The GEICO Gecko is All About Saving Money on Insurance. On Taxes & Government Spending, Apparently Not So Much.


Over at Big Government, Freedom Works' Matt Kibbe has posted a couple of calls involving the voiceover actor who does the bumper announcements for commercials featuring the GEICO gecko*, Lance Baxter, a.k.a. DC Douglass. Baxter called and left a message for the Freedom Works crew, saying he was working on a report about the group and asking how many of them and their followers were "retarded." And how the group would spin it when one of its followers killed somebody. Freedom Works called back to verify the number and identity of the caller. Something short of hilarity ensues but it's well worth listening to.

Go to Big Government to listen to the calls.

I haven't felt this bad since finding out that Clara "Where's the beef?" Peller was a charter member of PETA (not). Or that Sam Waterston shills for both TD Ameritrade and The Nation.

But it's tax day, ain't it, so watch this video and think about how competition for all sorts of insurance (except for health!) have driven down prices (when allowed!) and upped service.

* An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Baxter/Douglas voiced the gecko himself. More.