Black Tea Party Protesters vs. Keith Olbermann


A couple of months back, in response to criticism about his multiple characterizations of Tea Party activists as racists, MSNBC oxygen-generator Keith Olbermann issued this agonized open letter to his antagonists:

[A]sk yourself, when you next go to a Tea Party rally, or watch one on television or listen to a politician or a commentator praise these things or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated. Ask yourself: Where are the black faces? Who am I marching with? What are we afraid of? And if it really is only a President's policy and not his skin, ask yourself one final question: Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?

Instead of asking himself, Nathanial Alexander Stuart took a video camera to one of the hundreds of Tax Day rallies April 15, and asked a handful of black protesters. This is what Stuart came up with:

Bonus video: ReasonTV at the 9/12 protests last year:

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  1. The guy who made the first video has some great video editing skills. I know it’s fake, but damn do those black people look realistic.

    1. Heh heh, exactly. They looked just like true Scotsmen, er black people.

    2. Very nice tongue and cheek Ad hominem move. 🙂 (A Latin phrase meaning ‘to the person’. It is used in 2 main ways, which can lead to confusion. By far the most common use is shifting attention from the point in question to some non-relevant aspect of the person making it.)

      1. Thanks for explaining “ad hominem.” I suppose next you’ll explain how finding well-spoken, attractive counterexamples to Olbermann’s thesis is ad hominem. Unless you’d prefer to look up “tongue in cheek” and expound on that for the next lesson.

        1. Calling other black people “Uncle Toms” and “sambos” makes black people well-spoken and attractive?

    3. Spoken like a true ignorant Racist Bigot. If you want to bow down to your white trash Liberal Nazis, that’s your right. But stop trying to dump your Racist Trash in my yard. If imbecilic morons like yourself that make our people sound just as stupid as yourself. Now run Nigga your white trash Demo-Fed Massa is calling you.

  2. Ask yourself, when you next go to a Tea Party rally Baptist church, or watch one on television BET, or listen to a politician or a commentator preacher praise these things or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated. Ask yourself: Where are the black white faces? Who am I marching praying with? What are we afraid of?

    1. How come all the public school systems in cities with 90% Democratic city councils are almost completely racially segregated and would be more so if they did not admit illegal immigrants?

    2. Very good.

  3. but for some reason [Olbermann] singled out white men as all feeling some level of racism: “And I think, having now been one for 51 years, I am permitted to say I believe prejudice and discrimination still sit defeated, dormant, or virulent somewhere in the soul of each white man in this country.”

    White guilt? Projection?

    1. Best line in the (first) video: “I’m afraid of the President because he’s a white man. What does Keith Olbermann have to say about that?

      1. KAAAAAAAAHN! Beat me by two minutes.

      2. I loved that lady.

        1. Somewhere deep in the bowels of FOX News, a producer is trying to book her on O’Reilly.

    2. Meh. Complete agenda-driven disingenuousness.

    3. …Or something worse… Racial paternalism.

      1. I find the “racial paternalism” idea very plausible. The way he singles out ‘white males’ suggests to me that he thinks either minorities don’t harbor bigoted ideas as or that he thinks ‘white males’ are the ‘stewards’ of prejudice and discrimination.

        1. yeup..

          Whenever the subject of race comes up in a political discussion, I have one answer. “There are more differences within groups than between groups.”

          Not to mention that “race” is a 100% human construct.

          1. Whenever the subject of race comes up in a political discussion, I have one answer. “There are more differences within groups than between groups.”

            Very true.

          2. Not to mention that “race” is a 100% human construct.

            Genetically verifiable too.

    4. Wait, Olbermann gets to speak for all white people now? Maybe he’s just a particularly racist white male.

      1. Racists really do seem to try to speak for ‘all members of their race’ a lot (as well as about ‘all members of other races’). Collectivists, dude.

  4. I OBJECT to the characterization of Keith Olbermann as an “oxygen-generator.”

    The man CLEARLY takes oxygen OUT of our atmosphere, and exhales carbon dioxide.

    He is a net polluter, with every breath, and ought to be regulated as such.

    1. Olbermann does not exhale nearly as much carbon dioxide as he does methane.

  5. “oxygen-generator”? If I had one, maybe I wouldn’t be so sleepy.

  6. On a more serious note…

    We are to believe that a group of people is racist, because a completely different group of people is voluntarily NOT congregating with them?

    That’s like saying the NAACP is racist, because there aren’t enough whites and hispanics there.

    1. It’s like saying the civil rights movement was comprised of nothing but radical, anti-semitic Islamists because Malclom-X was once photographed with Martin Luther King Jr.

    2. The NAACP is racist

    3. No one is saying the entire party is racist. They are saying the racist people in the party are racist (you’ve seen the wealth of pictures and video clips by now). The only time I hear about the ENTIRE party being racist is when these defensive articles pop up. And to be honest I don’t blame the tea party for over-reacting defensively. But they should focus that defensiveness on the elements that they fear give give them a bad name.

  7. Olbermann isn’t an oxygen generator. He produces a toxic cloud of some unidentified, noxious gas, but it isn’t oxygen. If anything, he’s an oxygen consumer who converts perfectly good oxygen to said noxious gas.

    A net negative, as it were.

    1. The stick up his ass was once a component of an oxygen generator. Does that count?

      1. Perhaps, but I’m not going up there to find out what went wrong.

      2. I had to go to the ER for a dogbite yesterday (note to self: when my gf’s lab is going for a tennis ball, let the dog have it, don’t go for the interception) and there actually was a guy in there for a stick up his ass… and given his demeanor and douchebaggery, I now completely understand the origins of that colloquialism.

        1. That’s a hell of an anecdote…I wonder how someone gets a stick lodged up their ass, though.

          1. Google “one man, one jar” and behold the absurdities that some people will subject themselves to.

            On second thought, if you ever want to live a life of innocence, do not google that. It is among the most disturbing things the Intertoobz has ever produced.

