Punk Icon Henry Rollins Bravely Hypothesizes Tea Partiers Are Incestuous Child Rapists


When we last checked in with former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins, he was participating in "Target America," a Drug Enforcement Administration propaganda show that was both intellectually dishonest and morally repulsive, implying as it did that casual drug users had some repsonsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

Cincinnati magazine interviews Rollins before an upcoming gig jes' across the river from the Queen City in Kentucky. Snippets:

I do think that in some parts of America, there's a disconnect with other parts of America. Like the rugged individualist in one of the Dakotas, with his fat layer and his 10 toilet flushes a day. It's a different reality in Brooklyn.

Who feared smart people? Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Putin…interesting. And Palin. And her flock.

Maybe a tea-partier can get back to me if he gets his gills to close long enough to get off his daughter and write me a letter?…

When people who are Republican or conservative or tea-party or Palin or whatever, when they watch the blocks of their neighborhood plummet, when they watch their jobs go, when they watch bankers and people send their money to the Cayman Islands, when companies move to Dubai to avoid taxation, does it ever occur to them that they're defending their captors and shooting the liberators, or is looking at things a different way just too "gay" for them to entertain?…

Every once in a while I'm like, "You know what, you hate. Fine, fine, I tried. You want to go throw yourself off a cliff, far be it from me…" And at a certain point, I'll probably give up. I'm not Mother Teresa.

On the other hand Rollins defends the First Amendment, slags Obama on certain issues, and makes fun of Che Guevara t-shirt wearers.

More here.

A minute of pure fun, via a pre-Rollins Black Flag:

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  1. And fish?

  2. And at a certain point, I’ll probably give up.

    Can that point be now, please?

    1. I would have asked for yesterday.

      1. He’s sort of a douche, and his music sucks.

        However, many of the teabaggers are goobers.

        It’s a wash.

        1. now get me my cereal

  3. Love him in Sons of Anarchy.

    1. If you study his character on SoA, you realize that he crafted that character on his view of tea-party types.

    2. Love Loved him in Sons of Anarchy.


      They wasted him in the last episode of last season, but yeah, that was a great character.

    3. I like about three Black Flag songs, and remember about five. So those odds are pretty good.

      Definitely overrated, though. For horrible politics/sweet band combos from that era, give me the Dead Kennedys.

    4. I’m 23 and “TV Party” is still funny. But yeah, overrated band.

      Give me the Dead Kennedys instead.

      1. I’m… much older. And I agree completely.

        1. BakedPenguin types with one hand;-)

    5. I used to think that I loved Rollins in Black Flag, until I realized that all my favorite Black Flag songs were sung by their first singer Keith Morris.

      The Liar song is a pretty good novelty, though.

  4. I think Henry Rollins was a test sent down from God herself to make sure we don’t fall victim to the ad hominem mindset.

    1. If Henry becomes 1/100th as popular as the Che t-shirt it would be an improvement to what he is now.

      This dork is irrelevant.

  5. I didn’t realize that Henry Rollins hated foreigners so much.

  6. Says the guy who is trying to masturbate on stage. You’re doing it wrong!

  7. The front man who most impressed me was Gene Simmons of KISS. I saw him on a talk show discussing the absurdity of progressive taxation. He came off very well and made a lot of sense. I will see if I can find a link or something.

      1. Scratch the above clip. This is the piece I saw.…..merica.htm

    1. Actually Ted Nugent is wickedly smart if you listen to him. And Ted would kick Rollins’ ass.

      1. Hulk Hogan is also no dummy.

      2. Ted Nugent has a great video on youtube about the 2nd amendment. I’m sure it’s easy to google.

      3. I agree, Ted is preternaturally fluent and brilliant. I hate his music though, in fact I pretty much hate all incoherent screeching and discordant noise.

    2. Gene Simmons…discussing the absurdity of progressive taxation

      Well, he is Jewish.

      1. I thought he was an Arab.

        1. Nope. His given name is Chaim Witz and he was born in Haifa, Israel.

    3. The absurdity that would come without progressive taxation is the economic phenomenon where those with lesser income spend a larger percentage on essential-for-survival goods, leaving less to save for long-term investment or security funds.

