For Nancy Pelosi, There Is No Such Thing As Bad News


Just! Keep! Smiling!

Non-stop bad news won't stop Nancy Pelosi! Here's an overview of the last day or so of developments in her never-ending quest to drum up enough votes to pass a health reform bill in the House.

  • Multiple reports indicate that the Senate parliamentarian confirmed that the Senate cannot vote on a reconciliation "fix" bill until the House actually passes the Senate bill. This means that Democratic members in the House will probably be stuck voting for a bill they very much do not like in the trust that the Senate will keep its promise to amend the bill in reconciliation. But it's not clear that the Senate is actually worth trusting.
  • House leadership finally came to the realization that they cannot, in fact, use the reconciliation fixer bill to adjust the abortion wording in a way that will satisfy Rep. Bart Stupak and the dozen or so other pro-life Democrats who are opposed to the Senate bill's abortion language. Negotiations with Stupak may continue in some form, but without the option of amending the Senate bill's abortion language, it's tough to see what sort of accord they might reach. 
  • That's especially true given yesterday's report indicating that at least seven of Stupak's faction have confirmed they will not vote for a reform bill without a change in the abortion language. 
  • Another single-issue conflict with a different House faction also reared its head: The Hispanic Caucus is now publicly threatening to torpedo reform because of the Senate bill's ultra-restrictive language prohibiting illegal immigrants from buying health insurance through the state-run insurances exchanges that would be set up. At least one high-profile former yes vote, Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, has said that he'll switch his vote to no if the immigrant restrictions aren't changed. (For more detail on this conflict, see the Reason Foundation's Shikha Dalmia.)
  • Meanwhile, just days after White House press secretary Robert Gibbs urged Congress to pass the bill by March 18, the date on which President Obama was scheduled to leave the country for southeast Asia, the president announced that he would delay leaving for his trip in order to keep pressing for reform—an all-but explicit admission that the votes to proceed don't yet exist, and that the administration's deadline will be missed.
  • At the same time, it's not clear that Obama's presence will actually be effective in moving votes. As Rep. Lynn Woolsey, the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, reportedly told MSNBC: "I think the entire debate that's been going on—For what, a year or so?—has reached a point where we're glad to hear the president speak out, and say what's on his mind and what he wants us to do, and get the country revved up…But I don't think it's going to change a lot of minds."

To sum up: A procedural barrier was confirmed, an old issue-based conflict proved effectively unsolvable, another issue-based conflict flared up, and the president all but admitted that 1) his timeline was (yet again) unrealistic and 2) the votes to pass the bill don't yet exist.

Pelosi response? According to The Daily Caller's Jon Ward, the day was "another step taking us closer to voting."

Granted, what kind of vote is less certain as Pelosi is now floating the almost-too-ridiculous-to-print possibility of a three bill strategy—passing the Senate bill as is, then passing the reconciliation bill to amend it, and following up at some later date by passing additional yet-to-be-determined changes—and the House rules committee is preparing a procedural option that would allow House Democrats to pass the Senate bill without actually ever voting for it.

See? Everything's going great!

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  1. That’s not a particularly flattering picture.

    1. Please tell me that dark yellow stuff on her lip is photoshopped. Please?

      1. It’s lip grease. An appeal for the black vote.

        1. The whole pic is PS, of course.

    2. I found one of her in high school. Not particularly flattering. It looks she might have written the poem herself, as much sense as it makes.


      1. The years have been rough on her.

      2. It was a hiku, you alliterate republiKKKan.

        1. A “hiku”? What is that–a rural haiku?

          1. Not enough syllables for a haiku.

        2. “hiku”?

          Run! That message is about to implode from the gravitational weight of all the irony!!!

      3. FACT: Nancy Pelosi had her heart replaced with a mechanical pump at birth. If she hadn’t, her blood would never have been able to defy gravity and travel up her brontosaurus neck.

  2. “Just Keep Smiling”

    You know her poor husband has to fuck that.

    1. He doesn’t have to. I mean, if he’s back in CA he’s only a few hours from Nevada, right? And it’s not like he can’t find some hired help if he’s willing to go through extra-legal channels. He might get lucky and find a lady friend who will help him out pro bono. And of course there’s always blow up dolls or a fleshlight. Maybe some lotion and a box of Kleenex? Hell, with a face like that, celibacy might actually look like a good option…

      Have I missed anything?