            1. Something tells me the disclamatory paragraph isn’t necessary for that first comment.

            2. I was already leery when you first suggested that. Thanks for the warning!

          2. Sit on an Acorn and wait?

          3. haha, my sister is a nurse in Seattle and she told me people coming in with things lodged in orafaces they shouldn’t be are actually quite commom. I feel violated just thinking about it.

  8. Juicy quote of the video: “I’m afraid of Obama because he’s white. What does Keith Olbermann think about that?”


  9. I guess when all you’re looking for is racism, that’s all you’re going to find.

    1. true enough…

    2. When the only tool in your toolbox is the race card, every problem starts to look like racism.

      1. AMEN!

  10. Maybe Welch describes Olbermann as an oxygen-generator, because if it weren’t for he and Maddow, MSNBC would have stopped “breathing” a long time ago?

  11. Let’s face it, the fact that the Teabaggers were mostly big fans of the government from 2001-2008 and only felt the need to protest once Obama was elected doesn’t speak well for their alleged purposes.

    While I don’t think all Teabaggers are racist or that race is the only factor at play here it’s kind of hard to deny that the whole movement is a big temper tantrum thrown by some of the most priviliged people on the face of the planet because they don’t always get their way.

    1. STFU, Scotch.

      1. I agree with Dan T. I realize they protested the initial TARP bill, but it looks bad for a lot of these guys. If you talked to any of these folks during Bush Jr, they’d just shrug and say, “Gov’t always grows. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

        1. Or some veriation of, “We need the PATRIOT ACT to protect us; if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about…”

          1. For one thing, that hasn’t been my experience at all. Plenty of these folks were pissed off at Bush’s spending, but didn’t see much that they could do about it. Once the movement got started, it became easier for each individual to join on. This is sort of like saying that the civil rights movement was disingenuous because it didn’t exist when FDR was in office. Obviously the fact that the president is a democrat probably makes it a lot easier for these things to get momentum, but there’s a certain extent to which they just get followers because they have followers.

            1. Put another way, they sat on their hands during 8 long years of government overreach and abuse, and all of a sudden decided to get active the instant a Democrat was elected, not even giving him enough time to attempt to repair the damage before screaming bloody murder about all their precious freedoms being stomped on.

              The movement is hypocritical at its core: government handouts for us, none for anyone else, because we deserve them and they don’t.

              1. At its core? I am curious as to what you refer, Tony.

                1. The only caring about government abuse and spending as soon as Democrats are in charge, and the not wanting a single dime cut from their government handouts, while crying about government handouts for anyone else.

                  1. I don’t think that’s a core belief of the tea party movement, but you’re right, there are many people in the movement who feel that way, I’m sure.

                  2. not wanting a single dime cut from their government handouts, while crying about government handouts for anyone else

                    Ah, a current lefty meme meant to dismiss all Tea Party concerns. It amounts to: “See, when we try to take junk away from junkies, they object. This proves heroin is good for you.”

              2. In this case I agree with Tony. If so many people were anti-big government, where were they during the Republicans’ reign? Libertarians have always shown up at post offices on April 15th passing out anti-tax literature with no support from conservatives.

                The Tea Parties keep taking credit for electing Scott Brown, a Republican, even though libertarian Joe Kennedy was running as well. So much for “cleaning house”. And I keep hearing spokesmen of the movement talk about electing and supporting Republicans. It’s actually quite infuriating.

                There may be some truly sincere people that have gotten caught up in this movement and I really do hope that libertarian activists can steer these folks in the right direction.

                1. I am no Liberterian, yet I have been with the Tea Party crowd before President Obama was a Senator. Go back to the original Fair Tax rallies and you will find the roots of many conservatives in the Tea Party movement.

                  1. It would be just as accurate – more accurate, in fact – to say that Democrats only care about free speech, the right to dissent and vigorous debate when a Republican is in office. When crowds are marching to protest a Democratic administration, all of a sudden there’s treason and sedition all over the damn place.

                    Anyone remember the good old days when all this was patriotic? Let’s face it, the Tea Partiers don’t know how to throw a really good march:

                    2004 anti-Bush protest

                    Bush death threat signs

              3. what utter bullshit! why do you think republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 and democrats got voted in? You think because of the dems’ pretty faces? We voted republicans out because of spending, corruption, and growing government. We gave the democrats a chance and we got even more of the same: spending, corruption, and growing government. So now we are on the streets protesting because just voting obviously doesn’t work.

              4. Nobody sat on their hands. A huge hunk of those 8 years had Democratic hands on the Congressional tiller — or is that an inconvenient truth? Our freedoms are indeed being stomped upon by “too big to fail” and healthcare which we are required to purchase whether we want to or not. We want to keep our money for ourselves, not for Wall Street, nor for the Government. If God is content with 10%, the Government should be too.

        2. You don’t think it’s reasonable that the reaction is to one of scale?

          $500 Billion = “Wow, this kind of sucks.”
          $1.5 Trillion = “Enough is enough, let’s march on Washington.”

          In interview after interview with Tea Party attendees, it seems one is very hard-pressed to find any fans of GWB among the crowd.

          Or think of it this way… Bush’s approval rating bottomed out at about 15%. Given that about 30% of Americans have traditionally called themselves Republicans, and an even larger percentage identify themselves as at least “fiscally conservative”, is it reasonable to then assume that A LOT of people on the right were very unhappy with Bush?

          1. If you add in the cost of Bush’s war, I think things about even out.

            But apparently occupying a country and blowing up tens of thousands of people is just not quite as bad as rescuing the economy from depression. Or something.

            1. “Rescuing the economy from depression?” I don’t pretend to be an economist, so I won’t try to debunk this, but it’s quite a strong statement.

              1. Actually, I am an economist FWIW. [Please don’t hold it against me.] But then this is NOT economics – it is politics. [Until 1880 or so my degrees would have been in Political Economics. Imagine that!!]

                Bush’s war? Beg pardon? Did you check the votes to go to war with a Democrat House and a Democrat Senate to authorize? Guess not. Did you check the funding Bills that paid for “Bush’s War” with the Democrat House & Democrat Senate? Guess not…Oops.