      Which is the reason why so many lost in their mortgages and couldn’t afford medical coverages… the wages remained flat-line for the last 40 years while the cost-of-living skyrocketed under deregulation of the markets.

      There is also the economic phenomenon that higher income brackets afford greater representation in governmental policies, so that a higher tax rate would keep the “taxation/representation” rate in a fair ratio.

      But keep spouting out what the upper class wants you to believe. I’m quite positive that you’re not one of the billionaires, so how does it feel to be their little mouth-bitch?

      Libertarian punks… quite the pack of the rich man’s fanny boys, aren’t they?

  8. As Black Flag frontmen go, Keith “Johnnie Bob Goldstein” Morris (the guy from the youtube clip) was so vastly superior to Rollins it wasn’t funny.

    Though I prefer the title track from that EP myself.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, I love Black Flag with Keith Morris. I could never stand the band after he left. Although, when it comes to politics Morris is just as stupid as Rollins.

      1. What the hell? Dez Cadena gets no love? Keith Morris was pretty great in Black Flag, but his best moments were with Circle Jerks.

    2. I liked Dez.

      1. Dez and Chavo were both good.

        Basically, everyone but Rollins.

        1. In order, for the last time:
          Keith, Ron (Chavo), Dez, and Henry.
          Ron gets bumped ahead of Dez for sleeping in a church closet and making a West Side Story joke in Decline of Western Civ. Keith gets bumped ahead of Ron for being Keith.

  9. There are so many reasons to dislike Rollins. His band was wildly overrated. I mean when the book your write about your band is more successful than your band, you band probably sucks.

    1. I guess it just demonstrates how square I am, but I had never heard of Rollins before “Sons of Anarchy”. My wife knew about his band, though. She was not very kind in her description of his music.

      1. Imagine a bunch of guys who were not cool enough to be in the Ramones, not tough enough to be in the Sex Pistols, not talented enough to be in the Clash, or smart enough to be in the Talking Heads, but decided to form a band anyway. And you have a pretty good idea of his band and music.

        1. Except that, as Voros alluded to up above, Black Flag was not originally Henry’s band. He joined them after they were already a fairly succesful hardcore outfit. And, arguably, ruined them. They were originally a band with a sense of humor – “Six pack”, “TV Party” are pretty funny songs when you’re 17. Rollins made them get serious.

          1. Does anybody actually listen to Black Flag or the Rollins Band? I read the book, and I enjoyed it, so I listened to the music, and my Lord, did it suck. I would rather watch a man eat a sack full of dirty assholes.

    2. Rollins is the one out of touch. He sounds like he did twenty years ago. Never grew up.

      Family… man.

  10. Rollins annoying faux toughness is especially annoying. What do you want to bet he has never been in a fight in his life and if someone ever cracked him in the head he would cry like a girl. I really wish he would go into some redneck bar and start talking his shit. That would be made for TV entertainment.

      1. Danny is actually a pretty nice guy, but he obviously does not like to be shoved.

        At least Danzig can sing.

        1. Danzig’s comic book about a Latin American version of Conan (“Jaguar God”) was pretty funny. Especially the letters column.

    1. Rollins has a long history of picking fights with girls.

      He knocked a female friend of mine down at a show in Flagstaff because she heckled Ian Mackaye.

      He had to be pulled off of another girl at a BF show by George Tabb.

  11. “And at a certain point, I’ll probably give up. I’m not Mother Teresa.”

    Yes Henry you are doing us all such a big favor being a douche bag and all. Please don’t stop.

  12. I’ve got to say that I don’t like Henry Rollins any more or any less after skimming that interview. He has some pretty interesting ideas and quite a way with words, but a lot of it does seem sort of ad hoc or, as Stereo Apple says, ad hominem.

  13. Black Flag – a bunch of beach babies acting all hard-core. History does repeat itself, and California-based “punk” was the farce phase.

