because he’s the most noble person for us. If anyone disrespect him and say it to be freedom of speech then how can we control our emotions. In this way you people are directly attacking our emotions. If a thing is said forbidden then is it necessary to do that again & again and again? how far we control ourself? I mean why there is only topic of PROPHET MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) to show freedom of speech? why lyle? aren’t there any other topic to express the freedom of speech?

    2. Your prophet was a Baboobo.

  276. o the non-beleivers, we the MUSLIMS will show u the fate of ur this act . u will not find a single inch place on the planet to live .we will destroy u and ur cities and will make ur sons ,our slaves and ur daughters our londees, INSHA ALLAH

    1. Why haven’t you done this already sir?

    2. Rizzie: Go f*ck yourself.

  277. who ever started this event will never find any place in this world and after this world. His bad time is definitely started, and he himself cant even imagine what is about to happen with him. Pharoah of egypt is an example, he digraced islam and everybody knows wat happened with him. This is just 1 example, there are several. ALLAH will take care of our religion.

    1. Muhammad deposed of no pharoah sibee. The Romans got them first. Muhammad conquered (lots of killing and mutilation) Egypt years later.


  278. salaam to all friends,

    i am Muslim, first of all i say to all my friends & brother, if we can’t respect to each other, and their religious, then how you believe we live in same land with pace and hour-many.

    Thank about it. then do these kind things….

    1. Abdul,

      Yeah… Americans live this way every day of the year. People who disagree with each other, like Muslims and Jews or Muslims and Christians let each other be. They don’t openly criticize one another despite each of them thinking they’re practicing the one true faith.

      Threats of violence against non-believers and those not of the Islamic faith cannot be tolerated. If Muslims won’t peace, they must be peaceful. Really, it’s very simple.

      Peace to all.

      1. so y u r openly disgarcing sum 1???? is this tolerable????

  279. ur knowledge is very little. no romans deposed pharoah. Its ALLAH who deposed pharoah. he was drowned in the sea with ALLAH’s order. Muhammad is beloved prophet of ALLAH. and definetly ur end will b even creul.

    1. Allah drowned the Pharoah in the sea? I don’t think any Pharoah drowned in the sea. I’m pretty sure the Pharoah you’re talking about lived and even he did drown in the see, some other Pharoah (family member) replaced him. Yes?

      Allah is a horrible and mean God you say? What will my cruel end be like?

  280. mr abdul rehman ur name is muslim but u dont desrve to be a muslim…. our relgion says if u see any shameful act stop it by force. if u cant stop it by force u have all the rights to crticize it

    1. How will you try and stop Draw Muhammad day by force? Will you kill someone?

      1. We Muslims don’t want to kill anybody for any reason. but Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is a very noble person for all the Muslims in the world. Our religion is considered incomplete untill we believe & accept him the true and last messenger of ALLAH. If he is so precious of us how could we control over emotions when anybody show disrespect to him?

        Please try to understand his nobility and cooperate with us by respecting him. It’s a humble request, please don’t disrespect him. I’ll be highly thankful to you all

        1. So is that a yes or a no philosopher?

          Cooperate with you? No, I don’t agree with you man about Muhammad. What do you not understand about this? I disagree you. I think you’re entire way of living is wrong. Got it?

          1. hey u said u dont openly criticize any 1…. so wat u r doing now…???? haaan???

      2. well this is what u think killing and murdering.. not we muslims… so u r real terrorist. u are harrasing muslims mentally so u r the bigget terrorist in this world…

      3. this is what u ppl do…

  281. Muslims are sounding like demons from Hell aren’t they. LOL

  282. Please Stop all this non-sense activities.

    If you hurt someone to at most level how could you expect from the person to act rationally?

    By holding such events you are poking a peace loving nation to show anger.

    If a person having beard, disguised himself as a Muslim and spreading terror, he’s not a Muslim at all. A person who spreads terror isn’t a Muslim.

    Anybody can disguise himself to any religion and start spreading terror. You all must learn the Islam first then call the Muslims, the terrorists.

    1. Your ‘peace loving nation’ is murdering people dumb ass.

      1. Dear Tommy

        We are completely a peace loving nation. Have you seen the murderers? did you had their blood test, DNA test or any authentic prove that they are Muslims? I can say they were Christians or Jews. What authentic prove you have in support that Muslims are spreading terror?

        Any person for revenge can become terrorist. There isn’t any need to be a terrorist you have to be a Muslim. It’s not any kind of certification.

        Why did America took revenge in Afghanistan and Iraq? why they killed people who didn’t make any terrorist activities? why schools were bombed? It was revenge and aren’t these called terrorist activities?

    2. A person who spreads terror isn’t a Muslim? Hmm… 9/11, Muslims weren’t behind it? Threats against Lars Vilk… Muslims ain’t behind it?

      Come on dude, you need to pay attention to the world you live in. Look in a mirror friend.

      1. Can you provide any authentic material except the media said that it was Muslims behind those terrorist activities?

        If it was Muslims then you people must admit that Muslims can fool your security systems easily and can kill anyone anyperson anywhere? you could be the next…..

        There wasn’t Muslims behind those activities. these were planned to initiate objective to enter into afghanistan and iraq..

  283. Just for an example:

    If I call your mother a bitch, or a prostitute or even call you a prostitute? or draw your nude cartoons would you mind it or will you call it a freedom of speech?

    There are a very small groups of people involved in spreading terrorism but they have disguised themselves as Muslims, they aren’t Muslims at all.

    What was done in IRAQ? why couldn’t they found any nuclear missile from the land of IRAQ? wasn’t all to capture the oil fields?

    1. I’m sorry for being so rude in my last comment. Please pay respect to our religion as we pay respect to other religion and it is taught to us by Islam.

      1. Alright, I do have to point something out to you just because you’re assuming something that isn’t quite accurate:

        They found no nuclear weapons in iraq. That is true. What they did find were shells readied for chemical and biological warfare (poison gasses and the like), but that wasn’t made a big deal of because while they were weapons fully capable of immense devastation, they weren’t ones specifically forbidden by the agreement reached with iraq at the end of the gulf war.

        Sadaam Hussein was a lunatic despot who tested biological weapons on “his own people” because he considered she Shi’a and Kurdish people somehow inferior to him.

        I won’t say for certain that we werent partly motivated by oil (lets be honest: if OPEC were governable by any single entity, they’d have been prosecuted for unfair pricing practices long ago) we shouldnt let that possibility blind us to something that, honestly, is a positive outcome.

        1. Dear Ishmael

          How can a nation go for biological weapons when they don’t have strong army, navy and air force? Biological weapons are to be carried by air through missiles, jets and etc… It was all propaganda against IRAQ. What happened with Afghanistan? the people who don’t have proper infrastructure for their living, they were called terrorists… It was a preplanned game to step into ASIA.

          1. Oh, so this picture of my friend (Army) in a room full of about 300 shells full of noxious gasses is just propaganda? Neat… they made some just for me.

            You’re an idiot. They began using biological and chemical warfare long before missiles existed. They used mortar shells. And before that they just piped the gas right onto the battlefield.

            The piture is of a room full of .88 shells, which themselves are just a metal cap and a lot of gas. Pretty fucking deadly, no missile required, 40-50 mile range.

            Do some research or don’t speak as if you know shit.

            1. That IRAQ was in a decade ago. After the kuwait and iraq war they lost all their power. You need to update your research.

      2. Well that’s the thing isn’t it. Islam respects nothing other than it’s own doctrine. It doesn’t respect non Muslims, other religions or freedom. It doesn’t even respect Muslims. Islam is a tyranny that seeks to put it’s boot up everyone’s ass.

    2. “…would you mind it or will you call it a freedom of speech?”


  284. Lyle is one sad person to have expressed so much anger and frustration in this one simple blog. I will pray to Allah to give you guidance and peace in your heart. Whatever that’s bugging you seems to be eating away your inside. You’ll live a much better and happier life if you simple learn to accept the facts of life. Denial will get you only so far before it turns around and flips you over and rapes your anus. I’m using sexual imageries now since Lyle you seem to be so fond of such things of fucking me, the Muslims, and the Prophet. In Middle East we have a lot of camels and donkeys. Come on down for some good time. You can have sex with as many camels as you want. But you have to pay for it. Don’t worry. It’s cheap. Only 2 dollah. 2 dollah.

    1. I find it funny that, while attempting to insult someone else, you REALLY only reveal that you know how much it costs to fuck a camel…

      …the voice of experience?

      1. If you’re gonna come fuck our cames, we might as well make some money out of it. Right? Plus, it’s only camels and donkeys you’re gonna be having a romp with. 2 dollars are fair price we think. You’re welcome to tip our asses if you want.

        1. Missed the point there, huh? Well, I thought it was pretty obvious, and I don’t think I can dumb it down much further than I already did… so go get a grown up, bring them to the computer, and have them explain to you why you’re an imbecile.

          I’ll wait.

          1. Come on Ismael, you don’t have to act tough now. We all can safely assume that you like camel sex. Tell you what, for you 1.50. That’s 50 cents discount. Stop arguing. Times a-wasting…

    2. I’m not really angry with you man. I’m just not going to abide people who use and threaten violence (that’s you friend) to stop people from expressing themselves. Especially when it comes down to religion. It’s personal, I don’t have to agree with you, and have the right to publicly say so.

      You guys need to just chill out. I mean, seriously, you guys have anger and violence issues.

      1. No one has asked you to abide by people who use violence or threathen you with violence. God no. You should speak up against that and I’ll join you in that. There’s many ways you can express yourself productively and for something good. But by insulting all Muslims, you don’t do anything productive. You are just fueling the notion that the West as a behamoth is against Islam. This will drive people who are in the border into violence. When that happens, you have blood on your hand indirectly.

        Muslims on general have less anger than you can imagine. Seriously, you can come to any Muslim countries and you’ll still be treated fairly and kindly even though your country’s responsible for invading and occuping two of our countries for years now.

