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Obama: Washington Needs to Be More Like California


Here's what the president said in Hollywood yesterday while raising bajillions for Mickey Kaus' primary opponent:

Smells like 49er spirit

But here is what I want you to know: I have never been more optimistic about America's future. And I am optimistic because I know there are people like you out there and I know there are people like Barbara Boxer in the Senate who's fighting to change this country for the better. And because you are out there fighting and because Barbara is there fighting, I draw inspiration. And there are people all across this country who are dreaming of a better tomorrow, and then they are willing to fight for those dreams to come true.

And you know what, that's the story of California. This is a state that always drew dreamers, men and women with the courage to pursue their dreams. It's a state that inspired pioneers to head out across an unforgiving wilderness; a state that spurred glory-seekers to rush westward for gold; the state that draws innovators and entertainers, from Hollywood Hills to Mountain View. And there's always been something about California that inspires us to dream; that's called on us to build a better life; that has helped us imagine the world as it is and then recognize that the world as it might be is out there.

And I'm absolutely confident that if folks in Washington can recapture that same spirit—that same boundless, resilient American spirit—we're not only going to rescue our economy, we're not only going to rebuild it stronger than before, but we're going to do what generations did before and make the American Dream more secure for our children and our grandchildren. That's what Barbara Boxer is about. That's what you're about.

While I appreciate any shout-out to my home state, what California's Democratic elite are "about" is enabling their union backers to drive a once-thriving economy into a bottomless pit of unemployment, perennially busted budgets, and unfunded pension contributions that transcend most human comprehension. This is not a spirit Washington should try to "recapture," unless the goal is 12.6 percent unemployment (with a bullet!), a credit rating hurtling toward junk-bond status, and a perpetual round of bailouts from a faraway government entity.

And here's the kicker–Obama in his speech said that "one of the main reasons our economy faltered was because some on Wall Street made irresponsible bets, with no accountability." The exact same language could be used, with 100 percent accuracy, to describe public officials all over California–including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who just today is unveiling his latest too-little, too-late package of reforms. All of these labor-backed bureaucrats bet irresponsibly that they could more than double pension promises to state employees over the past decade, because the "accountability" moment was deferred to when those payments came due. Well, they're only beginning to come due now, and it's a damnable mess:

From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol

This year, the city of Roseville will spend about as much to fund its pension plan as it does on parks and recreation.

San Luis Obispo County will spend five times as much on pensions as it does prosecuting criminals.

And Stanislaus County's pension costs will be nearly double its $23.5 million general fund budget deficit. […]

Yet today's escalating annual pension payments barely touch the looming shortfall: $28 billion in unfunded liabilities – the difference between what pension systems have and the pension benefits their employees have earned – at the 80 largest city and county governments in California, according to an extensive Sacramento Bee review of pension plan valuation reports.

On top of that, those cities and counties owe about $8 billion in pension-related bond debt – all in a time of shrinking budgets. In many areas, the total pension shortfall is more than the annual payroll; in some, it is more than the general fund budget.

California Democrats (and plenty of Republicans too) should not be flattered, they should be locked up.

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  1. Ye gods.

  2. Sadly making completely nonsensical budgetary assumptions to boost your political stature is not and will never be a crime.

    1. Only because politicians specifically exempt themselves from the rules that apply to private industry, or for that matter, government employees. I just want to know that is going to happen to the rest of our retirement funds when the California pension funds start dumping investments in order to make guaranteed disbursements, and the value of the 401k etc that the rest of us hold craters because there will not be enough buyers out there to support the price level of the assets being sold off. My investments are not guaranteed by the taxpayers. The rest of the country WILL be adversely effected before the California taxpayers have to pony up.

  3. I gotta get out of this state, badly. Unfortunately, Obama now seeks to make all other states a carbon copy of this one.

    1. Sudden: Do not despair. I lived in California (Silverlake/Los Feliz area of Los Angeles) until I realized California was headed over-the-cliff, despite my support for conservative candidates (when they existed). My wife and son and I moved to Austin, Texas and . . . man, oh, man . . . we have fallen in LOVE with the place. Come to Texas. You’ll love it. People are friendly, government is limited, restauarants and diversions are plentiful and excellent, and the nattering na-bobs of negativism (i.e., the perpetually sour, sanctimonious and hypocritical leftists) are either absent or they keep their mouths shut. All in all, Texas is the place to be, if you can manage to make the move. The schools are a hell of lot better, too, if you have kids. Best of luck to you.

      1. Stuart – many good folks are following you. Two couples with kids I know have already made the migration and more are on the way – my wife and I are seriously considering it as well, but for my job. Hey, maybe I can telecommute?

    2. Sudden, I feel your pain. All I can say is DO IT. I left California, where I was born and raised for 45 of my 49 years and moved to Colorado, where people, as Stuart says–correctly–are friendly, not all bogged down by laws and not all hung up on appearances as they are in the Peoples Republic of California. The only thing I regret is not taking the plunge 20 years ago. Please, please, get out out of that sinking rat’s nest before things get worse. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and your family.

    3. Moved from Orange County to Lubbock TX in 1989, just before THAT crash! LOVE IT. I have land in Cayucos that I can’t build on because it’s been classified a “Critical Viewshed”. That’s right, a home would impinge on the view of those traveling on PCH!