  14. “does it ever occur to them that they’re defending their captors and shooting the liberators, or is looking at things a different way just too “gay” for them to entertain?…”

    The magazine interviewer should have asked the lttle twerp just exactly who he thinks is “liberating” anybody and how they are doing it.

  15. Who cares what somebody with a sock his pants has to say? David Lee Roth was much better with a whiskey bottle.

    1. sock….but interesting you looked, thought about it and admitted it;-)

  16. Damn liberal punks, I hate them as much as liberal hippies. Straight edge, christ lovin vegans.

    Damn I hate punks

    1. Yeah, man, because there are NO similarities between libertarianism and the punk movement. NONE. NONE AT ALL.

      I’m sick of Reason commenters whose comments always boil to “liberals are stupid.” Jesus fuck.

      1. You are certianly right there are no similarities because, punks are anti-establishment people, in the 70s they were conservative in some sence, anti -hippies, then the 80’s come around they have become straight edge liberals, lets say anti-70’s punks. Now you have guys like Rollins who cant seem to find an establishment to go against that he dosent like, to hence his attack on the tea-partiers. I honestly could care less what he thinks, but I find it funny how punks seem to change their view about every decade or so. but hey I am a metal fan anyway, You know all that punk anger with talent behind it.

        1. phil anselmo would beat that a$$ no doubt. re spect

          1. And that would prove his argument wrong how?

        2. Punks were anti-establishment when the establishment was unjust for the majority. It wasn’t meant to perpetuate a narcissistic and intellectually-lazy philosophy. Why do most Libertarians remind me of two-year-old’s who cannot learn how to share? MINE!! MINE!! MINE!!

        3. The counterculture evolves around the ever-changing status-quo that only serve its own interests at the expense of the commonwealth.

          If counter-cultural ideas did not evolve, they would cease to be relevant… sort of like how the Libertarian / lone-cowboy views no longer serve a complex and inter-dependent global economy.

      2. I totally agree. Liberals are cool, who else is giving out free health care and shit? Huh? Who else? Not the Palin humping teabagger wingnuts, I can tell you that much.

        1. better than being a teabagee

    2. Like I said, Morris was the superior version of frontman:

      “10 kids in a Cadillac, standing in line for welfare checks, let’s all leech off the state, gee the money’s really great.”

      The lounge version from the Repo Man soundtrack is actually just as entertaining (the Circle Jerks have a cameo playing it in the film).

    3. Damn I hate roid-raging, self-centered Eric Cartman-types!!!

      I’d bet one million dollars that you did not earn through your own hard work and sacrifice every perk, comfort, and safety net you received your entire life. You lived quite well off another’s success and acheivements thoughout many of your earlier years haven’t you?

      It’s usually the ones that suffered and lived without means themselves who empathize with another’s misfortune… and really appreciates the value of sharing and cooperation.

      I can tell by the projective, reversal-psychological guilt I’m reading between the lines so apparent in who you choose to hate so much.

      Suburban Mommy’s boy? I think so.

  17. So, the new mark of gluttony is flushing the toilet 10 times a day in an underpopulated wilderness.

    The fact that anyone finds this pud interesting continues to amaze me.

    1. I don’t get that criticism at all. They don’t flush in Brooklyn?

      1. At least the Metal bands from back in the day don’t have anything to say. They just make music, and relive the “glory days”. Like Bill Mattson, from Tangier. Back in the day and this past Saturday

        Yeah, he’s a friend of mine.

      2. The criticism is the illusion of rugged-individualist Libertarians dependent upon public-funded services like the sewage department… and the overeating suggests a lack of subsistence hunting… which any proud lone-wolf would do. Get it now? No? no surprise.

  18. Oh noes! A musician said some mean things a movement that is overrun with disgruntled neo-cons! Pull out the torches and pitchforks!

    Why am I supposed to get bent out of shape about this?

    1. And his criticism were so well thought out and intelligent. You are supposed to be bent out of shape about the idiocy and ad hominem, not the target. But I guess since you probably think at about the same level, it makes sense you don’t get the criticism.

