Punk Icon Henry Rollins Bravely Hypothesizes Tea Partiers Are Incestuous Child Rapists


When we last checked in with former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins, he was participating in "Target America," a Drug Enforcement Administration propaganda show that was both intellectually dishonest and morally repulsive, implying as it did that casual drug users had some repsonsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

Cincinnati magazine interviews Rollins before an upcoming gig jes' across the river from the Queen City in Kentucky. Snippets:

I do think that in some parts of America, there's a disconnect with other parts of America. Like the rugged individualist in one of the Dakotas, with his fat layer and his 10 toilet flushes a day. It's a different reality in Brooklyn.

Who feared smart people? Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Putin…interesting. And Palin. And her flock.

Maybe a tea-partier can get back to me if he gets his gills to close long enough to get off his daughter and write me a letter?…

When people who are Republican or conservative or tea-party or Palin or whatever, when they watch the blocks of their neighborhood plummet, when they watch their jobs go, when they watch bankers and people send their money to the Cayman Islands, when companies move to Dubai to avoid taxation, does it ever occur to them that they're defending their captors and shooting the liberators, or is looking at things a different way just too "gay" for them to entertain?…

Every once in a while I'm like, "You know what, you hate. Fine, fine, I tried. You want to go throw yourself off a cliff, far be it from me…" And at a certain point, I'll probably give up. I'm not Mother Teresa.

On the other hand Rollins defends the First Amendment, slags Obama on certain issues, and makes fun of Che Guevara t-shirt wearers.

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A minute of pure fun, via a pre-Rollins Black Flag: