Teachers Unions

"Yes, people are hurting. That's why we need a tax increase."


Big rally in Springfield, Illinois yesterday at which union demonstrators chanted "Raise my taxes!" to legislators:

Three hundred busloads of people, mostly from AFSCME Council 31, SEIU, the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois Federation of Teachers, converged outside the Capitol while lawmakers were in session.

From the Chicago Tribune account:

"If you try to leave town without doing your job, we're going to chase you," warned union leader Henry Bayer at a rally that drew an estimated 15,000 people — the biggest at the Capitol since the era of the Equal Rights Amendment more than a quarter-century ago.

Speaking of protesters chasing legislators, have you heard about the under-covered case of two people being brutally stomped–I'm talking about leg-broken-in-four-places stomped, broken jaw and brain concussion stomped–after attempting to leave a New Orleans fundraiser for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal that had been dogged by particularly aggressive demonstrators? In the absence of much news coverage, Human Events has been following the hell out of the story. Here's the latest.

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  1. Makes sense to me, kick the SHeeple while they are down!


    1. You speak to my soul, Lou.

  2. “Three hundred busloads…”

    Short buses, right?

    1. Illinois productivity must have plummeted what with all the SEUI/ASCME retards out on a field trip.

      Lots of large arsed folks who appear to be possible food desert dwellers.

    2. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at this…

    3. From the looks of this depiction, each bus might only hold one or two of them.

    4. Definitely not the buses drowned by Mayor Nagin during the Katrina clusterfuck.

  3. Is that why the “cadillace health insurance plans” for union members were exempted from ObamaCare for five years?

    1. Until they pass a bill to renew them.

  4. Big rally in Springfield, Illinois yesterday at which union demonstrators chanted “Raise my taxes!” to legislators

    When the blurb the WaPo ran this AM, identified the protesters simply as “people”, I knew that a muni/teachers union was behind it without checking. I’m even doubtful on them actually being people.

    1. Yeah, it’s like those union workers don’t understand that it is their place to be exploited for others’ gain.

      Natural law!

      1. F- trolling. Xeones does not do threaded comments. Try again.

      2. It seems pretty obvious that these pub-sec workers understand the opposite — that it is the place of the average citizen to be exploited for their gain.

    2. Sweet. I say to the legislooters in Springfield: “Impose an excise tax on union membership, immediately.”

    3. Hey, if they shouted “raise my taxes” they must be OK with a reduction in pay, right? Clearly some contract renegotiations are in order.

    4. THIS was Astroturfing.

  5. Is there a more self-contradictory philosophy than “anarcho-communism?”

    1. mandatory volunteerism?

    2. This came up in Macleod I think. People formed “communes” voluntarily within an anarchist area of North London. More or less companies, but the people shared equally in the profits. I’m not endorsing it, mind you…

  6. have you heard about the under-covered case of two people being brutally stomped?I’m talking about leg-broken-in-four-places stomped, broken jaw and brain concussion stomped?after attempting to leave a New Orleans fundraiser for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal that had been dogged by particularly aggressive demonstrators?

    Hey, they’re doing God’s work! Just ask joe!

    Actually, it would be massively entertaining to have joe around again for this story, because you know he would have had to defend…violent assault somehow, because of being an insane partisan. And that would have just been amazing to watch.

    1. And we all know that violent assault is only allowed when protecting our property rights.

      1. God, you suck. NutraDork doesn’t have a space in his name. Are you specifically trying to bring down the reputation of H&R’s spoofers? DO BETTER. We don’t tolerate losers here. Except for JW.

        1. “You’re the worst character ever, Towlie.”

          1. “I know.”

    2. I doubt that joe would defend it.

      He would, however, try to turn it into an argument about the terrible Tea-Baggers.

      1. It would probably go something like, “The Tea Baggers have the potential to do far worse.”

    3. Joe would deny against all evidence that it was protestors who did it. Just random thugs who just happened to attack these people.

    4. It seems likely that the beating was done by “anarchist” scum, whose unruly behavior we Pittsburghers know all too well. I don’t think it should be pinned on liberals or Democrats in general, even though the targets were Republicans.

  7. mostly from AFSCME Council 31, SEIU, the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois Federation of Teachers
    Since it involves teachers I am betting the logic goes like this.

    If all 15,000 of us get bonuses of $100,000 and they tax it at 50% then the state would have $7.5 billion in extra revenue which would more than cover the $5 billion dollar budget shortfall.

  8. anarcho-communist

    Still makes no sense to me, but whatever.

    1. Because anarchy and communism taste great together!

      (shorter handle)

    2. I love those people you see at the lefty rallies demanding both anarchy and communism.

      1. Raping for chastity!!

  9. We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week. But all the decision of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting– By a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs,– But by a two-thirds majority in the case of more major–

    1. “Anarchy” = without a ruler. By your post, you indicate that a majority (or super-majority can make rules for the minority.

      You do not have an anarchy, you have an agorian democracy.

