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Is Frank Rich the Only Non-Racist Left in America?


Last week, I attacked Frank Rich's nonsense article about race and the Tea Parties, in which he prosaically (and not-at-all-like those heavy-breathers on the right) compared recent health care protests to a famous Nazi pogrom that presaged the Holocaust. It's always helpful when demonizing your opponent to invoke Nazism—they are that bad—but Rich's real message was embedded in his headline: The rage is not about health care. And I suspect I won't spoil the ending if I reveal that health care protesters are collectively motivated by race hatred.

Yesterday he revisited the issue, sharing an email from one of his chums (a "prominent liberal Obama supporter") who came to the shocking conclusion—one so appalling, yet so plausible, that it gobbled up two paragraphs of his column—that Rich and his correspondent are perhaps the last anti-racists in America. Indeed, even those leftists critical of Obama—think Glenn Greewald, Naomi Wolf, Jane Hamsher—could also be motivated by subterranean racial bias!

Last week, after I wrote about the role race plays in some of the apocalyptic right-wing hysteria about the health care bill, a friend who is a prominent liberal Obama supporter sent me an e-mail flipping my point. He theorized that race also plays a role in "the often angry and intemperate talk" he has been hearing from "left-liberal friends for the past many months about what a failure and a disappointment" the president has been. In his view, "Obama never said anything, while running, to give anyone the idea" that he was other than a "deliberate, compromise-seeking bipartisan moderate." My friend wondered if white liberals who voted for Obama expected a "sweeping Republicans-be-damned kind of agenda" in part — and he emphasized "in part!" — because "they expect a black guy to be intemperate, impetuous, impatient" rather than "measured, deliberate, patient."

Am I the only one who thinks this is getting a wee bit ridiculous? Instead of a post-racial America, are we now stuck with the racial politics of the university, where we presume that everyone is motivated by hate until they conclusively prove otherwise? The rest of Rich's column is, as usual, flimsy scaffolding holding together a few Coulteresque points. Take this not-so-subtle dig at our previous president, of whom there is much to say without going all reductio ad Hitlerum:

[Obama] is the reincarnation of J.F.K., L.B.J., F.D.R., Reagan, Hitler, Stalin, Adlai Stevenson or Nelson Mandela. (Funny how few people compared George W. Bush to anyone but Hitler and his parents.)

Get it? If you are confused by that parenthetical, I think the "and his parents" refers to George H.W. and Barbara Bush, not the elder Schicklgrubers.

Last week, newspapers, blogs,  and political talk shows were thick with stories about David Frum's dismissal from AEI. According to those sympathetic to Frum, he was relieved of his duties after attacking the Republican Party leadership on health care, bemoaning the coarsening of rhetoric on the right, and accusing the "movement" of shunting more moderate conservative intellectuals to the side. The nub of his criticism is this: in celebrating Beck and Limbaugh, conservatives are putting ratings, viewers, and readers first and ideas that could reinvigorate the party second. Regardless of his tactics and ignoring the plausibility of his prescriptions, there is much to be said for this argument. But while Obama's supporters have gleefully picked up on Frum's AEI firing, and divined quite a bit about the modern conservative mindset from it, who on their side will be the first to pull a Frum and denounce the over-the-top rhetoric of people like Rich, Paul Krugman, and Ed Schultz?

In other news, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) explains that the Tea Partiers are marching "without robes and hoods," inspired by George Wallace, and that the health care protests on Capital Hill were—guess what?—on the "verge of Kristallnacht."

NEXT: The NoVa Police Blackout

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  1. So by the election of Barack Obama to office, the “left” gained an infinitely applicable race card.

    1. That was our plan all along.

      1. From the looks of things you are probably going to lose the house and lose several seats in the senate and the 2012 election does not look to good for your president.

        Was that part of the plan as well?

        Out side of leftists media who seem to lose market share hourly and among left wing insiders in Washington no one in America is buying it.

        What hope is there in this? Is it delusional echo chamber bullshit or do you guys really think this idea that opponents of Obama are racist will play very well in an election?

        1. Racist!

            1. Your sarcasm detector doesn’t seem to working today….

        2. If we lose it’s only because Republicans and teabaggers will lie and cheat to steal the elections.

          I don’t care, though. Even if the Democrats lose it was worth it to give free health care to everybody who can’t afford it now. Can’t wait until mine kicks in and I can get this hairy mole checked out.

          1. Yeah, me too! I’m going to milk this “free” health care for all it’s worth; viagra, mole removal, botox, you name it…move over piggies, I’m headin’ for the trough. Now…If I can just figure out where my local Department of Free Stuff is at, there are all other manner of “free” goodies I desperately “NEED”.

            1. We keep the free stuff in a pile, but we forgot where the pile is.

          2. Help, I’ve fallen and can’t reach my free stuff.

          3. No,the tea bag party won’t steal any elections. That unethical behavior will be left to ACORN (Al Franken’s MN election, etc etc)and to the union bullies. We can still protest and speak our mind, right?

            If you needed a mole checked out, why would you risk your life and not do it? There’s health clinics all over and doctors who will lower their prices if you don’t have insurance. Curious, though, do you have a car payment? Large screen TV? Go out to the bars or eat out often? Do you have a smart phone? Cable TV? Have a laptop?
            Have GPS? How about the latest clothes? Do you take a vacation(s)? Have a large home? If you’re unemployed, I apologize for the ??. If not, why should we pay for health insurance for the healthy and able when they spend their $$ on the luxuries of life rather than paying for their health care responsibilities? All Amercians want healthcare reform and all of us want to help those who can’t help themselves, but not those who won’t help themselves. If we just taxed everyone an extra 1% – 3% sales tax on all purchases, this would cover all those who need help for whatever reason. We don’t need a government take over, 15,000 IRS agents, 150+ more federal government agencies, and $2 trillon, huge deficits forever to cover the needy. KISS always works.

