The White House Kindly Requests You Do Not Refer to Its Health Care Budget Gimmicks as "Gimmicks"


They're called "numbers." And the great thing is, we can do anything we want with them.

Peter Orszag, the cutest, coolest, cowboy-boot wearin'est budgeting badass ever to wrangle spreadsheets for a U.S. administration, is standing up to those not-so-cool critics who continue to insist that the health reform package President Obama and Congressional Democrats have put together is not, in fact, deficit neutral. At the Office of Management and Budget's blog, which I'm sure you all read religiously, he writes:

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to a claim that this deficit reduction is achieved only through a business-as-usual Washington budget gimmick: paying for just a few years of costs with many more years of savings.

This charge, he says, is "false," and he wants everyone suckered by it to "get their facts straight." He then proceeds to explain that, although most of the spending in the first ten years does indeed occur in the last six years, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill would actually produce even greater deficit reduction in the second decade—about $1 trillion.

Perhaps I should've added "trickiest" to the list of adjectives describing Orszag, because as far as the CBO figures go, everything in his post is basically right; the problem is that he's conflating two different criticisms, and ignoring the ones that matter.

The issue with backloading spending isn't that it hides deficit spending; it's that it hides the full cost of the bill, thus making it politically viable. When early drafts of health care reform rang up at around $1.6 trillion, Washington underwent a massive freakout; it became clear that passing a bill that kind of price tag was almost certainly impossible. So Obama gave Congress a target of "around $900 billion" for the bill, and one of the ways the lower figure was achieved was by starting the taxes revenue mechanisms immediately but holding off on implementing the benefits. That allowed for the Senate bill's politically convenient $850 billion score while disguising the fact that true cost of a full ten years of the bill's programs is actually more like $1.8 trillion (and that's not counting the trillion-plus in additional costs imposed by an individual mandate).

And I said, "Look, there's no. Effing. Way. You can actually solve this damn Chinese finger puzzle."

Meanwhile, Orszag fails to address the relevant criticisms made by deficit neutrality skeptics. First is that the bill's supporters double count the Medicare savings. According to a December report by Orszag's trusted arbiter, the CBO, the bill will either reduce the deficit or extend the solvency of Medicare, not both. (And for what it's worth, Medicare's chief actuary agrees.) Yet as recently as March 10—yesterday—Obama was claiming that his health care plan would "help ensure Medicare's solvency for an additional decade." Great! But according to the CBO, that means the bill won't actually cut the deficit.

The other problem is that, in an effort to elicit a better score for the bill, the "doc fix"—an expensive, unfunded change in the way doctor's Medicare payments are made—was excluded from the bill. So, as scored, the bill assumes that there will be a massive cut in Medicare payments to doctors that almost certainly will not occur.

The liberal argument for this is that the doc fix would have to be passed no matter what, so it shouldn't count towards the health care bill's score. Maybe so, but that's not what House Democrats thought when they drew up their initial draft of the legislation. And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was more than willing to hold the fix over doctors' heads in order to ensure that they would support the Democrats' reform legislation.

And what does our good friend the CBO say? Well, if you enact the doc fix in conjunction with Obama's health care overhaul, it adds $89 billion to the deficit over the first ten years.

On the other hand, I do agree with Orszag on one point he makes: When it comes to health care reform, there's a lot of misinformation and misdirection. So before passing judgment on the current bill, we really ought to make sure to get our facts straight.

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  1. Good Morning reason!

    1. If the goal of this tongue-in-cheek article was to convince me that liberals are smart, why bother? We all know that liberals can be highly intelligent, otherwise they wouldn’t be such worthy opponents. What they lack is the moral intuition that people should be responsible for their own lives, that personal responsibility creates a foundation for self-actualization.
      Throughout childhood, our educational system explicitly indoctrinates altruistic assumptions about shared responsibility and government duty. The government hires and pays the educators, who naturally (and correctly) view the government and the government bosses as their benefactors. Until government control of educational systems is lifted, we will see the continued growth of this sincere collectivist ethical compass amongst the masses who by their nature (and in some cases due to the limitations of intelligence) do not objectively evaluate their deeply held ideological premises.
      For those who got lost…the message is simple…to fight creeping socialism (which takes more ground every day), we must end public schools.

