Scenes from the Jihad in South Park



Da prophet.
South Park

On Sunday, posted an entry that included a warning to South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that they risk violent retribution—after the 200th episode last week included a satirical discussion about whether an image of the prophet could be shown. In the end, he is portrayed disguised in a bear suit.

The posting on says: "We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."…

Over still photographs of Parker, Stone, van Gogh and others, the Web site runs audio of a sermon by the radical U.S.-born preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who is now in hiding in Yemen. The sermon, recorded some time ago, talks about assassinating those who have "defamed" the Prophet Mohammed—citing one religious authority as saying "Harming Allah and his messenger is a reason to encourage Muslims to kill whoever does that." U.S. officials say al-Awlaki is on a list of al Qaeda leaders targeted for capture or assassination.

The clip ends with a warning on a graphic directed at Parker and Stone, saying "The Dust Will Never Settle Down."

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  1. Calm down, people. It’s me in the bear suit.

    1. I thought it was Tiamat?

      1. How would Tiamat fit in such a tiny bear suit?

        1. Much like Jesus and Obama, Tiamat is magic.

          1. But Cthulhu is even more magicurally delicious.

            1. You got that right.

            2. Little known fact:

              Cthulhu is vehemently racist. Thus it cannot be Cthulhu because Cthulhu would appear as a polar bear.

              1. Cthulhu went as Jehovah for the Halloween Ball when he attended the magnet high school for Interstellar Malevolent Hyperbeings. His date, sub-Princess Ull*an, a Torturewhore from Datexial Prime, stood him up to torture and whore on the captain of the Torn Soul Winds High Football team, SplekThun the Devourer. Much to her chagrin, alien whore maw-gina was the one thing he wouldn’t devour.

                Cold comfort for the pimple-covered teen destined to rule the corpse-city of R’lyeh during eons of rage-filled slumber.

                1. I liked the Paul/Palin slashfic from yesterday better, but that’s just me.

            3. You will soon realize just how correct you are.

                1. Cthulhu is not racist, Detective Legrasse can attest to the fact that his worshipers are “very low, mixed-blooded, and mentally aberrant type.”

                  Cthulhu accepts all races.

                  1. I must have misread your post because it appears to me that Cthulhu discriminates against those who are pure blooded and mentally stable.

                    1. Hating white people is not racism. Haven’t you got your groupthink pamphlet for this month in the mail yet?

                    2. You people are all idiots! That isn’t a bear suit, it’s Totoro!

    2. That which is in a bear suit can eternal lie.

      1. No, no, no…The angles are all…WRONG. Anyway, Cthulhu only talks to artistic hippies in communes and such.

        So basically Brooklyn.

      2. No, no, no…The angles are all…WRONG. Anyway, Cthulhu only talks to artistic hippies in communes and such.

        So basically Brooklyn.

      3. No, no, no…The angles are all…WRONG. Anyway, Cthulhu only talks to artistic hippies in communes and such.

        So basically Brooklyn.

      4. No, no, no…The angles are all…WRONG. Anyway, Cthulhu only talks to artistic hippies in communes and such.

        So basically Brooklyn.

        1. Jesus…I blame Dagon

      5. No, no, no…The angles are all…WRONG. Anyway, Cthulhu only talks to artistic hippies in communes and such.

        So basically Brooklyn.

  2. Come on now Libertarians, Al Awaki is just a nice guy being unfairly targeted for murder by the evil Obama. I am sure he doesn’t mean it.

    1. He does mean it. That’s why he should be captured, tried, locked in a hole, and force fed bacon for the rest of his miserable fucking life.

      1. He deserves a TOW missile up his ass.

        1. TOW missiles don’t grow on trees, you know.

          1. “Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW missile!”

            1. And your Camel Toe no match for mine.

      2. If he wants that right, he should proceed to the nearest US Embassay and surrender. Otherwise, missile meet ass. Ass, missile.

  3. “This is not a threat”

    What a bunch of lying pussies.