                Perhaps you are right d00d. Rescuing us from Dodd & Frank running the financial institutions. Wait!! They still are doing that!! WTF? I thought Bush caused the near Depression..Thank God the Democrats have the votes and the purse strings and were in charge of all this stuff. Can you imagine what shape we would be in otherwise?

                Can you spell Patooey?

            2. “Bush’s War” is Constitutional. There are huge hunks of the Constitution devoted to self defense, and not one line devoted to healthcare or free home loans (the Democratic boondoggle which brought our economy crashing down). If “Bush’s War” was so illegal, why is the current President still fighting it? He could have had the troops coming home the day after his Inauguration, but they’re still there. How’s that Hopey-Changey thing working out for ‘ya, pardner?

            3. We didn’t blow up tens of thousands of people. We may have screwed the pooch on security, but that isn’t the same as actively killing people. Why don’t you try being honest about your “Iraqi resistance” for once?

              Yet another statist blaming the wrong person. That doesn’t get old.


              And, uh, even according to the Obama regime’s own statistics the stimulus was a complete failure.

        3. Redunkulous. I despised Carter/Clinton/Ted Kennedy more than I do Obama. That’s (if we want to call names) two white red-neck crackers and one drunken Irish N.E. limosine liberal with a bootlegger trust vs one pretty “white” black man.

          Why, oh, why can’t just one of you admit that his POLICIES could be the source of angst for people?

        4. Who was it who said that?

        5. Amazing how assholes like Dan T. and the stupid fucker to whom I am replying are so fucking omniscient that they know what everyone of the so-called “teabaggers” thinks. And Dan T.’s posts read like they were cut and pasted from the Daily Kos.

          PS Variation doesn’t have a fucking “e” in it dumbass.

    2. “the fact that the Teabaggers(sic) were mostly big fans of the government from 2001-2008…”

      [citation needed]

    3. Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters were fans of big government before 2008? How informative you are.

      Perhaps some conservatives and Republicans held their tongue on Bush and now do not. I suspect this is about trustworthiness, not race. Between bowing to foreign politicians, being silent while genocidal tyrants shoot women in the streets, and constantly lying, only a dwindling number of sheeple trust the Flop Eared Liar in Chief.

      1. Ron Paul has always been a big fan of government – that’s how he makes his living. You’ll note that he doesn’t turn down pork $$$ when it is headed to his district.

        1. Nice sophistry, Dan T., but try again.

        2. So Dan, were you serving time someplace all those many months you left us in blissful peace?

        3. Actually he votes against his own pork nearly everytime, but congress gives it to him anyway. Atleast he tried.

    4. “Let’s face it, the fact that the Teabaggers were mostly big fans of the government from 2001-2008 and only felt the need to protest once Obama was elected doesn’t speak well for their alleged purposes.”

      I guess that explains Bush’s high approval ratings at the end of his term:…..-bush.aspx

    5. I seem to remember anti-war protests by the Left every other month with signs insulting the President. Where did those go?

      1. Antiwar protests are still around, and they draw orders of magnitude more people than tea party rallies.

        The media ignoring antiwar protests hasn’t changed all that much, though.

        1. I never get invited to any anti-war rallies, though.

        2. Tony,

          How’s the weather in Fantasyland this time of year?

          1. I hear there’s lots of candy, but the gumdrop rain gets hellish.

        3. “they draw orders of magnitude more people than tea party rallies.”

          This is a lie orders of magnitude above the “tea party is racist” lie. Brother, I was there in 2007 at the GOE anti-anti-war rally in D.C. and we outnumbered them 2 to 1 easy. The anti-war folk have one hurrah and then forget all about it when the new stash comes in.

          9/12 was orders of magnitude above anything from the left since ’69. That’s a fact.

        4. Antiwar protests are still around, and they draw orders of magnitude more people than tea party rallies.

          [citation needed]

        5. Anti-war protests still drawing crowds orders of magnitude larger? I challenge you to fucking prove it.

    6. Nope. The response to former Wisconsin governor Thompson speaking at the Madison Tea Party is a perfect example that there is backlash against Republicans as well.

    7. Conversely, the progressives have suddenly become big fans of war since a black man got elected.

      1. DING DING DING!!! We have a winner folks.

      2. Oh hell, you won the thread.

    8. “Let’s face it, the fact that the Teabaggers were mostly big fans of the government from 2001-2008”

      [citation needed]

      “and only felt the need to protest once Obama was elected doesn’t speak well for their alleged purposes.”

      Occam’s razor says that they’re partisan hypocrites, not the harbingers of a neo-segregationist movement. Or do you think John Edwards could have passed HCR without the right giving a shit?

    9. “Let’s face it, the fact that the Teabaggers …”

      As soon as you used the ad hominem of Teabaggers, you complete negate the validity (should any exist) of any further argument or evidence and thus lose the argument automatically.

    10. 1) You can’t prove tea partiers supported big government, let alone Bush. It would be just as accurate for me to say “Let’s face it, the fact that the Douchebaggers were mostly against the deficit from 2001-2008 and only did so because they hated Bush doesn’t speak well for their complete lack of principles.”
      2) Further, any policy effect on citizens is a gradual one. Bush’s approval dropped over his 8 years until he was in Nixon territory. While popular enough in 2004, by 2006 he lost both houses of Congress and by 2008, the Democrats won larger majorities and the White House.
      3) Any voter has a right to get pissed at any politician.

      1. And he was only popular enough compared to John Kerry, which is like saying herpes is more popular than AIDS.

        Or something.

    11. Your use of the term “teabaggers”, not once but twice, tells all we need to know about your credibility and intelligence.

      1. How about we refrain from using teabagger the day you guys stop calling liberals socialists, communists, fascists, or other pejoratives?

        If your response is “but… they are all those things!” then I’m going to proceed under the assumption that all conservatives like testicle-mouth play, sorry.

        1. I had to spit the hairy balls out of my mouth long enough to call bullshit on this.

        2. I find it funny your chosen term has anti-gay overtones, given the left claims to be socially tolerant. If the right started calling leftist protesters “cock gobblers,” they’d rightfully be labeled homophobic. Secondly, terms like socialist, communist and fascist are not pejorative terms. They are words which have specific meanings to them. You may view the terms negatively, but it’s not the term that’s negative, but the policies they represent. They are objective terms. If you are arguing the terms aren’t accurate, that’s a different story, but you are wrong to say the terms are merely insults. Socialism isn’t of itself a bad word. It merely describes an economic system of state involvement with the economy by some kind of authority, be it a democracy, one party rule or otherwise.

