Capitalist Sex Acts Between Consenting Adults


The Washington Post's Paul Duggan has a little too much fun reporting on the travails of Montgomery County, Maryland homeowner resident Paul Pickthorne, who alienated his neighbors by hosting "bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism" (BDSM) sex parties at his home and charging admission. As Duggan notes, "Pickthorne's non-kinky neighbors" sent some angry emails to County Council member Roger Berliner. His response? Break out the zoning laws!

"I share your sense of outrage that a sex club is operating in your lovely neighborhood," Berliner wrote back. "I want you to know that my office has been advised that our County has moved aggressively to put an end to this blight on your community."

The county moved, all right. Pickthorne received a written warning from a zoning inspector Monday. But hold on. Suppose Pickthorne stops charging admission, as he says he might? Suppose he complies with the regulations and holds all BDSM gatherings as strictly noncommercial functions in accordance with Section 59-C-1.31? What then?

"Well," Berliner says on the phone, hesitating. "Certainly one has to respect everyone's constitutional rights."


[Thanks to Josh Barro for the link.]

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  1. I never understood the whole bondage and discipline thing. Role playing I can understand, but this stuff just has 0.00 appeal to me. Do the people just secretly hate themselves and think they deserve pain?

    1. Warty does.

      1. Well, hitting people is pretty fun. Other than that, I don’t get i. Ask Tony.

        1. Getting hit pisses me off and when i have no control i get turned on. When i am pissed off and turned on at the same time i blow my best nut.

    2. Talking out of my rectal sphincter here, but I would guess it’s more about appealing to the sense of doing something naughty. Remember how much fun it was to drink in high school? Remember how much less fun it was when you hit 21 and could buy it yourself legally?

      My entirely uneducated guess is that if a lot of kinky activities were more popular and accepted without a batted eyelash from society as a whole, it’d be like Yogi Berra’s famous quote: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

    3. I don’t even get role playing. I was dating a chick who wanted to do a naughty nurse thing. And I’m like, I gotta learn lines? And more importantly, why would I want to do fuck book cliche’?

      1. The columnist Dan Savage describes it as “cops and robbers for adults with your pants off”. As someone who is into I can say that definition certainly applies. It’s not always about extreme amounts of pain.

        1. Meant to reply to Mike, goddamnit I like kinky sex but blog comment systems should stay vanilla.

        2. For some reason lots of people just refuse to accept any proper description or explanation. Misrepresentations in cinema and the media are more exciting, I guess.

      2. You’re dating a woman WANTS to do kinky role play AND YOU COMPLAIN?

        Fuck you.

      3. You should have her dress as Princess Leah, so you can put your light saber in her.

    4. A little play I can understand. The fuzzy handcuffs, the soft plushy rope, a slap on the butt, etc. But the whole dominance/submission thing creeps me out. There has got to be a mental wire loose for folks to get into that. Does anyone with an ordinary, non-abusive, healthy childhood ever get into this stuff?

      1. Yes.

      2. Some people are just made that way, just as some are gay, some are straight, etc.

        1. There’s a ball-gag gene?

      3. Yes, a lot of people do, you bigot.

        1. As if you know who is and is not a “bigot” based on their like or dislike of other’s sexual lives.


          1. A bigot is someone who holds to an unreasonable position, usually due to prejudice. A good example would be considering those with a different sexuality to be mentally ill and having an abusive background.

            You can’t be clearer in outing yourself as a bigot than declaring the above “based on their dislike of other’s sexual lives.”

            I assume that you are retarded, no?

            1. Rahm Emmanuel? Is that you? 😉

            2. Wanting to beat other people, or be beaten yourself, is reasonable? I fully understand that is is done in private, and that the gub’ment has no business in it, but it ain’t natural.

              It’s like those guys who get off on shoes. Masterbating in shoes. No way homo sapiens evolved a get-turned-on-by-shoes gene. No way at all.

      4. Ahhhhhhh . . . maybe? I dated a girl who liked to be choked. I wasn’t to keen but you do what ya gotta do.

      5. The best response to that is that if you have to ask you’ll never understand. 🙂

      6. Hell yes, This is why everyone is different. If you don’t like it don’t do it. It’s like ou driving a toyota and I say I don’t like toyotas and don’t understand why anyone would ever drive one? It’s you choice as an adult to enjoy what you like — in cars or between consenting adults

    5. Bondange and Dominance/Submission doesn’t necessarily involve pain.
      Lots of people are into getting tied up and “forced” to do kinky things. And spankings aren’t really considered that exoitic either.