      1. Since the criticism was poorly constructed and articulated. Yes, I guess you’re right. I don’t get it.

  19. Why should anyone care what this guy says or thinks?

  20. Every once in a while I’m like, “You know what, you hate.

    Yes, Henry, it’s everyone else…

  21. So a self-described punk is actually an authoritarian. Hmm.

    1. Next thing they will tell me that all the “non conformists” dress and act exactly the same.

      1. i see you are unfamiliar with the hipster.

        1. And Goths.

  22. Are you serious? Are you available?

  23. I was at more Black Flag shows than I care to admit back in the day, but I’m no Black Flag expert…

    Still, just for the record, I think “Wasted” was a pre-Rollins, Hermosa Beach, Black Flag jam.

    “Lived on the Strand” being key. Most people don’t know what the Strand is. And just for the record, those of us who live there would rather it stayed that way.

    Just for the record.

    1. “Wasted” was from when Keith Morris was in the band.

      1. I know.

        1. Ken, I think you were from central MD back in the day. Did you see the Black Flag show at Terminal 506 on Eutaw St. in Baltimore, probably 1982, early 1983 at the latest? Very early Rollins with BF, and lots of harDCores in the crowd.

          And obligatory, “yeah, yeah, I prefer Keith, Dez, etc.,” but that show was amazing. Easily better than any DKs show I ever saw (and I like the Dks better on record).

  24. I had no idea Henry Rollins ever did propaganda for the DEA! Shit. Now I feel all filthy, recalling the times I shelled out actual money to attend his spoken-word shows. Never again. Hell no.

    1. IIRC, I once complimented you for appearing to be frugal and sensible with money managemnet issues.

      Well, perhaps for good reason as you sound as if you would not waste your money, twice.

    2. You mean actually attending and listening to this moron ONE time was not enough for you? You actually paid him again? Spoken Word BS… The guy cues on a few things everyone has some common agreement on and then tangents into who the fuck knows where land. Black Flag so creative they took their name from roach poison spray.

  25. I couldn’t care less what Henry thinks of tea partiers, but man, his spoken word shit is the worst crap I’ve ever heard in my life (and I like Black Flag). I knew a few people who just worshiped his spoken word albums, and they were all completely insecure douchebags. They made me listen to a few choice bits that they thought were profound and I just couldn’t believe how stupid and insipid it was.


    1. It is complete and utter crap. I was bored one day wondering the bookstore and picked up a copy of Get in the Van. I start flipping through it and found a section where he talks about Oklahoma City. I figured out that since I once lived there, I would read that part. I was greeted with the profound revelation that the wind blows a lot and there is not much to do there. It was some deep shit I have to tell you.

    2. In college, I once went to one of his spoken word shows. All I remember of it is that he made fun of fat people, of which I always approve.

      Also, what Jennifer said. And tell Thoreau to get back here too, Jennifer.

      1. I think he’s busy plotting a biochemical way of raising taxes without anyone noticing.

  26. When people who are Republican or conservative or tea-party or Palin or whatever, when they watch the blocks of their neighborhood plummet, when they watch their jobs go, when they watch bankers and people send their money to the Cayman Islands, when companies move to Dubai to avoid taxation, does it ever occur to them that they’re defending their captors and shooting the liberators, or is looking at things a different way just too “gay” for them to entertain?…

    Well that bit is pure distilled truth.

    1. Yes, Tony through government control of every aspect of our lives, we to can be liberated.

      1. Win.

        1. Obviously, we have way too much freedom.

          1. No.. there’s way too much exploitation. There’s a difference, you chickenhawk-apologist.

    2. Well that bit is pure distilled truth.

      No, it’s not – it’s pure bullshit. He plays with himself too much – it’s made him “silly.”

    3. *barf*

    4. when they watch the blocks of their neighborhood plummet,

      Oh, like what the dependency mindset of Welfare has done to black neighborhoods across America?

      when they watch their jobs go,

      Like how the unions demand so much that businesses either close shop or move off shore?

      when they watch bankers and people send their money to the Cayman Islands,

      …or like when they watch their gov’t give their money to the failing public education system, old people who are richer than them, …or to the greedy bankers to send to the Cayman Islands, for that matter.

      when companies move to Dubai to avoid taxation,

      …that pays for all the spending programs liberals dream up.

      does it ever occur to them that they’re defending their captors and shooting the liberators,

      That exact sentence applies very well to liberals defending Obama and the Democrat Congress, and deriding the “teabaggers”.