        Noone says you have to agree with Muslims or believe Islam or any of that stuff. You’re welcome to say Islam is a false religion, etc, just as long as you do so for the sake of refuting Islam and not to incite violence or violent responses.

  285. retarded!
    when v muslims never target any other religions gods , jesus , bagwan etc y do u people humiliate our religion?
    u people should b ashamed of urselves! u wud never hear a muslim event saying anithin bad about any other rligion cox v repect that! thats howin Islam v are being taught to live our lives that v should not humiliate or make fun of others religion then y do u?! r u being taught that?!

    1. You’ll never hear a Muslim ever say anything bad about any other person’s beliefs? Then why all the Muslim violence and hate in the world.

      Sunnis and Shias get along… say what?

  286. IMMATURES may Allah deal with you all in hell!

    1. I’ll kick Allah’s ass.

      1. I would like to see you try. Please make a Youtube video and post it. We all want to see you make a fool, an ass out of yourself. That might be a tall task for someone who has proven to be one so blatantly already.

  287. Fellows, it’s a request to all of you to stop behaving like hypocrites and ignorant people.
    What’s the logic of this “Draw Mohammad Day”???
    Why are you doing this?
    If Muslims make a “Draw Jesus Day” and make the picture of Jesus Christ*P.B.U.H with a cow or something humiliating, how would you feel?
    Please stop this, it’s a direct call for violence and will increase the hatter between Christians and Muslims.
    If anyone wants to reply, reply on my email ID.
    But no trash-talks!
    Think over it dudes…
    Stop this!


    1. Ah… have you ever heard of “Piss Christ”. Google it sir.

  288. All the Arts who participate in this competition are going to Insult our Beloved HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH. if they do such kind of action then be prepare for very hard punishment by GOD. because if any one make insult any of GOD’s Prophet, they all punished by GOD, some time in punish in Fire, some in buried under building, some killed by any person. so if you do this action then ready for its reaction.

    1. We’re actually reacting to your threats of violence against artists. We will not abide your threats of violence, and therefore we belittle the pedophile Prophet Muhammad.

  289. you are a son of a bitch fcuking ass hole

    1. Dear Jibran

      You seems a Muslim by your name. Please be patient as its the first n foremost lesson taught to every Muslim. Don’t use harsh words that can give them a way to abuse you.

  290. So u hate a section of community so to get to them u insult the whole community?Rubbish,this has got nothing to do with freedom of speech,it’s just to piss ppl off.Don’t delude urselves that it’s anything else.If u wanted to make a point u could find another way to do it.

    1. Actually it is about standing up to violence and threats of violence. It’s a reaction to Muslim bigotry, ignorance, stupidity, backwardness, and violence.

      They’re reaping what they sow.

      1. They’re? Tarring everyone with one brush are u?Again it’s not about standing up to ppl.Ur just spreading hate(against the rest of the community u apparently don’t have a problem with).

  291. u r an ass holeeeees .stop it before u get killed .

    1. It is YOU who I’m worried about Fakhar. Not I.

    2. Blah, blah, blah… kill, kill, kill.

  292. Those who do not love peace, do not want peace, do not have any self respect of their religion as well as their own… and those who do not know the actual values of humanity are considered to be the Wild Animals or Terrorists… So as the people who are trying to make Muslims a Terrorist in front of the World by using their power across all over Media, by purchasing the dignity of innocent people and using them for terrorism and splashing the names of any Muslim behind these actions or celebrating or announcing such disgusting events, days stuff or sketches are REAL TERRORISTS… and if anyone of you have the ability to think or differentiate between good or bad, between evil or good, between the right things and wrong things? then THINK who is wrong and who is right? don’t go for such events and also don’t believe your own such rulers or politicians or federal lairs of your nation or country who keep changing their speeches, their words, their news and everything, who don’t have any religion, any respects, any truthfulness amongst in their characters? whether it is of Pakistan or America or any other Country? and if anyone of you running out of mind or start eating own shit? then go for such events? there is no bench for pigs in any church?.


    THINK in a right way if you want to be in Human Beings list?

    1. Do you condemn what is happening to Lars Vilk? Do you condemn the Moroccan man who murdered Theo van Gogh. Do you condemn the Muslim atrocity of 9/11?

      1. Do u condem all the innocent ppl who have been murdered in the ‘war on terror’?Many more innocent Afghanis and Iraqis have died then did in 9/11,what makes u killing them justified?Again ur doing the same thing as was done there,hurting a large amount of ppl to get to a small section.

  293. U all r bloody jerks. Dnt even dare 2 do dis foolish act or othrwise u’l hav 2 pay real hard 4 al dis u bloody creeps, bastards,jerks. Facebook admin shudn’t allow al dis othwise he’l get in trouble. U dnt knw n u cnt even imagine da unity n strength ov muslims wen it comes 2 ISLAM. Understand u cheapsters… We strongly protest n boycott against dis stupid propaganda against Islam… Plz muslims its tym 2 get unite. Boycott boycott!!

    1. Blah, blah… Muhammad gets pawned on Thursday. Just turn the other cheek or yell at us, but don’t try to blow us up please. Really, respond however you wish… just not with violence and things will be cool.

      That’s how you will do things in the modern world you’re now a part of.

      1. Can you go drink the gulf water. Atleast you’ll help clean up the oil spill with your useless self. Then after you drink lots of water, come back and draw Muhammad. Trust me the petroleum will make you creative like Picasso.

  294. People wake up and please understand it those who are supporting the 20th May event actually poking Muslims to react. They aren’t American, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians or Pakistanis… they are the real terrorists who want to destabilize the world’s peace. They want only war and reactions. Please avoid it to down these terrorists efforts.

    1. What are acts of violence against cartoonists exactly and threats of violence?

      Who’s threatening violence against you?

      1. Yeah because war and airstrikes don’t hurt anyone right?(and before u say they stated it,they didn’t ,someone else did and they were made them pay for it)
        Violence has not been threatened against ppl,it’s happened, but who cares about innocent ppl dying right?It’s just collateral damage to u isn’t it?

  295. Hey all you Muslims – kiss my ass.

  296. What a sorry state of existence you guys have. Your ancestors did it to the blacks, now you guys are doing it to the Muslims. Stereotyping, profiling, target hatred. Racist comments are no longer part of your freedom of speech but all this is.

    Its a pity. You are quite clearly a Nation with no soul, wisdom or class. and its pretty obvious, there is not a lot of mileage left in the US. I hope for your sake that you guys, as a nation, grow a pair, re-discover your humanity and maybe increase a few collective IQ points. Everything from the music you guys make now (compared to 30 years ago) your SAT scores are a joke.

    What a fail of a nation, this US.

    1. Go sell your BS to the stupid Fat Maz.

      1. haha, wow very smooth Tommy boy. Getting smarter by the minute this campaign eh?

    2. Really, we’re enslaving Muslims? They’ve got their own bathrooms and stuff?

      You’re ignorant, small, and you always be beneath us for the rest of your life. Don’t ever forget it. The rest of your life.

  297. oh and by the way, while we are at it, let’s make a South Park episode on how the holocaust never happened.

    Freedom of Speech. hah! What a bunch of hypocrites.

    or as we say her in Pakistan…Chootiye.

    1. You can do that. Go for it. But you better stop the calls for violence and, better yet, the actual violence that goes down while criticizing the child fucking Prophet Muhammad.

      1. The US went to other nations and started killing ppl in their own home,how is that any different?

    2. By the way, who in the West has ever threatened violence over saying the Holocaust hasn’t happened? Yeah, illiberal Europeans have thrown some of these guys in jail, but you can get away with it in America, yes?

      It’s also not like the Holocaust is bogus… like the little girl fucker called the Prophet Muhammad. Right?

      He did fuck his 10 year old wife did he not? Like Hitler fucked so many Jews and gays.

  298. How’s it feel to lose control Muslims. I would think that for arrogant SOB bully boys like you dick-heads it doesn’t feel too good. Get used to it – it’s called freedom.

    1. You’re the one who has lost control. According to your own accords, Muslims are in control. Muslims are censoring your free media. And if you haven’t noticed, us Muslims are taking over your lands. Everyday there are more Muslims in your countries. You’ll bend over backward to accomodate us and our ways of life. We’re everywhere. While you can bitch and moan all you want on a webpage, when it comes down to it Muslims are everywhere. You turn left, we’re there. You turn right, we’re there. We’re everywhere.

  299. So who is up for the Holocaust never happened cartoon competition? in the name of Freedom! While we are at it, let’s also draw cartoons of the victims of 9/11, with the same er, artistic liberty and vulgarity. We shall post it to the families of the victims. Great idea, yeap?

    1. Go for it. More power to you. You’re already believe in the pedophile Prophet Muhammad.

  300. I am glad you guys are doing this coz Quran can not be wrong, it says

    “Non-muslims will start abusing muslims and islam and their prophet, muslims will get weak (we are for now) and than time will come and when muslims will stand togather and beat disbelievers and conquer the world.”

    so guys have fun u guys are making things reality enjoy keep abusing every one have time :O) blind chickens!!!!

  301. I’m planning to draw the Prophet only because extremist fundamentalists of every religion should knock it off or even be Stopped (!?) Those of us who maintain orthodoxy and the spirit of our religion are made to look like goofs by people we don’t care about and by those who should know better and understand the concept of reductionism. Yes Bill Mahr, funny as he is, his understanding of religion is at the idiot level. Since when are comedians, biologists and political commentators experts in theology. Maybe I’ll just attack extremist ignorance. Way off track now, any institution or religion worth it’s salt, should stand up under scruitiny and not be bothered by it’s critics or detractors.

  302. Hey all non muslims! Wt u r doing r going to do is very bad… behold that if u will do this, muslims loves his prophet… none of anybody in this world can be equal to Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him). N u r just showing level of your minds…. This world may be on risk due to your such kind of thinkings…. Plz save this earth… dont do this…..plZzzzz

    1. I’m better than Muhammad.

      1. No you’re not. You have no understanding of Prophet Muhammad. You’re pathetic.

    2. Yeah, I’m a better human being than the Prophet Muhammad.

      He put his penis in a 10 year old. Not exactly respectable you’d agree shafaqat?

