Canada Beats USA in Hockey, Economic Freedom


The Hate-America-First outfit Heritage Foundation says the U.S. of A. may be a tad freer when it comes to economics than trans-fat-free Denmark, land of free speech for Islamo-dumbkopfs, but is less free than Canada, a country whose greatest export remains a former pitchman for Molson Export and one of both of the stars of the original Star Trek series [Correction: As noted below, Leonard Nimoy is from Massachusetts, not Canada, from whence Bill Shatner comes. Please fine me two dilithium crystals.]

In Heritage's latest index of economic freedom, Hong Kong takes top honors and, as Ricky Bobby's father might have said, if you're not first, you're last. So while the U.S. technically places eighth, we might as well be tied for 179 with North Korea. Thanks a lot, George W. Bush Barack Obama.

Big Fat Belated Hat Tip to Alan Vanneman, novelist, critic, and blogger extraordinaire.