  2. Off topic but still:

    I learned something today; I learned that if you run a libertarian blog and you post something about poetry people will post comments in the form of poems. This is because there aren’t very many places left where people can safely talk about poems without being thought of as un-cool and that sucks. Because some poems are really cool. It’s just that the way poetry is taught in public schools sucks the life out of them. It takes all the joy and beauty out of them. That was the whole point of the movie The Dead Poet Society.

    1. If your first question is “WTF?” I think this person is refering to this thread from over the weekend:

    2. Shut up, Kyle!

      1. I believe Eric Cartman would say, “Shut your Jew mouth, Kyle” and “I hate hippies”.

      2. Charles Johnson charges reason.com with anti-semitism because of Eric Cartman comment in 3..2..1..

        1. Chuckie charges freddyb with anti-semitism because he used a word that has semite in it in 3..2..o wait crap

    3. Well that and poetry is faggy IMO.

    4. The Dead Poet’s Society sucked balls though.

      1. Yes, yes, yes it did…

        1. Man I’m right there with you on that call. Hated that movie on so many levels. I’ve seldom seen so many folks on the left go weepy eyed at any film at “Dead Poets” though. Wonder what that means?

  3. Tea Partiers ought to be the last of Frank Rich’s worries. Every time the poor guy clocks in at the Times newsroom, he’s surrounded by the most bloodthirsty violent psychopaths in American society:

    Journo-Politico Violence: Deadly Threat or Menacing Trend?

    1. Is there actually a difference between politics and violence? I don’t think so.

      1. David is not alone. There are countless republicans that support the health bill and its components. This whole debate was twisted from the beginning. Us republicans took a hard line and we got crazies as a result, Those crazies don’t know the difference between talk and reality. I came across another republican who supports health care check his site out


      2. I really enjoyed that article. Keep up the good work.

  4. does the term Nazi hold any meaning anymore?
    besides someone who does not agree with me?

    1. Just like the term “racist.”

      1. Seriously, though. Is the word “racist” not getting sucked of all its meaning, and is this not to the benefit of, you know, total racists?

        1. Indeed. There’s certainly a “crying ‘wolf'” effect. I’ve heard so many b.s. cries of “racism!!” for so long, I tend to dismiss them all.

    2. Good point. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. The term has been so overused by the Left it’s become nothing more that a meaningless pejorative. Like calling someone a “jerk” or a “meanie”. What is a nazi? A conservative who is winning the argument.

    3. “For an hour, I forgot he was African American.” {I guess he thinks about it all the time except for that hour…who is the racist?}

      Worst comment ever by anyone on TV

  5. Tea Partiers are about bad country songs.

  6. Let me be the first to say that I firmly not only Hitler, but also Hitler’s parents, Hitler’s sister, Hitler’s dog, Hitler’s car, and everything else Hitler.

    1. i just accidentally a coca cola bottle, is this bad?

      1. Awesome. I declare the commenters here to be top-notch clever.

        BTW, I disliked Clinton’s healthcare idiocy because it was idiotic. I dislike Obama’s idiotic healthcare because he’s black.

    2. You love Hitler? What? WHAT!!!


  7. Whoops, make that “firmly oppose…”

    1. Ah, the difference one word makes…


  8. Given what asshats most of the anti-racists are, you have to wonder if racism is an under-rated institution.

    1. Thing is “racism” has been all turned on it’s head. It turns out – and this, apparently, is where I got it all wrong – being anti-racist means being continually conscious of person’s race and taking that into account whenever you interact with a person. Apparently, not being racially conscious and not factoring in a persons race in your assessment of others, evaluating others on the basis of the “content of their character” rather than their ethnicity is what now makes you a racist. Duh, who’da thunk? I’ve had it all ass backward for my whole life.

      1. Apparently you, me, and the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s had it wrong. Damn.

  9. The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies “something not desirable.” – George Orwell

  10. we presume that everyone is motivated by hate until they conclusively prove otherwise?

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  11. Frank Rich: a douchebag, or the douchebag?

    1. I figure he must be a top-notch enema fetishist. I mean, just look at him.

      1. He looks constipated, yet pleased about it. I don’t think anyone could be more evil than that.

        1. That’s because he’s expelling enema #1 into Matt Yglesias’ mouth, dude. Ezra Klein gets to take care of the odd-numbered ones.

          1. That’s King Douchebag to you, peasent.

            Now, fetch me the royal enema bag, boy. I feel a column coming on and I must purge.

            1. I always wondered why the words column and colon were similar. Thank you Mr. Rich!

            2. I am King of the NTY Douchebags because I have a Nobel Prize and you don’t.

              You have to settle for Baroness Douchebag.

        2. Hilarious yet accurate descripton.

    2. Jury is still out on that one; there are SO MANY to chose from.

    3. I like how much he strikes the fear of God into you.

        1. 3. PROFIT

          1. Now that’s rich, and frank, too.

  12. Frank Rich assumes everyone is a racist b/c he is a racist.

    He just thinks he’s clever enough to hide it.

    1. Looking at that photo of him, it’s completely plausible that he may be a closet racist.

      1. He does look pretty white. And male.

        1. Oh. So that is what racist means – white and male.

          1. ‘s what I’ve heard. Sometimes white women or asians can be racist too, but it isn’t guaranteed.

            1. Racism is inversely related to melanin level. The libs say so.

            2. I’ve been thoroughly assured that asians cannot be racist, as by definition, they are not white. “No person of color can be classified as a racist, since they do not have the institutional power. Only white people can be racists” Sadly, I am not making this quote up.

    2. That is a very believable statement. He apparently can’t look at Obama as anything but a black man* so he naturally assumes everyone else can’t either. The funny thing is, when I watch or listen to Obama, I totally forget he’s black.

      *A black man who, in Rich’s mind, must be protected as long as he’s following “the agenda”.

      1. Exactly. I’m sure Rich thinks all criticism of Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, and Michael Steele is racist too, right?

        1. Sorry, those darkies are inauthentic and thus not protected by the racial force-field.

          1. Had the pubic hair been found on a grape soda can, all of this could have been avoided…

        2. No, they suffer from false race consciousness.

          1. We know how to deal with that shit, fo’ shizzle.

        3. I wonder how he can explain a 22% approval rating for deval patrick or the defeat of black republicans like lynn swann in PA and Blackwell in OH.