      They forgo millions in taxes every year if we could put homes on it for ideological insanity.

      Come to Texas! LBB has 6% unemployment, there’s no income tax, and West Texas just got rid of two RINO’s in the state house. We’re rocking and rolling.

    4. I was born and raised in San Diego and thought it was a wonderful place. But I also could see the writing on the wall. I moved to Omaha in ’96 and I love it out here. I only regret that I didn’t move sooner because the schools, the comunity values and the incredibly friendly people make this a much better place to raise a family.

      Come to Nebraska, or Texas, or anywhere in the plains and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Come to the gultch

    1. X marks the spot?

  5. California’s the garden of Eden. It’s a paradise to live in or see. But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot, if you ain’t got that do-re-mi.

    From the 30s to the 10s.

    1. It’s got a perfect climate, and stunning natural beauty. Too bad the politicians and public employee unions have fucked things up so badly.

      1. A potty mouth does not impress anyone and nullifies any salient points you may have made.

        1. For what the politicians have done to the land I created and you humans named California, I grant Pablo a pardon for adequately describing what has happened there.

        2. Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker!

  6. This is the kind of brown-nosing speech one is apt to hear and any party’s fund raising or any award ceremony (Lott about Thurmond, e.g.).

    Obama continues to say nothing better than anyone.

    1. Obama continues to say nothing better than anyone.

      It’s his “clarity” and “transparency” that enable him to say “nothing” so well.

      1. Are you calling him “articulate”? RACIST!

        1. Don’t forget clean, he’s so very clean. Especially his balls.

  7. Democrats in California always use guns and abortion as wedge issues. Too many people in the state would favor bankruptcy just to keep their precious abortion rights.

    1. Aborting the state, so to speak.

      1. It takes a village. To save it, you must burn it.

        1. In the case of a bankrupt state like California, I’d make that …

          It takes a “pillage”.

          Be afraid private sector workers and taxpayers, be very afraid.

  8. Guy Reproaches Folks
    “As I always say,” dude says.

    1. Guy Faulkes? Hero.

  9. Damn unions!

  10. California Democrats (and plenty of Republicans too) should not be flattered, they should be locked up.

    Teh sedition!

  11. I left France to live in CA and it feels the same. Unfortunately. So please Big O, don’t make my American dream taste, smell and feel like Socialistic Cheese Land.

  12. “Idiot Wind” Too funny!

  13. Some honesty at least:

    It’s a hard sell ? cutting fat pension checks while cutting government services ? that has exhausted many local government leaders.
    “We’re trying to maintain credibility with taxpayers,” Stenbakken said, “but, right now, I’m not sure this is defensible.”

  14. Reposting yesterday’s awesome California rant:

    Drax the Destroyer|4.19.10 @ 2:45PM|#
    Frankly, I could find nothing more poetic then the (delayed but still-inevitable) failure of California. Here we have a gigantic state infused with industries, natural resrouces, and many capable people that heralded such cultural/societal shifts as the motion picture and the millenial tech boom. By all rights, California’s coffers should be stuffed like a fat whore considering the sheer number of millionaire Celebrities that exhalt the virtues of intrusive government. Why then, do we see a state bordering on, if not wallowing in, bankruptcy brought about by all the talking points of “social” engineers like poor unions, poor teachers, free health care, social justice, corporate greed, rich racists, etc?

    California is a history lesson in the making. You can’t pretend to support the very thing that made this country unique while chopping your testicles off. Its a case of hubris writ large. Publically elected officials believed they knew what was best for the majority of Californians by subsidizing whoever could get on the state payroll at the expense of everyone else. A road paved with good intentions, but sealed with forced sacrifice will inevitably lead to hell. Public sector employees drained the budget and the wallets of their neighbors by demanding more for less while their neighbors struggled to get by on dried-up private sector jobs no doubt drained by prohibitive taxes.

    Maybe if the Governator had kept public-sector pensions/raises in line with the roller coaster of the private-sector, the drain on the public chest could have been reduced. But unforunately for Arnold, he was more concerned with getting re-elected and being liked by the most vocal and angry protestors that he forgot about those whom his policies hurt. In the end, this is a simple fable that can be derived to the classic ant and the grasshopper. California’s grasshopper wasted its resources on shit it didn’t need and shit people actually don’t want much of (over-zealous, race-targetting cops, over-priced pothole-ridden roads, handouts to non-taxpayers/Illegal immigrants, exhuberant pensions for terrible teachers, etc).

    Some people say we should look no further than Greece for a proper lesson in the perils of social democracy, but sadly we can look much closer, to California, a once-golden apple rotted to the core with the seeds of “equal outcomes” and magical saftey nets resulting in a fiscal disaster. The state should have to rely on the dreaded charity of individual Americans if it intends on butressing its unsustainable policies into the future. I suspect they would fortunately reevaluate their priorities and determine the government is actually needed for. But I have a feeling it will be bailed-out despite its irresponisbile and immoral policies.

    1. Tell it brother.

    2. Well said.
      That which cannot continue will stop. It will go on longer than many imagine, but when it collapses, it will be quicker and more profound than most suspect.