          Since you use the term Tea Bagger, I’ll call people like you names too…”Douche bagger.” It’s about as clever as your term.

        3. Considering that the left name-calls, and has done so for the last forty years, this is pretty rich. The tea-partiers have been called racist, seditious, un-American, violent, Nazis….

          So, Mr. Cocksucker, how do you like the tables turned? Upset now, ass-wipe?

        4. How about we refrain from using teabagger the day you guys stop calling liberals socialists

          I don’t care if you use the term “teabagger” (such is all the better for telling the men from the boys in that regard), but I suggest that you quit calling socialists “liberals”.

          If your response is “but… they are all those things!” then I’m going to proceed under the assumption that all conservatives like testicle-mouth play, sorry.

          Generalize away, collectivist (as that is what you are), but I’m not a conservative anyhow. Just because non-leftists all look the same to you in your ideological myopia, doesn’t mean that they are interchangeable. The Right (here understood as merely non-Left) is by no means as monolithic as the Left is.

    12. If you want anecdotal evidence, my dad is a Republican, and he’s been pissed at Bush since Bush pushed Medicare Part D. He still voted for Bush, because he thought John Kerry was worse. That doesn’t mean he [i]liked[/i] Bush, or supported his every whim. He’s gotten, over Bush’s terms, more and more skeptical of government power, although he started out pretty damn skeptical.

      Did he speak out, or go to protests, during Bush’s terms? No. But he’s not now, either. He’s just talking to his friends and acquaintances, and saying how he doesn’t believe that the Republicans have done a good job standing up for their beliefs. He’s just voting for candidates that actually believe in (more) limited power for the government. If only he’d do something [i]productive,[/i] like holding a sign at a rally!

      My parents are both Republicans, and but they are both disappointed with the party. They voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, something I never thought I’d ever see. They, like many conservative voters, didn’t see how bad Bush was until the end of his term. But when they did, they started working against the sort of Republican who supported Bush unequivocally through his entire term, no matter what he did. Remember, the Tea Party movement started [i]before[/i] Obama was elected. It wasn’t as visible, but it was [i]there.[/i] Excoriating Republicans for realizing that Bush was bad later than you did is bullshit. Hey, look at all the Democrats that [i]still[/i] haven’t realized that Obama is just Bush II on almost every issue. Give ’em five more years of Obama’s wars and policies, and they’ll be singing the Tea Party’s tune.

      The Tea Party movement isn’t a reaction to a black president; this is a reaction to a government that has decided that it is more important than the people it ostensibly serves. It is a reaction to a government that, a decade after it ran a surplus, is running a larger deficit than it ever has, to bail out the buddies of congressmen. Had McCain been elected, and followed the same fiscal policies as Obama has (which he most assuredly would have), they would be protesting in the streets right now. I can promise you that, whatever you believe. This is a very real anger, and it’s [i]not[/i] stemming from mere partisanship. To dismiss it as such is a willful denial of reality.

      1. Dammit, I’m too used to BBCode. Those should be HTML marks instead.

    13. “While I don’t think all Teabaggers are racist”

      I know what I think all liberals who use a gay term as an insult are.

      1. Teabagger isn’t a gay term. The act can be performed by a woman or a man on a man.

        1. Are you sure about that? I believe women lack the physical feature needed to perform that act….

    14. Ha ha Dan likes to suck scrotum sacks! He said t bagger! Why is it all Liberals love to talk about sucking Scrotums? Seems to come so easy for them? And why are they always so ignorant to what other Libs do to our country? It is like they do not even notice when their Leaders are really fucking over America. The only Racist I have seen so far are ALL DEMOCRATS trying to keep the Black man down on the Gov’t handout PLANTATION! A SLAVE to the Gov’t with NO Hope to Ever better themselves. Keeping them Lazy for that free handout.
      The only ones “throwing a tantrum” is all you LibHeads that are not getting Your way. funny you bring that up! Why else would you be making up “racism” stories all the time??
      WE THE PEOPLE , the real Americans that really Care what happens to America, are being Demonized by Leftists trying to Socialize and break America into a shit hole like every other crappy euro nation. Facts are hard to dispute, so LIBERALS LIE! Remember, When you Disagree with the Government IT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF PATRioTISM!!! You guys all told us that! remember!!

    15. the tea party started in 2007. Get your history right.

  12. Mike Pence supports Israel, illegal wars, and the killing of innocent civilians. Fuck that Neo-Con he isn’t an independent.

    1. Holy fuck Mike Pence supports Israel!!!!

      Are you using the term Nazi as a term of endearment, asshole?

  13. Note to self: Explain to Olbermann that Olbermann isn’t black.

  14. MSNBC is caught up in its own racism. They have no black hosts, and their few black panelists are all Washington Post house slaves.

    Additionally Keith et al seem to think that the only people at tea parties besides the blacks who they ignore unless they are carrying a gun (and then film by cutting off their faces and hands) are whites. When we encircled the Capitol at the March 20th Tea Party, I was between a Vietnamese couple with 5 kids and a Hispanic woman and her two daughters. MSNBC racism doesn’t even notice people of color who are not black.

    Will someone at Reason investigate the rumor that Olberman has one full time staff person who does nothing but delete embarrassing info from his Wiki, FaceBook and other pages on the net.

    1. MSNBC is caught up in its own racism. They have no black hosts

      What about me? Sure, there’s a little cream in the coffee, but there ain’t no white trash on FOX News with my bodacious junk.

    2. What do you mean? We trot out Pulitzer prize winning Eugene Robinson every show. He gives us street (K Street) cred.

  15. Next time Olbermann is at Citi Field watching the Mets play, he should look around at the fans and ask himself why he is “surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?”