      1. Canadian, if you just missed a Holy Grail reference, you are deader to me than you already were for being a Canuck.

        1. Crap. You’re right. I should have spotted it from the “Dennis” handle.

        2. Life of Brian?

          1. It was definitely in Holy Grail. I can’t remember it from Life of Brian, but it may have been there too as the Pythoners reused many of their gags of that type.

            1. Let’s be nice to Aresen, folks. After all, his system of government is, in fact, based on a farcical aquatic ceremony involving strange women lying in ponds distributing swords.

              1. In other words, some people quote Python, other people live it.

              2. And yours is based on a Frenchman’s incorrect reading of that system.

                1. Excellent riposte. We should’ve just read Polybius directly (specifically, in his Histories of Moistened Bints).

            2. “There’s some lovely filth down here!”

    2. Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!

      1. Order, eh — who does he think he is?

        1. A king

          How can you tell he’s a king?

          He’s not covered in shit.

        2. I am your king!

  10. The two who were assaulted in NO actually got stomped by this faggot? How do you get your ass kicked by such an emaciated cockhole?

    1. Because there were reportedly 5 fuck holes. Even skinny shit fucks can do damage in numbers. What are you, a fucking moron?

      1. Anyone from Philly should be careful about calling someone else a moron. Now go stuff your fat face with another cheesesteak.

      2. Someone should kill those people.

        1. and all the other extremists

          1. Well that’s rather extreme

    2. We can all pray that he’s raped and tortured in prison.

  11. Still makes no sense to me, but whatever.

    Sticking “anarcho-” on the front of Nazi secret police terms wouldn’t fool anybody. “Anarcho-chrezvychaynaya” has a ring to it, though. I’d have gone with that.

  12. If you try to leave town without doing your job, we’re going to chase you,” warned union leader Henry Bayer . . .

    See the violence inherent in the system?

    1. “We’re going to chase you.”

      Then what?

      Damn violent racist tea-bagging unions.

  13. There is no reason to ever chant “raise my taxes.” They are completely free to send in a check to the Illinois treasury, if that’s what they want. No, what they really mean is “raise their taxes.”

    1. It’s legal for a state’s legislature to imposed an annual occupation tax on every person licensed to practice a speccific trade. I propose Illinois impose a $500 per year occupation tax on all licensed educators. Tax raised! You’re welcome!

    2. Technically sending excess capital to the Illinois Revenue Department isn’t taxes.

      The big union push yesterday was supposedly built on the concept that critical state services will be cut if taxes are not raised. They’ve managed to box themselves back into the corner where Libertarians thrive.

      If I have excess capital and I wish to contribute it to a critical service such as child adoption services then why the heck do I need to send it to a state treasury first? Can’t I just send it right to the adoptive services group?

      This is Illinois in a nutshell.

  14. That New Orleans story is fucking amazing.

    Rachel Maddow will be all over that.

    Knocking a woman down and stomping on her is the ultimate proof of your devotion to a better world, dude.

  15. Meh, Washington’s going through the same thing. Bill Gates Sr. and a bunch of his cronies are screaming the exact same thing.

    1. Wow. What a complete ass hat.

      I guess if your son is BGIII taxes really don’t matter.

  16. I say we oblige them and raise their taxes. All unionized government members can be charged an extra 2% on their income to help support their income.

    Problem solved.

    1. I say why not 10%

    2. I say 90%. Afterall they are charitable.

      1. More is better, no?

  17. You know what would have been fun to do? Pull out a laptop, log onto the irs page and make all the chanters make a large donation to the federal government. I wonder how many would have “raised their taxes”?

    Yeah, they dont want their taxes raised, they want MY taxes raised.

    1. QFT.

      Government takes donations, fuckers.

  18. “In the absence of much news coverage, Human Events has been following the hell out of the story.”

    If skinheads had done this, it would be on the front page of every newspaper in America.

    I think it’s partially a question of branding. If people don’t understand what “direct action” is and what these Anarchists are all about, then it just doesn’t resonate.

    Even if it had been associated with some kind of animal rights issue, it would get more sensationalist coverage. But we should never think the far left isn’t capable of this kind violence and doesn’t attract the same kind of thugs the far right attracts.

    You’ll find people every bit as dangerous and disturbed as Timothy McVeigh was on the far left.

  19. Tea partiers are such rank amatuers.

  20. From yahoo news story on the beating:

    Of course, even if Bautsch and Brown’s recollection is correct and the attackers did come from the group protesting the event, they can’t know for sure what their motives were. Their account of the non-political nature of the verbal assault matches the one Brown gave police and the homophobic, misogynistic nature of the insults would be unusual coming the kind of person one might expect to protest a Republican fundraiser.


    The perps can’t be leftists because they used sexist and homophobic language during the beat down.

    1. The perps can’t be leftists because they used sexist and homophobic language during the beat down.
      Leftists would have to turn in their Che Guevara t-shirts if they did.

    2. Oh, right! Got that cleared up. Good thing Yahole news never has mistakes or assumptions included, why, then we’d have people coming to their own conclusions, and we can’t have that.