      1. Probably so. But it won’t be nearly as bad as people think it will be.

        1. Probably so. But it won’t be nearly as bad as people think it will be.

          I am sure people in the Weimar Republic thought the same thing.

          What could go wrong with hyperinflation? It is not as if the Reichstag would ever pass an Enabling Act, right?

          1. One, we are not getting hyper inflation. Two, we are not the Germans. Three, all that will happen is a bunch of public employees won’t be getting their ponies.

            1. As someone said in another thread, I’d like to see the looks on their faces when they find out their ponies died in transit and are starting to stink up the place.

            2. …Plus we don’t have crippling war reparations to pay to our victors. But lets see who blink first, the Governments (state and local) or the Public Employees/Unions. As stated in the article, I would not bet on the backbone of our elected representatives due to their desire to stay employed as politicians. Regardless, either way the taxpayers got hosed.

            3. We did have the Silver Shirt Legion, the National Union for Social Justice, and the German-American Federation plus all the new Fascist/Nazi groups.

            4. One, we are not getting hyper inflation.

              Guess again.


              1. Dang it, I hate when links don’t work. http://wellsy.files.wordpress……rybase.jpg


                1. 1) We are paying crippling compensation to the victors – ie the public servants and their exorbitant pensions.

                  2) We don’t have crippling inflation…yet. Just wait until the fed needs to start moving, and then you’ll see how badly the newly printed money for Obama’s policies completely destroy the economy…again.

    3. Thanks for the shout-out Jordan. This article just reiterated my rant which in turn, flowed from reading articles about Cali’s fiscal crisis here at Reason and similar sites. Luckily, they can link to the facts, while I was too lazy to track them down, knowing full well they were out there somewhere.

    4. Could California’s budget problems have anything to do with the supermajority required to raise taxes, and the nationwide recession? Naw, couldn’t be that. It has to be liberal Democrats and unions.

      1. Yes, because what taxpayers need in a recession is…more taxes.

        Get your head out of your rear end and take a look around.

      2. California already has the highest taxes of any state in the nation. Insufficient taxation isn’t the problem in California. It’s entrenched, obstinante public employee unions, feckless politicians who find that it’s easier to give them what they want rather than stand up to them, and other liberal special interests (such as free education and health care benefits for illegal aliens) that are jacking spending up to the stratosphere.

        But ultimately, the mess is the fault of California’s voters. They’re the ones who send the same people back up to Sacremento every year and who regularly vote in liberal congressmen & senators. They fully deserve what they’re going to get.

        1. >But ultimately, the mess is the fault of California’s voters.
          Yep. We are not fit to govern ourselves. Not only do we elect bozos to spend for us, we push the knife deeper with stupid spending initiatives.

    5. Yeah..Arnold isn’t perfect, but the problems were caused by Democrats belonging to the Democrat party instituting Democrat policies to curry favor with Democrat constituencies after having been elected, and this is the key point, by Democrat voters.

      Arnold is as “conservative” a politician as the voters of CA were ever going to elect, elected in the first place only because the prior governor actually managed to cause regular electricity blackouts, and when Arnold tried to cut public sector benefits even a little the Democrat voters turned on him with a vengeance and he learned his lesson.

      What is needed is for voters to stop being, and thinking like, Democrats.

  15. Worst. President. Ever.


      1. Joe Klein, being a liberal, will make sure that Palin and Beck stay in the same barracks in GULAG.

  16. Matt, you have used that Ahnold cover probably more than 100 times by now. You’ve really lived up to your desire to use it as often as possible. Kudos.

  17. “And here’s the kicker?Obama in his speech said that “one of the main reasons our economy faltered was because some on Wall Street made irresponsible bets, with no accountability.”

    Funny he should say that. Just today in the Wall Street Journal there is an editorial about how an attempt to reform and reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2005 was blocked by Senate Democrats – two of them being Obama and Chris Dodd who just by sheerest coincidence also happened to be two of the biggest recipients of campaign contriubtions from those GSE entities.

    And while a lot of the banks getting TARP money have paid them back with interest (some didn’t want to take it in the first place but were forced to), Fannie and Freddie continue to be enormous financial black holes for the taxpayers with no accountability for either Obama or Dodd for their role in the mess.

    1. Amen, brother.

    2. This is not the best leadership the country has to offer. I’m a CA native, born and raised in north OC. Its been downhill Ever since Moonbeam Brown lobbied for collective bargaining for public employees. Now, the PEUs extort dues from their members to support politicians who they face during negotiations. It is a stark conflict of interest and it must stop. The pension liability is putting the citizens of this state into perpetual servitude to government bureaucrats–but that is exactly the “change” President Obama would like to see. He wants The People to serve The Government. He doesn’t want anyone to suffer any consequences. He wouldn’t know accountability if he hit him on the forehead!

  18. No, Mr. President, the country does not need to be more like California. The model you should follow is Texas. Why? Three words: Right to Work.

    1. There’s a reason we have the best job market right now.

      1. Yeah, but…it’s Texas. Christians, football…is that it?

        1. Feel free to stay out.

        2. “Cheaters”.

          Greatest TV show in the history of the medium….for all the wrong reasons.

