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One Loves Cap-and-Trade and Campaign Finance Laws, the Other Is Nuts


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is attacking his challenger, radio host J.D. Hayworth, in a new television ad linking him to conspiracy theorists Orly Taitz and Philip Berg. I'm surprised, considering the McCain camp is using the conspiracy angle, that they didn't mention Hayworth's recent sit down with the John Birch Society (in fairness, as Jim Gerahgty comments, it is only an interview, not an endorsement). But the line of attack is this: "These are serious economic times, yet some are consumed by conspiracies." Perhaps consumed is an overstatement, and perhaps Hayworth is obsessed with Obama's birth records and McCain's economic record, but it's a pretty effective ad.

Matt Welch's classic April 2007 piece on McCain, which was expanded into his book Myth of a Maverick, is worth rereading.

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  1. Here is what I don’t get about people like McCain. The guy went through God knows what hell in Vietnam. He has God knows what long term health problems as he gets older. He has been in the Senate for decades. He has a really hot rich wife. Why does he want to be a Senator? He ran for President and failed. He is not going anywhere else. You have to be a little nuts to want to stay a Senator at this point. Jesus, retire and count your millions.

    1. He is too patriotic and maverick-y to consider his own selfish, personal interests. Don’t you remember his calls for National Service and Self-Sacrifice?

      No, if Arizona Republicans want McCain to enjoy the blessings of private life, they will have to take the initiative and vote him out of office.

      What better way for the Republicans of Arizona to reward McCain’s selfless career – grant him the boon of retirement. He’ll thank them for it.

    2. My guess is that he wouldn’t be running if he wasn’t being challenged. He’s not the type to back down from a fight.

      1. Well, well, that sounds like a solution in itself. All opposing candidates, drop out, please.

    3. Its called power. He and his wife aren’t rich enough to get Warren Buffet or Bill Gates attention so being in politics is really the only way for him to feel important.

    4. Jesus, retire and count your millions.

      Well, it’s his father in law’s millions, but it’s all the same to a gigolo.


  2. It’s only as president that he can launch nuclear missiles at Vietnam to get his revenge. That’s the sole reason he’s in politics.

  3. Mad Max has got it. The guy believes selfless devotion to the state is the highest calling there is. It’s not about wealth, or vengeance, or even power — it’s about Duty. He’ll continue to do his, and he’ll do his best to make you do yours — as he sees it.

    1. Then the voters of Arizona owe it to him to terminate his command.

      1. Terminate? With extreme prejudice?

    2. He should do his duty, and pay us back for those fucking planes he lost.

  4. Terminate. . .the Captain?

    1. No. The LTC. He is out there operating beyond any bounds of decency. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

      1. Wow, Arizona retains some of its Wild West heritage, that’s for sure. Why, in Florida, it’s hardly ever legal for voters to terminate candidates!

        1. Why, in Florida, it’s hardly ever legal for voters to terminate candidates!

          A shame.

          1. We’re quite libertarian in some respects–no income tax, for instance–but we fall short when it comes to violent removal of candidates. I’m embarrassed, frankly.

            1. I thought Kurtz was a full-bird?

  5. Damn you, Kippers!

  6. Leave it to Arizona to give me a contested Senate election with no acceptable choices anywhere to be found. I don’t think the LP has even come up with a candidate, though I could be wrong.

      1. I’ve got to +1 Matt Welch here. You don’t have any skeletons in your closet, do you Voros?

        1. Have to ask TangoTiger. He might claim there are some.

          (Sorry, pretty obscure joke that probably only Voros will get)

          1. For those unaware, in 2000 Baseball Prospectus created “Baseball’s Hilbert Problems” – 23 problems for baseball researchers.

            #1 was (and I quote)
            Separating defense into pitching and fielding – This is one of the oldest and most vexing problems in baseball analysis. Pitching and fielding are so intertwined that they seem impossible to separate. That doesn’t mean we shouldnt try.

            Voros solved it. Or close enough that its just fiddling with details now. Enough to get my vote.

        2. Well if I was thinking of running, I probably shouldn’t bring them up should I? 😀

          I do have one (and pretty much only one) that would really bother me if it got out into the public (the crazy medication stuff doesn’t bug me though). I don’t trust anyone who didn’t go through some mental problems as an adolescent or young adult.

          And as for Tommy Tango, him and Mickey Lichtman I hope would have nothing but nice things to say about me since I have nothing but nice things to say about them.

          1. I’ve heard tell that Tango is a libertarian. Which might explain why he’s always so pleasant.

  7. WTF? McCain claims to be “cutting spending”? Didn’t that SOB vote for TARP, or was that just my imagination?


    1. Also suspended his campaign and flew to Washington to hammer out a deal for those ailing car companies to steal taxpayer money.

  8. Im glad one one in NY is running on the birther platform…..yet.

  9. The only good thing about this election so far is that Janet Napolitano isn’t going to running on the Democratic side.

    Can’t say as I felt any better represented in the Senate when I lived in Maryland, though, with Mikulski and Sarbanes in place.

  10. At this point, I’m pretty sure that Orly Taitz is really a character that someone is doing as a put-on. Has anybody seen her and Sacha Baron Cohen together?

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