The Nearest Thing To Eternal Life We Will Ever See On This Earth Is A Government Program


That didn't take long:

Following an initially fractured response to the passage of President Obama's health bill, the GOP is moving its message away from trying to repealing the bill and toward focusing on the law's impact on businesses and jobs.

…After the bill passed by a vote of 219-to-212, many Republicans were unprepared for the Democratic messaging, which immediately sought to put them on the defensive for wanting to repeal benefits for Americans in the bill.

"They are now are in the unfortunate position of looking voters in the eye and pledging to take away their health care, reinstate the donut hole for seniors, and restore pre-existing conditions for insurance companies," said Eric Schultz, spok


esman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which began formulating this message back in December.

…The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Tuesday publicly tacked away from the repeal movement.

"While some discuss repeal, the U.S. Chamber believes a more effective approach is to work through all available and appropriate avenues — regulatory, legislative, legal and political  —to fix the bill's flaws and minimize its harmful impacts," said Tom Donohue, the chamber's president and chief executive, in an opinion piece distributed to reporters.

This sort of post-passage backtracking was about as predictable as the end of an episode of Scooby-Doo: Whether it's Medicare Part D or S-CHIP (which deserves to be cut entirely, not tweaked), every time one of these bloated entitlement packages passes, the story always turns out the same. You can tweak various provisions here and there, but the benefits are untouchable. Sooner or later, though—and probably sooner—the cost of all those benefits is going to cause some serious pain. And at some point, it simply won't be possible to sustain them. Politically motivated promises to stand firm for someone's inalienable right to their favorite taxpayer-funded benefits don't mean much when you're flat out of money.

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  1. The title of this thread is certain to depress Mr. Bailey.

  2. “to fix the bill’s flaws and minimize its harmful impacts”. Why would that be a bad thing?

    1. Because these efforts are almost always failures.

      1. Because even if you bronze a thick steaming pile of shit, it’s still shit?

        1. Evidently, your expertise must be in shit and you know shit about the price of copper.

          1. Don’t need to know the price. Just borrow.

            1. I hope you are referring to the bronze but then, that would explain your handle.

    2. “Why would that be a bad thing?”

      It would require repealing the law, which would sort of make the Democrats look pathetic.

      1. Why not admend?

  3. [insert exclamation of shock and astonishment]

    1. Professor Hyde White!

        1. No, they were looking for me.

  4. OK, GOP cheerleaders: please explain how the GOP is better again? FUCK YOU. Fuck you all. Fuck you whale, and fuck you dolphin, and mostly, fuck you Republicans.

    1. Feel better now?

      1. NO, asshole.

        1. Try stamping your foot. Or holding your breath.

          1. …with duct tape

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      1. The Lesser Evil strikes again!!

    3. I haven’t seen John comment in a few days. What happened to him?

      1. Heroin binge.

        1. Heroin binge, dude. And the entire Ardeidae family of birds are delicious.

          1. You ate the stork that brought your baby? That’s horrible. You’re worse than Jimmy Carter.

            1. Ate the baby too.

    4. Rah! Rah! We will change the bill on the fringes. Rah! Rah!

      But if you don’t vote for us….something, something Reid, something, somthing Pelosi….BOOOO HISSSS!

      GOOOOOOO RED TEAM!!!! YAY!!!!!

      1. But if you don’t vote for us

        … then something will be passed that will never be repealed.

        Sure, this is infuriating. But it also makes all those “the GOP deserves to lose in 2008, don’t worry, the backlash from united Democratic control will mean that everything they do will be repealed” statements pretty poor predictions as well.

        1. It does. Unfortunately, the best thing is probably a stalemate in both houses.

          Absent peaceably dissolving the Fed. That’s my favorite, but it’d take a lot more than a stalemate.

    5. You misspell dorphin and whare! DAMN YOU DORPHIN AND WHARE!!

    6. They didn’t vote for the bill? They’re not actually the Chamber of Commerce, nor does the DSCC speak for them?

      That Sen. Cornyn is not the entire party, some Senators, like, ahem, McCain, are actually still talking repeal.

    7. Repooplicans, Democraps,… Stop pretending that there’s much of a difference, that one is somehow virtuously staving off the depraved evils of the other. The majority and leadership of both are deeply corrupt, and most care much more for political advantage and expediency than for the poor sheep that they purportedly represent.