    2. Or not.

      1. Yeah, it reminds me of reading somewhere a while back about men being dissatisfied with Viagra

        Turned out they hadn’t lost the will at all, they just really couldn’t stand the old lady anymore.

        1. One can only re-wrap and open a Christmas present just so many times before it loses its effect altogether. Chick better have something going for her besides looks.

    3. The Horror. The Horror.

    4. You know her poor husband has to fuck that.

      Somehow I doubt that.

  3. She couldn’t sell watermelons even if you gave her a State Trooper to flag down traffic.

  4. I’m wondering what’s actually happening to her in that picture. I’m guessing it has something to do with some voltage.

  5. Fuck! That picture is a terrible thing to see while trying to eat lunch.

    1. Maybe if you looked at more pictures like that while eating you wouldn’t be such a fatass.

    2. Ditto. I gagged for a second.

      1. She’s trying out for The Stepford Ghouls.

        1. Here’s the caption:

          “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

  6. an all-but explicit admission that the votes to proceed don’t yet exist, and that the administration’s deadline will be missed

    Nancy’s take on Obama’s choice to hang around is a little different. She is happy that the president will be in town to witness the historic passage of legislation that will guarantee affordable health care to all Americans blah blah blah yes I am insane blah blah blah would you like fries with that? Click. Beep!

  7. I couldn’t resist:

    Johnny Weir too gay for figure skating?

    Johnny Weir is not being allowed to perform for Stars on Ice Tour because the organizers have deemed him ‘not family friendly’

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/#ixzz0hzJsjDfr

  8. There’s something vaguely familiar about that picture. I can’t put my finger on it.

    1. Not this year.

    2. I was thinking more along these lines:


  9. “the day was ‘another step taking us closer to voting.'”

    This is true, just as it’s true that every day is a step closer to the heat death of the universe.

    1. I’m betting on heat death arriving first.

      1. Shamefully, millions of Americans continue to be uninsured against the heat death of the universe.

        1. I’ll sell you a policy for just $4/year.

  10. Multiple reports indicate that the Senate parliamentarian confirmed that the Senate cannot vote on a reconciliation “fix” bill until the House actually passes the Senate bill.

    Didn’t he opine that the Senate can’t vote on the amendment until the President actually signs the main bill?

    Procedurally, it makes sense. If what you want to do is amend a bill that has not been enacted into law, then you amend the bill itself, not pass a separate bill. Separate bills are for amending existing laws, not existing bills.

    Actually, a separate Stupak amendment that couldn’t be reconciled would probably not be opposed/filibustered by the Republicans. It would be interesting to see how many Senate Democrats would oppose it, though.

    1. Right. The issue is that there’s a majority in the House for not funding abortions, but definitely not 60 in the Senate, and probably not a majority. There’s no way that the Stupak House Dems can trust the Democratic Senators.

  11. At the same time, it’s not clear that Obama’s presence will actually be effective in moving votes.

    His presence in VA, NJ and MA sure helped the Dems win AND his traveling to Denmark brought back the Olympics and AGW deals.

    1. “I think the entire debate that’s been going on?For what, a year or so??has reached a point where we’re glad to hear the president speak out, and say what’s on his mind and what he wants us to do, and get the country revved up

      What he needs to do is pre-empt the programming on all those channels I don’t watch and give a rousing speech to the nation. He could do it front of a joint session of Congress and even invite the Supreme Court. They’ll enjoy getting out once in while. That’s all they need to put this craptastic bill over the top.

      Why hasn’t our super genius President tried this yet?

  12. Senate Democrats use 11-year-old to push the health-care bill

    Marcelas Owens, an 11-year-old from Seattle, headlined a press conference with Senate Democratic leadership on Thursday, telling a packed room of reporters that he wanted the president and Congress to come together and pass health insurance reform.

    “I am here because of my mom,” said Owens. “My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. She missed so much work she lost her job. And when my mom lost her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/03…..z0hzKxipvr

    1. “”My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension”

      SALT FIEND!!!