      1. If you find yourself rambling for a while, and then realize that someone is going to get lost while reading your comment, that’s a good sign that you should rewrite it.

        Did you even mean to post it in this thread?

      2. You are correct on every point.

          1. betalningsanmaerkningI dont agree though. There was something inadequate about that conversation. Beats me. best regards,

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      3. You are correct on every point.

    2. One thing that we should not forget is that the liberals are very gallant people, not all, but most of them and much of that is seen here as well. Here we must not get carried away by the fact that they are after all now having a point because they have always been and still is and always be( which we should hope not) a bunch of people who will always believe if something goes wrong, then it is certainly not their fault! Life alert

      1. I wish politics could just be left out of important issues like this. It effects everyone from doctors to those who work to fill Indianapolis physical therapy jobs. Know it has been escalated all the way to the Supreme Court. Politics is a dirty business.

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  2. “So before passing judgment on the current bill, we really ought to make sure to get our facts straight.” Why start now?

    1. Most open and ethical Congress and President Empty Suit have spent the better part of a year keeping the facts from the people. Don’t have any hearings in public, discuss the bill only in closed sessions in backrooms, don’t show the sessions on CSPAN, don’t publish the bill online or in hardcopy form, buy votes with the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback and the Florida exemption. Then we find out that the bill is full of gimmicks to hide the true cost – both to the budget/deficit and to the average ratepayer.

      Instead, how about we get the facts straight – or maybe get the straight facts instead.

      1. “how about we get the facts straight – or maybe get the straight facts instead.” Ok, you are clever this morning.

        1. Back to full speed rctl.

          1. Twice in one day. You are on the ball.

            1. You had it easy for a week. Not anymore.

              1. if only you knew my other names!

                1. What’s the best memory you have of your sister? If I can ask?

                  1. You can ask.

                    A few:

                    – Taking me out in her old Volare station wagon to do practice driving for my license when my dad wouldn’t take me
                    – Helping me get my first apartment when I got out of college
                    – Making the most dry turkey for the holidays (maybe not best, most memorable)

                    1. Sweet to have a great older sister…I wonder how those roads would have been paved without government;-)

                2. I have found others before. I haven’t had much time to read the blog, even less for the comments. But I look for you when I can. I see you used “clitme” last month – did you ask the copyright holder for permission?

                  1. I used the acronym first and therefore I own said property. Sounds legal to me.

                    1. Posession is 9/10ths of the law.

                      I’ll let you slide – you can use it without restriction.

                    2. I forgot when

                      – Taking me out in her old Volare station wagon to do practice driving for my license when my dad wouldn’t take me

                      The power steering died and I had to manhandle the boat with steering by Armstrong.

                    3. I need to google “steering by Armstrong”.

                    4. I see it literally means strong arm.

                    5. Old term – means steering with the strength of your arms, not power steering. My first car didn’t have power steering but it was light and easy to steer. Not the Volare.

      2. You are correct on every point.
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    2. Its hard to get your facts straight when you’re talking about a 2700 page bill that nobody, but nobody, understands every page and implication of.

      1. Then why Is it assumed to be negative?

        1. rctl,

          I’ve got this 10 page contract I want to sign. Here, look at page 1. Now on page 10, sign and date please.

            1. My point was that we don’t know the details and what a libertarian considers bad news, may be what I consider great news. I know a doctor posted a reply that included all the points he disliked. I plan to read It later but his view was that we absolutely needed health care reform.

            2. Now that you’ve signed the contract, page 6 says that you will sit up and bark like a seal and I feed you a fish.

              1. “My point was that we don’t know the details and what a libertarian considers bad news, may be what I consider great news.”

                Exactly. A libertarian considers it bad news anytime the government inserts itself into something it should stay out of. That is the case for most things actually.

                1. They are already involved in health care and I see reform as an attempt to correct past mistakes and to change with society.

                  1. You’re correct, the government caused the this mess in a variety of ways. What defies reason is that increasing government intervention in health care will fix the health care system.