      1. While it’s debatable how old Aisha Ra was when Prophet Muhammad consummated his wedding to her, it’s not absolutely debateable that you’re a victim of modern day child rape. Your nonchalant anger at Muslims and Islam is a clear dissertation of your poor upbringing in a xenophobic family. More often than not, such family have child molestation issues. Did you father touch you? Did you mom kiss your lips?

        Let me tell you anger won’t do you much good. Seek the help of a competent shrink.

  303. All these entreaties from Muslims to ‘please don’t do this or risk bad things’ goes to the heart of the matter. ‘Islam is peaceful religion, we will kill you/hope you die if you do this’ is neither rational nor peaceful thought.

  304. Inshalaalh all these painters will be muslims soon so that they will paint glorious character of our prophet with there life styles. – and to all muslims – please dont abuse them its against our islam and loving Prophet teachings.

    1. How will they be Muslims soon? You’re going to force them to become Muslims? Really?

      1. He’s just doing a hopeful prayer. Why must you take something empathic and turn it into a hatefest? Seriously, you’re a freaking idiot of mega-magnitude. You bring shame to all Americans by your behavior. If you weren’t such a pussy, I’m sure you are equally likely to slaughter Muslims as terrorists are. Your heart is infested with hate and spite. You should be locked up before you turn into a Timothy McVeigh or Bin Laden.

  305. Let’s try a the positive spin and see if the death threats carry the same tone.




    1. Why would facebook take action? Most facebook people aren’t Muslims and people who don’t abide your Prophet (he who is not that special, important, or cool).

      Sticking your dick in a 10 year old… definitely not cool. Right?

  307. We have so much respect for our HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) that we even we can sacrifice our lives and our lives for Him. I this is enough for you all people who are celebrating this day. One thing more, you do not have any respect for your religions and Prophets and saints that is the reason you laugh at others. There so many other things in this world to make fun of so stop this NONSENSE and do not force us to do what you can not………
    Silent Message for all……..

    1. What are we “forcing” you to do? You’re not in control of yourself or something? Muslims lack self-control… is that what you’re saying?

      1. God. You’re such a little prick. Do us a favor and go back to fucking your mom. That is if you can hold your erection longer than 1 second. Again, my offer to fuck our donkeys are still standing.

  308. We Muslims don’t want to kill anybody for any reason. but Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is a very noble person for all the Muslims in the world. Our religion is considered incomplete untill we believe & accept him the true and last messenger of ALLAH. If he is so precious of us how could we control over emotions when anybody show disrespect to him?

    & 1 Thing that i believe

    who is terrorist in this world..?
    can anyone give answer or simple definition…?

    u Americans are not doing anything good….
    only nation (americans) who feels that everyone / everybody is terrorist except them,,,,,

    Lanat hye tm logon per jo Hamary Piyary RASOOL ALLAH k khilaf is tarah k gandy kam krty ho….

    1. Why do you keep associating cartoons with terrorism? What are you talking about man?

  309. This was my Post Before You Joined the Discussion:
    Before We Committ, We Ought To Think:
    There Might Be No Time For Us To Repent!!!!!
    Mohammad SAAW, the greatest human ever lived on this earth. He called people to “One” God, made them “One” community independent of race, color, language or tribes. Some misguided People are trying to insult him.
    If at all someone Dislikes Muslims, You Have To Make an Effort To Find The Truth, The Prophet Muhammad Was sent as a mercy For Mankind, No Man On Earth Can Deny The Fact That He Lived All His Life On The Highest Levels OF MORALITY & ETHICS, BY ANY STANDARDS, PLEASE Do not Do Things in Haste, Because Without Knowing The Truth, We Do Not Give Judgement For Ordinary People, Let Aside The Prophets!!! Do not Judge Islam By the Few So Called Muslim’s Acts, To know The Truth Please Spend Sometime & See for Yourself, What Quran & Hadith says!!
    For All The Muslims, We have to Think Why is This happening, Those Few misguided name-sake muslims have damaged Islam more than anyone else, Suicide Bombings, Killing, Sectarian violence, has portrayed Islam As A Violent Faith, It is human nature that Violence is not appreciated by most common people, So those of us who are Educated & aware have the Responsibility to come forward and make strong well organised effort To Spread The True Message Of Islam : PEACE & LOVE FOR THE FELLOW HUMANS, & remove The Ugly & Dreadful Mask from the Face Of Our Beloved Religion, By Practically Being Involved in antagonising the Media’s Propaganda & the misdoings of Few of our own people & our Enemies, We will be able to communicate the true message Of Islam To The People & lessen the misunderstandings about The Great Religion Islam& Prophet Muhammad SAW.

  310. please dont draw the pic if you draw a once no one in muslim people leave you the must kill you where ever you are

    1. You’re going to kill us? πŸ™‚

  311. why u do these things this show the inferiorty complex of all of yours. your hate show that you are very weak. you cant do but hate just hate. you never accept that yor are all wrong from centuries,you spend youe life without knowing and accepting the truth. your inferior ego never let you to accept truth but the only way you have to hate by doing such things.

    1. Inferiority complex? You’re the violent ones. You’re the people behind 9/11 and threats on Lars Vilks’ life.

      You, Muslims (most of you), are the ones with an inferiority complex. Hell, that’s likely the main reason you guys react to images and words with violence.

      1. The War on terror was a violent reaction too.You do realize that children have been murdered in these wars right? Young girls have been raped by soldiers.But again,collateral damage right?Who cares eh?

        1. War is awful. But the U.S. would have never set foot in a Muslim country but for the acts of Saddam Hussein and then later the terrorist Muslims of 9/11.

          The United States the legal authority to do what it did. Muslims don’t have the right to murder cartoonists in Sweden or America though, cause that is terrorism and just plain murder.

          When will you people learn this? If you fail to learn this, you’re going to have problems the rest of your life. I will not abide your backward thinking.

          1. Bitch, who said America has legal right to invade a foreign, free country? You fucking cunt and your over inflated sense of morality. Seriously, you’re such a pussy. What’s stopping you from killing the next Muslim you see? Your posts are inciteful and asinine. You need to STFU and go do something else.

        2. Furthermore, again, you’re suggesting drawing cartoons is the equivalent of 9/11.

          That you don’t understand the difference between the two is unbelievable. Get learned Toots.

      2. @lyle

        gve the prooof first
        Muslims were behind 9/11?

        1. Haha… you claim Muslims weren’t behind 9/11. Muhammad Atta wasn’t a practicing Muslim, really. He didn’t attend mosque? His name wasn’t Muhammad?

          Dudes all kind from Saudi Arabia and one from Egypt… Muslim lands yes?

          1. ohh really,

            aren’t there terrorist in the world except Muslims? poor thinking you have…
            who was hitler? was he Muslim? The Biggest terrorist till date, why dnt you insult his Religion.. why only Muslims?

            what Usa is doing?
            people killed in 9/11 in hunderds are human beings but innocent people killing in thousands on daily basis in afgnistan, iran, palestine, kashmire are not human beings right?
            Killing Usa people is terrorism, killing Muslims anywhere seemed good to you?

            Cant there be any Muslim who disguise himself as Muslim or by name he is Muslim without practicing Islam, do these activitis?

            does it mean you’ll kill and insult b’coz of him to the whole hummanity,,, this dnt seem a terrorism in front of you?

            and if you say usama bin laden and whoever where behind 9/11… then where are they? what is the use of USA to hve a Super power when it is not capable of just finding few people.. instead killing others who are innocent…

            what the fake intellegnce of USA doing.. it has been years to that aatack… and still you dnt know wether the culprits are alive or not and you continue killing rest of the Muslims?

            You think this is a justice na?

            You are selfish , who only think just partially…just about urself..like a blind donkey….

            Use you upper brain area, Mohammad never taught to disturb the harmony, He has never taught us to support terrorism at all,

            And if any Muslim do this instead, we ourself condemn, we dnt consider them Muslim ..

            Actually you people are jealous.. as despite of your full effort Islam and Muhammad teachings are Fastly growing in the whole world….People coming to this religion because its a true One…

            you wont find such followers of any religion as the Muslims are…

            And we are Proud and Happy what Muhammad PBUH and islam taught us!!

            MIND IT

            1. Ambreen,
              Most of the people on this site are highly critical of American foreign policy and believe that the US should leave the Arab nations alone, as long as they leave us alone. Libertarians (generally the people on this site) oppose wars not directly for our own defense, and we also oppose the subsidization of the corrupt Israeli military and government with our tax dollars. With the tragic deaths of innocent civilians and children, the mistreatment of the Palestinians, etc. it is perfectly understandable that many Arabs are angry at the West. That does not justify 9/11, the murder of innocents expressing their free speech and the constant threats of violence against innocent civilians who are not responsible for the injustices of our foreign policy. All it does is perpetuate the cycle of violence and revenge where both sides get more and more violent, and peace never comes.

              We Americans guard our freedom with the same passion that Muslims guard their faith. For this reason, we must express our freedom regardless of the risks and the threats against us by the perpetrators of violence because to us Americans that freedom is something sacred. We stand up for our beliefs the same way you’re standing up for your beliefs now. We don’t have to agree – we don’t even have to respect each other’s beliefs – but surely that is no reason or excuse for violence.

              1. @hobo
                just tell me one thing being neutral person…

                Is this the right way to express your freedom?

                does any Muslim here forced any non muslim to practice Islam? They are continously requesting you humbly and peacefully, not to do this… does any Muslim caused terror here?