    2. In the local paper’s politics blog I commented about this yesterday:

      Are you kidding? These are the same clowns that will drag their kids to street corners to hold up “yes” signs when the school levies come around. Using children as a political prop is the oldest trick in the book for them. They embody the phrase “what about teh children?”

      Sadly most of the sheep fall for it every time.

    3. I saw that. Using a ventriloquist’s dummy is a new low for the Dems. Not to mention putting a professional speech writer’s words into the little wooden mouth.

      1. She was accidentally run over by Marge Simpson and Homer is trying to fake a subsequent death.

    4. “My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. She missed so much work she lost her job. And when my mom lost her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life.”

      Therefore we should REQUIRE employers to offer health insurance.

    5. She didn’t lose health care, she lost health insurance. Since she was also now unemployed, she could have gone on Medicaid if she qualified, and if she didn’t qualify she should have sold enough assets to pay for health care and when those ran low enough she would have qualified for Medicaid. The evil bastards who convinced this kid that his mom died because we don’t have forced health insurance should get kicked in the face by a horse.

      1. So the reason she shouldn’t get government healthcare is because… she could qualify for government healthcare.

        1. I’ve got fifty bucks that say any reporter doing a little digging on this kid’s story will find it’s a load of shit.

          1. If so, that would be one anecdote down, 30 million to go.

            I love that the libertarian solution to the healthcare crisis is for everyone just to get poor enough to qualify for medicare.

            1. I love that your solution to the bankrupt government programs that pay for 50% of healthcare is…more government.

              That’ll get us to 100%, alright.

            2. Hey dumbass – I guess you didn’t read the part about “selling assets” above. What do you bet this woman still had a car, cell phone, cable, etc.? How many of those so-called 30 million have those things? If they aren’t willing to part with a cell phone or new plasma TV for health care, why should we pay for it?

              Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

        2. No. The point is that I don’t need to be forced to get government healthcare for her to get it–she already could have.

  13. Maybe if you looked at more pictures like that while eating you wouldn’t be such a fatass.

    Project much, wide load? The doctor says my weight is healthy, thank you very much.

    1. Keep dreaming, stretch pants. And put down the bon-bons.

    2. Pear is the new slim jim.

  14. It’s called “stocky.”

    1. I believe it’s “husky”

  15. Was she ever attractive? I mean, she’s like a plastic freak doll now, but I can’t recall ever seeing a picture of her from her youth. Not ever.

    1. Suspicious, isn’t it.

      1. I mean, she’s old, but I’m pretty sure they had photography when she was young. Which means she’s either much, much older than she says, or she’s not, um, well, human.

        1. They had photography then. I bet there are a few ambrotypes of her floating around.

          1. Dude, check your archives and see if you can find any of them of her with Lincoln.

            1. She’s pretty busty and roundish, so maybe she was one of Ruben’s models?

              1. It was actually hard to type that, in fear that someone–especially her–might think I was complimenting her in some way. I wasn’t. She is, truly, Brazil-like.

                1. Perhaps you meant Paul Reubens.

              2. silicone porn star tits are creepier on old ladies.

    2. http://www.trinitydc.edu/image…..i_1962.jpg

      Aging was not good to her.

      1. Your link is bad.

      2. Try putting a space after your link.

        1. http://westsoundmodern

    3. There’s a painting of her in her attic that keeps getting more beautiful and youthful. It has the knowing smile of a person who deeply understands (and admires) the spontaneous order of markets.

      1. This was a beautiful comment.

  16. So the Hispanic Caucus finally got around to reading the bill that they were going to vote on?

    1. To be fair, it had to be translated first.

    2. I’m surprised they haven’t demanded immediate citizenship and suffrage rights for both legal and illegal immigrants before voting in favor of the bill.

  17. Sweet Jupiter’s buttcheeks, what does it take to kill this goddamn bill? It’s like Groundhog Night of the Living Fatally Attracted Dead Terminators XIII. For fuck sake, a Jehovah’s Witness time share salesmen has a better grasp of the word “NO.”

    1. Has anyone tried three silver bullets to the heart?

      1. I’m partial to dropping it by chain into a cauldron of molten lead.

        1. I don’t know if that would kill it, but it would be a lot of fun to do regardless.

          1. Especially if Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid were chained to it as well.

            1. Yeah don’t forget them. There is one more chip. And it must be destroyed also.

              1. …Just one replicator chip to multiply and consume all our resources.