  5. Oh great, another thread that will surely devolve into a philosophical discussion of zombies and their deeper meaning.

    1. Doh!

  6. Conn Carroll, assistant director of strategic communications at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said, “Repeal is still the goal.”

    “I just think conservatives are being honest about the fact that since Obama isn’t going to sign a law that repeals his signature accomplishment, that repeal is just not going to happen till at least 2013,” Carroll said.

    I don’t think the spin being put on this post necessarily reflects reality.

    1. If Republicans win a Congressional majority in November, do they really need Obama’s signature on a bill to repeal the health care reform bill? Couldn’t they use their majority to override his veto?

      1. Constitution 101: 2/3rds of both houses are required to overturn a Presidential Veto. Art. I Sec. 7.2

        so…100*2/3rds=66 and 435*2/3rds=290

        If by majority you mean super majority then yes.


        1. They dont need that. A house majority is enough. Just attach a repeal to every single piece of legislation. If the senate takes it out, put it back in in conference or let the bill die. If Obama vetoes the bill, let the bill die.

          Shut down the government until Obama signs the repeal.

          1. [A libertarian wet dream] If the GOP did that they’d finally, grudgingly, earn my vote. But I won’t be their catamite until I see the cash.

          2. Last time a Republican Congress shut down the government on a Democratic pres, Congress lost. Is there any reason to think it would work this time?

            Mind you, I would love it if gov’t was shut down, but for some reason voters don’t feel the same way.

            1. What voters got upset in 1995? The GOP got all whiny cause they were getting bad press – polls showed they were doing all right.

              1. And, no, I dont think the GOP will do it.

              2. The GOP got all whiny cause they were getting bad press – polls showed they were doing all right.

                Ah yes, that’s why the Republicans lost seats in the House in 1996 while Clinton won a smashing re-election.

                Sure, we might think that they lost votes because of people disappointed that they backed down, but that’s not how anyone in DC interpreted it.

          3. Or just don’t fund it, as Sen. McCain suggested.

            1. Or overfund it…

      2. They would need a two-thirds majority (not a simple majority), in each house, to override a veto.

        1. Clich? Bandit beat me to it.

      3. They would need a 2/3 majority in both the House and Senate to override a veto. They aren’t going to have that many seats.

        1. Sorry, stupid question…necesito mas caffeine!

  7. I wonder if any candidates will stick with the repeal message and see how they do.

    1. The Pauls will.

  8. “to fix the bill’s flaws and minimize its harmful impacts”. Why would that be a bad thing?

    Repealing it would do all those things immediately with no need for discussion, now wouldn’t it?

    1. Ah yes, but Jon Cornyn has already revealed that the GOP has no principles when he said that they would not seek to repeal the pre-existing condition clause from the bill. He would rather bring down the whole insurance industry than have to justify a unpopular position on legislation.

      1. Yeah, I was really disappointed in him for that idiocy. Prior to that statement, I thought he had some sense.

        1. The Republicans had their chance ? and blew it. Now the Democrats have done it their way ? so get the fuck over it.

          1. Thanks for your insughts, rectal.

            1. keep it on the down-low, hommie

  9. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  10. And we would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling teabaggers!

  11. Like, you’ll love it when you understand it! LOL.

  12. http://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs…..5n3p1.html

    The fact of the matter is that a lot of the benefits of these government programs ain’t what they used to be. Soon enough gubermint anesthesia will be a club to the head…hmmm, that seems to the gubermint solution to most problems.

  13. I remember several months ago one of the Reason writers came up with a list of all the things Dems would have going against them in the ’10 elections but added one thing they had going for them: They would be up against Republicans.

    Well, here you go.

  14. I appreciate the observation that politicians are reluctant to cut entitlements, but there’s a practical aspect to this too, namely, that the GOP won’t have the votes to repeal this monster anyway until the next election anyway.

    “They are now are in the unfortunate position of looking voters in the eye and pledging to take away their health care, reinstate the donut hole for seniors, and restore pre-existing conditions for insurance companies,” said Eric Schultz, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee,…”

    Well, obviously everything the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman says about the GOP’s current position must be true.