                    1. Joe, yes, several governments have brought about this mess, republican and democratic, with the help of business. Other than government intervention, how else will healthcare be improved? Do you think pharma and insurance companies will become consumer-oriented out of the goodness of their heart?

              2. interesting fetish

                1. Could have anything in that contract. Same as the 2700 page economy-killer.

                  1. “Could have anything” Then you acknowledge it could have great things, whether you believe in freedom from government or not.

                    1. Could have great things but from experience, I know it doesn’t. Never look a gift horse in the mouth or whatever the saying is.

  3. Facts, schmacts. I think the President’s like Jean Luc Picard – “Make it so, Number One.” And it is.

    Just like on a TV show. Only in real life! TV turning to reality RULES!

    Go Jean Luc Obama!

  4. Well, the CBO report also does not include the costs to private entities, etc. of this legislation. Those costs, BTW, were in the CBO report that dealt with the Clinton healthcare proposal. So you gotta ask yourself, why aren’t they in CBO’s report regarding ObamaCare?

    1. Seward,

      Michael Cannon at Cato has been doing excellent work on this. I noted that here: https://reason.com/blog/2009/12…..ore-than-1

    2. CBO scores also don’t include costs pushed to states. The Senate bill does alot of that through the expanded Medicaid rules. There is some talk of undoing some or all of that in the house, but it’s still in the CBO-scored Senate-passed version.

  5. This notion that we can somehow get more stuff inlight of current financial condition is absurd. What we need to be talking about is all the cuts and not one penny more of benefits.

    1. Someone wasn’t paying attention last year when Congress passed the stimulus bill.

      Barry, Harry, and Nancy reassured us that we could spend (money we don’t have) our way to prosperity. And look how the economy has come roaring back since!

  6. Orszag was my econ professor at Berkeley. He was a nice guy, and really knew his stuff, but when it came to the big names in the Democratic party, he was absolutely starstruck. He managed to slip photographs of himself with Bill Clinton into several of his powerpoint lectures (oops! how did that get there?!?).
    I think that deep down, he knows better, but he is has resigned himself to being a partisan shill.

    1. he is has=he has

      1. Orzag, as I recall, along with Stiglitz, predicted that the GSEs (Fannie and Freddie) posed an almost zero default risk. Right.

  7. [Orszag writes:] “Health reform will reduce the deficit in this decade, and it will reduce the deficit by even more thereafter.”

    Cross your heart and hope to die?

  8. Health reform will reduce the deficit in this decade, and it will reduce the deficit by even more thereafter.

    And if it doesn’t?

    This is what I want: if you make predictions of this magnitude and this importance, and your plan wins out, you also must pick a penalty if your predictions fail to come true. Maybe a “break a deal–face the wheel” list, like 5 years hard labor, death, Auntie’s choice, immediate financial ruin, etc.

    I wonder how confident these people will be about their predictions then. As it is now, their predictions put our money on the line. That’s not conducive to smart thinking.

    1. or spending a weekend with SugarFree after he has ingested a case of Monster drink

      1. Troy, go to the corner and sit facing the wall for 10 minutes. “SugarFree” comes from Rockstar, not Monster. You have failed this basic energy drink test, and frankly, I’m disappointed in you. I expected more.

    2. Epi, why don’t the get a reward if does turn out? How about they get to round up all you whiny libertarians and…my ideas are too deviant to type.

      1. Their reward is continued life. Isn’t that enough for central planners?

        1. The punishment and reward must have = value.

          1. Right, so death it is!

      2. rctl,

        It will all work out;) It will run way over budget, it will add a massive amount to the debt, it will be ripe with fraud, and in the end be a complete and utter failure. Sort of like Medicare except on a much grander scale.

        What else would you expect from government? Screwups breed more screwups.

        1. Bleek, you’re right. Things will work out. I am refusing to read after the ‘;-)’. I’m sure it’s a caveat.

          1. “It will all work out”

            Ah, rctl. That would be sarcasm.

            To ignore the rest is to believe President Empty Suit when he says “Let me be clear” which is code for “I’m lying but you should believe me.”

            1. Bleek, you get 4,054,000 results when you google most politicians lie. I guess it’s not news to anybody but I can’t help hope this President(or any)will do what is best for us and not the lobbyist. I can’t help think libertarians are unnaturally cynical.