    2. This may surpise you, but CA is also a “right to work” state.
      Wow, even a broken clock correct once in a while.

      1. And yes, I did learn how to spell in CA schools…

  19. “California Democrats (and plenty of Republicans too) should not be flattered, they should be locked up.”

    I certainly agree, but would settle for just kicking their sorry butts out of Sacramento. November is coming.

  20. And there’s always been something about California that inspires us to dream; that’s called on us to build a better life; that has helped us imagine the world as it is and then recognize that the world as it might be is out there.

    Echoing rac and Pablo above, that something about California is that it has the best climate in the country.

    Pity that moronic public “servants” keep thinking they have something to do with success besides getting out of its way.

  21. The reality these “soak the rich” liberals can’t seem to grasp is that the spending and debt is so far out of control that it couldn’t be made up even if every last privately-held dollar is confiscated.

  22. It’s a state that inspired pioneers to head out across an unforgiving wilderness…

    Inspired the dream that their grandchildren would one day live in a world with OSHA regulations, Schedule A instructions, bicycle helmets, packaged foods labeled with saturated fat content, and fines for not purchasing health insurance.

  23. The white devils stole all the wealth from California’s union workers. The government must reverse this injustice.

  24. 12.6% unemployment is a worthy goal for the United States to meet!

  25. Dear California,
    Please keep raising taxes and increasing pensions. We will glad accept your unwanted businesses and jobs.

    1. Ugh, but that means the Californians move here and try to make it more nanny-state and shitty.

      1. No, the ones leaving CA for TX will be the smart ones.

        1. That’s precisely what I did 9 months ago.

          1. I hate to tell you this, but that’s the cycle. As the Golden State goes to the crapper, the libtards move out of the state and go to various Palin states like Texas or Idaho. Then, like pod people, they start demanding more social services and debt. The long, inexorable slide towards National Socialism begins…..

            1. They won’t find a receptive audience in Texas, I can assure you. There’s 24,000,000 of us here and 90% of us are either Republicans or conservative/moderate Democrats and Independents. We see full well the effing mess that the libtards have made of California and we won’t be repeating the same mistakes here.

      2. Secede and refuse to give Californians citizenship.

  26. California = Zimbabwe with beaches.

    1. Wow. Four short words and an equal sign that speaks volumes for those in the know. How very sad but true.

      1. If you had been to Zimbabwe, you would not say this. Zimbabwe is North Korea with more violence and less productivity. California is 1980s Sweden with better weather. That is bad (and unsustainable) enough.

        1. Yes, but Mugabe would have run the state better!

          (/snark off)

    2. Oh, that is toooooo good. I was born in California, Lived here 30 years, moved to South Africa, came back 10 years later only to find that this is exactly what we’ve got – Zimbabwe with beaches. Classic!

  27. How fresh and original, I guess an affirmative action education can only produce gasbag speeches.

  28. people like Barbara Boxer in the Senate who’s fighting to change this country…-President Obama

    …should be put through Basic Training and parachuted into Taliban territory.

    “Fighting” is what leftists like Obama and Boxer call “looting.”

  29. “The old joke is that General Motors is just a health insurance company that makes cars on the side,” San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill said during a pension presentation at a recent board meeting. “My concern is that the county government is becoming a pension provider that provides government services on the side.”

    Except the government won’t provide those services. They’ll continue to cut, you know, those oh so visible programs such as police and fire protection, while never, ever, EVER getting anywhere near cutting a pension benefit, past, present or future.

  30. “Last time I checked, government is not going out of business; Merced County is not going out of business,” said county CEO Larry Combs.

    That’s too bad, Larry. Too bad indeed.

  31. California

    Government of the public employees, for the public employees and by the public employees.

    What a mess.

    That state deserves everything they are getting for giving the rest of us Boxer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Henry Waxman.

    1. Don’t blame all Californian’s for Pelosi..that was all San Francisco. Personally, I wouldn’t give her a job walking my dogs.

  32. Watching the public employee unions get a haircut worthy of Telly Savalas is going to be great fun to watch.

  33. I would not get too happy. a lame duck session of congress would be more likely to bail California out. Add to that list Illinois and New York. A parting gift for their constituency.

  34. “rac: California’s the garden of Eden. It’s a paradise to live in or see. But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot, if you ain’t got that do-re-mi.”

    But Woodie Guthrie is a Communist!!!!

  35. You’ve got the wrong fable, it’s not the Ant and the Grasshopper, it’s Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. Public unions aren’t to blame, they did what unions are supposed to do. Who were the “public servants” that agreed to the hideous agreements? That would be a good news story.

  36. California is bankrupt and OB says he wants to do the same for the whole country?!

    At least this time he’s doing what he says he’ll do.

    By the year 2020 the US will be bankrupt if Obama doesn’t change course.

  37. I have a good Government job and good health. You will be paying my pension for a long time.

  38. Did you actually read the paragraphs that you quoted?

    “It’s a state that inspired pioneers to head out across an unforgiving wilderness; a state that spurred glory-seekers to rush westward for gold; the state that draws innovators and entertainers, from Hollywood Hills to Mountain View”

    “And I’m absolutely confident that if folks in Washington can recapture that same spirit — that same boundless, resilient American spirit”

    Sounds to me, and any other reader with basic reasoning skills, that the president wants Washington to be like the California of old, not its current incarnation.