                If there was 9/11 then what do you think were the culprits mad? that they did without any reason? Obviously there would be some reason.. and it is quite impossible that Us govt would not have been in knowledge of that threat that time…

                Usa is known for its strict security rules , supreme power etc… then what happened to that security and Power on 9/11.. planes entered in the boundries and nobody had a knowledge of it? isn’t seems strange? why the haterd aginst terrorist you showing? why not showing some hatered against the Usa security and the govenment at that time?

                and Morever.. if i for instance accept that Muslims were behind it ..ok and get agree then you just tell me 1 thing honetly that was it Muhammad PBUH? or Usama Bin Laden?

                Offcourse Usama na…then Why to abuse and Isult Our Holy Prophet instead of the culprits i.e Usama bin Laden?

                why dnt you go for making funny pictures of Usama who was behind it instead of Muhammad whose teaching strictly against it?

                Lets Take an Example:

                There is a beautiful car(for instance islam and Muhammad),a driver gets the liscene to drive it ( person as being muslim by birth suppose Usama bin laden)… now if that driver who istead of knowing the rules and guidlines of driving this car smoothly and peacefully, drives the care recklessly, carelessly, beyond the rules and avoid the basic guidlines and Drives it as he wants and as a result get an huge accident….
                who would you blame?

                A Car? (Islam teaching nd Muhammad)
                A Driver? (Usama Bin Laden)?

                Think over it and decide yourself, are you trying o express freedom for peace or trying to disturb the world’s harmony by making Muslims against yourselves…..

  312. if you people draw our beloved prophet’s picture, than you’ll see how god will punish you. he has his own ways of punishment.
    inshallah he’ll punish you.

    1. Yeah, not too scared man. You just stay peaceful yourself and leave the punishing to the pedophile Prophet.

      1. Yeah because what ur doing is really gonna bring about a positive change.You obviously full of hate and want to spread it.
        U know, ur really not worth replying too.Bye.

        1. Haha… yet you replied.

          This is hate, but truth. Non-Muslims have the right to be angry with Muslims and the right to criticize them, and say hurtful things to them.

          Such is the free world Sapphire. Show some love for the free world baby!

  313. @lyle,,,YES…we will..
    WATCH OUT!!!

    1. Watch out for what?

      1. Donkey poop on your head, duh.

  314. i am not saying that we are in peace. no one is.
    it is just you are insulting our religion and our prophet.
    we as a muslim never did that. we respect them because we know who they are.
    every community has black sheeps but that doesn’t mean that you insult the entire community by doing these cheap and stupid things.
    we know there are so many muslim people who did so many wrong things but what you are doing is also not right. so please don’t act like you are doing the right thing.

    1. The whole community of Muslims really isn’t doing much about these “black sheep”. And certainly a lot of Muslims don’t want their pedophile Prophet to be lampooned in art. That’s something we’re just going to disagree on, now and forever.

  315. by the way,,,do whatever you want to.
    we are strong enough to face the troubles.if you think that doing all this might make us weak,,then please grow up.it wont.
    thats because we have faith in our allah and prophet(p.b.u.h)
    by the way,,wasn’t this better to draw your own faces???your ever weird,,ugly damn shit faces?:)…

    1. Draw us. That’s your right as a human being. You can cuss me out too. Get angry, just don’t get violent.

  316. Coward People like you, only do these thing when all other plans got failed lolz…

    What do you think, that by your act, Muslims get furious? or they lose their harmony

    oh no dear…
    you are serving to get Muslims more and more united… you are making Muslims more closer to their religion…

    All your witty intentions behind Muslims and Islams will hit back to you.. history said it, present saying it and you will see in future as well…

    Muslims will always have a helping hand oF Almighty Allah… and curse on the people like you…

    Be ready to pay for it, sooner or later.. but you will pay for sure!

    1. This is a reaction to your threats of violence and intolerance. You’re making us united too… united in freedom against your backward Koranic intolerance.

      1. hahaha

        are u people angels?
        Rapes Rate highest at your side…
        biggest fraud committing people are yours till date…
        highest violence and disrepect for women is to your side…

        lolzzz pls get a life:P

  317. hey you guys im an orthodox Christian and i strongly oppose these sacrilegious activities you have gotten yourselves into. i have many muslim friends who are very moderate and modern and some dont even pray but still they all believe in their holy prophet. so please for their sake, i beg you to stop. they dont deserve it. not all muslims are extremists. and for those of you who are parents and are encouraging your children to depict the prophet in the worst possible way, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!
    i lost people that i knew in the 9/11 attacks but i do not wish to take my revenge against innocent muslims. i do however want ussama bin laden to burn to a crisp in a lake of fire. thats all

    1. No, not stopping. This isn’t an exercise in hate, but of education and tolerance. Muslims threats of violence must end, and your buddies have got to do their part to get their fellow Muslims educated and non-violent.

      Furthermore your friends should be celebrating the day, because it is an example of how great America is that we do not abide violent religious bigotry or intolerance.

      1. o yaaaa…right.

        1. Yeah, you should. Muslims live in peace in America. They don’t get suicide bombed by other Muslims like would in parts of the Muslim world.

          You all make it a goal to be more tolerant, peaceful, and loving like America.

          America is only in Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden & cohorts.

      2. o yaaaa…right.

  318. you all will soon be destroyed. if u want to draw then just try it and see what will happen to u people. you all will be destroyed. u can never do this try it if u can. datz a challenge

    1. We’re doing it you moron.

    2. Looks like this thing is going to happening. Please respect our right to lampoon your pedophile Prophet.

  319. this will never happen INSHALLAH. u r inviting severe problems 4 ur self. B ready to face them. Thanku 4 uniting the MUSLIMS

  320. this will never happen INSHALLAH. u r inviting severe problems 4 ur self. B ready to face them. Thanku 4 uniting the MUSLIMS

    1. Your Allah is asleep on the job. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. An Muslambs, thanks for uniting First Amenders!! Woo Hoo!!

  321. hye english,
    the real thing that i m going to tell you is that,did we (muslims)ever do such a thing which directly attack on your religion.Muhammad (PBUH)is our beloved messanger sent by the Allah (God)n we never compromise on this that some one try to insult him,n if u guyz will so such, Remember n mind it that no one can save you from the hell did your religion says that you put up your fing on non religoin?

    1. Muslims force their religion on all people every day so don’t give me that crap. Islam is an insult to all non Muslims.

  322. hye english,
    the real thing that i m going to tell you is that,did we (muslims)ever do such a thing which directly attack on your religion.Muhammad (PBUH)is our beloved messanger sent by the Allah (God)n we never compromise on this that some one try to insult him,n if u guyz will so such, Remember n mind it that no one can save you from the hell did your religion says that you put up your fing on non religoin?

  323. It’s so funny that they haven’t seen Mohammed (s.a.w), how they can make cartoons ?? It’s just their wishful thinking n nothing else ! Stand United Ummat……. ‘death to CRUCIFIX……’ Let’s celebrate Paedophile n sex-monger “POPE BENEDICT DAY”. That’s even more cool…to celebrate the one who himself is a LIVING CARTOON ! hahahahahaa

    1. I’d be up for a “deface the Pope’s image” day…see, what you folks don’t understand is that we’re being totally equal opportunity in our disrespect. The fact that people try to make some things sacred and beyond criticism makes us want to tear those things down and poke fun at them.

      I (and many here) have nothing against the Muslim faith, only against those who believe violence is justified against people who exercise their free speech, no matter how offensive it is to them.

    2. I saw Muhammad once. I didn’t see alot of details though because he was dressed up as a little school girl and was sucking the Pope’s cock.

      This other time I was hanging out with Muhammad, we got really shitfaced and he told me he made up all that stuff about God talking to him. Then we snorted cocaine with some hookers and I blacked out.

  324. n you call muslims extremists?


    1. Saying “Muslim extremists” doesn’t mean that all Muslims are extremists. The important part is the “extremist” part. Learn English!

  325. Shame on you.Have we muslim ever done such activity about any prophet?Never,We cant even think about that.Allah has promised to keep Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s name alive forever.He would safeguard his respect forever.We know much better to shut the bloddy & dirty mouth and minds of you cursed people.Go to hell!

  326. Shame on you.Have we muslim ever done such activity about any prophet?Never,We cant even think about that.Allah has promised to keep Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s name alive forever.He would safeguard his respect forever.We know much better to shut the bloddy & dirty mouth and minds of you cursed people.Go to hell!

    1. Shame on you.Have we normal people ever done such activity about any speech?Never,We cant even think about that.Human beings should be able to say whatever they want without idiots threatening them with violence.Muslims should condemn anyone who threatens others with violence.We know much better to tolerate the bloddy & dirty mouth and minds of people.Go to hell!

  327. May ALLAH burn all of you in HELL FOREVER

    1. May Allah burn in HELL FOREVER

    2. Allah is a faggot and therefore a hypocrit. I seriously doubt he would send me to hell for telling the truth.

  328. this is what they call freedom of speech! this is no more than bloody gore violence call!


  329. My great ALLAH subhanhu ta’ala give them such kind of punishment that all the world will see it.

    1. Allah came to my house and gave me a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret. I love God.

  330. For all those who plan on doing this:

    1. understand how ignorant you all are, that you dont know anything about Mohammad, yet you hate him because of some mass propaganda. You hate someone you dont even know – if that’s not ignorant, then what is?
    2. The Prophet Muhammad is the beloved of the Creator of this universe. You think your Creator will let you live a carefree life for insulting His beloved?
    3. The sensible person wouldnt hate someone and believe stuff about them on hearsay. The sensible person would first find out for themselves about this person, then make a decision.

    For Muslims here:
    1. Stop using swear words pls, and pls refrain from writing words that would not please Allah. Allah loves gentleness and soft speech.

    1. 1. We hate radical Muslims who want to censor our speech and impose their will upon us. No one actually hates Muhammad.

      2. YOU belive he is “the beloved of the Creator of this universe.” Not everyone believes that or has to accept it. Some people don’t believe that there is a “Creator”. Some people don’t believe the “Creator” cares about what they say about him or those who belive in him.

      3. The religious fanatics are the only ones who believe things based on hearsay. Is it a belief that radical Muslims are trying to censor us?

