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Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff Michael Jackson formally announced his candidacy for county executive this week. I wrote about Jackson's political ambitions last October. Jackson is the sheriff who oversaw the violent botched drug raid on Berwyn Heights, Maryland Mayor Cheye Calvo, and while he has apologized to the mayor for wrongly raiding him, Jackson has refused to discipline any of the officers involved (in fact, he has praised them), and said if his department had to do the raid over again, he wouldn't change a thing. Jackson is also trying to delay the release of his department's internal investigation of the raid until after the election.

Jackson's nothing if not consistent. Last September, in a lawsuit stemming from another botched raid, a federal jury found that the protocols governing police raids in Jackson's department are unconstitutional. A year after that raid, Jackson's deputies again raided the wrong home, and this time—as they did with Calvo—they killed the innocent family's pet. Again, no officers were disciplined. And the department didn't change any of its rules or procedures.

Earlier this month, one of Jackson's deputies was arrested by Prince George's County police for suspected drunken driving. The deputy failed a roadside sobriety test, but wasn't given a blood or alcohol test, nor was he criminally charged. Instead, he was turned over to Jackson's department for an internal affairs investigation. Three weeks later, the deputy remains on the job, and Jackson won't comment about the status of the investigation.

In announcing his candidacy this week Jackson touted his "executive-level experience." I guess it's true that he does have that experience. It's what he's done with it that's the problem.

When asked by the Washington Post about the incidents above, Jackson replied, "How would it look for me, the leader of an agency, to not give my people the benefit of the doubt?"

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  1. Crap…

  2. Off topic, I could really go for a most-excellent religion rant by jman, followed by some lolcats religious text from SugarFree.

    That was some quality writing earlier this week. Still laughing about that thread.

    Please return to your normal authoritarian-overlord-seeks-election (SHOCKER) H&R blogging.

  3. “How would it look for me, the leader of an agency, to not give my people the benefit of the doubt?”

    Ask me sometime why I have begun to despise cops.

  4. When asked by the Washington Post about the incidents above, Jackson replied, “How would it look for me, the leader of an agency, to not give my people the benefit of the doubt?”

    That would make you look weak; if you give those damn civilians an inch, they’ll take a mile. Before you know it, they’ll have themselves convinced you work for them, and that’s completely unacceptable.

    1. Once your officers have been proved to be incompetent, crooks, etc., there’s no doubt to benefit from.

  5. Is the post title a reference to something?

    1. The man’s name is Michael Jackson.

        1. Really, is your knowledge of 80s music that weak (or is that a late 70s song)?

          1. I still don’t get it.

            1. You’re a vegetable.

          2. rob, you’re a good guy, but man, you totally don’t get it when a complete animal like NutraSweet is pulling your leg.

            1. Pipe down, rub-a-dub!

            2. No, I considered it, but since he doesnt understand natural law, I figured he didnt have any musical knowledge either.

            3. Reminds me of a person who got pissed off when he insisted I bought Thriller in ’82 because everyone else, in his words, bought Thriller. Dude, I had a punk phase, a Doors phase, a fusion phase*, and a Metal phase that continues to this day. I didn’t have time for candy ass pop in the 80’s.

              * Please don’t ask me about Pat Metheny, too embarrassing — I worshiped him at one time, now I ask how can someone be considered great if they did not have even one memorable and melodic rift — even Coltrane and Monk, even the wretched Django, can be hummed.

              1. a good deal of their work was candy ass pop, so no [cough, cough], ‘Hello I Love You’ [kiss, kiss], okay. Jim had to pay for all that peyote somehow!

      1. I was just about to post that, I was worried no one else noticed. Sherriff is a discrace to the name.

  6. It would seem that based on his work history, he would be better suited to a position in animal control.

  7. I would love to suck his cock.

    1. This is the first thing you’ve posted that makes sense.

    2. Finally, an A. However, since it was actually someone posing as you, you get an F.

  8. …a smooth criminal.

    1. I’m ok!

      1. No matter how hard he spins it, Sheriff Jackson is just bad. He’s bad, he’s bad, he’s really really bad.

    2. You ain’t lying; only difference ‘tween him and me is…nothing.

      How smooth is he? Been a while….

  9. I guessing he wears one glove. For cavity searches. The gloved hand goes on the perp’s shoulder.

    1. I don’t needs no stinking glove.

  10. Calvo needs to run against him, and as his campaign slogan say “I promise not to kill your dogs. Can my opponent say the same?” Then in every debate just throw it out there that Jackson killed his dogs. Really go overboard with it.

    On the question of accountability in the county school system:
    Jackson: I believe that teachers need to be held accountable and that every child deserves a good education.
    Calvo: My dog-killing opponent is corrent. Teachers need to be held accountable; even though he’s never held any cops accountable after killing beloved family pets, like my loving dogs he murdered.

    1. That would be great.

    2. If Calvo runs against him, I’ll donate as much as I have to Rand Paul.


    3. I would SOOOO donate to this.

  11. It’s going to get ugly when the sheriff gets into an argument with P.G. County citizen Paul McCartney over who the girl belongs to.

    1. Maybe they’ll have a knife fight with their hands taped together. That would be…bad.

    2. The doggone girl is mine…. motherfucker.

  12. Mistakes were made.

  13. “How would it look for me, the leader of an agency, to not give my people the benefit of the doubt?”

    Let me be clear.

    Although I’m the leader of a country, this question makes absolutely no sense.

  14. What’s the odds, tough on crime sheriff Jackson wins.

    1. Has there ever been a candidate for Sheriff or judge or DA anywhere who got elected on a platform of “we’ll be sure to treat everyone fairly and assure they get a fair trial.”?

      1. You could probably count them on your finger.

        1. Yeah, but which finger?

      2. My point being. The problem isn’t with the sheriff Jacksons of the world. It’s the people who empower them via the electorial process.

        But I’m preaching to the choir.

  15. Considering that PG County gave the world Paris Glendening, I don’t have much trouble believing another asshole politician is attempting to claw his way out of Upper Marlboro and into the statehouse.

    I guess it just never ends in this world until you’re dead…

  16. I guess he figured the voters were ready for a Bull Conner Democrat.


    1. Who don’t care if he’s black or white.

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