    2. So hilarious, and so true. I also wonder how anybody–even our resident “progressives”–can have watched this year-long clusterfuck and still believe that this government should be involved in health care in any way, shape, or form.

      1. That’s simple, it’s all those evil GOPers’ fault. If we only had the Right People in Charge, government would never do anything wrong.

        1. I get how that could work the first time. I’ve tried things that didn’t work out (e.g. weird girlfriends). When it becomes obvious that I’m making a mistake, I take a different tack.

    3. a Jehovah’s Witness time share salesmen has a better grasp of the word “NO.”


      Thanks, iowahawk.

      [snort!] [chortle!]

      1. It’s official: this Congress is now revival of Glengarry Glen Ross.

        A-B-C. Always Be Closing.

        Who gets the steak knives?

        1. Who gets fired? Coffee is for closers, dude.

    4. what does it take to kill this goddamn bill?

      Even if it’s killed, they’ll come up with another. Unless and until the idea of healthcare as a right is destroyed, bills like the present one will keep being written. As long as people believe that it’s okay to enslave some to the misfortunes of others – that some have a right to the products of other people’s lives – this kind of thing will keep happening. Voting and other political efforts will not change those beliefs in people.

  18. Was she ever attractive?

    Kind of. She didn’t look like a make-up test from Brazil, and she had that inbred-looking Jackie Kennedy faraway-‘tard-eyes thing white people like.

    1. she had that inbred-looking Jackie Kennedy faraway-‘tard-eyes thing white people like.

      opposite of subtract between zero and two

  19. They want control, and whatever means they use will be justified, by them, to the ends they achieve. These are evil, evil people. I’ve never personally encountered people so evil and deceptive and I grew up in Chicago! (hence the long history of Libertarianism). Please go away and leave us out of your stupid bullshit. Gather your progressive freedom stealers and form an independent, private collective where you can all share and take care of whomever you wish, by your own free will. Meanwhile, I’ll be mocking you openly for being a dumbass, all the while not contributing a dime to your worthless cause!!

    1. “Gather your progressive freedom stealers and form an independent, private collective where you can all share and take care of whomever you wish, by your own free will.”

      Yeah – I have said this before as well.

      If their socialized medicine concept is SO terrific and it is such a wonderfull and noble thing to want it, then all the supporters of it can go start a private non-profit corporation right now set up on those rules.

      No legislation needed. Those who believe in it can join and those who don’t can pass on it.

      But of course that isn’t what they really want. What they really want is power and control over everyone else’s life and wealth to as great an extend as is possible.

  20. I think that what’s going on in that picture is that someone is pressing a 9-volt battery to her taint.

  21. Words fail me. I can only express my feelings for Nancy at this point with an image.

    1. They always want cake. Always.

    2. Jesus, dude! I fucking hate you now.

      I’m never looking at another cake the same.

    3. Racist! Where’s the other-colored coochies?

  22. I’d like to pretend that I’m commenting on what was written. That would be a lie. My God, what is that thing in the picture? Am I the only one who thinks that when she opens her mouth, out will come a prehensile tongue with a miniature set of jaws at the end, at which point she’ll start fighting Sigourney Weaver?

  23. I just believe that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

    1. If life doesn’t give you sugar and water, your lemonade is gonna suck.

      1. Hey, Nancy. You’re not supposed to squeeze the lemons with your ancient snatch. Whatever face you make at the time becomes permanent. And then we all suffer.

        1. Dude! She has to douche with something!

          1. Passthebill medicated douche.

          2. Passthebill M edicated douches.

  24. Look at that face. Who could say no to THAT?

  25. I can’t help thinking, if I could copy that grimace in plastic, in the right size, I might have the best-selling trailer ball cover of all time!

    1. You could say goodbye to tailgaters. Forever.

  26. ROTFL, with a face like that, who could possibly take her seriously.


  27. And when my mom lost her job, she lost her health care. And losing her health care ended up costing her her life.

    So many lies.

    (1) As noted, she lost her insurance, not her health care.

    (2) As an unemployed single mother, she would have qualified for Medicaid in short order.