  331. We strongly Condemn this Attitude and Act of you people πŸ™ !
    JEWS CHRISTIANS MUSLIMS All Have ALmost the Same Faith And ALmost the SAme blood line ! AND HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) was sent as the LAst MEssenger PRophet to the line Of PROPhets !
    we respect ur religion and respect ur beliefs faiths and ur Prophets
    kinDLy do not Draw such cartoons photos etc which would hurt the feelings of Muslim Ummah !
    WE just want to live in Peace and Let others to live in Peace
    * This is just an act of some masonic or non religious type people just to seperate us from each other and make the differences wider as much as possible *

    We Invite you to read the literatue THE QURAN with ur native language translation and its teachings thats it πŸ™‚


    1. Fuck all religious beliefs. May you all wallow in your own pool of stupidity and leave the rest of humanity to live reasonable and truly fulfilling lives.

  332. to all those hypocrytes whose comments i have read here, u guys talk about freedom of speech crap, but do you have any values?? are u guys taught whats right or wrong before u could speak freely about what you think is right and what u think is wrong? im afraid u arent. i cannot speak about a car, a company, a country, a city rationally unless i know about it. or if i do, people would say its all just crap. and thats what we are saying about u guys. i really doubt ur mental level has just been limited to fun, pleasure, sex and thats it, thats why i have chosen the simplest of the words to make u understand what i really mean. and i expect a number of abuses against this comment too cuz i just mentioned its all about mental level. but the thing is its a very very serious stuff to us. the prophet(P.B.U.H) is the most beloved person for us on this earth and this crap u are talking about we cannot even imagine this to happen. i dont know how many of you people really have faith in your religion, on ur priests and else. so u wudnt be able to understand really what love for a religion is, but just for a while think of any someone whom u love dearly and then imagine them being abused this way. im sure ur reaction wudnt be nice thinking that. so stop igniting this hatred, we muslims we also want peace, infact more then u, u ppl still cry for 9/11 but in iraq, in afghanistan, in pakistan innocent muslims are killed on daily basis, whole humanity is suffering from this terrorism thing. the most i could say to clear up your mind is that majority of the muslims in the world are not true muslims with their practices so seeing them just do not assume that they are the real example of what religion islam is.. just in a way that most of the christians today drink and do sex mostly but we know it is not what christianity teaches them to do.. we never attack your religion niether we wish to.. but we all have to play an active part to bring peace to this world and doing these kind of pointless activities wouldnt just let that happen.

    1. Great Reply umer…
      if they dnt understand yet…

      thts mean they themselve dnt want to understand , trying to deliberately disturb the harmony and peace.

    2. Thank you for a well-reasoned thoughtful response, and for not threatening violence. I think you misjudge the visitors to this site though. Many of us think all religions are little more than cults, including christians, jews, buddhists, & islam.

      I am truly sorry that you will be offended by these portrayals of your prophet, but I wonder – are you as offended by these portrayals as you are by the murders of people for mere words?

      This is something you must understand about us & must adopt if you wish to become American. ill deeds are more offensive than ill words.

    3. The fact is, the radical Muslims will not be appeased by any actions we take until we convert to Islam. That is their ultimate goal. They do not want to live in peace. As soon as we outlaw offensive speech toward Muslims, they will demand that we cover up our women, ban alcohol, etc. until the entire world is Muslim. Either we resist their demands and maintain our individual rights or we become Muslim, there is no room for compromise here.

      1. it feels equally nice to get a response which carries something to atleast discuss about.
        firstly i want to tell u that i am a proud pakistani, an american is something i never want to be. hope its clear.
        other then this, it hurts me equally as it hurts u when either a muslim or a non muslim is killed for no reason in a terrorist activity. I mentioned it in my earlier post as well that terrorism is something that ought be erased out of this world. but what i am saying is this is not the way how we should counter it. despite we have separate faiths, religions, yet we have much in common as we all are humans. a good muslim hates terrorism as much as you guys hate.

        and to heller, our religion does not ever teaches us that we should compel(force) any one to convert from their faith, our prophet(P.B.U.H) was the messenger of Allah, and all we are taught is to deliver his teachings and Allahs message forward to other people and leave on their own will to accept it or not. and threating is something that i would never do as I personally know that whatever perception you are carrying about Islam, its actually not ur fault, thats just what u guys are told and i also agree that many of my muslim brothers are not setting perfect example of what religion Islam is all about. so all i am trying here is to gently aware you of what u are planning to do, is not rite for u, for the whole world, as being a muslim thats my duty to aware you of what is right and what is not. kindly put an ear to what all the muslims are telling you. if freedom of speech is a right then we carry certain obligations too, of them the most basic one is to respect the beleive and faiths of others.

  333. You all participants mother Fucker πŸ™‚
    You all are really a nice piece of shitt and meant to burn in hell for eternity.

    You so called Christians are very much propagandized by the Jews & Zions trailing u all like a donkey πŸ˜›

    This should be the end for ur lives

  335. jeusis are mother fuckers and just a shit ………………..u better know what happened with that mother fucker who draw this image before and you will see your self soon when u all convert into PIG

  336. jeusis are mother fuckers and just a shit ………………..u better know what happened with that mother fucker who draw this image before and you will see your self soon when u all convert into PIG

    1. If you’re going to try to insult people, at least become literate.

  337. Lyle , the biggest bitch in this world

    1. How’s it feel to lose Farha.

  338. Good luck to us all if Muslims and Christians can’t even see that they are sons of the same true God. The discussion of the Muhammed drawings is not a religious one. It is one of freedom of speach, a monumental building block of democracy. So intolerant rednecks: Jesus don’t want you to hate. Intolerant “muslims”: You do not speak for Islam and Muhammad spoke of love and tolerance, especially for sons of the one tru God (i.e. Jews and Christians). Be tolerant and let God judge. Your job on earth is to be good to each other, not to hate. Get it right!!

    1. God is a retarded child rapist who enjoys the smell of his own shit.

  339. u awl will be destroyed soon.inshallah

    1. wanna bet on it?

  340. shame on you people cruse of Allah be on you

    1. A curse be on Allah.

  341. cure of Allah be on you

    1. A curse be on Allah.

      1. curse, cure, and a cru[i]se?
        hmmmm . . . a little rocky on the uptake, but I’ll go for it.

  342. curse of Allah be on you

    1. The curse of Allah is only upon those who believe in him and worship him. I really pity those who waste their miserable lives over crap that isn’t actually true.

  343. for every one want to sharh in this be fore you draw any thing you must read all this
    The insulters of Islam said that Muhammad (PBUH);

    – Married his adopted son’s x-wife (his adopted son’s name is Zaid Ibn Haretha).
    – Allowed himself to marry any woman dedicate herself to him (i.e. he is sensual).

    Refuting this Suspicion

    1-It is well proved from the biography of Muhammad (PBUH) that he has never married before being 25 years , although marrying in an early age was from the conventions of the Pre-Islamic era for the sake of getting many sons, as they would support and boost the tribe . It is also known that he was a pure and moral person and did not seek for illegal passion, even though there were in the same community many adulteresses making their houses the residence of vice with banners on the top to show the way for the forbidden enjoyment seekers.
    In spite of all these circumstances that made deviation and fornication easy in Makkah, he was never known except for purity and virtue. Allah’s eye was saving him from the devil’s plot.
    Once his young mates took him to a place where there was forbidden enjoyment, Allah covered him with sleep and he didn’t wake up till his mates awaked him to return back home.

    2- When the Prophet was twenty-five years old he didn’t marry a virgin girl; he married a previously married woman who was fifteen years older than him. She had two sons who were closely twenty years old. She was Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her) and she was the one who chose to marry the Prophet after she knew how pure, chaste and honest he is when he was working for her as a trader.

    3-The Prophet didn’t marry any other woman until his wife Khadija died.
    He spent his youth with her and all his kids were from her except Ibrahim who was from Maria the Coptic.

    4- He lived his life after her death loving her, living with her memories and mentioning her good deeds because they were so special in his life especially for the success of his message.

    He said about Khadija: “She believed in me when the people didn’t and supported me with her money”. He was thankfully mentioning her deeds all the time, fulfilling her memory and welcoming her friends, to the extend that made Aisha( his wife) feel very jealous about that.

    But for his polygyny- like many other prophets- this was for many reasons:

    He ? may Allah’s blessings be upon him ? was more than fifty years old after the death of his wife Khadija; the age in which the fagot of lust or any sense instinct had been extinguished.
    And on the other hand, the need to have someone who takes care of you and your kids increases?..

    Here are the circumstances of these marriages:

    The first wife was: Sauda daughter of Zam’a
    After the death of Khadija ? may Allah be pleased with her ? the Prophet had great sadness in his house and among his companions ? may Allah be pleased with them. They felt extremely sorry for him as he missed the woman who took great care of him and his kids. In addition to that he lost his uncle Abou-taleb; the most one supporting him and facing the polytheists .

    And this year was called the year of sorrow.
    In such a sad and lonely atmosphere the Prophet needed who can take care of him and his children. A Muslim woman came to him called Khaula daughter of Hakim Alselmyya and said: Oh! Allah’s Prophet, I feel that you are lonely after the death of Khadija.
    He answered: Yes, she was my children’s mother and housewife. She said: Can I bring you a bride? He said with surprise: But who will be after Khadija? She mentioned Aisha daughter of Abou-bakr. He said: She is still young. She
    (Khaula) said: engage her now and wait till she became mature.

    He (PBUH) said: but who will serve for the house and my daughters? She said: Sauda daughter of Zam’a. He asked Sauda and her father and they accepted and get married in Makkah…They married in Ramadan, year10 after legation to become the prophets first wife after Khadija (may Allah be pleased with all of them).
    The people of Makkah got astonished of that marriage as Sauda had neither beauty nor ancestral claims. She can’t replace Khadija who was very beautiful, with ancestral claims and all people wanted her.
    Here all insulters and offenders of Islam have to know: this is the first wife after Khadija. She was one of the believers who immigrated to Abyssinia with her husband to find a safe shelter from Quraish. The prophet married her after she returned from Abyssinia and lost her husband to protect her with her children.
    So this marriage was not a result of a lust from the Prophet but relieving sake of a Muslim woman who was left without a man to take care of her and her sons.