      2. Right. Obama is “a symbol” to him. “First Black President”. Not a real human being, who just might plausibly be incompetent. Someone people take “otherness” and condemn it, others take “otherness” and put it on a pedestal. Both are racist. He’s still regarding Obama as an other … a black face with a bunch of imaginary bullshit behind it.

        1. Er Some People …

        2. Well Obama has a black face, and there is a bunch of bullshit behind it…but none of it is imaginary. 😉

          1. True. Just about everything else about this administration is imaginary, but the bullshit is unmistakably real.

        3. Best comment I’ve read in years. Precisely right.

      3. Hell, Obama claimed to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. But then again who doesn’t?

        God, this is funny, btw: http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..-meltdown/

        1. That’s why he’ll always be O’bama to me.

        2. Does this mean that he’s an Irish jig?

    3. It is the old “Me thinks he doth protest too much!!!” thing, ain’t it. Sort of like moralistic, closeted, homosexual hating Congressmen. You can pretty much figure that anyone who puts tremendous amount of energy into fighting the threat of queerness most certainly has deep homo fears which are most likely based on latent homo desires. They see homos everywhere, sneaking up behind them, just like Frank Rich sees racists everywhere.

  13. I love Frank Rich. Whenever I begin to think that I might ought to pay the slightest attention to the NYT, I only have to remind myself that their world view is ably represented by Frank Rich. Then I dismiss whatever they have to say.

  14. So, Michael Moynihan thinks that “conservatives are putting ratings, viewers, and readers first and ideas that could reinvigorate the party second.” Has this guy even listened to Beck or Limbaugh?

    1. I haven’t, but I can tell you that they are both racists.

    2. I believe he was summarizing Frum’s argument, not making one of his own.

      1. Of course, Moynihan’s article starts off by criticizing a passage in Rich’s article that is summarizing a random email he received, something he mentions once and drops.

    3. Who cares if they reinvigorate the party?
      Conservatives need to join the jackass party and get their dead relatives to vote.

  15. I don’t trust people whose first and last names are both adjectives. Never have, never will.

  16. Instead of a post-racial America, are we now stuck with the racial politics of the university, where we presume that everyone is motivated by hate until they conclusively prove otherwise?

    Yes, but absolution can be had at the price of agreeing with Frank Rich.

    After the NYT slips ‘neath the briny waves, I might let Frank wash my car.

    1. No, you’ll never be given absolution. It’s like original sin. Deliberately designed to be always hanging over your head.

    2. Comments like this have convinced me to troll this site more often. I have been getting Reason in the mail, which is pretty good, but this stuff is, well, the shazizzle….

    3. Let him go down with the ship! Throwing Frank Rich a life line is repugnant.

  17. who on their side will be the first to pull a Frum and denounce the over-the-top rhetoric of people like Rich, Paul Krugman, and Ed Schultz

    What they’ve got going for them is that 80-90% of people have never heard of any of them. Rush & Beck audiences make up a loud and visible core of the Red Team.

    Oh well, at least none of those guys claim to be libertarians on the air.

    1. I thought Beck did at one point.

  18. Someone needs to point out how racist Mr. Rich’s belief in the “magical negro” is.

    Why assume this guy is an immortal hero just for being elected? I bet if you go through his past columns you can find Rich discussing how articulate Obama is, and the crisp foldiness of his pantlegs and stuff. It’s like he’s a “model” blackman or something.

    1. He makes me feel safe. He is Nat King Cole and Sydney Portier rolled up into one gorgeous fellow. I feel like I can turn my back and he wont shoot me, or stab me, or go for my wallet. I don’t feel nervous around Obama at all. That is a new experience for me.

      Will i. am. was at an anniversary event we had at the Times a few years back, and I wasn’t sure how to take it. He noticed I was glancing his way, and he smiled. I quickly ran to an upstairs closet and hid for the rest of the evening. I just had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach like something was trying to get out, like it was a revelation I could not possibly bare. I just kept it in but the knot in my stomach hurt like a motherfucker.

      The next morning I worked out these feelings with a biting column about those racist Republicans who want to turn back the clock fifty years. I can tell they really don’t want to drink from the same fountain as black people. God, I hate them. Republicans I mean. Not blacks!

      Once I met Bill Cosby at a coffee shop one autumn day. He was eyeing my sweater. I could tell he really wanted it.

      He said, “Nice sweater.”

      I immediately got up and shouted for help from the police.

      I still feel intense hatred for Cosby for making me feel so vulnerable.

      But Obama is different. I don’t feel like I need to condescend with phony affirmations of my love for black culture. I mean, black culture is okay for blacks, but that bee bop is kind of simple for my ears raised on Dvorak and Stravinsky.

      Obama is different in that it is he that actually grovels for approval from white liberals like me. Instead of the other way around which is usually the case.

      He affirms us! That is a rare feeling for us because we are pretty bitter about how black people just seem to take for granted all of the things white liberals like me have done for them.

      Obama, is not like other blacks. He makes us feel special. Of course, we’ll go all the way for this guy, the passive aggressive fear that I feel around every other black guy is simply not there when I’m with Obama. It is almost like he is one of us.

      1. Bravo.

        That’s funny stuff.

      2. You are so right. This is why every university needs an Obama Studies department. The way he leads the way for other black people to emulate him, I feel that us white people need to show our appreciation. We will stage a sit-in on capus to demand such a department where we will symbolically dreadlock our hair and smoke ganja to show our solidarity with the black people. We will also advocate for freeing Mumia and play hip hop so that the black people will know we are friendly.

