Economics Gov. Gary Johnson's Economic Plan For "Our America"


On Tuesday, February 9, in the midst of one of the biggest snowstorms in recent Washington, D.C. memory, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and Harvard economist (and Reason contributor) Jeff Miron talked about economic revitalitization and Johnson's views on immigration, war, and other issues at the heart of the new organization Our America.'s Nick Gillespie intros the speakers and moderates audience Q&A. Shot by Dan Hayes and Meredith Bragg; edited by Bragg.

Approximately 35 minutes. Go to for iPod, HD, and audio versions.

For more with Johnson, go here.

To watch Miron make the "case for doing nothing" (that is, actually letting markets work) during 2008's financial crisis, go here.

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  1. Reason should be publicizing Gary Johnson a lot more than Ron Paul or Ayn Rand for tht matter. If Johnson can make a principled case for limited government without sounding conspiratorial or kooky (ron paul-ish) in the Presidential debates, he can make the establishment candidates look utterly hollow on a bunch of issues – drug war, spending etc.

    1. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Reason does what it does which is provide interesting news. Any person can help promote Mr. Johnson by their own efforts, by purchasing his book or by donating to his group.

  2. Gary Johnson spoke at my college a week ago, and I was fairly impressed. I didn’t completely agree with everything he said, but he’s walked the walk to back up his talk.

  3. One thing I really like about him is he is pro-immigration and pro choice compared to ron paul you sometimes get an anti-immigration feel from him.

    1. I talked to Gary Johnson at CPAC and I didn’t get that pro immigration vibe about him. He seems very similar to Ron Paul in this respect. I’d still vote for him, with reservations.. as I did for Ron Paul.

  4. There is no need to anoint a front-runner.

    Gary Johnson seems great. So does Paul Ryan. It’s good to see genuine leaders emerge for the Republicans that don’t come from the NeoCon camp.

    I don’t think Ron Paul will run again in 2012. I don’t think he really wants to, I think he’d rather see the baton passed onto someone with younger legs that he can feel proud about. That’s what a classy statesmen would do, and I think that is exactly what Ron Paul is.

    1. Paul Ryan seems great in the sense that he’s willing to cut medicare and social security, but I have yet to hear him talk about ending the wars and our empire overseas and he did vote for TARP.

    2. Paul Ryan?

      I would never vote for someone who voted for part, and I’m pretty sure close to every tea partier feels the same way.

      1. I’m sure they do. I am a libertarian, but orthodoxy on that line is not a requirement to get my vote.

        Libertarianism will never be a potent political force if its adherents insist on ideological purity. That’s not how national politics work, and its not the way to make a big tent that can get mutually agreed on things to happen. Unless we abandon that litmus test, we’ll always be an undercurrent.

        1. I think you err in assuming that most libertarians want libertarianism to become a “potent political force”. I for one think “politics” is a hopeless path for promoting libertarianism, and for the paths that I do think have some hope, convenient short-term compromise on the basic ideas is more harmful than helpful.

          1. An entirely valid view. I would define politics a little more broadly to include culture as well, and that is where I see the most hope for a more libertarian USA. The more teh children see the libertarian view as the common sense view, the better; the main issue being that we are above Captain Planet-style propaganda.

    3. So you’d have to think that Ron Paul would have a couple of dollars on that Rand Paul horse as his baton holder…

  5. Sorry to ruin the high minded discussion.

    What happened to The Jacket? Also, since when does The Jacket have a paunch?

  6. I gave it about 20 seconds – Johnson’s volume was too low.

    1. Your dedication is commendable.

  7. As a New Mexican who had Johnson as governor I support any effort to draft him for highest office. His approach is simple, straightforward and thoughtful. It helps that I pretty much agree with him on almost everything…

    1. Hey, Kahn, I’m in NM, too. Wanna grab a beer sometime?? Maybe Kyle Jordan will throw in, too.

      … Hobbit

  8. Johnson/Flake as the Republican Presidential candidates in 2012. A guy can dream right?

  9. The argument against doing nothing-see Japan and it’s decade long recession in the 90s following a market crash…oh, I forgot. That would mean you read about other countries and can remember events longer than 6 months past.

    1. I seriously hope you’re not suggesting that Japan did nothing in response to its 1990 crash. The Bank of Japan dropped interest rates to zero, and the state ran stimulus packages totaling more than 100,000,000,000,000 yen in the 1990s (about a trillion dollars in an economy half the size of the US). Japan never stimulated itself back into prosperity, and it’s now on the verge of a debt crack-up, despite a culture of fanatical savers.

      The same folks who pushed that rot are now pushing for more stimulus and bigger deficits in America. Mike Whitney at Counterpunch, who’s been great on Wall Street corruption and state collusion, is telling us that the state can deficit spend us into prosperity with virtually no consequences. He’s got the kind of shit they smoked in Vietnam.

  10. I tossed a donation to his ‘Our America’ – I like the guy and think he brings something better to the debates than the other usual suspects we can expect to see in 2012…

  11. Is Biron Austrian School, or Chicago School? There seemed to be very little discussion about the Federal Reserve and sound money, which leads me to believe he is a monetarist. Monetarists don’t believe money should be anchored in a commodity like gold or silver, and they see no problem in having a government-controlled fiat currency. Therefore, monetarists do not support a truly free market economy.

    1. Sorry, I meant Miron.

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