    Actually, this also holds for NHL games, Nascar, sophisticated Manhattan cocktail parties, Madison Wisconsin, Janeane Garofalo concerts … well anywhere progressives congregate, really.

    1. Progressives like NASCAR?

    2. But to be fair: do you think Madison is lily-white because it’s progressive or because it’s, y’know, in Wisconsin?

      And do farmer’s-market types really hang out at hockey games and NASCAR races that often? If so, I need to revisit some stereotypes.

      1. The point is that wherever there is a crowd it’s often overwhelmingly one ethnic group because people naturally self-segregate. And that this is true even of diversity-obsessed liberals.

      2. Milwaukee is 39% black and 15% Latino. Racine is 20% black and 13% Latino. Beloit is 15% black and 9% Latino. Fitchburg is 9% black and 6% Latino.
        Madison, the second largest city in Wisconsin, is 6% black and 4% Latino.

    3. At least Obama could strike out Jason Bay…. wow, Jason Bay, thanks for ruining my fantasy beisbol team.

    4. crowds of NHL games are crawling with Canadians and Canadian-Americans.

      They may look similar to Mr. Olbermann, but in their hearts they lust for a good poutine. Therein lies the difference.

      1. Jason Bay is Canadian. Jason Bay ruins fantasy baseball teams. Therefore, Canadians hate America.

  16. oxygen-generator

    Oxygen THIEF, Matt. How many times do we have to go over this?

    1. Till we’re out of oxygen, apparently.

  17. This (Olbermann’s grousing, not Matt’s post) reminds me of the “Where Was the Color in Seattle?” article that was making the rounds back in the early ’00s. Surely I’m not the only REASON reader to remember this…?

  18. Gee, at the rally I attended, the main rally banner next to th podium was being held by an African-American woman. Of course, the photo that appeared in the newspaper was shot from an angle that didn’t include her.

  19. Let me lay it out schematically for you.

    P1. Blacks were, collectively, historically victims of Whites in the US.

    P2. Native Americans were, collectively, historically victims of Whites in the US.

    P3. No one gives a rat’s ass about Native Americans because they aren’t populating our major cities.

    P4. Because Blacks were collectively victimized, they have collective virtue, even generations later. So much virtue that nothing can be correct unless an overwhelming majority of Blacks agree with it, and no movement can be legitimate unless it counts at least proportionate numbers of Blacks within its ranks.

    P5. The Tea Party doesn’t have proportionate representation of Blacks.


    C. Therefore, the Tea Party movement is illegitimate.

    Did I leave anything out?

    Oh, and you can go ahead and repeat the whole argument, but substitute The Republican Party or the Libertarian Movement for the Tea Party.

    1. Please, please let that be snark.

      If not, “collective virtue”??? Doesn’t exist. Virtue is an individual attribute.

      1. I don’t think Draco is endorsing the line of thought, but rather trying to explain the hypothesis. Based on Draco’s posting history and the wording of Premise 4, I believe him to find it absurd, but nonetheless seeks to appropriately identify and explain it.

      2. Sorry, I thought the sarcasm was self-evident, especially given that it was posted under my handle.

        And yes, well, take up your argument with Mr. Olberman and MSNBC.

        1. I got your back Draco.

          1. I saw that! Much appreciated, friend.

      3. Yeah, I think that’s snark. Brilliant snark, too imho.

        1. Whoops, should’ve hit “refresh”. Anyway, my compliment stands.

        2. Yeah. It’s good. A little too good.


  20. If Olbermann can answer this question correctly, I will STFU:

    If a $50,000/plate fundraiser is held for Obama, and he’s only one of a handful of minorities in attendance, is the event racist?

    1. Classist?

    2. No, SIIIRRRR, because the event is for Barack Obama, a black man, therefore the event is tolerant. Now let’s contrast it with a Republican fundraiser. McCain had thousand dollar plate fundraisers with a similar audience, but his fundraiser was for a white only ticket…therefore it is racist..SIIIRRRRR!!!

  21. Electing a black president was the best thing that ever happened for us Progressives. We get to play the race card no matter the issue; if you don’t like the Wall Street bail out, Racist!, if you don’t like the nationalization of the auto industry, Racist!, if you don’t like the administration’s handling of the economy, Racist! if you don’t like the insurance company give away bill, Racist!, and that card is an Ace of Spades that never binds or tatters!

    Wait . . . what the fuck is up with these poll numbers?

    1. @Keith “Us progressives?” Are you trying to be clever? Or do you really believe anyone would think that you’re a member of the forward-lookers club?

      1. Not too familiar with the usage of joke handles on this site, are you, Monroe?

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      2. Oh, Monroe, I laugh at you. In your face, even. Why? Your words say one thing (I did not connect) but the tone of your response says another (it hurt like a motherfucker).

      3. Ah nothing like the progressive self-congratulatory identifications.

  22. The media is always right…Tea Party people are all racist…just look at one of their speakers!! I video taped this “outrage” at a Tea Party rally last week. (sarcasm off)

    Her website:

  23. I almost forgot those protesters were black

    1. For an hour?

  24. Some more interesting videos http://anotherblackconservativ…..ndall.html

    “I want equal treatment, call me a racist” – strong message

  25. Leave a comment about Keith Olbermann!

  26. “Racist” and “extremist” are convenient sticks with which Democrats beat Republicans and “liberal” or “progressive” are convenient sticks with which Republicans beat Democrats. All useful terms as they are all simultaneously partially true and partially false.

    They are used more to appeal to emotion than to intellect as both sides attempt to manipulate enough people to win a place at the trough and they are not particularly fastidious about their methods.

    In their defense, many Democrats and Republicans do believe what they say and do believe that the policies they espouse are for the best. That’s doesn’t prove much more than man’s ability to believe that the ends justify the means.

    Shocking, isn’t it?

  27. While I support the general aims of the TEA parties, I do have to admit that I enjoy certain aspects of big government. I like paying for the military. I think I get something for my money. I pay them and I do get Iraqis all blown up. Countries fall. I get value for my tax dollars.

    On the other hand, when I pay for trillions in social problems, do I get fewer poor people? It would seem not. I do object to that.

