I Agree With Joe Biden: Health Care Reform Is "A Big Fucking Deal."


One more way in which the Obama administration takes after its predecessor: Vice-presidential F-bombs (and no, I don't mean "frak"). Joe Biden dropped a live one at the health care signing ceremony this morning, and the microphones caught it. Whoops! Does the FCC know?

Let's hope the federal censors give him a break, though, because he's absolutely right. ObamaCare may not be an instant-catastrophe in the making, but it is a big, four-letter-word deal. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • How big? THIS! EFFING! BIG!

    It will impose a federal mandate requiring all individuals to either purchase health insurance from a private company or pay a fine—a mandate that the Congressional Budget Office has described as "an unprecedented form of federal action" that most closely resembles the military draft.

  • It is estimated by the CBO to directly cost the federal government at least $940 billion dollars over its first ten years, and more like $1.8 trillion if you start the count when the majority of the benefits actually kick in.
  • It will impose additional private-sector spending mandates estimated to add in the range of $1.5 trillion to the total cost.
  • It will, according to the CBO, result in an estimated 8-9 million people "who would be covered by an employment-based plan under current law [not having] an offer of such coverage."
  • It will, according to Medicare's chief actuary, result in an estimated $234 billion in increased medical spending, making medical spending an even higher percentage of GDP than under current policy.
  • It will, according to the CBO's projections, increase but not fund state Medicaid and CHIP spending by about $20 billion.
  • And it will probably raise the deficit while using up the easiest potential sources of entitlement reform and deficit reduction. 

So yeah, I'd say it's a big, fat, F-word appropriate deal: The only question now is who's getting fucked by it.

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  1. A big, fat, F-word appropriate RESPONSE to the health deal

  2. somewhere out there sits Dan Quayle thanking God for Joe Effin Biden. Now maybe history will regard Dan as adept statesman in comparison.

    1. But the Mass Media won’t. Biden by virtue of being “the one’s” VP. And, well, let’s face it; He’s also an establishment democrat.

      And, yeah, I’m fucked. Unless anyone has any clue on how fund an even more expensive, more heavily indebted government.

      1. Joe is not an establishment democrat and to prove it he will swear on your not-dead mother’s grave.. or er um plot.. Happy St. Pattys Day

      2. Joe is not an establishment democrat and to prove it he will swear on your not-dead mother’s grave.. or er um plot.. Happy St. Pattys Day

        1. Happy St. Patty’s Day? You just reminded me of something, another depressing thought:

          When will the new Tax Freedom Day be now?

          1. It’s now known as “Date of Death.”

          2. January 12th… of the following year.

  3. “The only question now is who’s getting fucked by it.”

    No I don’t think there really is a question about that.

    If you are currently breathing and still have a pulse, you are getting fucked by it – one way or aother sooner or later.

  4. Who fucks the fuckers?

    1. Their mistresses. And in some cases, their manstresses.

      1. You sure it’s not “misterstresses”?

        1. Ministresses?

  5. My hate for this government grows purer and purer.

    1. That would be known as highly enriched hate. No centrifuges required.

      Sounds like a scam to me.

      1. That phrase was invented for this damned law.

    2. Think of it as weapons-grade hate.

      1. I’m not feeling violent, but I am feeling the desire to force this government back. . .into. . .its. . .damned. . .bottle.

        1. Grover Norquist is gonna need a bigger bathtub.

  6. Whoops! Does the FCC know?

    They’re waiting until Biden has a “wardrobe malfunction”.

    1. Binden has never had a wardrobe that wasn’t a malfunction.

    2. Can you make an on-air nipple slip with a toupee?

      1. IF you’ve had enough facelifts, sure. Pelosi is probably your best bet.

        1. That comment is just plain wrong on so many levels.

      2. Couldn’t look more fake if it had a chinstrap.

  7. Can the FCC strike down this law with its indecency powers?

  8. Biden will skate on this just as sure as the New Black Panthers skated on the voter-intimidation rap.

    Besides, they and Joe both live by the “It’s okay if WE do it” credo.

  9. At last… Biden says something non-Democrats can get on board with.

  10. it is a big, four-letter-word deal.

    “Fucking” has seven letters. Which, coincidentally, is the exact number of inches of my cock that Nancy Pelosi would find shoved up her stink star if I ever got the chance.

    1. OK. That was disturbing.

      1. What would Steve Smith do at this point?

    2. I have no idea how you would get an erection for that woman, even if it was a “hate-fuck”.

      1. Easy: Just pretend you’re raping a senior citizen. Which I would be. …. Duh.

  11. The only question now is who’s getting fucked by it.

    I’m afraid i know the answer to this one.

  12. Nice post Suder-man. Usually, I find your posts a little too heavy on speculative noodling, but the inclusion of bulleted points was riveting, with each bullet being like another dude stepping up to kick me in the balls.

  13. Life imitates The Onion, part 1,374.

  14. Living without health insurance is terrifying. People should learn to be more optimistic.

  15. Living without health insurance is terrifying.

    So get some. Medicaid, if need be.

    People should learn to be more optimistic.

    I’m fairly optimistic that we can put an end to lunatic one-party rule this November. You?

  16. For 65 years under the McCarran-Ferguson Act health insurance was not considered “commerce”. That is why it was regulated by the states and the states could impose mandates and limit providers. It also excluded health insurance companies from the anti-trust laws. Now Congress is making the case that they can regulate health insurance under the Commerce Clause. So which is it? Commerce or not commerce? It will take a court case to decide. If it is commerce then we should be able to buy insurance across state lines and eliminate state mandates. If it’s not commerce then the new bill is unconstitutional and should be thrown out.

  17. http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201003230054

    Of COURSE they’ll cover for Biden. Hypocrites do things like that.

  18. Biden, truly the “William J. Le Petomane” of modern politics

  19. “Living without health insurance is terrifying.”

    AS are numerous thing, living without work or money is terrifying, living with a tremendous tax burden and the uncertainty brought on by a noobie Pressidente with a moron congress is quite terrifying.

    Lots of things are terrifying. Doesn’t mean you steal from others to get what you want.

    Collectivist economics do not work.

  20. I saw this little news blip about Biden yesterday, and continued to think that this is the stuff that distracts us from real conversations of consequence. As for that article, it’s without a shred of integrity. They completely cherry picked their comments about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) review and removed all context. Here’s the FULL info from the report.

    “Comprehensive health care reform will cost the federal government $940 billion over a ten-year period, BUT [empahsis added] will increase revenue and cut other costs by a greater amount, leading to a reduction of $138 billion in the federal deficit over the same period. It will cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the second ten year period.

    It also extends Medicare’s solvency by at least nine years and reduces the rate of its growth by 1.4 percent, while closing the doughnut hole for seniors, meaning there will no longer be a gap in coverage of medication. It would extend coverage to 32 million additional people.”

    In other words through the insurance reform, IT HELPS PAY FOR ITSELF. That was the finding of the CBO report. It’s very convenient that they neglected to disclose that. As a matter of fact, every one of their bullet points can be negated or put into proper context (just by following the article’s own links). What a joke.

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