              1. Hey, how did you become a libertarian?

                1. “how did you become a libertarian?”

                  I used to consider myself to be a Democrat – voted for Clinton twice. As I got older, I saw how Democrats, although mostly in the same boat on social issues, were a disaster on fiscal issues (see current administration) and were looking to be leaders of the nanny state (Tipper Gore and PMRC were the first as I was a big metal fan at the time). Because of the conservative social side of Republicans (much too much nanny there)and wishy-washy fiscal side, that wasn’t going to work.

                  I used to joke about Libertarians – the party of the .1% of the vote. But then I did some reading and saw that the ideas and concepts of libertarianism are a close match for my thoughts in the fiscal and social areas. Then I did more reading, voted for Michael Badnarik in 2004 and here I am.

                  Most of my family was/is Republican so I never fit in there.

                  1. “Most of my family was/is Republican so I never fit in there.” So you decided to become a black sheep democrat to rebel against your family. They must have loved it when you jumped over the cliff to become a libertarian.;-)

                    1. “So you decided to become a black sheep democrat to rebel against your family.”

                      No really. I was more Democrat than anything in college.

                      “They must have loved it when you jumped over the cliff to become a libertarian.”

                      Only my oldest brother had a problem with it – he was the lone Democrat in the family after I left the sinking ship.

                    2. I posted another reply that I wanted you to read.

                    3. “I posted another reply that I wanted you to read.”


                    4. Good. I thought you did something in this entry.

                      See my response in that entry.

                    5. Just was there and left mine

              2. “I can’t help think libertarians are unnaturally cynical.”

                Not unnaturally cynical, naturally skeptical.

  9. Unfortunately, all the deliciously evil scenarios would undoubtedly fall into one of the many fetishes that exists with this group.

  10. Maybe the simple solution is the most punishment? They can act like your parents and take away your Startrek memorabilia and your Borderlands video games

    1. Why are you so bitter, rctl? No one would do team missions in Borderlands with you?

      1. Epi, I have found your weakness. Please put away any puppies when this policy comes into force and you see pretty red and blue lights outside your home.

  11. You people should listen to Orszag. Ask his bitch. He works those numbers to make his 4.5″ pea pod seem like 8. (And he talks dirty, but in a nasal voice, so it loses the effect)

  12. Now don’t forget everyone, you’re not allowed to question the motives of the Democrats, who’ve been doing their very best to shove this BS down our throats.

    Their motives are as pure as fresh driven snow. They really believe this is good for us all. Evidence be damned.

  13. Why is rctl being such an ass?

    That guy Orszag is a goofy looking sum-bitch.

    Playa – I had a prof from Berkeley last semester (I’m at Arizona State University), and the guy was terrible. I think his master’s was in Anthro, and the course was ‘Justice and the Environment’, but he was never prepared, and his “don’t judge, but then I’m going to judge, and you should read these writers who are very judgmental” shtick was lame. He did raise some interesting points about land management in Africa, but was also obviously anti-Capitalism and free-markets. He once told the class that he “didn’t get” individualists and didn’t understand why we didn’t all live some tribal existence. Of course, he didn’t look like he lived very tribal, himself.

    Anyway, the lies of the government are very concerning, and the fact that many, many people are giving the Obama administration a complete and utter pass on their lies and lack of actually doing any good for anyone but themselves and their cronies is sickening.

  14. We need to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it.

    1. I did that with chili last night…wish I hadn’t.

  15. Orszag is a budding Krugman. Highly educated partisan hack. Love the post about his tenure at Berkeley, being “starstruck.” That’s what Dems rely on, people who think that Politics is like being in the entertainment business…..

    1. It’s a freak show.

  16. with more of the so called President makes things worse–
    hope he is a ONE term President

  17. Hey, Peter

    $90 billion over 10 yrs really wouldn’t be bad, I guess – Right?

    Think a better way to approach =

    1 – Please get rid of all gimmicks – Doc fix – Medicare savings – Whatever – What does this bill cost if you take away the things that have their own life, so to speak? & Then

    2 – Could someone please explain how this bill works so well – Deficit reduciton – in 2nd 10 yr span?