    Billions more for education. Are the children better educated? Again, it would seem not. They are certainly not even better mannered.

    Social Security? I’m a number of years from any hope of retirement. Will it be solvent? Will I be paid in devalued dollars? Highly likely.

    Health care? It’s becoming more apparent by the day that our glorious new plan will probably offer me ever more substandard care at an ever increasing price. Most likely with all the charm of the Post Office or DMV.

    Yeah. I’d like to see a lot less government. I don’t think I want it to go entirely away, though. I’ll keep the parts that work.

    1. Dang. I forgot the mention black people. How rascist of me.

  28. I like Student Liberal’s take on the Teabaggers:


  29. The simple explanation of why there are so few black tea-partiers is that 90% of blacks are busy working on the Democratic plantation. They have chosen their bed.

  30. How dare that black lady have the temerity! — the gumption ! — the fortitude! — to suggest that I, your humble correspondent, know nothing about being black — OR, more accurately, African-American!

    Well, Miss Tea Party lady, I turn your attention to this photo: That is a picture of me, dated March 10, 2008, watching…the series finale.. of The Wire.

    Who has egg on their face now? Good night. And Good luck.

  31. The teapartiers differing approaches to Obama and Bush has a simple explanation: math. Rather the ability of teapartiers to do math and the inability of their critis to do the same. I complained about Bush’s budgets because he showed balanced budgets only after 7 or 8 years of growth when the growth cycle runs about 4 or 5 years (except for the new economy of the late 90s that turned out to be non so new – will the NASDAQ ever hit it’s 1990s high in our lifetimes?). Obama, however, is mainlining trillion dollar deficits forever. There’s a difference, whether the math challenged here can understand it or not.

  32. My favorite MSNBC commercial (paraphrasing): Watch MSNBC’s new special, Blacks in America, hosted by Ed Schultz. MSNBC thinks Pat Buchanan is still a big wheel in the Republican Party so grade this on a curve please.

  33. “How about we refrain from using teabagger the day you guys stop calling liberals socialists, communists, fascists, or other pejoratives?”

    Firstly: “Teabagger” is clearly a sexual slur. There is no context in which this is an acceptable term in polite discourse.

    Secondly: “socialists, communists, fascists” are descriptive, not pejorative. These are actual terms that describe people with a particular and definable set of views. You may not agree that they’re being accurately applied, but they hardly rate on-level with suggesting someone engages in a specific sexual act. These words may be used in an academic context and in polite discourse, so your argument is pathetic and invalid.

    Thirdly: If we’re going to engage in real name-calling, I’d rather be direct and accurate about it: you’re an asshole.

    1. You go, animator girl.

    2. Quote Truman:

      I’ve come to an agreement with my opponents. They stop telling lies about me. And I’ll stop telling the truth about them.

      Is that a deal Tony? You fascist.

  34. It is mostly white people protesting. May be because 95% of the african-american vote went for Obama. But there is nothing racial about that.

  35. Olberman is a sick, vicious, lying creature who will say or do anything to try and get viewers. Olberman does not care for the truth, for some reason he who is white hates the whites, um I wonder why?

  36. If you can’t tell the difference between “rescuing the economy from depression” and “making the depression deeper, longer and harder to get out of,” then I really can’t take anything else you say seriously, Tony.

    Bush dug us into a big hole. Obama dug the hole twice as deep again and then filled it in, burying us at the bottom.

    Or something like that. Obama’s a bigger big government fuckup than Bush was, is what I’m saying. And his war and civil liberties record is indistinguishable from W’s.

    People who deny that are either stupid or dishonest. This isn’t a matter of ideology or opinion. It’s a matter of numbers, legislation and executive orders.

    And for anyone who assumes that I’m a racist because I can’t stand Obama, fine. I assume they’re assholes, so we’re even.

  37. Who cares what Overbite says; no one ever hears his words as he has no audience. That guy was a bum when he was a supposed sportscaster; he’s even a bigger fool posing as a news commentator.

  38. I’m surprised anybody would pay much attention to Olberman,MSNBC,What, they have 20 to 32 viewers at best, and most of them are family.

    1. If we just ignored him, his ratings would drop by half. When conservatives mention and rail on about his utter stupidity and moral vacuum, people have to turn over to MSNBC to find out what he’s all about.

  39. Wow, y’all have a really pitiful calibre of Concern Troll around here.

  40. “Let’s face it, the fact that the Teabaggers …”

    Why do liberals keep asking if they can suck my balls? Sicko pervs.

  41. Remember when Presidents had something called “honeymoons” with the press? I abolished that! Yup, that was me. My blackness, with all its built-in historical baggage, made me impervious to Democrat criticism! I am the perfect storm.

  42. Whats so sad is that liberals look at someone and they don’t see a person, a human being. They definitely don’t see an American. They see that person as a victim, and they automatically, subconsciously put them in a box. And when that person breaks out of the box, or refused to get in it, liberals get completely confused. And a confused liberal is an angry liberal, i.e Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

  43. I wonder what we’re to think of the fact that Olbermann attended Cornell? What does it say about his character that he chose to attend a super-white school in super-white Ithaca?

    1. Maybe he couldn’t get into Buffalo State.

  44. Alright, I’ll bite. What’s the deal with the sign that reads “POOP” in the first video?

  45. Anyway–and not to interrupt your icky sausage-fest–make sure you tune in at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight on MSNBC for my Timmy McVeigh/Tea Party expos?, wherein I shame that bleach-blond twat Nancy Grace for tabloid TV trashiness!

  46. wow 6 whole black people out of 25,000 lol

  47. H. Rap Brown during the 60’s use to get all of us young black folks all riled up abt. “Black Power”!! and what we should do abt. the “White Man” all the while he was a paid informant working for the FBI!! I don’t buy these folks even if you paid me to buy them!!