  15. This sort of post-passage backtracking was about as predictable as the end of an episode of Scooby-Doo:

    What about the various SD ripoffs (more here)?

  16. Tell me again how those stalwart paragons of principled virtue (aka the Republican Party) will sweep away their opponents in the coming election by clearly establishing the philosophical differences between them.

    I’ll try not to laugh too loudly.

    1. I hate to stand up for the GOP or the election process in this country–really.

      But you’re commenting on a statement by the Chamber of Commerce (a lobbyist group) and a spokesman for the Democratic Campaign Committee!

      Neither of which constitute a betrayal by the GOP.

      1. In other words, there are plenty of excellent reasons to hate on the GOP, but ’round here?

        We’re smart enough to know that what the spokesman for the Democrat’s Campaign Committee says isn’t one of them. That might be an excellent reason to hate on the Democrats, but not the GOP.

        I mean, the guy that wrote this post might not think we’re very smart, but I think we’re a lot smarter than that!

      2. Jon Cornyn doesnt count?

        1. Jon Cornyn is a moron, but sure, he’s a senator and he counts. You just apparently don’t want to count any of the senators who *are* talking repeal.

          Cornyn was forced to walk back on his “we’re not talking repeal” after party activists jumped down his throat, anyway.

  17. Actually, Corduroy, i believe that the late resurgence of popular interest in zombies is directly related to a largely unspoken discomfort with the fetishization of democracy in this country. As many of our trolls here will tell you, anything that the majority approves of is good — but what if the undifferentiated, shambling majority approves of cannibalism and brain-eating? Zombies are the ne plus ultra of democratic conformity.

    1. Nice analysis. I like your take.

  18. What is wrong with having a ‘donut hole’? Why is it such a horrible thing to have people pay at least part of the cost of things they consume?

  19. They are politicians. Being weasels is what they do. Especially Chamber of Commerce weasels.

    There will be no repeal unless the voters force it. Stranger things have happened, maybe.

    1. But this won’t be one of those times.

  20. This is just another facet of the unalterable and now historic tragedy that the American people turned the entire government over to one party — the greater of the two evils when it comes to economic liberty, and therefore future prosperity — and that party proceeded to screw the country in ways that opponents (like Krauthammer for instance) said going in would be impossible to ever entirely roll back or cure.

    We are quite simply, screwed. Our lives will all be poorer now than they would have otherwise been, our liberties irreversibly impaired. And even the Republicans in a majority (if that happens) aren’t going to be able to reverse all of the damage.

    Just another example of history as tragedy (the farce comes later).

    You can mock the Republicans all you like, you can whine that they promised to repeal it but now they say they won’t, but they weren’t the ones who wrote and then passed this monstrosity. The Democrats did.

  21. The problem is that insurance that doesn’t exclude pre-existing conditions is NOT INSURANCE.

    Congress has effectively outlawed health insurance. The country just doesn’t know it yet.

    1. Yup. This health insurance reform bill goes in the blatant mislabeling hall of fame, along with California’s energy deregulation and the USA PATRIOT Act.

  22. They don’t HAVE healthcare yet and won’t for years, so repealing isn’t going to hurt that. LAME EXCUSE.
    Get a grip on reality.

  23. In your Left corner, in the blue trunks, measuring in at 4 feet 9 inches and 103 pounds, with two gaping self inflicted head wounds, the reigning holder of the Methamphetamine Psychosis Belt, Democrat “The Mad Earchomper” Majority!

    And trembling in the Right corner, at 6’7″, and 452 pounds, in the urine stained trunks, Republican “Big Fat Bed Wetting Accommodationist Pussy” Minority!

    Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMMM….

    Sorry folks, we have a forfeit. This is an official decision, there will be no ticket refunds.

  24. Commenting on this post is something like masturbation.

    1. Self improvement is masturbation, now self destruction….

  25. many Republicans were unprepared for the Democratic messaging, which immediately sought to put them on the defensive for wanting to repeal benefits for Americans in the bill

    How is that even possible? Republicans are constantly accused of not caring about poor people. Its how Democrats fought to pass the damn bill.

  26. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Moral Bankruptcy.

  27. We need to pour money in the donut hole.

    1. You mean, pour money DOWN the donut hole.

      I wonder if that would be so bad, reach the edge quicker, instead of prolonging the inevitable pain and sorrow.

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