    1. But, but, but, that’s just it. The California of old is long gone because of liberal ideology. Now it is the form without the substance, but instead of replacing the substance that made it great, Obama wants to suck more out of it. That’s why liberal states fail. When liberal ideology is applied to a state, large or small, it sucks all the life out them.

    2. “Basic reasoning skills” would allow you to see that the actual California (not the fantasy version imagined by the wealthy in Hollywood and our delusional leader) is on an obvious road to ruin. Maybe the teleprompter-in-chief should have made mention of that…..

    3. If Obama wanted California to be the entrepreneurial, forward-looking former Golden State, he wouldn’t be at a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer, a hard-left big-government socialist. (And like Nancy Pelosi and unlike Dianne Feinstein, a stupid one.)

      Obama did a nice job during the 2008 election of blurring his union-loving big government inclinations. Now that they are clear, any observer with “basic reasoning skills” discounts his rhetoric and examines his actions. Like supporting Boxer.

  39. When you consider that CA’s GDP is equivalent to being the 10th largest nation in the world, you get a grip on what 12.6 percent employment really means. How will all of BO’s programs be paid for if one/seven potentially productive Americans aren’t working? And when does he stop blabbering about “fighting for change” and start actually leading the country?

    1. Obama spends more time GOLFING than actually leading this country. Also interesting that Gibbs, has plenty of time to Kayak…. all of this while Rome (or, California and America) burns.

  40. California’s unfunded pension liability is MUCH, MUCH higher than $28 billion, which is the official number. It uses totally unrealistic assumptions on investment returns and health care costs. Real unfunded liability is north of $100 billion, maybe as high as $500 billion.

  41. Obama, as predicted, the most dangerous US president in 100 years. The idiotic policy suite of Jimmy Carter combined with a massive arrogance and entitlement. Scary stuff, this bum…..

    1. The American people had to touch the stove of statist welfare liberalism before they would believe it is hot. And in California, they didn’t just touch that stove, they sat on it.

      But the Mighty Zero and his Dem minions won’t let their state flagship founder. The California bailout is coming, and before November.

  42. Soon, all governments (local, state & federal) will provide NO services. They will be nothing but governmental employees with NOTHING to do and pensioners. There will be money for nothing else.

  43. Those California public workers aren’t going to lose their benefits, they will be bailed out by the Federal government.

    1. After we bail out the Fed.

      We’re bailing as fast as we can Captain!

  44. Once again my decision to use California as a vacation destination only has been reinforced.

    1. Agreed. My dream residence would be Healdsburg, CA, but not with those taxes. Any suggestions on similar weather and amenities with a rational tax and business climate?

  45. how to mess up a country? vote for the wrong president-

  46. Did Boxer remind the president that he should call her Senator Boxer, and not Barbara?

    1. She was too busy thanking her “higher power” that he got her name right…

  47. More like California?

    Almost there.

    Yes we can!

  48. More like California?

    Almost there.

    Yes we can!

  49. If your want a Nation like Calif. Keep voting for Left wing Democrats!

    California the Golden state, American future, is fast becoming the poster child for an bankrupt third world State! If Obama & the Democrats are successful the Calif. Nightmare will soon be the Nation,s Nightmare!

    An unholy alliance of Socialist Democrat politicians, Unions, and Illegal Aliens supporters are feasting at the trough of tax payers paid benefits while taxing & regulating business and the tax paying public into poverty.

    The pandering of Left Wing Democrat Politicians to their constituency of Unions, Illegal Aliens and open border supporters, are driving business and citizens to other states & countries, while leaving the parasites & welfare leeches in an increasing bankrupt, crime ridden, dysfunctional state!

    For years California has ignored economics 101 and imported Criminals, Uneducated Peons, and poverty from Mexico, which increased Medical, Welfare, Crime, Prison, etc. & adding a estimated 16 billion per year to Calif. State expense to support the invading horde of Illegal Aliens while exporting business and educated tax payers.

    Like all Socialist countries the results have been a astronomical increase in social welfare, schooling, prison cost etc. and a lowing of Living standards, Heath care, Education standards, Tax receipts & finally Bankruptcy.

    The policies of Obama and Wash. DC Democrats are intent on following Calif. policies and Pro-Illegal Aliens, Pro-Unions and Anti-tax paying citizens and are endorsing the same socialist process of rewarding the Corrupt, Stupid, Foolish, Lazy, Greedy & Criminal while punishing the responsible, honest, law abiding & hard working citizens of American.

    Failure to abide by our Constitution against invasion & enforce our Immigration laws and constraints on wages and benefits for public employees will result in turning the Golden State into MexiCalif and the end of the Calif. Dream and the beginning of the MexiCalif. Nightmare!

    Amnesty & Citizenship as a reward for their invasion of the USA, with chain immigration will result in the rest of the USA turned into a Spanish speaking third world cesspool and follow California into a polluted, over populated, Spanish speaking, third world Nation of Crime, Corruption, Poverty, Cruelly & Misery modeled on Mexico!

    This will result in a population depending on Welfare and the Democrat party, thus assuring the lock on power for the Socialist Democrat party of the United States of Mexico!

