Instapundit Talks to Russ Roberts About Hayek-Keynes Rap Vid


Over at PJTV, Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds talks with George Mason University economist Russell Roberts, who coauthored the enormously popular and fun Hayek vs. Keynes rap video that has pulled some 750,00 views on the YouTube. Click on the screen to the right to go to the interview.

It's a wide-ranging conversation about how the project came about, how academic economists get fly girls for videos, why economics is hop popular social science of the moment, and more.

Roberts is one of the great popularizers of economics in the current moment. What's especially strong about him is that he's not really a simplifier. He's just really good at taking complex ideas and explaining them. If we had more economists like him, we'd need less economists like him!

Click on the image on the left to watch the vid. One grumble: As with the devil's fiddle solo in Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," am I the only one who thinks Keynes has the better rap? And that the devil kicked little Johnny's ass when it came to violining?

Some Russ Roberts at Reason links.

If you are still on the fence about the TARP bailout (such folks walk among us still, like zombies at dawn), then take a look at this October 7, 2008 Reason.tv interview with Roberts about just how rotten it was, is, and will be.