      1. Oh wow!! another undereducated cracker fag who thinks he knows exactly why blacks are in the economic mess they’re in today!! Brave words!! try living in one of their ghettos and see how far you get!!

        Let’s clue you in: black Americans moved northward to escape the sharecropping hell, that was essentially their only option in the South, during the post-civil war era.

        They moved in numbers to the urban areas like Detroit and New York in hopes of acquiring industrial jobs. Unfortunately, were forced out by white workers who demanded their employers not to hire blacks through threats of rioting and lynching… even as recent as the 1940’s.

        After spending all of their savings to initially move and after they couldn’t land an adequate-paying job — because of cracker fags like you who couldn’t handle the fair competition of jobs in the first place — is the reason why you have ghettos with an unusual high welfare rate and attempts by progressives to enact affirmative action in hope of ending the ghetto situation…

        a situation that white Americans with your mentality had helped to create in the first place.

        1. “Like how the unions demand so much that businesses either close shop or move off shore?”

          During the time when the unions were strongest (the ’50s,) a single paycheck could afford a house, car, support a family of 5, and employment in this country was at it lowest. All the while, firms that hire union help were obtaining record profits.

          During the beginning of the massive relocation of employment overseas, starting in the 80’s and reaching disastrous levels during the Bush II Years, union membership and influence were at its lowest.

          All the while, firms that once were making record profits with American union labor are now making so much money with serf-like labor in third worlds that they now hold more congressional sway through lobbying today than even during the robber baron era of the late 1800’s.

          “…that pays for all the spending programs liberals dream up.”

          That also pays for our firefighters, workers who fix the roads, our law enforcement, and our military, you pathetic fake-individualist retard!!

    5. Yo, I have a gun and some shackles. C’mon lemme liberate you!

      And Motorhead rules all, BTW.

    6. Maybe there is some truth to it. Where Rollins goes off the rails, though, is when he implies that Dems/Libs/Progs are “liberators”. This makes me think that he is not so bright.

      1. Hmmm… Civil rights, end of slavery, 8-hour workdays, workman’s comp, end of child labor, universal education, social security, medicare, an effective FDA before its underfunding by conservatives, G.I. Bill, PTSD treatment of veterans, Unemployment, Regulations that could’ve stopped the BP disaster if the Bushie nepotism didn’t turn the MMS into the mockery that it is today. You’re right!! progressiveness hadn’t liberated anybody, had they? Undereducated Libertarian fag!!

        1. Too bad all of those programs could be paid for through a flat-tax in a prosperous economy. And by the way, BP would’ve fixed the spill if they could drill in shallow water.

  27. Why is reason wasting bandwidth by blogging about what some irrelevant idiot thinks about “tea partiers”?

    1. Because he had a cameo in Johnny Mnemonic?

      1. Ha! Nice work.

        1. Quite. Excellent work, Epi.

      2. Dammit, beat me!

    2. The same reason why you replied to this thread, jackass.

  28. One thing for sure — no one need fear him.

  29. So, Henry Rollins is still an ignorant asshole? Hmm. Not really news.

  30. “You know what, you hate.”

    Fucking ay right, I do. What were you expecting – “unconditional love” for my enemies? Hatred is the appropriate thing to feel in many circumstances.

    1. Good for you!! Too bad you don’t know who your real enemy is, which is just as good of a defeat as any.

      Keep telling yourself that it’s the progressives who are tearing this country down.

      1. Lol, I love how you comment two months after to make it seem like you are getting the final word.

  31. Someone upthread mentioned metal. No to false claims.

  32. I fear people who think they are smart, no need to fear smart people since they are so few and far between.

  33. I fear people who think they are smart, no need to fear smart people since they are so few and far between.

    1. Doublepost perfection.

      1. double clicked,
        no need to fear me apparently

  34. Reason, you forgot the photo caption.

    “Henry Rollins discovers his cojones are smaller than Ted Nugent’s AND Sarah Palin’s.”

