Finally, a Candidate With Ultra-Private-Sector Experience Who Reads Mises, Hayek, Friedman, Rand…


Who said this recently on the hustings for a big-state governorship?:

"I advocate returning to limited government, accompanied by a minimal amount of confiscatory taxation to support only essential services along with Pay as Go budgeting; means testing for all government assistance programs; abolition of all member item pork barrel spending, balanced budgets; actual surpluses and payments to reduce long term state debt"

And whose night table is weighted down with "economic texts by free market illuminaries Frederich Hayek, Milton Friedman, and Ludvig von Mises."

And who is "reportedly a big fan of the writings of capitalist philosopher…Ayn Rand"?

And who has real-life, ultra-private-sector business experience?

Go here to find out.

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  1. Aggh, its burnses! Nasty Gillespies trickses us with nasty DONDERO!!!!!!

    ERIC! ERIC! DONDEROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We hates it! Hates it! FOREVER!

    1. Grrr. I made the same gottdam mistake.

  2. Dondero link
    Haven’t seen one in a while

  3. We’ve been Ericrolled.

  4. There’s a word for this: Nickroll.

  5. Next up, Chris Kelly.


    1. “Real libertarians want to protect the homeland first and foremost.”

      Fuck! It does burn!!!

  7. Will the Daughters of the American Revolution invite her to the debate?

    (I still want to see a chromosome test)

  8. HAHA! I saw the libertarian republican in the link and thought to myself “that’s Dondero, innit?” I didn’t get any on me.

    1. Yeah, me too. *whew* that was close.

  9. I was blissfully unaware of the ED factor; now I feel used.

  10. Pikers. Never – never – follow a link without checking the comments first.

  11. I’m probably in the minority here, but I always thought the “I’m More Libertarian Than You” rants from him were pretty damn funny. The rest of his commentary was worthless, but I always got a chuckle out of a guy who spent most of the primary fellating Rudy G. telling all of us he was a real libertarian and we were all poseurs.


  12. So the ex-whore is a libertarian? Or is she just on board for a single-issue?

    1. Whore is a derogatory term for a perfectly respectable job. Also, a pox on Eric Dondero. May he eat naught but burning hot coals, and naught but burning hot cola.

  13. It’s politics, she wants to be a whore again.

  14. Ex-whore? She’s running for governor. How is that quitting the biz?

    1. She is moving from the legit side of the business to the sleazy side. Really not a positive move on her part.

  15. So what are the chances that Dondero is a customer? NTTAWWT.

  16. Aside from the Dondero thing, what’s with not telling what the story’s about (Manhattan Madam runs on libertarian platform) and insisting that you click on the link to find out?

    What is this, AOL?

    1. “Ask me what the most important thing about comedy is.”
      “Ok, what’s the most important thi–”

  17. So what are the chances that Dondero is a customer?

    Slim to none. After all, no True Libertarian(TM) would ever patronize a prostitute.

    Plus, his junk is tiny and useless.

    1. I think CN was riffing off the fact that Dondero has bragged about his patronage of the finest whores in the exotic locales he visited while bravely serving his country risking paper cuts filling out forms in the Supply Corps of the US Navy.

      1. Uh, excuse me, a sister ship of his got fired on like, five years before (or after) he was in the service, so, he’s a war hero, ya disrespectful fuck.

  18. I thought all TrueLibertarians(TM) patronized prostitutes. The rules are so confusing nowadays.

  19. What kind of libertarian goes into politics?

    1. The whorish kind.

  20. What are the chances the Tea Partiers will get behind her as an insurgent?

    1. knowing the tea partiers, slim to none.

  21. Citizen, DONDEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is the epitome of the True Libertarian(TM). Therefore, the more like DONDEROOOOOOOOOOOO you are, the closer you come to attaining True Libertarianship(TM).

  22. Why is Dondero bad? First I’ve heard of him.

    1. Start with the fact that Ron Paul fired him for being too nuts.

      1. Yeah, think about that one for a bit. Dondero may be the only person in history Ron Paul has ever gotten pissed at.

        1. He was definitely pissed at Sacha Baron Cohen in “Bruno”.

          1. I think confused and flustered describe his reaction better.

    2. He’s a douche and a poseur.

      1. Cohen? or Dondero?

  23. “accompanied by a minimal amount of confiscatory taxation ”

    She’s just another wanna be thief. The roots of corruption run deep.

    1. OMG! She’s not an anarchist! Impure! Impure!

      1. And therefore not a real libertarian. Are you one of those self-contradictory libertarians that supports the initiation of violence?

        1. Since when are libertarian and anarcho-capitalist synonymous?

  24. Wow talk about weirdness because I was just on that blog yesterday because I was reading a comment on another site that sounded crazy and then I went to click on his name and it lead me to that page.

  25. Wow talk about weirdness because I was just on that blog yesterday because I was reading a comment on another site that sounded crazy and then I went to click on his name and it lead me to that page.

    1. Miami is nice
      So I’ll say twice
      Miami is nice
      Miami is nice

      1. You mean thrice.

  26. Ida no. Despite all you guys gettin your panties in a wad over this Dondero clown, she’s probably a better choice than New Yorkers have had for a while – I’d probably vote for her, if it weren;t for the whole ‘move to New York’ thing. Pass on that.

    1. A better choice would be non of the above.

    2. “Panties in a wad?”

      Dude, you clearly weren’t here when
      was calling everyone who commented at HnR unlibertarian because we weren’t hopping on the bandwagon of that dreamboat “libertarian” candidate, Rudy Guiliani.
      Rudy F’ng Guiliani.

      Look, for most conservatives, I’m sure the G man is a passabale guy as a Prez candidate, but if Guiliani ain’t one thing he’s not a libertarian and to argue otherwise is insanity.

      took the nutty bar and ran out of the ballpark/stratosphere/universe/
      multiverse and then gave himself a reach-around telling off people who didn’t believe his antics of proclaiming Guiliani as the Great L’tarian Hope.

      1. Basically, anything
        touches is tainted, and would IMAO anyone with an once of respect for logic to question ANY of his choices.

  27. Really, Nick, that was a crappy way to tease me into going to Dondero’s website. I now have to bleach my brain.

  28. That was a shitty thing to do, Nick. I love that ED lists neo con shills like Sarah Palin and Dennis Miller, plus however one would categorize Mr. Nugent as both “libertarian” and worth reading and admiring. As much as I agree with the Motor City Madman on a number of issues, his infatuation with denial of due process sickens from me any lingering respect.
    I’ve long thought ED a shill for the neo con establishment and a none-too-subtle racist as evinced by his love for bombing innocent brown people.

  29. Reason: You fuckers owe me one pair of Hane’s boxers and 80 square inches of toilet paper.

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