    3. “The perps can’t be leftists because they used sexist and homophobic language during the beat down.”

      Snark doesn’t always translate well, but you’re pointing this statement out to show how silly the idea is, right?

      Because I wouldn’t put it past union thugs and the radicals that work with them to be hurl homophobic slurs–at all.

      1. It’s okay when WE do it!

        1. WE get paid to protest *and* beat people up!

    4. If it wasn’t the lefties, what might a “right-wing” protest group’s issue be with the couple? Leaving early was dissing Jindal?

      Gotta love the MSM.

    5. Everyone knows that leftists don’t use homophobic insults when attacking their political opponents. That’s the kind of thing the teabaggers do.

    6. WTF? That’s not even marked as an opinion/analysis story. It’s billed as straight news.

  21. Who is Dylan?
    Dylan is a long-time anarchist and activist from New Orleans, and he has been a member of the Iron Rail Book Collective for over three years. Dylan moved to Seattle just prior to Hurricane Katrina, but has now moved back to the Crescent City. He helped organize the 2007 New Orleans Book Fair and is involved with the rebuilding of Nowe Miasto, a long-running collective space in the city, as well as being involved in the recent struggles over public housing in New Orleans. In the past, Dylan has also been involved in Books 2 Prisoners, Food Not Bombs, Critical Resistance, Indymedia, the Buffalo Field Campaign, anti-free trade, indigenous support, union/worker solidarity, and environmental campaigns and organizations. He plans on continuing with these efforts in spite of his sentence.

    Just as an example of how crazy small this world really can be at times, I actually stayed at that commune (Nowe Miasto) about five years ago. It was only for a few days as my band was playing NO. Everybody there was incredibly friendly and hospitable save for one boneheaded “action” involving pelting Toby Keith’s parade float with paint-filled balloons. They invited me to come along, but I declined for personal reasons and chose to hang out and shoot hoops with some kids from the neighborhood instead. Now I’m wondering if I might have met this guy (it was around the same time) but can’t remember for sure.

  22. The perps can’t be leftists because they used sexist and homophobic language during the beat down.

    They were obviously College Republican infiltrators, sent to New Orleans to make the peaceful anarchists look bad.

    1. If so, the footprints on the poor lass’s leg will prove to be Brooks Brothers loafers.

      1. “A casual shoe for yachting?”

        “Who else would I be? What is a blucher – now open up, sucko!”

  23. But as someone who has made $75,000 in exactly four of my 22 years in the full-time workforce

    Good on ya, Matt. I have made $75,000 in exactly 0 of my 23 years in the full-time workforce.

    By the way, Matt, what did you buy after the K car?

    1. Gah, wrong thread.

      1. That’s OK, I’ll answer here: An ’87 Toyota hatchback of some sort (total piece of crap), and a super-awesome 1994 Acura Integra, which we drive to this day.

        1. I’m still driving a ’95 Honda Accord. Honda so rules.

        2. I used to be in your ‘old car’ club, but I finally cracked and bought my first new car in 2005 at the ripe old age of 37. I can also tell you that I’ve gone over my current and probable future finances, and I’ve concluded that it will be the last new car I’ll ever own.

          Is this proof that Generation X isn’t doing as well as their parents?

          1. I guess I should disclose that driving a beater is by choice, not necessity. We just bought a new Sienna as the family car.

            Next car will be a used (year or two old) Accord, most likely.

  24. I’m sure that Dave Weigel, with his blog dedicated exclusively to covering the right will give this story much exposeure in the WaPo

    He really is a special sort of fucktard.

  25. As a long time resident, this surprises me ZERO. What is surprising is the Dems aren’t budging as of yet. 13 Billion in the hole is apparently the magic number for a teeny tiny amount of fiscal sense. That said, they’ll more than likely cave with some sort of hidden tax. The red team wants cuts, and that has the public union leeches pissed. Illinois did just pass measures to cut benefits for new public employees just entering the system, but the pension fund is a joke, no $$$, and these types of things usually work themselves out in a Chicago basement somewhere, next thing you know, you’re paying an extra 6.5 cents for a candy bar and the SEIU gets a raise! It’s hard not to be a hater when this goes on constantly here.

  26. From each according to his ability. To each according to what they can grab.

  27. Well this is a surprise. I can read 20 stories about the potential violence of the Tea Party on Reddit but never ran across the New Orleans story.

  28. “Big rally in Springfield, Illinois yesterday at which union demonstrators chanted “Raise my taxes!” to legislators:”

    I say give them what they want: enact a huge tax increase that applies only to members of public sector labor unions and exempts everyone else.

  29. Reason by far the best comments section anywhere.As someone who uses humor and sarcasm to maintain some sort of sanity in these times where any common sense seems devoid from discussion. You folks crack me up.


    1. You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like… and then… spank me.

  31. These leftists sweeties and union scum created the mess, and now they want to blame someone else, how convenient!

  32. I would actually support a law that increases taxes on just the AFSCME Council 31…

    Of course, they could just send their paychecks to the IRS every month.

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