Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Fails to Save D.C. Schoolkids from D.C. Schools


Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) tried to sneak an amendment to revive D.C.'s voucher program into the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization yesterday. Despite the distraction of the healthcare fight, the Senate took the time to ax Lieberman's proposed measly $20 million to offer kids in the District a path out of the city's failing schools.

Tuesday's 55 to 42 vote was widely seen as one of the final chances for the program to be extended beyond the students who are already currently enrolled. Funding will continue for current students until they graduate high school, but has been cut off to new students for a year.

This is actually Lieberman's second try at getting voucher cash appropriated. He proposed an similar amendment to another unrelated bill earlier this month. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely the third time will be the charm.