    The second wife after Khadija was Aisha daughter of Abou-bakr whom the Prophet said about:” he is the best guard over me in his money and companionship and if I would choose a friend I would take him but he is my brother in Islam .”
    Abou-bakr was well known in supporting “Al Da’wa” with his money; the Prophet said about him that his money was the most useful for him.
    And Aisha’s mother was Om-Roman daughter of Amer Al-kenany, she was from the lofty companions. When she died the Prophet stepped down into her grave and prayed: “Oh Allah! You know what have happened to Om-Roman for you and your prophet”. He said about her in the day she died: “If anyone wants to see the gazelle black eyed (Hour) had to look to Om-Roman”.
    None ever in Makkah was surprised of the affinity between the two friends the Prophet and Abu Bakr, as it was very expected. For them it was a very normal marriage, and if there were anything to doubt about it they wouldn’t stop insulting it.

    So the marriage between the Prophet and a girl younger than him by almost forty years is not an odd thing because it was familiar in that society.
    But the Orientalists and the insulters of Islam accused him of being lustful. They insist on ignoring the fact that these kinds of marriages were familiar at that time in this era; some other examples we can see below:

    1- Abdulmuttaleb; the grandfather of the Prophet (PBUH) married Hala the cousin of Amena (the mother of the Prophet, who married the youngest sons of Abdulmuttaleb).

    2- Omar bin Al Khattab married the daughter of Ali bin Abi-Taleb while Omar was elder than her father.

    3- Omar bin Al Khattab offered his daughter Hafsa for Abou-Bakr to marry her, while the age difference between them was the same between the Prophet and Aisha.

    These were the habits of that society when the Prophet married Aisha. But the Orientalists and the insulters of Islam saw in this marriage a great event to offend both Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ? as they say ? that the elderly man married the virgin young girl.

    The third wife: Hafsa daughter of Omar the young widow:
    She was the wife of Hanis bin Huthafa Al-sahmy, who was a lofty companion that immigrated to Abyssinia twice then to Madienah. He died after getting wounded in the battle of Ohud. His wife Hafsa became a widow in a very young age.
    This made Omar her father very sad as her beauty was extinguishing day after a day. He searched for a groom for his daughter as he was a pitiful father and because this act was normal at that time in this society (to look for a husband for one’s daughter).
    Such a feeling was the motive for Omar to speak to Abou-bakr who did not reply on Omar’s request. Then he went to Othman bin Affan who refused this offer too.
    Omar felt very disappointed and went to the Prophet who said to Omar:” Hafsa will get married to the one who is better than Othman and Othman will marry who is better than Hafsa”.
    Omar knew what the Prophet meant by this; that the Prophet himself will marry Hafsa and Othman will marry one of the Prophet’s daughters. He ran to his daughter very happily and was satisfied that Allah had relieved the agony of his daughter.

    The fourth wife: Om-Salamah daughter of Zad Al Rakeb:
    She was one of the first immigrants to Abyssinia . Her husband (Abu-Salamah) Abdullah son of Abdulasad Almakhzomy was one of the first Prophet’s companions who immigrated to Madienah.
    She is from a generous house. Her father was one of the bounteous of Quraish who was known as ” Zad Al Rakeb” (the one who supplies travellers with food) because no one ever travelled with him without getting supplied with food for his whole journy.
    Her dead husband was a companion from Bani-Makhzom tribe; he was the cousin of the Prophet (the son of his father’s sister). He immigrated twice to Abyssinia then to Madienah. They both ( Om Salamah & her husband) were from the very first people embracing Islam. They both immigrated to Madienah and witnessed severe events together with their child?May Allah be pleased with her?

    The fifth wife: Zainab daughter of Jahsh:
    “I have never seen a woman better in performing Islam, fearing Allah than Zainab. She was honest and faithful, loving of her relatives and giving charity; all for the sake of the Almighty Allah.”
    That was how Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) described her fellow wife Zainab daughter of Jahsh.
    But the insulters of Islam said that Muhammad (PBUH) admired the wife of his adopted son “Zaid son of Haretha” and wanted to marry her after he made them got divorced!! This is of course nonsense and this marriage was for causes mentioned below:

    Doctor Haykal replied in his book “The life of Muhammad” p.29 saying: It is either the lust of the exposed evangelization or the evangelization for the science, and the old antagonism against Islam originated deeply since the crucifixion wars made them write that.
    We would like that those insulters pay attention to the reason of this marriage; the Prophet married the ex- wife of his son in adoption for wisdom from Allah in order to abolish the adoption habit. Such habit that counterfeits the facts had bad effects on the lives of people.
    This habit had been originated in the pre-Islamic society, Allah chose his messenger to be the first for ending this habit.
    Here are some verses from the Holy Quran to submit an announcement for that verdict opposing these pre-habits and explaining the new legislation for adoption in general :

    “Muhammad isn’t the father of any man among you, but he’s the messenger of Allah and the seal of the prophets.” (Alahzab: 40)

    “Proclaim their real parentage. That will be more equitable in the slight of Allah. If you don’t know their fathers then they are your brethren and clients.” (Alahzab: 5)

    “And when you say to whom Allah has conferred favor and you have conferred favor; Keep your wife and fear Allah. And you didn’t hide in the mind that Allah was to bring to light and fear mankind while Allah has a better right that you should fear him. So when Zayd had performed the formality of divorce from her, we gave her unto her in marriage. Therefore there is no sin on believers in respect to wives of their adopted sons, when the latter had performed the necessary formality of the release from them (females). The commandment of Allah must be fulfilled.” (Alahzab: 37)

    Again we remind here that the marriage of the Prophet from Zainab was not for a lust or a libido. It was an order from Allah to abolish the habit of adoption through a legislation in this society in which adoption is one of its principle habits. It couldn’t be abolished except through the Prophet and in his house.
    Zainab daughter of Jahsh understood that and boasted her fellow wives and said: “Your families married you to the Prophet ? May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him ? while I got married to him by the order of Allah from above seven skies”.
    Zayed didn’t divorce Zainab beause he knew that the Prophet wanted to marry her- as those insulters say- but because their life was not based on a desired treaty which Zainab didn’t forget. She was the noble well known and beautiful lady but got married to a man who was a slave for some of her family. He was also a slave for the Prophet (PBUH) who freed him after that in Makkah.
    It is normal that he was the slave captivated man in his wife’s eyes which was not her dream to marry such a man although he was well known as Zaid son of Muhammad in this society.
    That made them both unhappy; so Zaid went complaining to the Prophet who ordered him to keep his wife and fear Allah. Narrated by Albukhary, Anas said: “if the Messenger wanted to marry Zainab, he would’t tell Zaid what he did; but it was the order from Allah not to hurry in divorcing her.
    Zainab daughter of Jahsh was the cousin of the Prophet and he married her to his slave Zaid. If the Prophet wanted to marry her from the beginning, he would ask her for that.
    If he wanted to marry her nothing would prevent him but he didn’t.

    It was the desire of Allah to announce a new legislation and verdict to cease the custom of adoption which was prevalent in this society.

    ” And you didn’t hide in the mind that Allah was to bring to light and fear mankind while Allah has a better right that you should fear him” ( Al Ahzab:37)
    Because the Messenger tried to hide what Allah has told him that Zainab will be his wife one day. He didn’t reveal that because he was afraid that people would say he married the wife of his adopted son.

    The sixth wife: Juwairia daughter of Alhareth Alkhozaeia; a Jewish tribe:
    The beautiful princess who none was more blessing on her family than her. The Prophet liberated hundred of Bani Almostaleq (her tribe) after marrying her.
    She was captivated after that her tribe was defeated in their battle (Almostaleq). The one who captivated her asked for money to free her so she went to the Prophet to ask for help. The Prophet said: I’ll pay and marry you.

    The news was spread among the Muslims that the Messenger married the daughter of Alhareth son of Dherar the leader of Bani Almostaleq.
    So all the captives of Bani Almostaleq had become relatives-in-law to the Prophet (PBUH);
    and had that’s why to be freed from their capture.
    The marriage of the messenger from the captive woman, the daughter of the tribe’s master after she came to him supplicating was mercy on her first and second she was given the chance to become a Muslim.

    She died at the age of 70 when the Muslims were ruled by Bani Omayyah.

    The seventh wife : Safyyah daughter of Hoyay, the lady of Bani Alnadhir
    She was one of the women captives after the defeat of the Jews (from Bani Alnadhir tribe) against the Muslims in the raid of Bani Alnadhir. The Prophet ? PBUH ?freed her and married her. That action taken by the Prophet shows his high morals and great ability to forgive especially those who embraced Islam and became good believers?.

    The eightth wife: Om-Habibah daughter of Abou-Sofyan; “the Prophet’s rescue for a Muslim woman in a crisis”:
    She is Om-Habibah named “Ramlah”, the daughter of Abou-Sofyan ? the greatest polytheist in Makkah and the strongest antagonism to Muhammad (PBUH).
    She was the wife of Obaid-Allah son of Jahsh and they immigrated together as Muslims to Abyssinia . Abyssinia was the secure hideaway for Muslims escaping from the grip of the polytheists and their attack. Alnajashi the king of Abyssinia at that time, was taking care of them as he had a believing sense to welcome the fellows of the new Messenger who was preached by Jesus son of the virgin Mary ? blessing are upon him from Allah. It was mentioned in the Quran :”And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: O children of Israel ! I am the apostle of Allah sent to you confirming the law which came before me, and giving glad tidings of an apostle who will come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.”(As Saf:6).