  48. Too many comments to read them all. Whatever the view, the people are out there expressing their frustration at our government, which has been out of control for too long a time. And it is about time that the American people woke up. I am just sorry that this has not happened before.
    At the same time, when people called Bush all kinds of names, ridiculed him in the press, which was embarrassing for the country, that was OK. It was OK because of the “freedom of speech” guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. Now that people are voicing their discontent they are racist. Playing the racist card is ridiculous, when Obama was embraced by white middle America, which usually votes Republican. He got the white vote, the Latino vote, and the Black vote. He got that because he promised “Change” as an “Outsider”. When that “Change” became nothing more than “Business as Usual” and when the people realized that all Obama wanted was to take more and more control of every aspect of our lives, that is when people began to speak up.
    As Thomas Jefferson said, “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Unfortunately, many people see Mr. Obama becoming more and more a tyrant. I don’t condone bloodshed and I hope that it never comes to that. The “Change” that Obama has promised is nowhere to be seen. That is what has prompted these protests. I attended the first protest in Atlanta, April 15th of last year, maybe out of couriousity. The number and variety of people was astounding. There were people from all states, White, Black, Latino,
    and Asian.
    It was peaceful, respectful, and sincere.
    My final comment again is from Thomas Jefferson, “a wise and frugal government, which shall leave men to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread that it has earned-this is the sum of good government.”
    This is precicely what the “working people” are fighting for.

  49. All liberals are cocksuckers.

  50. I do not doubt there are what is referred to in the Black culture as “house Negroes” (well second word is not quite exact) at these right wing rallies. These are the hybrid white masters’ descendant children who identified more with the master than those who worked in the fields. I bet if those interviewed were tested for white genes ALL would have them. Would these blacks at the rally subject themselves to genetic testing to prove they are not the descendant children of white masters? They sure do talk like “house Negroes.”

    1. Yes, that is right! There were many slaves who fought along their white masters during The Civil War! Some things never change!

      1. So the white masters were hybrids – i.e., mixed race themselves? And WTF are descendant children – is that like the opposite of ancestral children?

        And Rush Beck, if there were such a thing as “white genes,” most African Americans would have at least a few.

        And also, you’re stupid. And a huge fucking racist. And probably in high school, and why am I feeding this particular troll? Why i am not drinking wine and ignoring my child? See y’all later.

    2. Just as the Tea Partiers are 21st-century serfs being manipulated by their masters (like the Koch brothers) funding the Tea Party Express through the front groups Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works. It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with serfs’ and servants’ identification with their corporate masters. The fact of so few black people being among them has more to do with the relative recency and blatantness of their forbears’ enslavement compared to the forbears of American white people, in general.

  51. I blame African American “leaders” like Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton who make a living keeping segregation going even after it was outlawed. The people in these videos are my kind of people. If we had more of them leading, we’d all be more friendly, less angry, and probably better off all the way around.

    Why isn’t Obama doing more for racial equality in the NBA?

  52. What they are protesting is that they are losers, that they were wrong, and that they had faith in something that governments and cultures all over the world have proven time and time again does not work.

    What they cannot accept is their own inadequacy. Many of them are heavily religious, so they already are predisposed to believe in things that do not exist and are demonstrably impossible or wrong.

    It’s the death rattle of a proud group of fools and losers who simply came up short. They blew it and can’t accept it. Bush cut taxes, ran up a deficit, and the economy still went down the tubes. The free market produced a healthcare system that is the laughing stock of the world. All the cool kids made fun of them and got behind the black guy.

    Though most of these people are already racist, this isn’t about racism. It’s about not accepting failure and refusing to move on.

    1. +1

      That’s a hell of a spoof. You pushed it a little too far though, no one this side of the intertubes is actually that stupid.

      1. You know it’s true, and that’s what really hurts. The Tea Partiers should call themselves what they really are: The Sore Losermen.

        1. Nope. Still a little strong. Moreover, now you’re even lagging a bit originality.

          Better luck next time.

          1. You’re right, somebody else did refer to the Teabaggers as the Sore Losermen, but it was too apropos to pass up.

            You’ll keep going. There’s too much money to be made. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are getting filthy rich swindling bitter losers into doubling down on the fantasy. Victimhood combined with cognitive dissonance is good for business. Since you refuse to face the reality of your belief system’s failure, there will never be a shortage of hucksters and charlatans itching to feed you the bogus gruel that keeps you going. It’s sort of like the Catholic church. The Republicans proved with their little fundraising Powerpoint that you guys are kind of a joke. The saddest part of the whole pathetic venture is your willingness to be used.

            I Googled “how to accept failure” and found some good stuff you should look into. The key is self-improvement. Take a look at _yourselves_ first of all. For example, note that your economic theories have been discredited for almost a century now and recently failed once again on a large scale under Bush. Maybe you shouldn’t obsess over the President supposedly being a Kenyan-born Muslim usurper and take a look at the consequences of laissez-faire.

            Just a friendly thought!

  53. there is a sammy davis jr in any group

  54. Quit QQing. The only “tool” in the toolbox isn’t racism. You people fail to realize that the tea party is full of idiots who don’t know facts from fiction and are simply being used by people like Sarah Palin (not to mention any big money) to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves. That sounds like a pretty big stick in the toolbox to me. Everyone else, unfortunately, has been speaking too quietly about them.

    Besides, you simply cannot argue that there are not more racists, by a percentage, in the tea party than in the entire country altogether. Anyone taking a completely neutral stance can see this.

    And for all the, “That’s like saying the NAAPC is racist because there aren’t as many white people lol!!!111” No. Just no. That’s a terrible comparison. It -is- like saying, though, that when a moron says “Hey! Check it out! Some black people don’t like black people! Therefore it’s okay!” we shouldn’t really listen to him.

    And another point. Someone said “there are more differences within groups than between groups”. This only pertains to whites. Please, think about it.

    (Hint: “White culture” doesn’t exist because whites are the majority/dominate race. It’s rather systemic and helps them retain that position. “Culture” of all other ethnicities, though, does, many times blending many specifics into one. In other words, when you see a black band geek the first thing you think isn’t “band geek”, it’s that the person’s black. Same goes for a goth black, a punk black, a country black, etc. Ask anyone who’s not white.)

    1. Tyler, what’s the difference between being racist and just plain ol’ prejudice? If you want your opinion to be respected, don’t slam racism with prejudicial remarks.
      And, btw – nobody screams racism to there being a Miss Black America or United Negro Fund.
      United we stand, divided we fall – the “we” here is referring to Americans, period.