      3. Dude, I feel exactly the same way!

      4. He is our real life magic negro isn’t he.

  19. In the old days, Rich would just say, “He’s a credit to his race.”

    1. But in these days of modern time, I just say, “It’s a race to use up what’s left of our credit.”

  20. Frank Rich is essentially an internet troll commenter with his own little chunk of pulp. He’s like the moron that Godwins every post. You want to think it has to be a troll or some sly scheme to rile people up. But after a few posts (articles) you realize the poster (writer) is a complete fucking moron. (kind of like most probably do with me)

    1. hmmm wouldn’t be short for Himmler now would it?

  21. Is Michael Moynihan the only non-communist, non-anti-Semite left in Sweden?

  22. CapitOl hill. Please. PLEASE.

  23. The major problem is that so many people are buying this shit. Contrary to the overriding opinions here, it’s not just the crazies on the far left. The entire movement has been demonized so much, for far more than perceived racism, that whatever they do makes no difference. The message has been lost.

    Though I can understand the impulse, I wonder why Libertarians try so hard to defend the Tea Party. Even amongst good thinking people I have spoken to of late, the “Tea Baggers” are homogenous, uneducated racists who want the excuse to resort to violence. It’s not simply dissenters who are demonized by the liberal media, and consequently most who listen to them, but specifically Tea Party supporters. At least 3 articles in just the last week alone have been about the stupidity of the left calling them racist, and I fear that the great lengths the Libertarian voice has gone to defend the Tea Party will only serve to lump us in with the Tea Party and demonize us even more than we already are.

    1. Actually more americans view the tea parties favorably than unfavorably.

      The problem is political bigotry. So many people are just bigots for their party. They will believe anything of -eople who don’t belong to their tribe, without ever having met or spoken to one of them.

      But it’s really just the party bigots who act like this. I’m sorry you have to live among bigots.

    2. Wow. With friends like these…

      I’m glad your attitude does not seem to be typical.

    3. Yup. Every single Tea Partier is a racist, without exception. Thanks for pointing that out, Chris.

      [sarcasm valve now in closed position]

    4. Step one: Napalitano’s domestic terrorist letter, step 2: Nancy Pelosi remembering San Fran in the 70s. Step 3: march through a protest and falsely claim you were called the n-word. Step four: round up an extremist group. Step five: pass amnesty and make the Tea Party fringe’s heads explode. This is a disgusting, divisive way to retain political power.

    5. Oh yeah, and I was going to add … Concern Trolling Alert.

    6. Libertarians need to know their place and must be made to never give the appearance of even remotely agreeing with any critics of the Left.

    7. Chris, with all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. Have you ever actually attended a tea party event?

      I have been to two tea party events in Dallas and have witnessed nothing even resembling rascism. True, the crowds were comprised mainly of people with pale complexion. But they were not assembled to protest Obama’s African ancestry; they were there to protest the statism and higher taxes threatened by the policies of Obama and the Progressive Democrat Congress alike as they take us down the road to serfdom.

      The Tea Party crowds at the most recent event in Dallas was happy to have Alfonso Rachel as the keynote speaker. At least one-third of the other speakers at that event were of color. The crowd’s response was one of both respect and appreciation.

      To call this a racist movement is to be a liar.

      The only valid, serious criticism of the Tea Party movement is that it has largely been neo-conned. The whole “national greatness” aspect of the Tea Partiers, with all that an interventionalist foreign policy implies, is unfortunate and in conflict with libertarianism.

  24. Whoa, that makes sense dude, I mean really. Wow


  25. What about Will Wilkinson?

    One thing it suggests that the neo-Fusionist elements of the Tea Party movement are attractive primarily to older people. And I suspect that the more strongly certain libertarian ideas and tendencies are associated with the cultural politics of Baby Boomer conservative Republicans, the more strongly young people with libertarian inclinations will tend to identify with the Democratic Party and take on cultural assumptions and characteristics common to liberals. Here’s my bottom line. Democratic-leaning libertarian young adults are the primary “liberaltarian” constituency. They are to my mind who liberaltarianism is intended for. Liberaltarianism or libertarian-liberal fusionism is not about some ridiculous practical political coalition between Larry Kudlow and Bill Galston. It is about building a coherent, appealing, practical ideological identity for all those libertarian-ish young folks who don’t want a damn thing to do with the party of old, angry religious white people.

    Why isn’t anyone at Reason calling him out? When did being “white” become intrinsically bad?

    Another example:

    What’s a little populist paranoia, casual racism and hyperventilating rhetoric about the holy Founding Document?

    Why is Will Wilkinson able to call the Tea Party a bunch of racists without anyone at Reason so much as blinking an eye? Does this website have any integrity? Are any of the Reason staff willing to call Wilkinson out?

    1. Why give a douche-bag like Wilkinson any publicity? Now there’s a guy who seriously needs an enema!

    2. Because there are bigger fish to fry in the left’s hysterical counter-offensive against the Tea Party? That Wilkinson is parroting the libelous rhetoric shows that he is as fundamentally dishonest as the left or terribly credulous.

      “It is about building a coherent, appealing, practical ideological identity for all those libertarian-ish young folks…”

      That’s amusing. Whatever was idelogically coherent about liberaltarianisim? Especially now, when the liberals are showing just how authoritarian and hostile to individual automony and rights their progressive ideology truly is?

    3. Dear Will Wilkinson,


      Thank you.

      Happier now?

    4. Who the hell is Will Wilkinson?

      And it’s important that young liberals aren’t turned off to libertarianism by our conservative goals like, oh, legalizing drugs…

    5. When did being “white” become intrinsically bad?

      For that matter, when did being “old”, or “religious” become intrinsically bad?

      Or, even “angry”, when the anger is about being force marched down the road to serfdom?

  26. “Here’s my bottom line…”

    Will Wilkinson’s the epitome of a useful idiot.

    He’ll no doubt still be building sand-castles in the air come doomsday.

  27. The only way to shut Frank Rich up is to ask him how many black chicks he has boned. (or black guys…not that theres anything wrong with that). And if he ain’t trying constantly to bone black chicks, well, defacto proof of racism.
    Now, someone is probably thinking how many black chicks has Fresno Dan boned? And I’ll tell you – not nearly enough! But I’m always willing to bone 2 at a time to prove my equality cred.