    (3) Even if she didn’t qualify for Medicaid, there are hundreds of non-profit health care providers around. If she had worked at it, she could have found someone. Hypertension is not a high-maintenance/high-cost condition for docs to manage.

    (3) Hypertension is primarily managed through lifestyle changes – you know, eat less, exercise more, etc., so the primary “treatment” was within her control.

    1. Look, you can’t argue against government-run healthcare by saying “well she would have qualified for medicaid.”

      1. You can definitely argue against universal govt-run healthcare in that manner. And that is what we are discussing here.

        1. K, what about those people who wouldn’t qualify for medicaid, but still don’t have access to adequate healthcare?

          Fuck ’em?

          1. Then they sell some of their assets.

            Look, dipshit, I had to take care of (no, let me rephrase that) I had the privilege of taking care of my grandmother who was born in 1896. At 88, she needed nursing home care. But she had assets and do you know what? We had to liquidate them and use THAT MONEY TO PAY for the nursing home. Only after it was gone was she able to get he care covered by Medicare.

            This little prop’s mother should be held to the same standard as my grandmother. And Jesus Fucking Christ you useless piece of shit, to listen to a goddam statist like you complain about people having to spend their own market-derived wealth on healthcare is the most unfucking believable thing your puss dripping pie-hole has ever spewed forth.

            Please. Go. Fucking. Die.

            1. So, not only should people go bankrupt for health reasons, they should do so in order to get on the government dole.

              I can understand where your hostility comes from: massive amounts of cognitive dissonance.

              1. No. Trying to use a hypothetical libertarian talking point against a real person’s argument is not cognitive dissonance. You have failed to argue against the point made that the status quo is adequate if not perfect.

                1. The status quo being a healthcare system that is twice as expensive as anyone else’s in the industrialized world per capita, and a huge looming crisis in the extant government programs.

                  The only libertarian defense I’m hearing is that we shouldn’t do anything about the status quo because it might prove government is capable of doing something.

                  1. Dear Tony,

                    If people live amoral lives, then God will punish them. The poor are poor because they haven’t proven themselves worthy.

                  2. Tony must be a sockpuppet because nobody could be this stupid and full of shit. Libertarians want the status quo? LOL have you actually been paying attention to anything people around here have been saying?

                    You love the strawmen (well, you Libertarians want the status quo!), false choices (If you’re against this reform, you’re for the status quo!), and flat out name calling (You Libertarians want everybody to die!)

                    You have no concept of economics (apparently, in your world, supply and demand doesn’t apply just because you don’t want it to) and to you, freedom somehow involves taking other people’s stuff.

                    Clearly, you have zero self awareness. You’re either a sockpuppet or the biggest moron on the planet.


              2. So, not only should people go bankrupt for health reasons

                My Grandmother didn’t go bankrupt you idiot. She died debt-free.

                they should do so in order to get on the government dole

                No, they (not the government) should pay for their own care until that’s no longer possible.

                1. No, they (not the government) should pay for their own care until that’s no longer possible.

                  Under what economic or moral standard?

                  I mean it’s completely arbitrary to say the wealthy and the needy should get adequate coverage, while the middle class should have to choose between keeping a house or getting care. That’s a good recipe for making more needy people (i.e., people receiving benefits but not paying in).

                  So you want less access and higher government deficits… why?

                  1. No, I think the argument is that the needy should be cut off with the middle class. The mere existence of the travesty known as the welfare state is not justification to expand the welfare state.

                    1. The mere existence of the travesty known as the welfare state is not justification to expand the welfare state.

                      So you want the worst of all worlds (what the US has)?

                      You’re trying to have your cake and eat it too: arguing against any reform of the status quo because it would be evil socialism, without having to defend the existing evil socialism, because it would mean you believe healthcare access should be wealth-dependent, and even libertarians can see that’s a morally bankrupt position.

                    2. Sorry, that should be “without having to argue against the existing evil socialism.”

                    3. No, I arguing that we should dismantle the existing welfare state for both moral and economic justice.

                  2. “Under what economic or moral standard?”


                    1. “Under what economic or moral standard?”


                      Are you trying to demonstrate the shallowness of libertarianism?