      The hard-core cutting, whipping, stuff … etc. I suspect the more extreme you get the smaller a percentage are into it.

  2. Suppose Pickthorne stops charging admission, as he says he might? Suppose he complies with the regulations and holds all BDSM gatherings as strictly noncommercial functions in accordance with Section 59-C-1.31? What then?

    Then freedom

  3. Do they get ummmmm, supplies, here ?

    1. Damn, can’t find it on google st view.

    2. If they are near DC they probably go to the Crucible when they are having a flea market, Night Dreams, or one of the other shops in the area.

  4. “Well,” Berliner says on the phone, hesitating. “Certainly one has to respect everyone’s constitutional rights.”

    Seems like the right answer to me. Not real sure where the story is here except for “teh sexxs”.

  5. Funny how rights seem to get nullified when money changes hands. Does that apply to the First Amendment protections as well?

    1. What if my fetish involves a transfer of funds to the chick I’m fucking?

    2. Money : Progressive Left :: Sex : Christian Right


  7. “Well,” Berliner says on the phone, hesitating. “Certainly one has to respect everyone’s constitutional rights.”

    This guy’s not a real lawmaker right? He’s only a County Council member. We wouldn’t want this sort of attitude to spread!

  8. He says that he has to respect Consitutional rights if he stops charging. I wonder if he has problems with the zoning laws (even though he enforces them).

    1. Yesterday the story was the guy took “donations.”

  9. OMG, where do you get the lego figures!

    1. Tony’s closet.

      1. Nothing about Tony is still in the closet.

    2. They’re actually called Kubricks. They do a lot of movie, comic, and video game sets.
      Too fucking expensive.

  10. Examiner story here from yesterday, plus funner pictures 😉. See what you miss when you skip the H&R morning links comment section?

    Updating with this story too.

    1. Awesome graphics, Suki…

      1. Thank you! Got a cool hit from Saudi Arabia this morning on my
        main blog. Looks like page after page is adored by someone in Riyadh. Who knew? LOL

  11. Well- if he stops charging admission, I will start going again…times are hard, ya know…

  12. “I didn’t pay her for sex your honor, I paid her to go away when we were done.”
    -Charlie Sheen

  13. How the fuck did I get left out of the Pulp Fiction S&M Lego set?

  14. Kind of ironic that throwing a BDSM party is constitutionally protected as long as it’s free, but as soon as money starts changing hands all of a sudden it’s evil, forbidden “commercial” activity.

    Fucking capitalists and their evil profit-making money-hands-changing ways!

    But, the whippings and beatings? that’s just people havign a good time.

    Funny thing is, he’s probably only charging admission to cover expenses.
    Pastic sheeting and all … (wear and tear on the dungeon equipment, etc.)

    1. He says he donates money surpluses to a charity.

      1. [incandescent light bulb appears over my head] I wonder if setting himself up as a charity fundraiser would work?

  15. Q (Masochist to Sadist): “Beat me! Oh, please beat me!”

    A (Sadist to Masochist): “Noooo…..”

    1. +1 (would you like another?)

      1. Naga was just trying the topping from the bottom crap on me yesterday in another thread. Did not work any better than the example JL gives.

  16. “Hi everyone, nice to see you on our weekly Bondage Night. Of course, entry is free now, but I’m going to ask each of you to contribute a few dollars for drinks and snacks…”

  17. O/T: Speaking of illicit sex, our state’s Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor seems to have enjoyed his fair share of it…


    Random points that I feel are noteworthy:

    1.) His ex-girlfriend’s last name is Eneman. You all should know what to do with this.

    2.) Prior to reading this article I had no idea that it was legal for cops to actually receive sex services in exchange for money during the course of an undercover prostitution sting.

  18. In recognition of the councilman’s good sense, Mr. Pickthorne has announced that he is changing his safe word to Berliner.

  19. If his neighbors know about it, I guess that means his guests show up in uniform and he doesn’t attempt to be discreet? There are several BDSM groups in Houston who throw play parties in private homes but they go to great lengths to be discreet – street clothes until you get in the house, be quiet and normal when outside, etc. There are ways to keep this on the down low.

    He oughta just find someplace with cheap rent and set up a dungeon. With commercial real estate in the funk it’s in, surely there are places to be had cheaply.

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