  28. Since I will be labeled a racist by Rich and his ilk. I might as well let fly. I hate OBAMA. I hated him when he was in the Senate, I hated him when he was in Chicago, I hated him when he was at Harvard. I hate him for all the racist reasons Frank Rich will never claim. I hate him because he is a abortion loving, narcissitic communist. Hell I like Putin, because he’s Russsian and not so scum bag belind the line spy, like Obama. I don’t care if he’s black or Muslim, I hate because he’s not an American. And if he and his ex hippie, Che loving smelly freaks, think they will see the summit on their nasty, nefarious, little commie schemes, he’s in for a rude awakening.
    American’s don’t play that game.

    1. the only one who is a scumbag is you armando.

      you like Putin but not Obama? Obama is “not an american”, huh ?? You are a traitor. If you like Putin so much, move to Russia why don’t you?

      And newsflash for you: “america DOES play that game”, if by “that game” you mean learning from its mistakes (example: electing a brain-dead frat boy like Bush) and then actually electing a leader with a brain.

      Do us a favor: Move to Russia.

      1. Who’d we elect with a brain?

  29. Nazi is depleted. It has no utility any more. I think the liberals admire the Nazis anyway. They certainly act like it.

    Racist is current but it is getting used up fast by this liberal campaign against the TPs.

    Homophobe is too long a word and besides I don’t think most homophobes feel much moral twinge about their homophobia.

    Why haven’t the liberals planted a few ugly skinheads with N word signs & guns in a TP crowd? Don’t they read their Alinsky? That trolling expedition with the Black Caucus & Nancy stroking her gavel was pathetic, and it didn’t work.

    And why don’t the TP people plant some and then get them to tell the press they were hired by the Dems? That would hit the press like a thunderbolt. Get those Acorn kids on the case!

    1. Why haven’t the liberals planted a few ugly skinheads with N word signs & guns in a TP crowd?

      They were confident they didn’t *need* to do this (maybe still are). I’m sure they will correct this ASAP.

      1. You’re right, pud. They are believing their own BS. They figured all they had to do was walk through that race-baiting, minority-hating, gun-toting, maniacal pack of slobbering, violent McVeigh wannabes and all kinds of juicy nasty morsels would spout forth automatically.

        They’ll have to regroup.

  30. You righties are a bunch of clowns.

    Was Frank Rich over the top with many of his claims? Sure. Is everyone against Obama a racist? Of course not. But…..

    a) I love you how guys decide that because someone pulls the race/racist card unfairly, then basically ALL claims of racism must be wrong, or
    b) that only people that call others racists are actually the racists

    Now THERE is some ironclad logic! Are you guys for real??

    And let me ask you this: you on the right get SOOOO upset when someone unfairly pulls the race/racist card against whites (and yes it happens, however often it is a fair label), but where were you when Glenn Beck and Mark Williams were pulling that card and calling Obama a “RACIST” who hates white people??!? Well?? Righties have declared racism basically dead, and are always ready with a knee-jerk “how dare they!” reaction whenever anyone (blacks or liberals) pulls the “race/racist” card. But then we have a black president for barely 3 or 4 months, and that is all it takes to get two extremely BIG shots on the right to pull that VERY SAME card, shouting ‘racist!’ and ‘bigotry against whites by a black man’, who happens to be our commander in chief. And no one the right blinks. In fact they applaud.

    So let’s hear righties: since you hate when people (white people) are unfairly labeled “racist”, where was the outcry over Beck’s and Williams’ comments against our half black president??? Or did you silence mean: ‘yeah, Obama IS a racist who hates white people’ ?

    1. Maybe someone will get you a sense of humor for you birthday.

    2. Obama is not a racist who hates white people.

      Are we good now?

    3. Eric, back to mom’s basement, your showing your ass. Tell mom to use pins for your diapers.

    4. I think putting a “wise Latina” on SCOTUS is empirical evidence of racism.

  31. Obama has the brains of a DMV clerk and has been pushed through life by affirmative action.If he were Caucasian he would rank together with Dennis Kucinich in the endless wilderness of Democratic mediocrity.All of which goes to demonstrate that if affirmative action can produce a a presidential abomination like him, affirmative action must go.

    1. you don’t have a clue. Obama is a 10000000000000x smarter than you are on your best day, and 10000000000000000000x smarter than Dumbya Bush.

      And guess what? Your belief that every black person that succeeds only did so because of AA is, yep, you guessed it, RACIST.

      W. Bush only got anywhere in life (into Yale, off from DUI charges, off from going AWOL during Nam, off from “insider trading” charges, elected governor and than president) because of his name, and family $. That was called “rich white” legacy action. It almost ruined our country. But of course that is the country you “want back”. You whining little bitch.

      1. Pot kettle, kettle pot. Eric I’m telling you for your own good, back to the basement and let the adults type.

  32. Because of AA, Eric?

    “Hi. I’m Barack”

    (Chorus) “Hi Barack”

    “OK. Here’s my story” (adjusts teleprompter) “I used to be a pretty important person…”

    1. that was almost funny Opie, but don’t quit your day “job” (what is that by the way, posting on right wing web-sites, googling “the truth”, and telling yourself that you are witty ?).

      aa is an abbreviation for affirmative action too. Yes, shocking that one abbreviation could stand for more than one thing. I know, hard to fathom.

      But you are correct, it is better known as the abbreviation for the organization that allowed George W. Bush to sweep away 40 years of failure and claim to be a new man.

      So if one “aa” gave us Obama, as the other poster claimed, than the other “aa” gave us Bush (and Glenn Beck). And I’ll take Obama over a supposedly “re-born” frat boy drunk like Bush any day.

      1. Thanks for setting me straight, Eric.

      2. “And I’ll take Obama over a supposedly “re-born” frat boy drunk like Bush any day.”

        Given that there was no opportunity to choose between Obama vs. Bush, you should be directing your juvenile insults at McCain. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

      3. I’m sure Obama’s extracurricular cocaine use was purely medicinal. At least Bush has had a real job in his life, even if it was running a baseball team. By the way, how many first generation all weather jets did Obama fly in defense of his country? I guess paling around with race baiters and 60s terrorists was as close as he got to danger pay.

