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I give you a whole new genre: Hutareesploitation.

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  1. Play video and then rest the case.

  2. So we know who the fed was.

  3. Well if it quacks like a duck…

  4. I don’t know if they did in the woods but they are getting off in the trial.

  5. I don’t know if they did in the woods but they are getting off in the trial.

  6. I’m glad I saw that at the end of the day. I have time to be stupefied now.

    1. “I have time to be stupefied now.” Is that what you call it after you see a pretty pink dildo and naked men;-)

  7. Can’t watch at work; can someone clue me in?

    1. Yes, Epi. It is the annual gathering of Reason commenter’s. Don’t you remember meeting in the woods and running around naked with a very small picture of George Bush to cover up your tiny genitals?

      1. I’m sure you still have the Reason souvenir pink dildo.

          1. One sentence summary: the dildo mallet is a harsh mistress.

            1. the dildo has nothing on me;-)

  8. That was a mighty fine ball sack.

  9. Any chance he’s the one that’s the informant?

    1. His ass makes him look like he has eaten a ton of doughnuts.

    2. Kidding, this is a really grate film now lets rid America of EVEL

  10. You can see his feature-length horror/comedy “dement incarnate” here.. There’s a pink dildo in this one too. Troma Video is actually his myspace friend.


    synopsis… The main character is a down on his luck stoner who stumbles upon a serial killer in action and strikes up a partnership… There’s also a hitman in town on a contract to kill the killer. Hi-jinks ensue. Have only watched bits myself.

    This story gets weirder by the day.

  11. Maybe we have it all wrong… maybe he was working for Anonymous instead of the feds. Can you imagine the lulz potential of militia baiting?

  12. Fer Real! That was an awesome movie.

    I do feel sad for these pudges because they couldn’t even get a gal to star in their movie. Every horror fan knows you need at least one bust promiscuous chick to get killed in the opening reel.

    I am also worried about the Hut’s ability to live off the land if this guy’s grasp of ornithology is any indication of their woodcraft skillz. How can you mistake a giant dildo toting duck as a chicken (or a goose)?

    1. Actually, any more than one bust on the promiscuous chick is gonna hurt the production values.

      1. prole,

        You are thinking pre-internet. With the ability to cater to the long tail, a movie might well make a lot of money catering to the fetishists who dig promiscuous chicks with a single magnificent bust.

        Of course, maybe I have tipped too much about what is showing at the Vatican theater this weekend (don’t think that we climbed the Catholic ladder for years just to have to sit through that craptapular Passion of the Christ movie one more time).

  13. And here I thought they were a bunch of crazy people. Turns out they’re just performance artists.

  14. Excellent use of the Green Hornet and Psycho Themes. How could this guy be an informant, though? He’s a terrible actor. Wonderfully terrible.

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