Reason Writers Around the YouTubes: Matt Welch on The Real News Talking Tea Parties and Health Care


Last week Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch went on The Real News network to discuss with host Paul Jay a number of items, including the content (libertarian and otherwise) of the Tea Party movement:

… and also the differences between U.S. and French health care:

Approximately 19 and 12 12 and 19 minutes, respectively.

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  1. “Approximately 19 and 12 minutes, respectively.”

    Other way around.

  2. I know I say this a lot, but that guy’s face is really punchable.

    1. Was it because I took off my glasses?

      1. I never hit a man with glasses.

        1. Warty-

          I’ll assume you were talking about Jay and not Welch. I think I cracked my damn computer screen. Although Welch’s limp-wristed defense of his princples in the health care vid spell doom for us all. I think the Jacket would be kicking balls and taking dames.

          1. Matt did fine, but his style is a bit too polite for me. The whole, “What? What could possibly be annoying about saying teabagger?” routine called for some assholery in response, I think.

        2. And yet you have no trouble hitting bespectacled women. Go figure?

  3. I like this host. He’s a good listener, he’s knowledgeable and show his guests courtesy by allowing them to finish. Moreover, he uses intelligent argument rather than bully tactics when he disagrees.

    In brief, compare Paul Jay to Bill O’Reilly.

    nuff said

  4. The TP movement seems to start looking like a fight between Neocons, Paleos and Libertarians with Indys looking on.

  5. I won’t be sending $5.

    1. rctl,

      See, that’s how it works. Contribute to those you enjoy, and withhold from those you don’t.

      1. I spoke to soon. I like how he made Matt his bitch in the second video:
        public systems reducing costs and a third of what the US pays in healthcare.

        1. “like how he made Matt his bitch in the second video”

          Not exactly. I think each had opinions and gave those opinions well.

          The word I didn’t like was “fair”. Why must everything be fair? Shouldn’t there be incentive to do something better instead settling for the same for everyone? See my East Germany comment.

          1. The host made Matt look completely lost when the host went off-script. It was funny to see Matt panic and respond with a libertarian talking point.

            1. What is more funny is to watch President Empty Suit stray from the teleprompter and wobble out some Obama-ism. Beats a libertarian talking point any day of the week. Or watch Nancy Pelosi say twice with a straight face that the United States lost 500 million jobs.

              1. Is he a journalist or not? A politician who can speak without a teleprompter is just a more accomplished liar. Next time, compare apples to apples. Btw, left a guess.

                1. “Is he a journalist or not?”

                  He’s an editor and writer. So, yes.

                  “A politician who can speak without a teleprompter is just a more acomplished liar.”

                  President Empty Suit’s lies are in the text on the teleprompter. His big ones are not though.

                  And your guess, needs help.

                  One question – you seem to be having problems spelling. You used to be quite the stickler – what has happened?

                2. rctl: retard, retard, and retard

                3. rctl: retard, retard, retard, and retard

        2. rctl: retard and retard

    2. rctl: retard

      1. Heller, If you can’t take the thread, stay IN the kitchen;-)

  6. Paul Jay and his teabagger, teabagger, teabagger. Must be a friend of Keith Olbermouth.

    1. Kith Olbermann’s dad has died.

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


      1. Gobbler, you got a screw loose.

  7. Only watched the first clip, but it’s nice to have such articulate people on our side. Good job, Matt.

  8. In a healthcare piece host states that pharma is unregulated in US. Whaaaat? Unless by “regulation” he only means price-controls, there a hardly more regulated industry. Has he never heard of FDA?

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