    But Om-Habibah faced a severe crisis among the immigrants to Abyssinia , when her husband left Islam and denounced himself as a Christian. It was a double distress, the first was leaving her father behind in Mekkah because of his enmity to Islam, and second when her husband betrayed his religion compact and became a Christian. And in addition to all that was her loneliness in another land than her father land, and being pregnant with her daughter that she named ” Habibah” later on.
    Such things could be more than the energy of a Muslim woman to bear alone; being examined in an angry father and an apostate husband.
    But the eyes of Allah and then the eyes of the Prophet supported her and facilitated the difficulties of what she faced in her immigration to Abyssinia . She became the mother of all Believers after being the mother of Habibah as she got married to the leader of Muslims Muhammad Pease be upon him.
    Alnajashi was the real supporter for all the immigrants in general and for Om Habibah especially when the Prophet sent a messenger from his side to ask him for Om Habibah’s hand.
    This engagement was the big rescue to Om-Habibah to start a new life with our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    This engagement was a big slap on the head of Abou-Sofyan who commented on this marriage: “This man can’t be defeated” as the Prophet is having victory after victory over the disbelievers of Makkah lead by of Abou-Sofyan.

    When Abou-Sofyan lastly became a Muslim and witnessed that no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, one of the companions told the Prophet that Abou-Sofyan likes to boast, and asked him to find a solution for his knot and his envy.
    The Prophet ? May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him ? said in his historical announcement in Makkah:
    Who ever enters my house will be secure.
    Who ever enters the holy house (the Kaaba) will be secure.
    Who ever enters the house of Abou-Sofyan will be secure.
    Islam conquered, and the people entered the religion of Allah in crowds.
    Om-Habibah or the mother of all believers was in great happiness by the victory of her husband and her father’s embracing of Islam.
    This is Om-Habibah who was surrounded by the prophecy rescue to safe her from her sorrows and make her live the best life ever in the house of the Prophet (PBUH)?.

    The ninth wife: Maymouna daughter of Alhareth Alhelalyah; a widow who will be happy to get a husband
    The last wife of the Prophet ? May Allah’s satisfaction be upon all his wives. Her husband Abou-Rahm son of Abdelozza Alaamiry died and her her brother-in-law Alabbas married her to the Prophet? May Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him. The prophet
    When she got the good omen of the engagement from the prophet, she jumped up of her donkey very happily to hear such news.
    The Holy Quran mentioned this as she was the one who wanted to marry the Prophet: “And any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the prophet, if the prophet wishes to wed her. This is only for you and not for the believers.” ( Al Ahzab:50)

    This was the Prophet’s last wife- may Allah’s blessing be upon them all

    1. Did not read your wall of text.

      Could you just give me a quick summary (50 words or less) of what fables you believe?

      Thank you very much.

    2. May Allah’s giant cock spray them all with his blessed splooge.

  344. Watch the faith of Muslims..

    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Muslim terrorists and other terrorist.. newspapers headlines&search=Search&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&spell=1

  345. well said umar

    Umar|5.18.10 @ 6:44AM|#
    to all those hypocrytes whose comments i have read here, u guys talk about freedom of speech crap, but do you have any values?? are u guys taught whats right or wrong before u could speak freely about what you think is right and what u think is wrong? im afraid u arent. i cannot speak about a car, a company, a country, a city rationally unless i know about it. or if i do, people would say its all just crap. and thats what we are saying about u guys. i really doubt ur mental level has just been limited to fun, pleasure, sex and thats it, thats why i have chosen the simplest of the words to make u understand what i really mean. and i expect a number of abuses against this comment too cuz i just mentioned its all about mental level. but the thing is its a very very serious stuff to us. the prophet(P.B.U.H) is the most beloved person for us on this earth and this crap u are talking about we cannot even imagine this to happen. i dont know how many of you people really have faith in your religion, on ur priests and else. so u wudnt be able to understand really what love for a religion is, but just for a while think of any someone whom u love dearly and then imagine them being abused this way. im sure ur reaction wudnt be nice thinking that. so stop igniting this hatred, we muslims we also want peace, infact more then u, u ppl still cry for 9/11 but in iraq, in afghanistan, in pakistan innocent muslims are killed on daily basis, whole humanity is suffering from this terrorism thing. the most i could say to clear up your mind is that majority of the muslims in the world are not true muslims with their practices so seeing them just do not assume that they are the real example of what religion islam is.. just in a way that most of the christians today drink and do sex mostly but we know it is not what christianity teaches them to do.. we never attack your religion niether we wish to.. but we all have to play an active part to bring peace to this world and doing these kind of pointless activities wouldnt just let that happen.

    1. So Muslims really aren’t peaceful is what you’re saying? Haha.

      1. Are you peaceful?
        first inside you, what you are doing, then say someothing to others

        i’m afraid a big natural disaster cud be on 20 may…

    2. nonsense.
      you worship a “god” who demands submission on penalty of death by your co-relegenists.
      Your “holy” book demands I convert or it is your duty to kill me.
      My God says to turn the other cheek, pray for my enemies and to forgive others.
      Yours says to kill the other, convert him or enslave him.
      Your “god” demands death and blood.
      My preaches forgiveness and love.
      My God IS God almighty.
      Yours is Satan. What other divinity would preach murder.

  346. Plz guyz try to understand , dont draw Annoy pics of our beloved Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , kinDLy do not Draw such cartoons photos etc which would hurt the feelings of Muslim Ummah !,
    If u do not agree with my comments Allah Woul be ditroy u Inshallah ..

    1. inshallah

    2. No, Allah will not fireball us to death. A group of Muslims might have a go, but not Allah. It will have to be men, Muslim men.

      1. Top Muslim men (though it might be hard to find one as all of them are bottoms).

  347. Draw Muhammad Day May 20th!! Freedom lives!!

  348. Don’t be ruled by Sharia. Draw a Muhammad today!

  349. Don’t be a dhimmi. Draw an image of Muhammad. Say no to Muslim oppression.

  350. you guys are sick.. May ALLAH guide you on right path.. and give health..

    1. Was Muhammad’s relationship with his 10 year old wife “sick”?

      Like Muslims are capable of being disgusting… beheadings and terrorist bombings are some great examples, yes?

    2. Allah must be the sickest motherfucker of them all. What kind of fucked up bastard could have created all this?


    1. Probably none of what you say will happen cause Allah likely doesn’t exist.

      But if that’s what you believe, cool.

    2. Don’t forget, boys and girls, the number one killer of Muslims is Radical Muslims.


    3. Allah is a dirty motherfucking cunt-bag and Muhammad is a retarded goat-fucker who also dabbles in young male prostitutes.

      If Allah exists he should strike me down, since I have insulted Him and His prophet.

      1. Nope, still here.

        Wow, I guess Allah either doesn’t exist, or he really doesn’t care what people say about him and Muhammad.

        Allah and Muhammad are shitty cunt-eating faggots.

  352. @lyle

    no one cud help you out
    you soon will see, where Allah exists

    Pity YOU

  353. @lyle

    no one cud help you out
    you soon will see, where Allah exists

    Pity YOU

    1. Even though no one “cud” help you, Lyle, perhaps someone could* help you? I will.

    2. in hell?

      1. Nah . . . I was thinking just here on earth. But high fives for the accurate enlgish spelling there. Two words! You know what they say–baby steps lead to bigger steps! Keep working at it, and soon you’ll be able to fly!

  354. I live for Muhammad’s kisses!

  355. I’d like to hear the teachings of Muhammad, but it’s hard to tell what he’s saying with all that dick in his mouth.

  356. This shows how insecure we christians are for having muslims in our country.
    huh so much hate in us is not going to drive us anywhere.
    I apologize to every muslim. this is insane.

    1. Speak for yourself. This is a LIBERTARIAN website, not a Christian website. Radical islam is incompatable with Libertarianism.

      And as a Libertarian, I want every one of those Radical Islamic bastards gone.

    2. I’m Jewish, and even I can tell that you aren’t a Christian. Shitty obvious troll is shitty and obvious.

  357. Lovely comments from the fundamentalists. 9 out of 10 suggest they’ll kill us for drawing an image of their “prophet.” Religion of peace, indeed.

  358. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzPbS0RCvBE

    Check this out and stop being a dick head guys.

    1. No, I’m going to continue to be a dickhead.

  359. anyway, I also feel that with every submission of the drawing, the individual should upload his picture and home address. Since it is an open invitation for the muslim terrorists to retaliate against them. So um, you bunch of 12 year old fags, quit being a coward behind a screen, and please make sure you come out as a person with your complete details as well. That’s the true way to do it.

    Happy visit to hell after that wusses

    1. And Arafat Mazhar proves my point by threatening violence. Hey Arafat, explain again why yours is the religion of peace?

    2. Don’t be hatin’ pig boy.

    3. How dare you connect Muslims to violence! It is an outrage that must not be tolerated!

      In response, I, a Muslim, will respond by threatening violence. Just to prove your point.

      Who’s up for some pulled-pork sandwiches?

  360. And I am talking for everybody.
    this is for sure totally insane.
    get a grip and get a real life. what will us get by drawing such things? nothing only hate of others. and our all social and high level dept of economy are running because of well educated muslims are working there. they’re helping us serving us and what are we giving in return? what does it shows? are we realy so pathet? no! we are not and we cant be.

    1. You don’t speak for moi!

      That’s right, Mohammad speaks fluent French.

    2. “what will us get by drawing such things?”

      Maybe we’ll learn how to properly construct a basic sentence?

      Yeah, no, clearly this guy’s first language is English.

      “and our all social and high level dept of economy are running because of well educated muslims are working there.”

      Tip: Don’t come to a libertarian blog and then try to prove your point about how well-educated Muslims are by pointing to the efficiency of the present economic and social structure.

  361. Me what are religion is about? provoking making ppl kill us and having suicide?
    its we who are doing this. plz stop it. its going to create havoc.

    1. If your religion is indeed one of peace, it falls on you to rid it of people like Arafat Mazhar who threaten violence and death in its name. So it’s up to you to “plz stop it.”