      4. Isn’t there an age requirement for posting to the comments page?

        More evidence that wi-fi for schoolyards was a baaaaaaaad idea.

      5. That wasn’t almost funny. That was laugh-out-loud hilarious!

  33. Do you really want to know why the term racist is being used? Here’s the deal.

    In most countries in the world, the poor are cared for. It is a societal value called “common decency”. Most countries in the world are also, essentially, racially homogenous.

    The United States, however, is significantly multi-racial. And here, caring for the poor is called “socialism”, or the “apocalypse”.

    Conservatives have this big rant on about being principled, loving the Constitution, etc., blah blah blah. Truth is, when Cheney and company were trampling all over the Constitution, there was nary a peep out of all these “principled” Constitution loving conservatives.

    But when the Democrats do something that might help the poor, all hell breaks loose. Hence Glen Beck’s comment that everything Obama does is about reparations.

    And liberals can see how this goes – conservatives don’t care a damn about principles or “defending their freedoms”, they just don’t want any tax dollars helping non-whites.

    And that is where the term racist enters the conversation…..

    1. ‘In most countries in the world, the poor are cared for. It is a societal value called “common decency”.’

      No, it’s called USAID.

      1. I’m laughing so hard blood vessels are bursting in my head.

    2. The poor in the US are predominantly white, because the population of the US is predominantly white.

      Conservatives and libertarians know this. You’re the one who believes that only brown people are poor.

      Why’s that, if you don’t mind my asking?

      I’ll answer the question myself, since you’re a compulsive liar and a fool: Because you’re hopelessly out of touch with reality, and because you’re a racist. An actual racist. An ignorant, bigoted pig who thinks people of other races are inferior to his own race. That kind.

  34. “In most countries in the world, the poor are cared for.”

    Robert, my lad. You need to get out more.

  35. No Opie, it is you who needs to drive past the county line.

    Many countries may not have the means to eliminate poverty (like we do) but the effort is still made, and the feeding and caring for the poor certainly does not inspire militia movements.

    1. How many trillions have we spent on Great Society programs so far? I though they solved poverty in the 60s? Is it possible that throwing money at a problem… other peoples money of course, doesn’t equate to compassion. Much less effectiveness.

    2. Nobody has the means to eliminate poverty, you cretin. You can’t magically turn the poor into the middle class by giving them free stuff. It’s been tried. It doesn’t work.

    3. The “poor” have a right to my money only when they get up and go do my job for me.

  36. I always heard of people being called “homophobes” and racist but I never experienced personally until about a month ago. I was having an intellectual conservation with a liberal, whom I disagreed with, and another liberal came out of no where and called me a racist. Mind you, the conservation I was having had nothing to do with race. I believe many democrats who have no logical answers resort to calling people racist so as to stifle anyone who disagrees with them and to shut down all forms of intellectual conservation.

    1. It’s a fact. President Zero’s position on…well, almost everything, is indefensible. Knowing they will lose an argument on its merits, brainless sheep liberals pull out the boring old race card.

      See how easy it is? If you hate this healthcare mess/law, you’re ignorant. When you pull out numbers and polls to prove you know what you’re talking about, you’re hateful. If you don’t like the feds regulating the $#!T out of major industries, you’re hateful. If you think an entrepreneur knows how to spend his own money better than President Grinning Genius, it’s racial (somehow.) If you wave a sign pointing out that Pelosi is a clueless twit whose idea of “equality” is to steal taxpayer money and use it so spread misery, you’re bigoted…somehow. Etc.

  37. drewf77,

    For an explanation of what happened to you, please see three posts above.

  38. F’ Rich and all his arrogant, elitist, self-satisfied friends in liberal media. They can all take a big bite out of my rear. As if Rich had a clue about who on this earth actually evaluates people based on race. As if he will be the arbiter of whether or not I’m allowed to disagree with a politician who happens to be a minority or a woman. F’ you Frank, and you sucked as a theatre critic too…..

  39. Hey Robert, tell me how the 30 Billion into welfare since the 1960’s has “helped” the poor. Tell me how the Billions into public education has “helped” the poor. Just cause you “want” to do something “good” for people not as fortunate as you doesn’t mean you’re actually doing jack shite. Having an idea is not enough. Having a good idea is. So when I block you, because your failed answer to everything is to throw more money down the sinkhole, I am not a “racist.” I am a pragmatist, and I could give a rat’s rear about whether or not you “feel good” about your effort. I care about actual help, actual results. Get it, genius?

    1. OK, sub, here is a good idea – finding a way to get poor people insurance. Why? Because when a person shows up at a hospital emergency room bleeding, society says they cannot be turned away to die on the sidewalk – they must be treated. And who pays for that? You and I.

      Emergency rooms have therefore become free healthcare for the poor. Do you want to talk to me about throwing money down the sinkhole? Anyone can see this is a problem that needs solving.

      But conservatives make up fantastic stories about death panels rather than trying to keep this society from going broke.

      Did you notice that your real wages haven’t risen for the last decade? Do you know where your raises went? You were paying for the skyrocketing cost of your health care, which sucked all the increase in your wages right out of your pocket.

      How is that for throwing money down the sinkhole sub?

      1. So emergency room usage in Mass declined after they installed obama/romney care a few years back? http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..01389.html

        1. Engineer,

          Your point is well taken. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study is very interesting. I shall be more restrained in my use of the emergency room argument in the future.

          However, here is a Families USA study which shows a $370 per insured person per year “hidden tax” due to cost shifting from treating the uninsured:

      2. The fact that we have a problem that needs solving does not mean or imply that any bill no matter how irresponsible, how unfunded, how disasterous for the country, is a solution.

        That is the principle falacy trap that most on the left have fallen into. The Health Care bill recently signed into law makes the problem WORSE, not better.

