Hey Honey, Instead of Going Out For Dinner On Valentine's Day, Why Don't We Just Stay Home and Hate Democrats Together?


When you really love someone…

Tired of the same old boring Hallmark cards with their cheap jokes and their generic sentiment? Maybe the way to inject some romance into your life this year isn't to say, "Honey, you're the love of my life," but rather, "Democrats sure are stupid, aren't they?"  

If that sounds good to you, then you're in luck! At GOPValentine.com, The Republican National Committee has put together a handy series of Valentine's day cards featuring snarky commentary about prominent Democrats so that you and your special right-wing sweetheart can bond over shared amusement at those silly, silly liberals. Forget flowers and chocolate: true love is snickering at ACORN jokes together. 


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  1. Hey Honey, Instead of Going Out For Dinner On Valentine’s Day, Why Don’t We Just Stay Home and Hate Democrats Together?

    “Valentine’s Day”? You just described a normal day for me and my wife!

  2. Anyone have MNG’s email address?

    1. I think if you simply address it thusly, it will get to him:

      Up Satan’s Ass

  3. My wife would love one of these cards. Especially since a card is all she’s getting this year.

  4. Another day for suckers to part with their cash.

  5. Valentines Day is a conspiracy against men. It should be boycotted. That is all.

  6. I seem to have (at least) temporarily misplaced my sense of humor along with my libido…now my angerizer is ship shape though.

  7. Two of my BIL/SILs do that every day anyway.

    Every year I tell the Hub and the Diva not to buy me flowers and every year they do it anyway and I pretend to be annoyed at the senseless waste of money.

    If the DNC made similar cards you don’t think righteous urban progressive couples would give them to each other?

  8. I think they should rename this article Valentine’s for men who don’t get laid.

    1. dude, women who hate liberals are some of the hottest chicks on the face of the earth (AND they’re smart and employed).

      (Social) Liberal chicks are a bunch of Garofalo’s at best.

      1. I must write like a man.

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    1. They still doing that whole NHL thing? That’s a shame. Cut the losses I would think.

  10. Okay, very, very funny and everything, but that last line is true…

  11. Dear Valentine,

    If you think the democrats are screwing you just wait until tonight!

  12. Dear sweetheart,
    You make my pole longer than the list of Obama’s broken promises.

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  14. great. I like it very much.

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