    There, fixed it for ya.


    1. Classic line for an entertaining story.

      I think the problem I have with Rollins is that he takes himself way too serious. The self-deprecation doesn’t change that all too often what he does have to say simply puts people down and mocks them for flase stereotypes. I can understand doing it as a schtick as part of the spoken word. But he never seems to up the anty and talk about the complexities of things. He seems to always resort to over the top, clearly incorrect stereotypes (e.g. his get off his daughter comment). The guys so full of himself despite all his introspection he doesn’t seem to even have a clue as to how full of himself he is.

  36. so protesting trillion dollar bail outs to banks is “defending their captors and shooting the liberators”?

    1. That’s what’s really vexing about a lot of the progressive (or, at least, pro-Obama) opposition to the tea parties. Obama and his administration are totally in the tank for the big banks, and yet morons like Tony think that he’s our liberator from corporate influence.

      1. They blame it on the “bad advice” he is getting from Rahm. Kind of like how Russian peasants were encouraged to think the Czar was a real nice guy who just had bad advisors too.

        1. Is that why the Russian peasants had overthrown the Czar, killed his entire family, and established a communist regime which lasted over 70 years? Are you a Glenn Beck fan? It shows!! Here’s some good advice: Read a fucking history book before commenting!!

          1. No they overthrew them for the promise of a utopian society. I’d help overthrow America in a heartbeat if we could have a true utopian society.

    2. No. Protesting regulations of the banks and other exploitative practices for “freedom” is the reason why Tea Partiers are “defending their captors and shooting the liberators.”

      You should’ve learned through elementary school that any game played without some ground rules will allow the status quo to make up the gameplay and always remain at an unfair advantage.

      The bail-outs prevented a crash that would’ve been worse than the great depression, which only the working class would’ve eventually suffered through while the wealthy would’ve held onto their cash so tightly that the necessary investment to keep an economy moving would’ve reached a virtual standstill. The money flow would’ve choked off the unemployed like a tourniquet under the classical model, eventually starving out a great portion of the unemployed population until an equilibrium would’ve been reached through mass death.

      It almost occurred once in the ’30s until FDR prevented it with his “evil” socialist policies. Of course, you’ll probably point out that the Great Depression had only effectively ended with WWII. Fair enough, but Roosevelt effectively prevented a Communist revolution because a major portion of the American population was fucking starving before the Keynesian-style economic model was put into practice !!

      1. If the banks didn’t give out B.S. loans banking on government bailouts (if the loans fell through) then we wouldn’t be in this mess. If banks just failed and went out of business then none of this would’ve happened.

        Actually we were brought out of the Great Depression through a loosening of the rules on the free markets.

        No, the bailouts are pure bullshit. People need to be responsible with their money and if we just let it happen we’d be out of the mess.

  37. I loved the spoken word performance I saw in Milwaukee. The only political part of the set was when he talked about the error in staying in Iraq. The rest of the set was pretty funny and amusing (to me, at least).

    I think Rollins is a good guy, just not a libertarian. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

  38. I loved the spoken word performance I saw in Milwaukee. The only political part of the set was when he talked about the error in staying in Iraq. The rest of the set was pretty funny and amusing (to me, at least).

    I think Rollins is a good guy, just not a libertarian. Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

  39. Henry Rollins. What a low IQ fag.

  40. Who feared smart people?

    It’s the astonishing lack of common sense among our ruling class and their water-carriers that I fear.

  41. Henry Rollins grew up in Glover Park, which is the most lilly-white douchebaggy neighborhood in Washington, DC.

    He started to make more sense to me once I learned that.

  42. prohibitionists are responsible for any drug money funding terrorism. prohibition funds terrorism!
    fuck Henry, he was the worst singer Black Flag had. he was ok in Lost Highway. I mean I like a lot of things he does but he is deluded on this subject.

