Reason Writers Around Town: Peter Suderman in the New York Post on the White House's Health Care Summit


In today's New York Post, Reason associate editor Peter Suderman takes a look at what the public thinks of ObamaCare — and whether or not Republicans stand to gain from going. 

What do Republicans stand to gain from participating in President Obama's health care summit, the televised bipartisanship photo-op scheduled for Thursday? Nothing.

Given the long, steep nosedive President Obama's health care reform plan's popularity has taken since last summer — Pollster.com's multi-poll average now shows opposition at 51.6%, with only 39.8% in favor of passage — all they'd be doing is attaching themselves to a losing proposal. Especially when the president has shown little interest in scaling back and starting over.

Liberals like to argue that passing the bill is still a good idea politically — that its popularity will rise once it becomes law. But there's scant evidence to bolster this belief.

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