    1. The p*ssies are the ones that are accepting the line that it’s not a threat and letting the web site be.

      1. If ever a site deserved to be attacked by anonymous, it’s that one.

    2. “… but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

      Or, as we say in Minnesota: “You know, a lotta guys might cut your head off for that.”

  4. It would be funny, were it not so tragic, listening to those simpletons whine about offensive descriptions of the warlord pedophile they revere. It’s like a time capsule from the Dark Ages, but on the internet.

  5. Fucking hillbilly crackpots.

    1. All it takes is one guy crazy enough to do it and Parker and Stone will pay with their lives. If you don’t think it could happen, go ask Pim Fortin or the guy who did that movie Submission.

      1. For every threat actually carried out, there are a billion that reverberate and die in the Jihadist internet echo chamber. The civilized part of the world needs more freedom-loving people speaking out against these medieval crackers.

        1. I agree. But it only takes the odd murder or two to prevent that.

          1. It hasn’t so far.

            1. It has in Europe. It just hasn’t here because we haven’t had any murders. Let Stone or Parker get offed and see how long it is before any public figure stands up to radical Islam. A long time. Terrorism works.

              1. And what about Geert Wilders? He hasn’t been cowed.

              2. It has in Europe. It just hasn’t here because we haven’t had any murders. Let Stone or Parker get offed and see how long it is before any public figure stands up to radical Islam. A long time. Terrorism works.

                So why did it not work against the Civil Rights Movement of the ’50’s and ’60’s?

                1. It did work for a long time. Terror is what helped establish Jim Crow. It only stopped working when people decided they were not going to be intimidated anymore.

                  I am not saying it always works. And I am not saying we should bow to it. I am just saying that chances are the entertainment industry will.

                  1. Government made Jim Crow work.

              3. So, what you’re saying is that if an angry right-winger murders Keith Olbermann, liberal media figures will stop suggesting that Tea Partiers are violent and/or racist?

      2. the guy who did that movie Submission.

        Theo Van Gogh

  6. Everyone who loves freedom should face east and defame the prophet five times a day.

  7. Yeah, religious nuts are nuts.

    I’m more sigh about “Prophet Mohammed” becoming the proper name for that guy in supposedly disinterested news stories. Nobody’s stylebook says “Prophet Joseph Smith” or “Moses The Lawgiver” are those dudes’ names.

    1. The prophet Muhammed style really bugs me to. And the media are such feckless pricks they never bother to point out that depicting Muhammed as an image has not been a big deal throughout most of the history of Islam. They let the nuts’ assertions about Islam go unchallenged.

      1. My only complaint is that they don’t put (PBUH) at the end of the name. I think this should also be done for cabinet officials and NFL quarterbacks.

        1. I agree in principle, but suggest the use of (SBUH) for cabinet officials.

    2. But it does indicate proper uses of Reverend, as in The Reverend Al Sharpton. Not that he’s necessarily a shakedown artist posing as a religious man, but allegedly trained journalists shouldn’t be addressing him as “Reverend.” It lends him a respect he doesn’t deserve.

      1. I guess the question is: reverend by whom?

        1. People like me!

      2. I think there’s a justification for calling people “the Reverend” or “His Excellence” or whatever if they actually hold some kind of office or have some kind of degree that entitles them to it. It’s not substantially different from saying “Secretary Clinton” or “The Honorable John Roberts” in that sense.

        Using “The Prophet Mohammed” is like saying “Our Lord Jesus Christ”. Let’s see them get away with that one.

  8. The Religion of Peace strikes again!

  9. Speaking of crazed murderous nuts, there is a really good post over at Volokh about the myth of Tim McVeigh being a small government conservative or libertarian.…..movements/

    1. Like there’s a difference?

      1. There IS no difference!

  10. I’ve studied Islam pretty carefully, and I’ve talked with and known Muslims from all over the world, and I have to say that Muslims, in general, aren’t anywhere near as cowardly as these people at are apparently trying to make them out to be.