                      I want a strong social welfare state. Why? ICE CREAM AND PUPPIES!

                    2. Witness the liberal who does not value liberty.

                      That’s it. I’m taking the word back porchmonkey-style. From now on, whenever anybody asks about my political views, I’m gonna say “I’m a LIBERAL. I value LIBERTY.”

                    3. I very much value liberty. Just not only for those who can afford it.

              3. Bankrupcty is the release valve for people overcome by debts they cannot payback.

                Bankruptcy is a perfectly adequate solution for people wiped out by catestrophic illness.

                1. And some rich guy not getting his 2nd yacht is also an adequate solution for middle class people with catastrophic illness.

                2. And some rich guy not getting his 2nd yacht is also an adequate solution for middle class people with catastrophic illness.

                  1. The stupid is strong in this one.

                  2. some rich guy not getting his second yacht means less work for people who build yachts, who are middle class.

                    Allocting other people’s resources based your sense of morality is economically destructive.

          2. No, that would be kinky.

          3. This childish “but what if? but what if?” stuff wore thin a long time ago. You’re just going to have to learn that everybody’s life can’t be perfect and every calamity can’t be solved, not even if your glorious Barack is declared El Presidente For Life and he seizes every last dime of our wealth.

            My calamities do NOT give me the right to steal your money.

            1. What’s also worn thin is the libertarian nonsense that somehow taxes to pay for national defense (and apparently medicaid) are not theft, while those that pay for universal healthcare are.

              Even if universal healthcare means everyone is financially better off, since it’s a more efficient system than the one we have, which is the costliest in the world.

              1. National defense is not an entitlement program, you brainless boob.

                National defense provides an actual benefit to everbody – and everybody should be paying for it. The problem is too many people are pay no income taxes and aren’t paying for it.

                Socialized medicine, on the other hand is merely a forced redistribution of wealth. It provides no benefit whatsoever for those on the paying end of the equation who are subsidizing other people.

                Oh yeah and it is flat our unconstitutional as well.

                1. National defense doesn’t provide the same benefit to everyone. It provides a larger benefit to those who have more to lose from armed invasion. In a way it’s an entitlement program, but its benefits skew to the rich. And that’s before you factor in the huge amount of corporate welfare it shells out these days (or the poor people it uses as fodder.)

                  But you are right that socialized medicine is redistribution of wealth. I believe that universal access to healthcare is more important than 1% of the country being able to keep everything they happen to get their grubby hands on.

                  1. “National defense doesn’t provide the same benefit to everyone. It provides a larger benefit to those who have more to lose from armed invasion. In a way it’s an entitlement program, but its benefits skew to the rich”

                    Wrong, bubble brain.

                    It provides EXACTLY the same benefit of freedom from external force to every single person in the country.

                    How much property or wealth anyone has has absolutly nothing to do with it. It wasn’t the military that caused anyone to acquire what he has to begin with.

                    And the military certainly won’t be reimbursing anyone if it fails to stop some foreign invasion or terrorist plot that destroys someones life or property. It is not analogous to property insurance or life insurance.

              2. Many people who claim to be libertarian say that. I don’t. Taxes to pay for “national defense” (even if it is genuinely used for that purpose, which is certainly not the case today) are theft.

              3. Nice way to completely dodge my point, by the way.

                1. The point being that we can’t have a perfect society, so we shouldn’t even try to improve it? Yeah, that’s not good enough for me. I don’t know what a perfect society would look like–I’m not a utopian, just someone who believes in humanity’s ability to improve its lot collectively.

                  I’m glad you admit that taxes that pay for defense are theft. At least it’s consistent. Wrong, but consistent.

                  1. We shouldn’t try to improve it by immoral methods. The end does not justify the means. I will not, for example, murder an innocent person to save my own life.

                    Taxes to pay for anything is theft. And yes, I’m consistent; I don’t get up on a moral high horse and then bend that morality like a pretzel to try to bend reality to my liking.

                    1. If you don’t believe any taxes should ever be raised, you’re an anarchist. I suppose you can be a moral anarchist, but your neighbor probably won’t be.

                    2. Is it moral that almost 40% of Americans don’t contribute one red cent of their own earnings towards national defense either?