    1. …adding a estimated 16 billion per year to Calif. State expense to support…


    2. Failure to abide by our Constitution against invasion & enforce our Immigration laws and constraints on wages and benefits for public employees…

      By the way, adding a few token words about public employees to your immigration diatribe won’t make the immigration diatribe any more true.

      1. I was not discussing Immigrates but Illegal Aliens there is a vast differences between the two one is a Law abiding individual that wants to to be an American Citizen and the Illegal Alien is a Thief & Criminal that sneaks in the country to steal and plunder whatever they can! Do you understand the differences now?

        1. I’m not totally clear on it yet.

          Is it like the differences between a slave and a fugitive slave?

          1. MikeP …Then I guess you support any and all that want to invade this Nation should be allowed to…Is that correct?

            There are 100,s of millions probably billions from India, China, Africa, etc. that would like to immigrate to the USA. If it ok for Latinos to pour across our borders then unless the open borders crowd are racist it should be ok for any and all of the world people no matter their Education, Religion, Race, Criminal convictions, Diseases, or Terrorist ties to invade this nation Waving their flags, demanding their rights & be rewarded with American citizenship!

            1. First, I believe that the US can legitimately keep people out who can be individually shown to pose a specific public safety risk — i.e., terrorists, felons, foreign agents, carriers of contagion. Everyone else should be free to enter and exit at will after applying and passing a nominal background check.

              Second, in response to “demanding their rights,” no immigrants or their citizen children should be eligible for individualized welfare if that’s what you’re getting at. The only rights that they should get are their inalienable individual rights — including the rights to travel, residence, and labor.

              Third, there is nothing in the obligation of the US to secure the inalienable rights of individuals that implies they get citizenship. The citizenry is perfectly within its legitimate powers to maintain requirements and restrictions on citizenship and citizenship-track visas.

              1. Where did they get an “inalienable right” to reside in someone else’s country?

                1. From, in Jefferson’s words, their Creator.

                  Where did someone else get a right to prohibit residence anywhere within a giant territory solely because they claim dominion over it?

                2. I am surprised MikeP did pull the all God,s children argument! Hey MikeP if we treat Illegal Aliens in this Nation the same way they are treated in Mexico would that make you happy?

                  Then there is they are all God,s children argument.

                  Isn’t everyone God,s children? If so, then guess the open borders crowd are saying everyone and anyone has the right to Invade this Nation, waving their flags, demand their rights, while feasting at the trough of public welfare and Kill, Rape and Rob thousands of American citizens each year!

                  Rattlesnakes are God creation also but not many would invite them into our house and provide welfare and medical benefits for them!

                  1. Why would I need to pull a God’s children argument?

                    The words of the Declaration of Independence are enough…

                    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ? That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

                    Individual rights preexist and precede government powers. Any use of government power that usurps rather than secures those preexisting individual rights is an unjust power.

                    Incidentally, why you think the US should base its laws and their execution on Mexico’s is beyond me.

                    And, as I already noted, immigrants — legal or not — should not be eligible for welfare.

              2. Let me understand this Mike you are saying as long as they meet your requirements from above it is Ok for the Billions from around the world to migrate to this Nation??? If so not much use in obeying the Laws, paying the taxes, fighting the wars and building a Nation, if the rest of the world has the right to walk in and take what others build by blood, sweat and tears with their blessing. Would you agree?

                1. If by “walk in and take”, you mean work a job that pays your way and live peaceably, then yes, I agree.

                  It’s roughly the way this nation was built.

                  1. MikeP Not sure what you are on but by all means keep taking it sure beats waking up and facing reality! The dream lives on!

                  2. If Obama & the Democrats really wanted to create millions jobs, Raise our standard of living, Increase tax collections by billions, Improve our Medical care while decreasing costs, Decrease crime, save 100,s of billions in welfare, Improve our schools while decreasing cost, Provide billions more to simulate the economy etc. etc. all they have to do is Abide by our Constitution against Invasion, Enforce our Immigration Laws & and Honor their Oath of Office!

                    Meantime, with a effective unemployment rate of around 17 percent, the invasion continues. No Liberal Politician will address the 500 pound gorilla in the room, and millions of invading, welfare loving, Prolific breeding, Illegal Aliens taking millions of jobs that should be American jobs and 100,s billions of dollars in social services that should be for American citizens while driving our standard of living down by estimated 250 billion per year!

                    One cannot be political correct and admit that Illegal Aliens are an large part of the problems in this Nation.

                    Their negative impact extends to every area from Sub-par loans & defaults, Underground economy, Massive document fraud, Lower standard of living, Crime, Overflowing prisons , Bankrupted hospitals, Failing schools, Property Taxes, Insurance costs, Environment, Culture, Welfare costs, Welfare fraud, SS fraud, Voter fraud, Disrespect for our laws & country, our Constitution against invasion and even Balance of payments occurring from oil and other imports to support the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in this country!

                    One has to only look at Calif. which is basically mostly an Spanish speaking, Bankrupt state that is the future of this Nation. They can know longer afford to provide Welfare, Schooling, Medical, Prison cells etc. for millions of MS-13 Gang bangers, Drug dealers, Rapist and other assorted Criminals and Uneducated, Prolific breeding, third world Parasites from South of the border!