    Really, no one should be afraid of Muslims, generally, and if there are Muslims at who are afraid of South Park, then they’re cowards who just happen to be Muslim. …and nothing more.

    1. they’re cowards who just happen to be Muslim. …and nothing more.

      More mohammadeans threatening to murder people in the name of their pedophile “prophet”?

      Nothing to see here, move along.

      1. I don’t think we should be afraid of anybody who’s afraid of South Park.

        And believe me, most Muslims are not afraid of South Park.

        1. I don’t think we should be afraid of anybody who’s afraid of South Park.

          Is that how you interpret “we are going to kill you” as fear? If they were not afraid would they kill you and use your blood for lubrication when they raped your dead body? (it is a SP thread, after all)

          Where did you get that the basis for their desire to kill Matt and Trey was fear? I thought it had something to do with their, I don’t know, let’s call it religion.

  11. muslimrevolution was spun off of NAMBLA. look for this revelation in a future episode of South Park.

    1. What does the National Association of Marlon Brando Look-Alikes have to do with muslimrevolution?

      1. Ask the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

        1. Ask the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

          Hehe, I once asked Robert Spencer if he knew for what MILF stood.

          I watch too much porno.

  12. Now how do we get the Westboro Satanic Baptist Church folks to carry depictions of Mohammed at their next protest?

    1. +666 for creech!

    2. Post of the week.

    3. I doubt it, Muslims also hate fags.

      1. What? Odd, I just saw a piece on the dancing boychild sex slaves that are traded around Afghanistan and Pakistan.
        Pedophilia and faggotry are well accepted in muslim society. There’s an afghan saying that goes along the lines that an afgan warlord, when he can’t find an enemy’s daughter to rape, will be just as happy to sodomize the buttocks any available boy, like polishing an apple. Apparently if you talk about polishing apples in Afganistan, its a euphemism for this saying, and it is assumed you are also a gay pedophile.

    4. They fly the Iranian flag at their compound. They’ve done this for the last 10-15 year at least.

      Hating fags trumps everything.

  13. So are we willing to kill all the muslims yet? It seems a lot simpler than putting up with this shit everytime someone mentions muhammad

    1. How does wanting to kill all muslims over an internet post make you any different Anwar al-Awlaki?

      1. One thumb up. (They cut off my other hand.)

    2. Yeah, killing a billion people is simple. And productive.

      1. True, better to take Ann Coulter’s advice and forcibly convert them to christianity.

  14. It might make a funny episode to have these dudes come to South Park and try to kill everyone.

    Maybe Trey and Matt could even have cameos.

  15. The best way to deal with evil is with humor. Evil people cannot take being laughed at.

    1. We certainly don’t like it!

    2. “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” — Satan (as quoted by Mark Twain).

    3. “The iconoclast proves enough when he proves by his blasphemy that this or that idol is defectively convincing – that at least one visitor to the shrine is left full of doubts. The liberation of the human mind has been best furthered by gay fellows who heaved dead cats into sanctuaries and then went roistering down the highways of the world, proving to all men that doubt, after all, was safe – that the god in the sanctuary was a fraud. One horse-laugh is worth ten-thousand syllogisms.”

      H.L. Mencken (PBUH)

      1. That Mencken fella’ sure was long-winded.

  16. Fatwas have totally jumped the shark.

    1. Ohhh … you are so getting fatwaed for that remark!

  17. On a somewhat related side note, it really pisses me off that Obama, Gates, and the goldbrickers at the Pentagon are deliberately stonewalling on the Ft. Hood killings in order to cover their own sorry asses. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why justice needs to take years with this jihadi Hassan.

    1. Me to. But the Pentagon is full of PC. They knew that guy was a nut and didn’t say anything for fear of being called anti-Muslim. And all those people died because of it. And now they are going to cover their asses at at any cost.

      You watch, Hassan will not get the death penalty. He will plead and get life so that the whole affair will just go away.