    2. No, drawing pictures doesn’t create havoc. There are other religious illustrations posted quite openly and regularly.

      What will “create havoc” is the Muslim response to said pictures.

      If drawing a religious picture “provoking making ppl kill us and having suicide” then there’s a problem with your religion. Not with the rest of us.

      1. Bert, there is a problem in the way you portray our Prophet(P.B.U.H).
        Just one question to everyone who would like to participate in the event, why wont you people do something positive and productive with the freedom of speech and resources that you are all provided?
        (Those who are against peace and want to spread hatred on earth, no need to answer the question.)

        1. We do that every day. We feel like doing this today. That is what freedom is.

          “there is a problem in the way you portray our Prophet”
          To me your prophet is just another warlord from long ago. I am not going to honor him just because you say so.

        2. “Just one question to everyone who would like to participate in the event, why wont you people do something positive and productive with the freedom of speech and resources that you are all provided?”

          We do. Every day. Today we stand up for that freedom by telling violent extremists to pound sand like Muhammad pounded Aisha.

  362. wow !!
    guess what we are devaluing ourselves and our religion.

  363. I agree with freedom of expression and an individual’s right to his or her own thought or action. But with such freedom comes an even greater sense of responsibility and respect for another’s right to think and feel. Why has everyone forgotten this? Give peace a chance… this is not the way to go about it.

    1. Why don’t you tell that to radical Muslims who want to violently force their will upon the rest of the world?

  364. I read all the comments..
    we are real murders a teenage boy in my school killed himself.
    suppose it was your kid, brother, reletive or a close friend.
    how would you feel?
    shame on us.
    m leving christiansim toay . ryt now!

    1. “m leving christiansim toay . ryt now!”

      Anyone have a universal bullsh*t translator? Mine’s in the shop.

  365. this thread is full of LOLZ.

  366. and fo your kind information..
    Molly Norris has apologized to all muslims herself. she is now not celebrating any day.

    1. For your information, Molly Norris is a cunt.

  367. Molly Norris herself is a coward… fuck all of us (christians) when we cant respect our religion how we can respect others? molly is a dick head a stupid boob. and dont take this threats calmly from muslims they in there religion are allowed to kill ppl who disrespect there Allah and Prophets. ive read it myself.
    m going to be a muslim today. m going to the near mosque right now bye.

    1. “m going to be a muslim today. m going to the near mosque right now bye.”

      Seriously, bullsh*t translator anyone? This guy already knows the local mosque like Mohammad knew pedophilia.

    2. Sorry to hear about our loss–your “Christianism” seemed to run so deep, Shell.

  368. If drawing Mohammed is so bad that it results in a fatwa on the head of the artist, what happened to the Islamic artists who painted loving portraits of Mohammed throughout history?

    What if I draw a picture of a taxi driver in NYC and call him Mohammed, but he’s really just an average guy named Mohammed? Do I have to distinguish that this is “definitely not the Prophet” in order to prevent the forces of Jihad from setting a car bomb outside my house?

    1. Hey u Chang

      Do u knw abt Islam n Muhammad (SAW). I thnk u dnt hav any clue wht da FuCK u r talking abt. U can’t give me fucking name of any Artist who draw da picture. Coz no one even imagin… So take care abt writing sumthng abt very very ordinary person like u.
      Prophets does’nt matter frm wich religion they r. They shud b respected

      1. You mother draws pictures of Muhammad! And she’s naked and masturbating during the entire process.

      2. I have my own religion, of which I am the only prophet. The tenets of my religion require that I mock the prophets of other religions, particularly when their followers act like idiots and try to tell me I am going to hell.

        Respect me, Awan!

        1. +1

          Stealing this.

  369. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-nT-luFIw
    mean while why dont you guys watch this.

    1. Islamic terrorism apologist? Check. Bullsh*t artist? Check. 9/11 Truther? Check.

      Bingo! I have bingo!

  370. _!_ bert sit on this and spin arround. :p lol

    1. My! What a tiny cock you have!

    2. As soon as Mohammad’s done.

  371. This is what I love about Reason. I remember them having a reason.tv thing about some interviewee saying that would have “free/open” comments but that they might moderate just in case.

    Nick retorted something like: “Oh, so they’ll be moderated.”

    Listen: call me a cocksucker. Call Jesus, Yahweh, Moses, the Pope, my mother…whatever.


    The fact that some respondents feel the need to resort to violence over WORDS rather than ACTIONS is the reprehensible part.

    Lyle’s acting like a cockbag. (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that!) But he’s right. Don’t respond to words with a blade. Don’t bring a fucking gun to a snowball fight.

    Here’s what I’ve never understood: why can’t you pious folk of every stripe just smirk knowingly and feel good that we’ll all be burning in hell? Isn’t that the ultimate punishment?

    1. Hear, hear! “Pious” people really should stop acting so evil ALL THE TIME.

  372. No one is being forced to be disrespectful. If you feel that this is wrong, then don’t do it. But if others want to, that’s their right. The only ones who are in the wrong here are those who retaliate against speech they don’t like with threats and violence.

    1. how abt fucking your sister, you thought its wrong but other thinks that its right so go and sell your sister and dont ffeel disrespectful.

  373. What ev said

    Why do our new friends think that typing something rude about Jesus or our mothers is going to convince us that we are wrong? People need to learn to deal with offense like this. And get used to the fact that if you are a religious fundamentalist, you are going to be savagely mocked by some people. It may not be nice for those people to do so, but tough shit. I have no obligation to respect your religion, particularly when I see certain parts of it as backward and wrongheaded. Deal with it. If your god is so great, he can deal with it as well. What kind of a crappy god is so insecure as to freak out when a few unbelievers do something irreverent?

    1. God didn’t freak out. I mean your continual survival is a proof of that. If God freaked out, you’d be in deep trouble. It’s Muslims who are freaking out. While you maybe within your right to mock anythign you want, Muslims are within their right to mock your slut mother for boreing you. Don’t like it, tough shit. Deal with it, bitch.

      Your mom’s a slut who gives blowjobs to biker on route 66 for 10 cents a pop. And she likes to have cactus shoved up her vagina. That’s why you’re retarded because when you were in her belly, the plancenta around you was leaked by cactus needles.

      Are you offended enough, cheap whore, yet?

      1. Huh? What are you responding to? My toungue-in-cheek sugestion that Allah is mad about Mohamed drawings?
        My point was mostly that I am not at all offended by strangers’ insults to my mother or Jesus or whatever and it is absurd of our Moslem visitors to think that I would be.

      2. actually i could use a little more. You sily words amuse me.

    2. Satan. He doesn’t like to be mocked.

      1. Nah, Satan is alright. All the coolest bands are associated with Satan.

  374. Everyone, I’m sorry. I know I have been harsh. The truth is Muslims are good people. I was abused as a child by my father and find no other means to the purpose of life than to deride the most weak people around, the Muslims. I hope you will forgive me and humor me. I’m posting hateful things only for my own selfish satisfaction. I know I will have a terrible fate from karma. But I hope I can mend my ways before it too late. Forgive me, Muslims.

    1. you’re a sad little troll, aren’t you?
      A question though.
      What kind of divine being demands his followers commit murder?
      If God created all of us why would he set up a system pitting us against each other?
      Because that’s not God.
      It’s “The great Deceiver”. The fallen angel. Satan.

      1. Christians who believe in Satan are just as dumb, if not dumber than Muslims who believe in Allah. All y’all go fuck yourselves in your dirty cunts.

        1. your response is as intelligent as it is well thought out. you are clearly a super genius.

    2. Best. Concern. Troll. Yet.

    3. So Lyle walked into a talent agency…

      He and his family are all there together. And they start their act! Within…cessium vibrations Lyle has already stripped his daughter down to her leggings. He points his tumescent rod at his son like a tommy gun, urging the boy to move towards the daughter. Again with his engorged member, he (with no hands!) uses its sign language to force him to start jerking it. Then Lyle’s man-tube begins to gyrate in sexy little circles towards the family cat. The cat then, perhaps misunderstanding his cue, leaps on to Lyle’s grease rocket like it’s climbing a tree.


      Lyle then starts to fuck his wife, who, might I add, was already naked. She didn’t even BOTHER showing up to to the ad agency with clothes. The Muslim cabbie thought it was weird, but since he was being paid, thought nothing of it.

      So lyle starts fucking his wife in the ass. WITH THE CAT STILL ATTACHED TO HIS LOTION-SHOOTER. the wife, having organized the same thing for their honeymoon, is prepared. So Lyle’s fucking his wife and the cat, who is UNPREPARED, is clawing out his wife’s vagina.


      The son is foot fucking the daughter. He looks like god damn van dame in fucking bloodsport. And when you think about it, this activity more aptly deserves the title…BLOODSPORT!

      So now the cat’s tail is poking out of the wife’s vagina while Lyle is fucking this bloody stump…and the tail has found it’s way into Lyle’s asshole! He’s getting a prostate massage from the cat!

      Then lyle shit’s out a fecellated hairball…which the daughter then starts to snort while the son keeps foot fucking her!

      The mother, anemic, starts to vomit blood and cat shit out her nose while Lyle is having the orgasm of his life and moaning out “Gloria Fairchild!” He then yells at his cunt of a wife, to tell the agent the name of the act.

      While the daughter is getting high off her tits off the snorted catnip/shit hairball and the son’s footfucking, the wife manages to moan stocatto-ly the name of the act.


      Lyle was so horny he shot a wad so hard up his cat-filled wife that jizz poured out of her vacant eye sockets!

      *Something tells my Lyle will be ok with this…to illustrate my point further.

    4. Where’s the real Lyle? This Lyle is whack!

  375. Muhammad raped me as a child. Why does the prophet delight so much in forcing his member into succulent boy-ass?


    1. Wow, I can’t believe people actually this crap. Dumbass.

      1. did you accidentally the whole thing?

  377. I like how they all put their real email addresses.

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