"A spokesman for Ratner didn't immediately return a call for comment."


Less than two weeks after New York real estate tycoon Bruce Ratner and his buddies in the state and city governments held their big groundbreaking ceremony for the Atlantic Yards boondoggle, an enterprising Brooklyn protester took matters into his or her own hands this morning by hacking into one of the signs redirecting traffic around the construction site. Photographic evidence first, via Curbed (caution: contains bad language), then some facts from the New York Daily News:

From the Daily News:

Workers removed the message around 10 a.m., but not before hundreds of drivers and pedestrians on the busy strip saw it.

It's unclear who was behind the vandalism, apparently accomplished by breaking a lock on the sign's control box.

Steve de Seve, a local activist behind several recent anti-Yards stunts, said he had nothing to do with it—but added that many people could be the culprit.

The Department of Transporation said the developer was in charge of maintaining the sign.

A spokesman for Ratner didn't immediately return a call for comment.

Click below to watch Steve de Seve and other neighborhood activists explain why they're willing to handcuff themselves to Freddy's Bar in protest against Ratner's eminent domain abuse.