      1. What were you saying about no murders?

  18. Muhammed was a mentally deranged lying piece of shit child molester.

    Don’t get me started on that faggot Jesus.

    1. I assume you are being factious. Or are gay slurs now the preferred form of dialog?

      1. You really haven’t been paying attention have you?

      2. In the world of South Park, the definition of faggot is:

        Faggot (fag-et) noun.
        1. An individual who rides a Harley Davidson and/or hangs out with/rides with other Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.

  19. In other news, is enjoying the biggest traffic spike in its history. Good work, guys.

  20. I don’t get it: why is there even a question “about whether the prophet could be shown”? He can be shown mid-blumpkin if an artist so desires; this is the US of Fucking A. I’m disappointed that South Park didn’t go all-out with this actually.

    1. They’re free to do as they please, to a point. They don’t own the network.

    2. I heard an interview w/ them about this episode. Stone and Parker had every intent of showing the prophet network wouldn’t let them. Even though apparently they had depicted the prophet in an earlier episode.

      1. Freedom of speech doesn’t trump property rights. Incidentally, both concepts are routinely abused and corrupted by us allegedly intelligent Westerners.

        1. Wrong, faggot. Marsh vs. Alabama

      2. Thanks guys, yeah that’s sort of what I figured, but even that seems odd to me. Does the “prophet” qualify as something that can be regulated by the FCC? Or does the network simply want to avoid bad press or a backlash from advertisers?

        If it’s the latter, would it even be something to worry about? It seems to me that the percentage of Comedy Central viewers — and Americans in general — who would be offended by that would be vanishingly small. Hey, maybe I’m wrong though.

        1. Does the “prophet” qualify as something that can be regulated by the FCC? Or does the network simply want to avoid bad press or a backlash from advertisers?

          The second one. The entertainment industry is not about entertainment or ethics. It’s about making money. Or to quote Abe Lincoln, if they could make money by insulting Mohammed, they would. If they could make money by not insulting Mohammed, they would. If they could make some money by insulting some Muslims…

          1. That and Hollywood is half muslim these days. I live in Burbank and the whole valley is full of Iranians, Armenians, Palestinians, etc. Whoever said Hollywood is controlled by the jews is full of shit. The town is fully of mosques.

        2. The network is afraid of their headquarters getting bombed, not press backlash.

        3. The numbers of the offended may be small, but they could make up for that in the volume of noise they generate. That and credible threats of violence.

      3. Not only had they depicted Mohamed in an earlier episode, an image of Mohamed from that episode was used in the opening sequence for every episode in the following season.

    3. They showed Mohammed in the Super Best Friends episode several years ago with no one objecting. The Danish comics that fueled the retarded fire triggered Matt and Trey creating an episode about the subject but Comedy Central censored the epsisode when they tried to show Mohammed with a salmon on his head. They blacked out his image.

      I sent an email to Comedy Central criticizing them for censoring it. Their written response was that while they agree in principle with the South Park creators regarding free speech they were taking the lives and property of their employees into consideration and censored it for that reason. I assume since this image is just a bear suit, they didn’t think it would count the same. But, I don’t know for sure.

      1. As Cartman would say, friggin pussies. I’d volunteer to guard Comedy Central’s offices.

  21. Seriously, Muhammed supposedly took dictation and directions from God (Alalh in Arabic). What do we think about people who claim that God talks to them in the 21st century?

    That’s right, we consider them self serving liars preying on their ignorant, overly credulous followers (I’m looking at you Pat Robertson) or that they are bat-shit insane. I see no reason to think that someone who did it 1400 years ago deserves any other evaluation.

    Yep, every “prophet” throughout history was either fake or insane.

    1. Some verses were the product of Satan. That is why they are called “The Satanic Verses” of the novel fame. Pointing this fact out got Rushdie put on the death list.