                    In a very few years it will be impossible to see where Mexico ends and Calif. begins as both will be an third world cesspool!

                    Failure to secure our borders and reward the Invading horde for their invasion and their relatives in an never ending chain with American Citizenship is nothing less than committing National Suicide & will assure our future is an over populated Spanish speaking third world Nation that is an Cesspool of Corruption, Crime, Poverty and Misery modeled on Mexico!

                    1. …driving our standard of living down by estimated 250 billion per year!


                    2. …and even Balance of payments occurring from oil and other imports to support the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens in this country!

                      Scratch an anti-illegal immigration zealot, find a mercantilist.

                    3. The flood of immigrants drives wages and living conditions in our central cities toward those of the Third World & has already destroyed Calif..

                      This tidal wave imposes sprawl, gridlock, pollution, and environmental damage on our metropolitan areas & Nation.

                      Immigrant families needing services overwhelm our schools, taxpayer-funded health care facilities, and other public agencies.

                      Those requiring services don’t assimilate and, instead, expect to be served in their native languages & expect American citizens to assimilate and ones that protest are called racist!

                      American civic culture frays as each ethnic group establishes its own grievance lobby and pushes for preferences.

                      Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis (new, drug-resistant strains) return & New diseases like Mexican Swine flu break out!

                      Shortages of water and other resources loom, especially in immigration-blitzed Southwest.

                      Most that come across our open borders come from countries where, Crime, Corruption, Poverty, Misery, Anti-education, and hate for Americans has existed for centuries and is normal. Should anyone be surprised they bring those same family values across the border with them?

                    4. The flood of immigrants drives wages and living conditions in our central cities toward those of the Third World…


                      …& has already destroyed Calif..


                    5. The 20 to 30 millions of uneducated illegal aliens currently residing in this country is turning the USA into the largest Socialist Nation in the world. Each head of household with less than a high school education, Legal or Illegal is an net drain of 20k per year on the backs of American tax payers.

                      The cost for their Medical, Schooling and Welfare makes them the most expensive manual labor in the world. Now we have both parties pandering for the Latino vote and promising Amnesty which will compound the problems allowing them to access even more social benefits!

                      The businesses employing the Illegal Aliens are in effect enjoying nearly slave labor while pocketing the profits and driving down our standard of living while passing on the actual cost to American tax payers of not only his employees but all of their family members residing with them.

                      The globalist, multiculturalism, open border advocates, liberals & businesses profiting from and exploiting Illegal Aliens argue that they, the Illegal Aliens, pay tons of taxes, sure they all pay real estate taxes (in rent) and sales taxes (most states). Those working on the books approximately 35 % using stolen Social Security numbers or other fraudulent documents pay FICA and, perhaps, income taxes. But they’re mostly ill-educated, low-skilled, prolific breeders and pay very low taxes connected to their working. In fact, most claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, i.e. negative income tax! Of course, the remaining 65% of the Illegal Aliens working off the books typically work for cash and pay nothing except real estate taxes (in rent) and sales taxes (most states).

                    6. Each head of household with less than a high school education, Legal or Illegal is an net drain of 20k per year on the backs of American tax payers.


                      The cost for their Medical, Schooling and Welfare makes them the most expensive manual labor in the world.


  50. I guess in a way, Obama HAS succeeded in making “DC more like California” BOTH are broke.

  51. Everyone should read…..nions.html which tells in gory detail how the greedy unions have driven the entire state of California to the brink of ruin – and Obama wants Washington to be like California!

  52. As someone who used to live in California, I can verify that everything that Mr. Welch writes is 100% true. The mess that we’re seeing in California right now is the predictable result of decades of bone-headed “feel good” liberal policies. They have truly succeeded in “killing the goose that laid the golden egg” and now people like me are leaving the state in droves.

    Thank God I’m back in Texas, a state where common sense still prevails.

  53. Obviously, this was one of Obama’s famous unscripted moments and why he relies so heavily on his teleprompters. Left to his own devices, with no one else writing what he says, he gives proof positive that democrats don’t have a clue.

  54. “I gotta get out of this state, badly. Unfortunately, Obama now seeks to make all other states a carbon copy of this one.”

    The management of the federal government guarantees that there will be a lot of economic hardship no matter where you live, but state and local govts do also play a role so you are better off in a state that is better managed. I had the good fortune to do an early retirement in 2008 and was able to realize the dream of being able to get out of California.

    I now live in Washington state which is managed by Democrats but more rational ones than those who run California. We have a good tax system here, no income tax and reasonable property tax. I guess the tax system here is not quite as friendly toward business as it is toward individuals, but at the very least it is a good place for a retiree.

  55. Californians moved here (Nevada) and Californicated it to the point of bk, too. Texas – if you love your state, don’t let the Californians move in! They’ll want to change it!!

    1. That was the point I made above: look what happened to Colorado. The Big Gummint Californians moved in because the cost of living in Cali was too high and they brought their liberal politics with them. Only now, after 18 months of Chicago Jesus, is the state starting to trend back to the Republican Party.

  56. California is what you get when an entire state is run by Ayn Rand villains.

    No, seriously, Ellsworth Toohey’s office is just off the anteroom to the Democratic Cloakroom in the State Capitol building.

