Reason Praised, Ignored, by List-Makers!


Wouldn't life be better illustrated by Terry Colon?

Speaking of journalism awards, Conor Friedersdorf's recent list of 2009's best journalism (which included a Reason piece) has inspired resident OC Weekly Mexican and faith-challenged Angels fan Gustavo Arellano to compile his "10 Greatest Journalism Stories EVER," in which we see some more props for Radley Balko:

* "The Top 10 Most Absurd Time Covers of The Past 40 Years." Radley Balko and Jeff Winkler,, 2009: Genius use of new media to eviscerate old media and make clear something most people probably didn't realize but, once shown, agreed with wholeheartedly. 

Alas, there was no such love for nous in this New York University list of the best journalisms of the recently departed decade, though it's hard to compete against the likes of Thomas L. Friedman, Ezra Klein, and Katie Couric.

Read Contributing Editor Greg Beato's classic 1999 piece about NYU's top-100 20th century list here, then see Reason's more recent mini-interview with Arellano here.

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  1. “Ezra Klein, coverage of the health care debate on his blog, for the American Prospect and then The Washington Post, 2009.”

    wow, that really is pathetic.

  2. Political ideology and an accurate perception of reality apparently are two ends of a sliding scale.

  3. it’s hard to compete against the likes of Thomas L. Friedman, Ezra Klein, and Katie Couric.

    Speaking of Katie: the first 10 minutes of last night’s CBS Evening News–the supposedly hard-news segment of the broadcast–included, as the lead story, Tiger Woods. Five whole minutes on his return to golf and (ahem) the Masters, for which CBS Sports has exclusive weekend coverage. Then two minutes on healthcare or something, followed by another two on Michael Jackson, who stands to make various CBS entertainment units hundreds of millions of postmortem dollars.

  4. Has Ezra Klein figured out how to use Netflix yet?

    1. Yes, but he got his dick stuck in the hole in the DVD.

      1. Just kidding. His dick’s not that big.

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