That Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion Ad Is Even Less Interesting Than Florida's Kicking Cincinnati's Ass in The Sugar Bowl


Here's the controversial Tim Tebow Focus on the Family commercial that will run during the big game today:

Needless to say, the ad doesn't mention abortion, or choice, or much of anything else. It could be a commercial for frozen meals in a bag, an air freshener, or aspirin. It's not quite the TV anti-climax that Al Capone's vault proved to be, but it's up there.

For football-infused pro-life pyrotechnics, nothing comes close to the vid "Champions for Life," which features members of the 1986 NY Giants Super Bowl winning team musing on what Mark Bavaro calls the "abortion death squads that are allowed to run rampant through our country." That's tough talk, especially from a squad that only had to be the Broncos that year.

Like most NFL games, this video takes forever to get started (the abortion talk cranks up around the 2.30 mark, after a bizarrely mundane opening recapping the glorious "work timeout" that is Super Bowl Sunday).


In the interest of equal time (and because I couldn't find an image of Ms. Magazine's 1972 "I Had an Abortion" ad, in which 53 prominent women went public on the matter), I post a pro-choice political ad from NARAL questioning Rep. Bart Stupak's role in health care reform and repeating the word "Why?" so many times that, if nothing else, you'll be wondering why at the end of the spot.