  57. So, our Dear Leader has no time to attend financial summits with our allies, or funerals of their dead leaders, but he has plenty of time (and taxpayer money) to travel to California and stump for Barbara Boxer? WOW! Way to keep your priorities in order Mr. President. With leadership like that, I am certain that our economy will respond as soon as you can find the time to “focus like a laserbeam on jobs”.

  58. First of all those that say California expatriates will paint their new states blue are absolutely correct. Look at what has happened to New Hampshire with the influx of the wonderful people leaving Massachusetts. Besides, it’s all a matter of time before the Reconquista of the American Southwest is complete. All those goo goo liberals in California who embraced the cause of the illegal aliens are about to be devoured by them. The rest of the country will resemble Brazil in the best case scenario and South Africa in the worst. Liberalism will reign supreme. Weep for your children and grandchildren if you care.

  59. Re: Obama’s speech. It probably sounded better in the original spanish.

  60. Is Obama really so stupid that he thinks Calif. is a good example for the rest of the Nation or does he hate American so much he wants to destroy the rest of the Nation like the Liberals have destroyed Calif.?

    1. Is this a trick question? They’re not necessarily mutually exclusive…

  61. What a fool! the sad thing is that this guy who has never met a payroll or held an honest job probably believes it

    1. When moderate Democrat Evan Bayh unexpectedly announced that he was leaving the US Senate a few months ago, one of his best friends, in an interview, said that one of the main unspoken reasons for his departure was that he (Bayh) believes that Barack Obama is leading the Democratic Party to disaster. According to him, Obama, while meaning well, “doesn’t have a clue how the real world works outside of DC and the south side of Chicago.”

  62. I left California 20 years ago. I am never going back to live.

  63. If Pharaoh Obama means broke & run by absolute morons by his comment, Washington is already there Mr. Welch.

  64. Don’t blame Arnold. The Dems have the numbers in the legislature. As long as ignorant people and those looking for a handout keep voting in the same liberal “Adam Henry’s”, things will never change. Liberals in the legislature continue to do everything they can to hobble businesses even now that the state is in dire straits and businesses are leaving. Many people are also leaving – people with money and skills. Unfortuntely they are being replaced by people with no money and few skills. When the rich leave, who will the legislature have left to soak?

    1. I totally agree, Pat L. Schwarzenegger has been a pleaseant surprise to me and his tried his best to govern a totally ungovernable situation by looking for compromise solutions. However, California’s voters are, collectively, the dumbest in the nation and they keep sending the same hard-core left wing liberals and hard-core right wing conservatives back to Sacramento time after time after time. The state deserves the fate that awaits it. Hopefully it will serve as a lesson to the rest of the nation as to what inevitably happens when a bunch of moonbat liberals are in charge of running things.

  65. with san luis obispo country having low crime, (police spend an inordinate amount of time chasing around skateboarders due to lack of any real criminals to bust) and the main drivers of the local economy being schools and prisons, it’s no wonder that pensions outweigh funds to prosecute criminals.

    libertarians and their fantasy world where all gov’t is bad and all markets are good are risible. i personally have had enough of ex-pubes trying to pretend they are for fiscal responsibility under the lib banner, while they fail to repudiate the gov’t expanding prowess of reagan and bush jr. hypocritical monkeys.

    any propaganda filled brains want to tell me how our current fiscal calamity is the sole responsibility of the gov, while unregulated, shadow markets are not only not the culprit but the cure? fire away, dipshits.

  66. In todays RealClearPolitics, there is an article on Jerry Brown taking the lead in a Rasmussen poll. The article states that 60% of Californians believe Obama is doing a good job. These are people whose state is bankrupt!

    “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!”

  67. California’s problem is it’s got too much money & too many people to fit the normal limits of state government, so the politicians play at being a country. It should be split — at least 3 ways — so each new state doesn’t get such a big head.

    With three, the odds of all of them screwing up at the same time as badly as 1 California routinely does would be near zero. And when one does screw up at least the residents of the other 2 won’t have to put up with the sort of nonsense all of us Californians have to put up with every couple of years.

  68. Wow, I have never seen a quote taken so out of context…while discussing the history of the state Obama mentions California’s “spirit”. So that clearly means that he strongly desires to have our country in financial ruins, yes that makes sense. Go Rush Limbaugh!

  69. The tunnel vision that seems to accompany the Left on their political sojourns has me both amaze and dismayed. Amazed because in the face of absolute politcal and economic ruin they deny the factors such as union pensions and illegal immigration that have caused this mess and dismayed because in every nail and board of their platform, they will pander to those same narrow constituencies that perpetrated Cali’s economic meltdown. Is it any wonder why those of us between the two coasts are seeking economic and political asylum from any source outside the Beltway?

  70. Now why would you go and ruin a perfectly romantic and totally unrealistic rhetorical yarn by the Speechifier in Chief with nasty, gnarly facts? Facts are so boring and inconvenient.

    I can’t figure out if they just don’t care, because they currently hold the reigns of power, or if they are delusional.

  71. Selfishly (I’m not a Californian), I think California should continue its current path toward bankruptcy. Then, it will certainly be an inspiration to other states (the poster child) as to how “entitlement states” inevitably implode.

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