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Demon Sheeps on a Plane


Old news for Twitter junkies, but this Carly Fiorina ad slamming her rival would-be GOP senator from California, Tom Campbell, is just phenomenal. I think we have officially crossed over into the Snakes on a Plane era of political advertising:

Equal time, sorta: ReasonTV interviewed Campbell last year:

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  1. God, that commercial was effing long.

  2. Would have been better if it ended w/ Fiorina in full Linda Hamilton mode taking out the FCINO robo-sheep with a 12 gauge.

    1. I wanted to see some sort of carnage after watching the sheep T-101 sneak about for 2 minutes.

    2. I was thinking less Linda Hamilton and more Sigorney Weaver in Aliens.

  3. That was AWESOME!(ly bad.)

    What’s next? “There is a sheep in the meadow. For some people the sheep is easy to see…”

  4. I kind of liked it. The attacks seemed pretty credible–not the usual “He passed a law that ensures nuclear war before the end of the decade.”

    On the other hand, I think Carly Fiorina never had any place running a company, so I’m not expecting much from her.

    1. You know Pro, I used to be in the Carly Fiorina is an idiot who destroyed HP camp. But, looking back on it, buying COMPAC was really a good business move. It seems to have rejuvinated the HP computer business. Everyone said at the time that HP needed to get out of computers and just make cameras and printers. And Fiorina bought COMPAC and didn’t give up on computers. She got fired for it. But now it is looking like Fiorina is right.

      I don’t follow silicon valley that closely. So there may be other things about her tenrure as HP Chief I don’t know. But it looks to me like she isn’t nearly the idiot everyone thought she was.

      1. I always agreed with that purchase. She was doofusical in other ways.

        1. I was thinking less Linda Hamilton and more Sigorney Weaver in Aliens. how to lose belly fat while sleeping

      2. Well, HP used to make incredible printers. I bought one in the mid 80’s – used – that lasted 5 years. I bought one new in the late 90’s that lasted a year and a half.

        Maybe Compac wasn’t the disaster people (including me) thought it was. But HP’s peripherals went down the shitter on her watch.

        1. I think her record as CEO is at least defensible. She may not be the greatest CEO. But she wasn’t the worst. And frankly being a Senator is a lot easier job than running HP.

          1. For a business, I’d take her over “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap. Although I think Dunlap is exactly what government needs.

          2. You’re forgetting the part where the idea of buying PwC tanked the stock to the point where they couldn’t do it. That was sheer brilliance!

            Also, if this ad is any indication of the quality of the medical pot these days, I may have to move back.

      3. Daily nitpick: It’s Compaq with a q.

      4. Not to rewrite history, but I’m thinking the fact that HP had AMD processors during the whole Pentium IV period (which I think can be accurately described now as a ‘debacle’, and probably more damaging than Itanic), while their main competitor Dell stuck with Intel for the spiffs had a bit more to do with their resurgence as PC makers.

        Not to mention IBM, as IBM is oft wont to do, decided to keep sucking at it until they found someone to offload their biz onto (Lenovo).

  5. So do the sheep represent the Californian voters?
    I’m not sure that a candidate depicting me as a sheep sends out a good message…

  6. Shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?

  7. There is no such thing as “In Name Only”, you either are or are not.

  8. Why didn’t it end with Carly dolled up in a “Naughty Bo Peep” outfit, leading the preciousd little sheeple to the abbatoir?

    Everyone involved in making that commercial should be killed in the slowest, horriblest way possible.

  9. The squirrels must have put that extraneous “d” in there. It couldn’t have been me.

  10. That ad is awesome. Death-sheep with frickin’ laser beams for eyes want to raise your taxes!

    It needs more explosions and boobies, though.

  11. Yes, California, vote Carly Fiorina for the Senate.

    She can do the same thing for you as she did for Hewlett-Packard.

    1. Merge with Texas?

      1. Turn the premier printer manufacturer into an also-ran.

      2. No F*in way we’re merging with California!

    2. See my comment above. I don’t think her time at HP looks as bad as it once did. And she is replacing Barbara Boxer. So, it is not like it would take much to improve things.

  12. What I simply do not get is how people can claim to be ‘fiscal conservatives’ when the spend every dime in the boom times so there is nothing to cover the economic slump. (It is even stranger when governments run deficits during the boom times.)

  13. Well, she just lost the vote of everyone who moved to California from Montana.

  14. After that how could I vote for him. I mean, did you see those eyes?

  15. everyone who moved to California from Montana.

    That’s a pretty small slice of the demographic pie.

  16. Vote Carly Fiorina:
    She’ll protect you stupid sheeple.

  17. It was kind of hilarious, but I thought it would never end. Also, you do know the plural of sheep is sheep, right? I suppose the extra ‘s’ is just to be ironic.

  18. If “Chainsaw” Dunlap were President, he’d probably want to scrap the nuclear submarine fleet in order to have more marching bands.

    1. Yeah, but he might also cut federal payrolls by 40%. And unlike at Scott or Sunbeam, these would be truly non-productive employees he’d be getting rid of. Also, congress would stop him from cutting the subs.

      They would, however, triple the federal marching band program.

  19. Oh hey – is Campbell hunky? Looks like he might be hunkish.

    That’s my new standard for judging pols. If they’re a) not Democrat and b) cute, I like ’em.

    After the Repubs retake Congress and fuck things up differently, I’ll then start applying the “not Republican/cute” standard.

    In the meantime, Congress needs more men who aren’t painful to look at.

    Note: I never thought John Edwards was good looking. I knew he was a smarmy, girly, pussy asshole from the very beginning. Because of the hair, the face, and the trial lawyer thing. I can almost, sort of, maybe understand why some people got swept up in the Obama thing. The Edwards thing will never make any damn sense.

    1. So you’re saying Waxman doesn’t do it for you? (Warning: may cause blindness in sensitive individuals).

      1. Nice try, Penguin. No way in hell would I click on that.

        There’s unattractive, there’s ugly, there’s painfully ugly, and then there’s Henry Waxman.

        If you type Henry Waxman into Google, “henry waxman ugliest man alive” is one of the suggestions.

        Y’know, that almost makes me not hate him. How fucking horrible would it be to have people say that about you? Would it be any easier for a man than a woman?

  20. I would also like to nominate “F(is)cino” as the best new term for “sheep fucker” invented this year.

  21. I thought that was awesome, but then again I like campy stuff. I even liked the voice over actor. He reminded me of a Ripley’s piece from the 80’s about the chupacabra or something. Hilarious.

  22. why is this man whispering?

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  24. Matt didn’t even show up in person? No chance he’s going to get hit in the face with a chair. What a gyp.

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