  43. I’d rather listen to Tree Rollins

    1. Impressively esoteric reference.

    2. Impressively esoteric reference.

      (I’m alarmed that the spam filter attacked me the last time I typed this)

      1. The spam filter’s racist, dude.

        1. Did Frank Rich tell you?

    3. i think that is a survival instinct. you’d have to be a foolishly brave man to ignore Mr. Tree Rollins.

    4. My wife and I had courtside seats to a Washington Mystics game several years ago when Tree was coaching. That guy is still huge, even without the afro.

    5. You don’t mess with Shaq’s backup, especially when he’s also an assistant coach. And yes, he is a large man, I recall seeing him at the mall once after he went back to being a full time assistant.

  44. There’s a pretty thorough dismantling of Henry Rollins here:…..llins.html

    1. That piece is pretty much perfect. Although I note with disapproval that the writer uses muscle-bound as a pejorative.

      1. Yeah, everyone likes muscly people…as allies.

  45. Your post (#1644133) has been marked as spam by a third-party spam filter. If this is a mistake, please email

    Fuck you!

  46. I didn’t realize saddling every man woman and child with nearly $10,000 in debt at interest is something liberators would do. I am just out of touch I guess. Time to go bone my sister.

  47. We miss Ronnie Raygun. Things were much simpler then. All we needed to express ourselves were crayons to draw pictures of Ronnie Raygun stealing a homeless guy’s lunch, raping an air traffic controller, and bombing brown people from a cool looking jet over a map of Guatemala. Now we are asked about politics what do we have to draw? Not so long ago all we could just draw a picture of Bush with a Hitler mustache. But how do you draw a tea partier? I got a picture of a fat guy raping his daughter in some tar pit in the Dakotas, but it just looks like a fat guy raping his daughter in a tar pit. Do I draw a tri-cornered hat and have a musket slung on his shoulder, and show that he is too stupid to follow his appointed social worker out of his hell and into the promised land? Help me out here! Creatively, I’m stuck.

  48. Rollins has a serious case of NIMBY. Crush all the other rights, but don’t fuck with the one I use to make my money or the one that effects me.

    Henry Rollins, good singer/headman and amazingly retarded hypocrite.

    1. Hmm… Which rights was he crushing again? All I ever hear him talk about was curbing selfish privilege to prevent exploitation for the society as a whole. Why do Right-wing fucknuts only barf out “freedom” every time they mean “one-up-manship?” Get over your tiny cock.

      1. You mean actually working for the money you have? If you do work hard enough you will make it, it is just that the government keeps getting in the way. He’s crushing the right to not be taxed out the ass.

  49. His spoken word used to be funny. Now he just likes sucking Pelosi’s dick.

  50. I think Henry Rollins is proof that a square jaw can take a man a long way in life among the simple. I mean, put a Lynard Skynard wig on him and a cowboy hat & I’d swear he’d be the next Toby Keith.

  51. And all this time I thought Black Flag was an insecticide….

  52. “When people who are Republican or conservative or tea-party or Palin or whatever, when they watch the blocks of their neighborhood plummet, when they watch their jobs go, when they watch bankers and people send their money to the Cayman Islands, when companies move to Dubai to avoid taxation, does it ever occur to them that they’re defending their captors and shooting the liberators, or is looking at things a different way just too “gay” for them to entertain?…”

    Do ya think he notices he’s complaining that jobs and the good life are leaving the high tax high regulation Old Cities, while those in the less stifling environments can still get along just fine?

    As far as his music, I quoteth that lone disciple from “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” – “Fuck that punk shit!”

    1. Oh really Billy?… The jobs are leaving because of high taxes and regulations? Is that the problem? Not because the jobs are leaving overseas for exploited third-world nations and paying them less the equivalent of 25 cents a day? Can the American working class under a classical economic model (which you Libertarian fags seem to love so much) effectively compete against this thirty-year trend by accepting jobs for even less pay than that? Funny how the greatest decade for the American working class was the ’50s when the regulations and union influence were the strongest, isn’t it? Wake the fuck up!!

      1. If the taxes weren’t so high then companies would invest here. If taxes were low enough then the increased wage would be offset buy other business expenses.