      1. It got him a smoking hot wife, too, so i guess it all balances out.

    2. I’m looking at you Pat Robertson

      Why stop there? How many avowed atheists can you name who are senators or congressmen or presidents? Politicians prey on the ignorant in many ways, and they never miss a chance to swear fealty to their deities.

      1. That’s only because in relative terms, there are not as enough atheists to pander to that are worth alienating the religious minded. If there were, politicians would be preying on atheist ignoramuses as well.

      2. Politicians prey on the ignorant in many ways, and they never miss a chance to swear fealty to their deities.

        Thanks for the new word, ..

    3. “What do we think about people who claim that God talks to them in the 21st century?”

      That they’re capable of being the President of the United States of America.

      1. There are different levels of talking to God. Praying a lot and thinking you know the plan is not quite to the level of crazy of having whole books dictated to you.

        1. Yeah, praying and thinking you know the plan is just kinda-sorta-crazy.

        2. Belloq: “Do you understand what the Ark is? It’s a transmitter! A radio for speaking to God!”

          Jones: “You want to talk to God? Let’s go see him together. I’ve got nothing better to do.”

        3. Yes, theres the talking to God thing, that Bush does, which is kooky crazy. Then there’s the “I am the second coming of Jesus Hussein Christ” schtick that Obama does, which is an exponentially higher level of crazy.

  22. It’s not a surprise that extremist Muslims would threaten to kill. But…

    Where are the “moderate” Muslims speaking out saying Mohammed should be allowed to be shown on South Park?

    Muslims should be ashamed of themselves. I’m pretty sick of their intolerance.

    1. Where are the “moderate” Muslims speaking out


  23. Yo, Trey & Matt, what’s up? Listen, personally I love your stuff, but the crazy towelheadbaggers i my party — you know how they can be. Don’t worry about getting beheaded in and around Denver. The only reason we won’t so hardcore with the Dutch guy is because we hated the post-impressionist movement.


  24. It’s all about respect. Matt and Trey knew better than to insult en entire religion, so that’s why they hid the Prophet (PBUH) in a costume. They knew it was wrong and did it anyway. I say whatever happens to them is deserved.

    1. Let’s see how many will feed the troll…

      1. We to stet up a special short bus thread where Juanita, Dan T, Seriously, and Oh No Not This Again, can all troll each other.

        1. Don’t forget “keep drugs illegal to employ prison guards” Susan.

          1. And Forrest who just posted below.

    2. I know you’re a troll, but fuck you.

    3. /turns to face east


  25. For a guy that’s alleged to be all powerful and ever so mighty, Allah sure does come off as a sniveling little turd most of the time.

    1. Oh, and fuck these so-called “moderate” muslims. Wake me when a liberal one shows up.

  26. I wrote a response to these guys. Here’s a snippet:

    I may be wrong when I say that Muhammad was the face in the bukkake video I downloaded last night. I’m definitely being offensive. But that is my right, and if someone threatens me or harms me for doing it, they aren’t glorifying God – they’re just being irrational morons with no sense of perspective.


    1. Haha dude I saw the same vid. Good stuff.

      1. I was really surprised by how enthusiastic he was.

    2. Put Bukkake Upon Him?

  27. There is no peace with militant Islamist sand Nazis.

    Kill them all.

  28. It’s nice to see you libertarians have forgiven South Park for its dig at your own prophet at the end of the chickenlover episode.

    1. your own prophet

      Colonel Sanders?

      1. Yeah, if you fuck with the Colonel you’re dead, fuckers!

        1. I could kick his ass. Uck uck uck!

    2. Orville Redenbacher?

      1. No. It is our holy mother queen of the world Maria Callender.

    3. No one f*cks with the Church’s…

    4. FWIW, I agree with them wholeheartedly. I got about 3 pages into the Fountainhead and said “Fuck this shit, ima go read Finnegan’s Wake”*.

      *Hyperbole, but not about the 3 pages part.

    5. Typical leftard, thinking that Objectivist = Libertarian. Retard. It’s easy to tell the difference between the big cats, see, one has spots, the other has stripes.