        1. The CBO says that, not only is the HC bill paid for, it actually generates a trillion dollar savings over 20 years.

          Although Sen. Charles Grassley has referred to the CBO as “god”, it is suddenly a discredited institution when it does not tell the story conservatives want to hear.

          1. Boy I bet Harry Reid could sell you some beach front property in Nevada. Anybody that believes the cuts promised to make that CBO score rosy are going to happen is a flat out fool. I can’t wait until the first medicare vote. We’ll see.

      3. “Society” can go fuck itself. I do not give a bucket of runny shit if poor people are left to die on the sidewalk. If you want to help them, then you pay for their care; stop stealing from me so you can pretend how noble and decent you are.

      4. None other than Robert Reich has admitted that there are going to death panels as well, only he doesn’t call them death panels.

        “We’re going to have to, if you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It’s too expensive?so we’re going to let you die.”

        Of course, Professor Reich was talking about being honest with the electorate, which is not the strong suit of either major party.

        Professor Reich’s liberal credentials are pretty solid, though he has a nagging tendency to tell the truth.

  40. I was almost delighted at the comments to this post. It was not a stereotypical internet trolling, ego driven, name calling affair. Almost. The theory being unveiled here is that there are 3 groups of people: Anti-racists, Racists, and those who are stuck listening to both of them. There is a strange mentality that racism can’t be resolved until there is a “final showdown” and there are outspoken members of every side trying to “win” that fight. The problem is that it’s not a fight that can be won. It’s got to be given time. Most people under 30–maybe even 40–didn’t have a front row seat to the racial injustice that these anti-racists scream about.
    The next issue is the theory that Obama is a transformational leader who has been chosen by the people, and people only dislike his policies because the color of his skin. For the first months of his candidacy, no one spoke out against him–for various reasons, anti-Clinton sentiment and fear of being called a racist in the top 2. He didn’t run on issues like closing the education gap (in fact, I don’t remember seeing that in his Chicago days either), crime reducing policies for inner-city children, affordable housing projects on a national scale, etc. You know, things the Black Caucus wants in the candidates they support. Yet, he won 80%+ of the “black” vote in the primaries pushing him to the national stage. That was the real fight, we as a country would have elected a ham sandwich if it was a democrat. The previous point made that had Obama been a “white guy” he would have been a Kucinich is a fair point; but that kind of speculation is subject to scrutiny. And unlike Alan Keyes (who objects to AA), I don’t believe Obama was helped/hindered by AA in the fact he is a cunning, articulate, American.
    Back to the point, instead of teaching our future generations about the mistakes of the past, we would rather filter in a new theme of resentment towards all who oppose anyone different (Harrison Bergeron may ring even truer).

    1. Obama was helped by his race. He might still have gotten significant support in the primaries, but H.C. would have blown him away. (He would certainly have done better than John Edwards.) I’m sure he would have been in the mix in any case for 2012 or 2016, but 2008 was too soon otherwise.

    2. I don’t believe Obama was helped/hindered by AA in the fact he is a cunning, articulate, American.

      I’d say that Obama owes his present situation primarily to HIllary Clinton and the Powers That Be in the democrat side of the Ruling Party.

      The Powers That Be decided to toss HIllary the nomination as a consolation prize for standing by Bubba the Slut when he got caught lying about doing the fat chick, but they didn’t realize that she would blow it with her “shut up and obey me, you impudent peasants!” attitude.

      Even the left wing voters got sick of her lying, snivelling, and race-baiting, and since Fluffy the Trial Lawer was hardly a viable candidate, the voters gave it to the black guy (despite the Party’s best efforts to give Hillary delegates she didn’t deserve).

      So, I wouldn’t say that Obama’s a beneficiary of Affirmative Action, so much as he was in the right place at the right time to catch a fumble.

      Now, getting the Nobel Prize for Teleprompter Reading, that was affirmative action. Big time.


  41. I’m liberal and even I am sick of those on the left screaming “RACIST!” at anyone who doesn’t agree with everything Obama does… it’s becoming pathetic…. it’s the flip-side of the Right’s screaming of “ANTI-SEMITE!” at anyone who thinks maybe we shouldn’t be willing to ruin our own country for the sake of protecting Israel.

    The racist card has been played so much that it’s lost any meaning… Frank Rich is a jackass.

    I mean.. The Republicans put a black person on the supreme court, made not one, but TWO black people secretary of state, and the party damn near got on it’s knees and begged a black guy (Colin Powell) to run for President. They would’ve voted for him, too…. If that was all some kind’ve crypto-manipulative show to keep the Republican’s TRUE racism in the closet, well then I say “Bravo!! You sure do know how to fool me!”

    To my fellow liberals, I say “give it a rest… we don’t need crass name-calling to beat Conservatives… many (not all) of our ideas are better than theirs. Be secure in that and kill ’em with kindness and knowledge.”

  42. “give it a rest… we don’t need crass name-calling to beat Conservatives… many (not all) of our ideas are better than theirs. Be secure in that and kill ’em with kindness and knowledge.”

    Funny. I say the same to Conservatives. (Of course, I replace “Conservatives” with “Liberals” in your quote.)

  43. To the aptly named Liberal Ignoramous, THE HEALTH CARE IS NOT FREE!!


  44. If he is the last non-racist, it’s because he ate the others.

  45. Frankie gets estrogen supplements at low cost through NYT’s wonderful health insurance coverage.

  46. Frank Rich, his liberal friends and Democrat Politicisn like Democrat Steve Cohen of TN are running scared.

    I certainly hope there is a Conservative Republican running against Mr. Cohen in November who will bring him down to earth to visit his constituents who will kick him OUT OF OFFICE post haste.

  47. You can get an ITIN number from the IRS. It is a replacement number for illegals who can not get SSI #. They use it to get loans and open accounts. Evey american should get one and open up a saving acount and skip paying the IRS on the interest. We should have benifits illegals have. Pass it on. ITIN #. Screw the IRS! What Fun!

  48. are we now stuck with the racial politics of the university, where we presume that everyone is motivated by hate until they conclusively prove otherwise?