    Myself, voting stricty on the #’s or $’s, so to speak – If all this bill costs = $90 billion in 1st 10 yrs & then it’s a deficit buster in 2nd 10 yrs, I’d say go for it

    So, in short, Peter, not sure you moved the dial on my understanding of the #’s or $’s of this bill – Sorry

    1. Hey FL Dave
      Sounds like your dial is busted, or is it just operator error?

  18. When a bill is so bad that they have to bribe even their own congressmen to vote for it, be wary; be very, very wary. This will bankrupt the country. Are you beginnning to see what tutelege under an avowed communist (“Frank”…Dreams from my Father) for a young man who later mistakenly becomes president can do to a country? This is Alinsky right out of the book. Why can the democrats not see this? Are there no true statesmen left in that party? Is party more important than country? I guess so; for them at least. What good is healthcare for all if the country’s bankrupt? We cannot afford another Obama manic spending episode.

  19. A couple days ago, Robert Gibbs was asked if the president might delay his Asia trip to focus on health care. Gibbs replied absolutely not. Today the White House announced that the president has delayed his trip by three days. The press is now concerned that Malia’s and Sasha’s Spring Break will be ruined.

  20. Don’t you get it by now? As soon as Obama says something it becomes true – just by virtue of him being Obama, master of the universe, savior of the world, protector of all things good and right, and best everything ever for infinity both present and past.

    Only us radical redneck racists republican gun-toting bible-thumping birther anarchists doubt the magnifigance of his proclamations. Poor dumb us – we just don’t have faith that he can hold his hands out across the budget and turn a trillion dollar debt into a trillion dollars of savings just like Jesus did with the loaves and fishes.

  21. I say, give them their healthcare bill – every single scrap of it. Maybe it will make such an incredible horror of a mess of everything that it will finally kill social engineering and central planning as plausible approaches to society once and for all. Sadly, though, I doubt it. And also sadly, not a single person responsible for the mess will suffer any real consequences for it. In public life all you can do is fail up.

    1. That’s what Mama keeps telling me.

    2. One would hope. Unfortunately, what’ll happen is they’ll say the problem is not enough money, so they’ll throw MORE dollars at it and it’ll just begin the cycle of screwing us worse and worse.

      You know, the usual.

  22. If those of you in the rest of the country want to get a really good idea of where all of this is going in terms of government expansion and fiscal irresponsibility – just look to us in California!!!! I have seen the future, and it is me.

  23. We can’t come close to paying for the entitlements we already have; Medicare alone has future unfunded liabilities of over $30T (that’s trillion). And so, Obama is focused on creating the largest new entitlement program since 1962. Since when has ANY big govt program ended up costing ANYWHERE near the initial estimates? Obamacare will end up costing five times the estimate and will explode the national debt ten years out. The Left knows this perfectly well, and couldn’t care less because the REAL objective is a massive increase in govt power.

  24. “Are there no true statesmen left in that party?”

    Surely you jest.

  25. What is being overlooked, as I see it in this whole mess, is that these Democrats, for the last 8 years, screamed about the Bush Administration taking away rights, no more habeus corpus, phone taps, and the like, and now they want the government to run health care. How ironic that those that screamed now want to take everyone’s personal, private medical records and give them to government to make decisions about their health care.

  26. Thanks all for the fun. Reading all the comments here is so much more refreshing than the liberal drivel one usually finds. Impressive to be so upbeat in the face of such disaster.

  27. In related news, I’ve just written a blog entry on the future consequences of government gimmicks which you might find relevant…

    Why the US went bankrupt: a report arrives from the future

    The Asylum has all sorts of sources, including some in the future. We were recently sent the following report on why the US went [will go?] into bankruptcy.

    Federal government used gimmicks to conceal real financial situation
    The U.S. used accounting gimmicks to conceal its bad investments that led to its bankruptcy, according to a report [that arrived from the future, after falling through a worm-hole in the space time continuum].