    2. And for all we know she smoked a lot of crack.

    3. Eeeee-vil Wal-mart has a 90 day prescription of hypertension medicine for $10.

      Yes, you read that right, under $3.34 a month.

      Any cheaper and it would be free.

      If you can’t afford $4 a month to keep your kid from growing up an orphan, I don’t think there is anything the Government can do to fix that kind of stupid.

    4. Pulmonary Hypertension is not routine Hypertension. It affects the arteries of the lungs, which ultimately affect the heart. It eventually leads to right sided heart failure. Treatment depends on the cause and sometimes the primary cause cannot be diagnosed. In that case symptoms are treated as best as possible without being able to fix the underlying problem. Lifestyle changes are generally important but they are geared towards reducing the symptoms, not generally geared to fixing the problem because the underlying problem is usually different than what causes primary hypertension. Severe Pulmonary Hypertension that cannot be controlled and yes that happens more with this disease then not, will generally lead to death at a young age related to heart failure and lung congestion. These are the folks that require heart and lung transplants.

      As a cardiac nurse I hate to sound calloused but as young as this child’s mother died, it is likely she would have died of her disease process no matter what at a young age. Severe shortness of breath and chest pain with activity is generally the end result with pulmonary hypertension. The ability to pay for the medications necessary to control the symptoms is extremely important. That said I’m not sure how a single mother with no job would not have qualified for medicaid.

  28. you can’t argue against government-run healthcare by saying “well she would have qualified for medicaid.”

    Can we argue against a gigantic legislative clusterfuck that has nothing to do with “fixing” healthcare?

    1. Yes, by all means attack the GOP and corporate whore Dems who are standing in the way of real reform.

      1. You are a truly-astounding dumbass, Chony. For you to accuse anyone of cognitive dissonance is most amusing.

  29. I wonder if mutual aid societies might not be the better way of dealing with healthcare costs for the working poor? Seems like they worked pretty well before the New Deal pushed them aside.

    1. They would work well. And so would low cost clinics run by places like CVS and Wall Mart. And so do charity hospitals.

    2. They were being pushed aside for many years prior to the New Deal. And yes, in a modern society with this much capital accumulation mutual aid would provide better access and quality to the poor than in the most fevered wet dream of a social democrat.

      1. I’d start advocating them, except that I think the government would fight any move in that direction. . .well, like Ahab fought that white whale.

        1. They would regulate it out of existence. Anything short of gold standard coverage would not be allowed. Better to go without than have unequal and less than perfect amounts of help.

    3. Wasnt the new deal, it was the AMA that pushed them aside.

      1. I don’t really know. I want to read that book on mutual aid societies that was highlighted here a while back.

        I used to be on the BoD of a former mutual aid society here. It is more of a social/historical group today, but, interestingly, there was still the remnants of medical services provided to members. I can’t remember exactly, but it seemed like there was some sort of quasi-HMO status grandfathered in for the organizations that still existed. Maybe our august medical services counsel knows more about this, though it sounds very obscure.

        1. There is a book from the mid 1990s by Phillip K. Howard called the Tragedy of American Compassion. It lays out pretty well how things like aide societies worked and how they were pushed aside in favor of the welfare state.

          1. There was another book specifically about mutual aid societies that someone mentioned here. Can’t remember the name of it.

        2. Why not just go for the most efficient option… the mutual aid society known as a social welfare state.

          1. Your Godless welfare state will never solve the true problems of poverty.

            1. Well heaping scorn and maintaining social inequities hasn’t helped much either.

              1. Poverty is never going away Tony. Ever. Ever.

                The Soviet Union came close to social equality by driving 90% or better of the population into near poverty.

                1. I don’t want everyone to be equal. I want everyone to have as close to an equal opportunity as possible. I think modern civilization can do a little better than straight Darwinism.

                  1. Yes, because we only have two choices, government force or Darwinism. Without the heavy hand of government people would not be willing to help their fellow man.

                    1. Perhaps they would be willing, but they wouldn’t be able, except in piddly ways that still leave a lot of people out.

                  2. Irony, it’s whats for dinner.

                    A liberal believes that God didn’t create man but man can create a better man.