    Don’t be silly. That’s not how the left works. Only the white people, and especially the white males, are assumed to be motivated by hate until they can prove ther innocence.

    Non-whites make up the judge and jury in this trial.

  49. where were you when Glenn Beck and Mark Williams were pulling that card and calling Obama a “RACIST” who hates white people??!?

    Obama is a racist who hates white people, if his words and actions are anything to go by.

  50. As the absolute expert on racism in Amerikkka, perhaps Frank Rich can answer questions that have been bothering me since the election: Do you think Obama’s white half is racist? If so, was it his potential self-loathing that forced him to select Joe Biden for veep? Did only his white half love his grandmother? If we are truly, magically post racial, why is Obama the first black President? And why does the US Census form want to know if I’m an Eskimo or Hispanic, and not Andalusian or Mongoloid? Has everyone decided now (as opposed to during the primary), that Obama is black enough? Finally, when will the NSF fund a sensor that one can wave over any angry white person to determine if they are a bigot? (preferably with some really nifty LED readouts).

    1. Joe Bidden was selected purely for self-preservation… He makes for a very scary alternative. You have to give Obama credit for that spark of brilliance!

  51. I am a 47-year old man from Michigan, and am politically very conservative. I voted in the last election for Sarah Palin, along with that old white-haired futz that managed to ruin her in a most appallingly dreadful presidential campaign.

    I know this may be hard to believe for idiots like Frank Rich, but I have NEVER thought of Barack Obama as “black”. His skin color has never entered my mind, at least in terms of what I think about him, his world-view, or his qualifications (or lack thereof). In this sense, he’s just a typical American guy: A mongrel like the rest of us. And, like most people my age (in fact, most people, period, these days)his skin-tone never enters my thinking about how seems to approach the Presidency.

    I couldn’t care less that Barack Obama is Black. I COULD care a great deal that he is a radical authoritarian with a non-existent resume who hasn’t even run a cash register before he became the nation’s foremost economic expert.

    But, then, I didn’t vote for him BECAUSE he was black, which far too many folks did, in a rather naive thought that this would exercise our national Race Demons, and prove how “progressive” they are.

    No, once again, it is the Liberals who see skin color, not conservatives. We see Americans, and judge them accordingly. Twerps like Frank Rich see how much melatonin a person has, and judges them accordingly. Hey, Frank: Look up “projection” in a psychological text, and see if it rings a bell.

    1. But, then, I didn’t vote for him BECAUSE he was black, which far too many folks did, in a rather naive thought that this would exercise our national Race Demons

      Do you mean exorcise or exercise?

      I don’t think the voters wanted to exercise any demons, but Rich’s race demons do get a lot of exercise when he writes.

  52. yeah, well, maybe, frank rich, but i personally saw obama extracting a burqua from the back of his closet, and a pair of red spiky high heels.

    how racist is that.

  53. It’s not possible to be non-racist anymore. The “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude that outraged the left so much when Bush used it against countries hosting terrorists, is exactly the basis for most claims of racism today. That makes everybody a racist of one kind or another. Doctor King’s dream has disappeared in a flood of anti-anybody-but-my-minority racism. That’s what affirmative action really means.

  54. For an old fart whitey like me I am begining to feel the stirrings of true racism. Hell, last yearI was just sick of the whole racialism, homosexualism, feminism shtick as in “I am tired of hearing about it because that ain’t me”.

    But its clear that the mfers will never let it go. I am damned for my very existence. So tho I am not rich by any stretch I’ve lately been giving my debit card an exercise in support of conservatives of whatever hue to run the race baiters out of office.

  55. For an old fart whitey like me I am begining to feel the stirrings of true racism. Hell, last yearI was just sick of the whole racialism, homosexualism, feminism shtick as in “I am tired of hearing about it because that ain’t me”.

    But its clear that the mfers will never let it go. I am damned for my very existence. So tho I am not rich by any stretch I’ve lately been giving my debit card an exercise in support of conservatives of whatever hue to run the race baiters out of office.

  56. Hi, I’m an sleep-typing unconscious racist majority member (i.e., “white,” since “Caucasian” might offend an Asian somewhere somehow) through genetic persecution and accordingly currently seeking reparations therefor (thanks mom and dad!). I live and work in a nation that, depending on Frank Rich’s knowledge of it, is largely (1) homogeneous non-white (thus not racist) or (2) heterogeneous non-white (thus not racist). Being white and thus a clear minority in a largely non-white nation, am I still racist?

    I ask because yesterday I talked to someone on the phone who mistook me for a local. Was that a racist thoughtcrime? Did I unintentionally pull one over on my interlocutor out of innate racism?

    When I lose my summer tan and thus diverge from the skin hue range of most citizens in my host nation, am I being racist?

    I didn’t vote for Obama but I did write in Robert Byrd, because I feared being ageist. Besides, no way would I vote for some old white guy like John McCain.

  57. Rich was also referring to the racism of Southerners who opposed the Medicare bill, and it’s a parallel to the resistance against health care today by the Tea Bag crowd, which is made up largely of white older males. Maybe they’re not “racist” by your estimation but they’re clearly reacting against a bill that will benefit racial minorities as well as younger people who are becoming a “minority majority” crowd. These same older folk expect government health care—it’s called Medicare–which no Republican or Libertarian hopes to repeal any time soon, but they oppose it when it benefits people other than them. If that’s not “racism,” then it is at least selfishness, which Ayn Rand clearly promoted, as in “The Virtue of Selfishness.” You can try to deny that you’re racist, but you can’t deny that you’re selfish and that Ayn Rand promoted it as a philosophy or way of life. Ayn Rand supporters are not about to give up their government health care any time soon either. That’s not racist, but it is hypocrisy. I am personally one of those people who would have preferred universal health care.

  58. Has it occurred to anyone that the reason Obamanoid wants to run the country into bankruptcy is that his buddy Rahmbo told him an emergency is a terrible thing to waste?

    Hey, when that happens, he can just go ahead and take over everything, all at once. Mission accomplished.

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