    The court-appointed examiner compiled the 2,200-page report after one year of investigation into the collapse of the US. The report found that the US died from multiple causes, including mortgage holdings and demands by rival nations. The US chose to “disregard or overrule the nation’s risk controls on a regular basis,” even as the credit and real estate markets were showing signs of strain, the report said. According to the report, the US shuffled billions of dollars before its collapse in a move that helped it look like it had less debt on its books.

    The report stated that the executive, was “at least grossly negligent,” and that the Treasury Secretary had warned them that the nation might fail unless it stabilized its finances.

    This report makes pretty frightening reading ? especially when you consider that it is entirely based on an actual report into why Lehman Brothers failed.

  28. I’ve been looking and looking, and finally, after quite a long time, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. I was looking for a new fairy tale, and to tell you the truth, not many writers are left who write fairy tales.

    But I came across this tale, a story of such stuff as fairy tales are made, and here it is.

    Adding 31 million people to the insurance rolls will actually save money, and reduce the deficit. Not paying doctors for Medicare expenses, and then paying them later in a stand alone bill will save money and reduce the deficit. Forcing insurance companies to pay for new, unproven and expensive treatments will save money, and reduce the deficit. And my favorite of all, $500,000,000.00 in savings and fraud reduction in Medicare will be used to fund the new Health Care System. And last but not least, we are supposed to believe that a group of politicians are giving us correct and honest facts about the true cost of an entitlement that will dwarf Social Security and Medicare.

    I tell you, Mother Goose has now been reborn, or perhaps a goose. Or a mother. You get to decide.

  29. The public is going to be shocked that for 4 years their taxes will rocket upwards with nothing in rewards from Obamacare. And wait till the illegals are all brought in. All of that will surely save money. In an alternative universe, Peter baby.

  30. It’s tough being ZerO’s celebrity budget geek, when my scalp sweats from lying about deficit neutrality, it loosens the tape on the toup. I need to call Biden about his implants and teethe whiteners, they look good on him…

  31. No Public Option? No Mandate (26+ / 0-)
    You cannot mandate people purchase private insurance and not offer a public alternative…just not constitutional IMHO.

    Give me a public option, or give me death! (seems to be the reality, eh?)

    The Meek Shall Inherit NOTHING

    by LickBush on Fri Mar 12, 2010 at 12:17:05 PM PST

    Just pulled this off of Daily Kos.

    Public Option VS Big Ole giveaway to the Health Insurance Companies.

    Pro Choice Dems VS Pro Life Dems.

    Senate Dems VS House Dems.

    Nancy says the public option is dead. LOL. Stupak says his amendment is dead. LOL.

    What happens from here?

    Every dirty trick in the book and a couple that Saul Alinsky would have never dreamed of.

    The unions are constantly harassing House members.

    The Sheet is hitting the fan.

  32. Americans have seen earnings and net worth evaporate. A lot of people voted for Obama because he promised economic salvation. He didn’t deliver. Then he promised in his SOTU speech that the economy was priority #1. He continues to do everything except attend to the economy and insists on pushing government health control passage.

    Obama doesn’t tell us the truth.

    Obama and his advisors have not a single capitalistic American bone in their collective bodies. Jobs creation requires demand for goods and services. Demand requires the desire and ability to buy. One ingredient of desire is confidence that the purchase timing is right. Ability requires money and credit.

    Instead what they propose is a gov’t health control program with front-loaded expenses and back-loaded benefits. There is no way this is not going to choke an already strangling economy.

    With jobs people can buy their own insurance and whatever else they want. But that would diminish Obama’s power. The source of his power to socialize America is the sorry state of the economy. Why would he want to improve it?

    Obama has been careful to hide his beliefs, his past, and his intentions because he knows Americans don’t want socialism. He knows that Americans have to continue to suffer economically for him to work his socialistic conversion of America.

    He knows that Americans will want immediate benefits if we have to pay immediate costs, and this gives him leverage for immediate passage of a comprehensive health bill. We can’t afford to pay now for future health care and also to pay now for present health care.

    The economic fix Obama is working toward is centralized government control of everything. America must realize that we will continue to suffer economically until we correct our mistakes at the voting booth.


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  42. Its hard to get your facts straight when you are talking about a 2700 page bill that nobody, but nobody, understands every page and implication of.

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