                    1. No, not a better man, a safe man (in several senses of the word, not just safe from swarthy looking foreigners.)

          2. That would be unmutual.

          3. And kids, we call this “begging the question.” The author has assumed the answer in his question. We don’t agree with him in his premise, but he has stated the premise as if we did.

  30. Nancy Pelosi:

    “Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.”


    1. It would be like every artist getting an NEA grant. Fuckin’ ticks. If you can’t sell your art, starve or work.

  31. Stupak told a radio show earlier today that Henry Waxman said during negotiations: “we want to pay for abortions.”


  32. since Speaker Pelosi is so eager for us to know the details, let’s indulge her. Among the specifications of the House bill that passed last November are several sections that mandate racial and ethnic quotas for medical schools and other federal contractors. As Allan Favish reported in The American Thinker, the bill specifies that the Secretary of Health and Human Services, “in awarding grants or contracts under this section . . . shall give preference to entities that have a demonstrated record of . . . training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

    This, along with other provisions, is broad enough to cover every medical, nursing, and dental school and teaching hospital in the country and guarantees the institutionalization of racial, sex, and ethnic quotas in perpetuity (though the use of the word “underrepresented” before “minority” ensures that the quotas will not apply to Asians or Jews).

  33. Insurance companies account for less than 5 percent of American health-care spending ? less than hospitals (31 percent), doctors (21 percent), and medicine (10 percent). But because health-insurance companies are unpopular, Democrats are beating up on them, even though if Democrats are serious about containing costs, the cuts will have to come from those other slices of the pie.

  34. I’m beginning to think that Tony is a sockpuppet for Sean Penn.

    1. They can gather their friends and start that collective. Together they can solve all society’s injustices. As they freely work the magic of collectivism, the rest of us will be free to focus on our own problems lest we be so cruel as to ignore others before taking care of our own issues. When my life is as close to good as it can be, I’ll stop by and see how things are going….then run away quickly before I get any of that stuff on me (EEWWW).

  35. So, who sees that picture of Pelosi and DOESN’T think of Vincent D’Onofrio in Men in Black pulling the skin back on his head saying “there, is that better?”

  36. The house should not trust them to fix the issuses in the bill. Hey lets cook the cake first then add the floor.

  37. Hypertension is primarily managed through lifestyle changes – you know, eat less, exercise more, etc., so the primary “treatment” was within her control.

    Soul food claims yet another victim.

    1. no, that is primary hypertension as I noted above. Pulmonary hypertension is different.

  38. Zombie !!!!!

  39. I like to think that I only add positive, thoughtful comments to internet message boards. Perhaps even aspiring to witty or trenchant. That said, sweet jesus that face!!!!

    Load up! One barrel solid slug one barrel 00-buck and just keep firing until you feel the sweet clean smell of daylight out the other side!

  40. Even the democrats agree that the first thing they’ll do after passing HealthCare reform is pass another bill to repeal/fix it.

    Does anyone else see the irony in this?

  41. I should’ve had that one when this was under construction.

  42. Nacy is a modern-day Marie Antoinette, and she should meet a similar, but political fate.

  43. Let’s be clear, no matter what they write here, both Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie will be the First Ones In Line to buy the Kay Bailey Hutchinson/Nancy Pelosi Girl Girl dvd.

    You know this to be true.

    1. Amy Klobuchar/Michelle Bachmann, maybe. But Hutchinson/Pelosi? Ewwwwwwww….

  44. That picture makes it official. Nancy Pelosi is not human.

  45. Wow, lots of missing comments.

  46. truth,,,,obama people have no idea of the extent to which they have to be gulled in order to be led.”
    “The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of the nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies but would be ashamed to tell a big one.”
    “All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it. Therefore, the intellectual level of the propaganda must be lower the larger the number of people who are to be influenced by it.”
    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”pelosi don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities …obama feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold TOGTHER.They include the angry left wing bloggers who spread vicious lies and half-truths about their political adversaries… Those lies are then repeated by the duplicitous left wing media outlets who “discuss” the nonsense on air as if it has merit? The media’s justification is apparently “because it’s out there”, truth be damned. STOP THIS COMMUNIST OBAMA ,GOD HELP US ALL .THE COMMANDER ((GOD OPEN YOUR EYES)) stop the communist obama & pelosi.((open you eyes)) ,the commander

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