        1. Man, for a liberal you sure do love calling people fags.

  53. just another asshole

  54. The most ironic thing about this monumental moron is that he is supposedly clean and sober. Yet anyone that could stomach listening to his rants or music must certainly be on some type of chemical intoxicant or just plain bat shit crazy. I see no other way for anyone to tolerate his bloviating.

  55. Henry wants and needs attention. I saw him do a three-hour spoken word in ’97, and the audience was restless half-way through. He kept pluggin’ along, though.

    He’s just a guy–albeit a guy with a gigantic carbon footprint. Smarter than most, more tattooed than most, and occupying the extremely exiguous “left-wing badass” niche.

    He has his shabbily pretentious identity. (He’s the male Janeane Garofalo, only funnier.) He can’t forge a new one, now that he’s pushing fifty.

    And, my fellow lovers of liberty and individualism, he serves a useful function, akin to a schnook litmus test: Anyone who professes to be a fan of Henry Rollins is probably best avoided…

  56. My love/hate view of Rollins takes yet another turn.

    I love Black Flag (more specifically when he was their vocalist), and I think he’s genuinely funny, has good taste in other people’s music, and remains one of the better interviewee’s on music documentaries and those cliche VH1 remember this or that shows.

    What’s left is almost total douchebaggery.

  57. When George W. Bush was president his entire routine/act revolved around the endless war he got us into however I hear very little of Henry these days bashing the current administrations escalation of the war and expansion into Pakistan and god forbid Iran.

    Another bandwagon liberal who doesnt know what they stand for.

    Henry in reality you are no different than Glenn Beck! You both want to tell others how to live!

    1. Okay, Carl…

      So apparently you didn’t read the rest of the interview where Henry criticized Obama for escalating the war in Afghanistan and not enacting his promises with Gitmo and “Don’t ask don’t tell” fast enough..if at all.

      Typical fucking conserva-fag with his selective perception and inability to read the info beyond the jingoistic buzzwords.

      1. Wow, I kinda agree with you here minus the “conserva-fag” immature bullshit.

  58. Henry Rollins is actually a very good human being. I don’t believe for a second that he hit any girl at a show or behaved like an ass with a fan. He makes it a point to stay after his shows to meet fans and thank them for their support. He is a great supporter of the USO and really tries to see the world so his opinions can be valid by experiences. He isn’t asking you to agree with him. I don’t agree with everything he has to say but I respect him. The world is made up of far too many people uninformed people with slack ass opinions…

    1. Yeah, what “good human being” doesn’t have gangsta tats all over his arms. Also, the picture of him grabbing his junk is quite eloquent.

      I acknowledge that supporting the USO is a stand up thing to do, however. If it’s true.

      1. Yeah, so tattoos define the decency of a human being then? So I’m to assume that you squeal for the “nicely dressed” corporate criminal? What a fashion queen you are!!!

        And yes, it is true that he supports the USO, but I wouldn’t leave it up to you to research your own opinions yourself. Look!! Glenn Beck!! No need to critically think anymore!!

        1. The best thing about suits… they cover up your gansta-tats.

        2. Corporate what? Don’t look now but your ideology is showing. F*ck Rollins, tatoos or not, USO or not, he isn’t worthy of critical thought.

          Beck on the other hand does nothing but challenge you to think… and is less a demogogue than HR at his most ardent.

  59. The word “edgy” comes to mind. As an antonym.

  60. Rollins is an absolute twat. He’s such a tough talker, smacks an audience member or his boyfreind occasionaly and thinks he’s a badass.

    Ignorant manchild who has a talent to perform, making himself seem to be more than he is.

    Talented but hypocritical Leftist assholes, are still assholes.

  61. Where do you get this bullshit? “Poor people have to pay a higher percentage for essential goods?” Of course, as “Rich” people cover essentials with a very small amount of their income.

    That observation is simply a declaration of jealously rather than an actual point.

    Progressive taxes cause wealthier people not to hire as many “poor” folks and also allows some not to pay into the system, yet remain voters, having absolutely no “skin in the game”.

    There is no right to others wealth as Socialist asses like yourself promote.

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