  55. I am 52 years of age.

    I am a husband, and a father of two boys.

    I work a forty hour a week job at a retail store.

    My wife works 40 hours a week at a local hospital.

    I have a mortgage in suburbia for a house that is no longer worth what I am paying for it, but it is my families home, so I pay it.

    I have all the bills that go along with life, I pay them.

    I only drive used cars that I could afford to pay cash for.

    I have no disposable income, just a budget.

    I am, I believe, a typical middle class American.

    I am also a Constitutionalists and a Tea Party Member.

    What I am not, is a racist.

    What I am not is an extremist.

    I disagree with bail outs.

    I disagree with stimulus.

    I disagree with government control of heath care, the banking industry, and the automobile industry.

    I disagree with reckless out of control spending.

    I disagree with hazardous taxation policies.

    I disagree with a government that manipulates the numbers and the facts to create false statistics and projections.

    I disagree with a government that believes that it knows what is best for me and treats me like my opinions and the opinions of millions of Americans means nothing to them.

    I believe the President is an arrogant megalomaniac and that his policies are destroying this country and the way of life I love. I also feel the same way about Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the majority of congress. Race has never been the issue; policies are the issue.

    I will fight hard to see to it that members of Congress that voted for these damaging policies are removed from office and replaced by people that believe in a Constitutional Republic. People that believe in individual and states rights. People that believe in fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and most of all, an honest government. Violence is not an option. Extremist threats are not the way I handle situations. Education, information, peaceful demonstration, and voting are the methods I will use.

    I will also fight to see to it that the President is voted out of office in 2012. He is a threat to the economy. He is a threat to our freedom. He is a threat to my children’s future. His skin color means nothing to me.

    I condemn racism and any actions that arise out of racist views.

    I condemn any acts of violence that arise from extremist views.

    I hold extremist or racist views with the utmost contempt.

    I would also like to point out that I condemn all people that use the race card to slander people unjustly. I condemn those that will say their skin color is the only reason people would disagree with them. I condemn people that further their careers by crying race. I condemn those that say they oppose racism yet use it to keep a division in our society. I condemn a media that would take isolated, unprovable incidences, and paste it all over the faces of people that it does not apply to. A media so biased that they can not tell the truth about a decent, law abiding, group of Americans that’s only crime is to disagree with their government’s policies and want their voices heard.

    Remember that it was liberal media spokesperson Chris Matthews that “almost forgot that President Obama was a black man for about an hour.” Remember it was liberal media spokesperson Joy Behar (when referring to a term meaning nothing more than the black ink that reflects profit on company books) asked “Isn’t it a little racist to call it black Friday?” Remember that it was liberal media spokesperson Keith Obermann that characterized racism as a normal human instinct.

    Racism is not normal human instinct. It is learned. I find it ironic that those that cry racism are the ones that can not get past it. They do not understand that it is not the first thing most people see in others. People like me never even think of race until it is shoved in our face. I say good morning to all people. I hold doors for all people. I smile at all people. I discuss topics with all people. I show respect for all people.

    People that cry race need a good look in the mirror. The only race out there is the “Human Race”!

    1. Tyler, you have a very healthy outlook on life and a keen ability to express my thoughts exactly.
      I wish we could all look at statements made and records of performance by all the politicians WITHOUT knowing who it came from and then make judgements. I think that’s the only way we could truly decide without ANY prejudice.

  56. Roger how very very very well said! You took the words right out of my head, I know I could not have written them so well so I Thank you for your post. I agree 100%!! You sir are a great AMERICAN

  57. Ignorant. All this is is pure and outright ignorance. I beleive this is a one-term president and all the ‘haters’ need only wait out the rest of his shourt term. We won’t die, we won’t be “taxed-to-death” til the hard-nose republicans put more poor people out on the street in 2012 to die like dog without assistance, like they tried to leave the NO evacuees out to drown and die, how come there were no demonstrations against that prepostrosity? Where were the tea-parties then? Please, even the black tea-partiers are in denial that they agree with these racists, and where were these so-called “concerned citizens for the liberty of this nation” when our people were dehydrating, hungry and needing showers in the hot sun, with no facilities? where were they when no weapons of mass destruction were even found in Iraq and our sons and men remained without a pullout date in that wartorn area costing American taxpayers billions of dollars each month?. WHERE? Bush could’ve been born on the moon and no one would’ve questined his right to lead. Please. I DON”T WANT TO HEAR IT. This isn’t patriotic it’s pure and utter outright backward ignorance!

  58. “The movement is hypocritical at its core: government handouts for us, none for anyone else, because we deserve them and they don’t.”
    Read the news! The teapartiers are the WORKING CLASS that is carrying the receivers of those “handouts” on their backs!

  59. only MORONS knew the stimulus wasn’t necessary

    1. So nclatter, you’re saying that the stimulus WAS necessary? Ok, but do you think it was administrated properly and was overall effective?

  60. heh. isn’t the baldwin complaining about all the spending the one who just went bankrupt. awkward….

  61. Maybe an outside group bullied caring politicians. Seem when gov takes away . Funded abortion,takes away healthcare and other. Babys are a blessing. A new cell, gnetics, a new person!!Seems that some people want control and cults.Can not say what you really wanna say or type. Thank you. rev 12:9. rom 12:2 kjv. col 3:11 kjv. x, drugs at a correct time. Not worship each other. Evil stinks!!! Rom 3:23 and forgiveness.

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  63. WHERE has the tea party been ,,,b4 this government

  64. There is just flat out a HUGE number of people in this country who hold hostile views about our President simply because of his race. I chalk it up to fear and racism. However, it’s just plain stupid to label an ENTIRE political party as being racist. For those of us who don’t agree with the tea party’s views… we need to recognize this and stop acting like idiots by grouping them as a racist party. And as for the tea party folk, don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that your party serves as a magnet to those racist elements. Admit it, embrace it, fix it by fighting for your party and move on. You may very well do some good for this country with what seems to be legitimate fundamental beliefs.

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