Stopping By Sarah Palin's Speech on a Snowy Weekend…


C-SPAN has posted the entirety of Sarah Palin's speech at this weekend's Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Watch by clicking above. Discuss by commenting below.

Spoiler alert: Her first substantive spoken sentence indicates that she, unlike virtually all other politicians (and certainly those in the opposition), is "so proud to be an American." Perhaps, but is she proud of Lee Greenwood, who for one welcomes our eventual Canadian overlords?

Reason on Sarah Palin.

Final non sequitur: English majors will recognize a tortured reference to a famous Robert Frost poem (well, famous for Robert Frost, and for poetry) in this blog post's headline. To pass the time until this early evening's Super Bowl kickoff (and a halftime performance by the Who, who have promised to tear themselves apart on stage, like they used to do with their instruments), listen to this audio version of Frost's "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening," read by the master himself and which sounds like it was broadcast from the last seconds of the Hindenburg.

Take it away, Bocephus, aka Hank Williams Jr., proud recipient of honors from the Institute for Football Preparedness.