  29. “Better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable.”

  30. One infuriating aspect of the Muslim fundamentalist is their ignorance of their own history. The entire depiction of Mohamed business derives from the Christian Iconoclast movement, the offense taken towards satire is silly given Mohamed himself tolerated comical verse written about him even at the height of his power, and Bin Laden blaming the west and the Crusades for the fall of medieval Islamic civilization is ignorant nonsense.

    Well, you stupid fuck, not only did your side win most of those rounds, not only did the long term outcome result in greater trade between the two civilizations, and the conquering of Spain, Turkey and Greece by Muslims giving Spain the most beautiful architecture the world has ever seen, but it was the Mongol hoard that sacked Baghdad and took you back by centuries. Unfortunately for you, though you had a Salidan the paladin on your side, you did not possess an evil mofo like Vlad (PBUH), The Impaler whose infamy scared the shit out of the Golden Hoard.

    Still, I do believe I have a super villain level crime in me before I leave this world, and I pretty much have focused on Fort Knox as my target, but if anything is done to Matt and Trey in the name of religious extremism, that black rock Muslims stole from some desert dwelling animist is mine. I’ve got your back, Parker and Stone. Just leave three million in your last will and testament for the purchase of a used freight helicopter, and your deaths will be avenged.

    1. That brings up an interesting notion. I wonder if Matt and Trey have really expensive life insurance considering they are otherwise healthy, as far as we know.

      1. If they don’t, they’d better purchase it soon.

      2. Life insurance just pays money. I think they have plenty of that. I hope they have good security.

  31. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but it looks like they went a little easy on old Mo’. They really should have given Islam the same treatment as every other religion on the show.

    South park portrayed Catholicism as a child-molester organization with little backlash, but are afraid to criticize Islam for fear of an assassination attempt.

    Yet, I am supposed to believe (According to my public education) that Christianity is the cause of all war and Islam is a religion of peace.

    Well, I have news for you: 2+2=4 there are four lights.

  32. “I haven’t seen the episode yet, but”
    If there were a God, this combination of keystrokes would make the computer explode.

    1. “after the 200th episode last week included a satirical discussion about whether an image of the prophet could be shown. In the end, he is portrayed disguised in a bear suit.”

      It is logical to conclude that this is the most “offensive” part of the episode? Seems pretty weak to me.. even compared to the Scientology and Mormonism episodes.. which didn’t even cut that deep.

      Or were you just being an Ass?

      1. An eye for an eye, an ass for an ass.

      2. The worst Scientology can do is sic Tom Cruise on us, if he can ever stop fudgepacking and come out of the closet. With the Mormons, the scariest shit they can come up with is the Osmonds.

        At least the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a pedo formerly black rock star to scare the shit out of people.

  33. Hey, Sugarfree,

    I wrote up a post, but it is so extreme I doubt I can post it without catching some serious flak. Mind if I send it to your e-mail address? I’d like to see at least one response.

    1. Send away. Like a glory hole at a truck stop bathroom, my email address is there to be used.

  34. Has Bush or Obama or Putin ever had a fatwa issued against them, or do these allahphilic r-tards just pick on artists and cartoonists who can’t defend themselves against dozens or religious nuts?

  35. If Moe can’t be shown, then how does anybody know what he looks like to know that it’s actually Moe being shown in the first place?

  36. Whateva, I do what I want!

  37. I just tried to go to to see if I could offend someone, but I got a link to a cached google site.

  38. BTW, why does this site look like shit on Mozilla?

  39. When will the Seventh Day Adventists finally stop this saber rattling and constant threats of violence?


  41. I was inclined to wage jihad against them when they blasphemed Winona Ryder in the movie.

  42. I have created a Facebook page with the intention of, the people, giving the media the backbone they need to stand up to the scum bag fringe of Islam who would threaten and or incite violence against satirists. Please join and help spread the word about “Muhammad Media In May” and help finish what Matt and Trey started.

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