White House Adviser Rahm "Rahmbo" Emmanuel Apologizes For Calling Liberals "Retarded"—But Not to Liberals


Nanny nanny boo boo, stick yer head in doo doo

When liberal Democrats threatened to run ads against moderates party members who were holding out on health care reform, nine-fingered senior Obama adviser and noted sender-of-threatening-dead-fishes Rahm Emmanuel reportedly responded with two words: "Fucking" and "retarded."

On the strategy's merits, Emmanuel, who's known as the White House's resident arm-twister was almost certainly right: Democrats don't currently have the votes to pass health care reform; it's unlikely that stepping up the party infighting would bring those votes into existence. But as a matter of offense, there's a limit to what even a Hill head-knocker like Emmanual is allowed to be quoted saying in the Wall Street Journal. So he apologized… just not to the Democrats; instead, he apologized to the CEO of the Special Olympics, who's running a campaign against the use of the word "retard." Message received, sir: Calling liberals "retarded" is unfair to the disabled. 

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  1. “Calling liberals ‘retarded’ is unfair to the disabled.”


    1. Who calls the medically challenged ‘retarded’ anymore?

      That’s a word that’s changing in usage and truly does apply to liberals.

    2. Rahm said, “Liberals are fucking retarded.”
      Rove replied, “That’s where baby liberals come from.”

  2. It’s a fucking insult to retards.

  3. Good luck getting into the top 5 this week, Peter. I’m crossing my fingers.

  4. The dead fish story is legendary and whether you agree with Rahm or not, his biography is interesting.

  5. Maybe he should have to ride on the Congressional short bus this week, to learn a lesson.

    1. Maybe he should have to ride on the Congressional short bus this week

      I seriously doubt there is enough room. I believe they went ahead and got a fleet of full-sized buses to accommodate all of the intellectually diminutive Congresspeople.

      1. Ugh, people. The short bus joke is so wrong, in so many ways. Most importantly, it’s stale and uninspired (thus not funny). Also, it is needlessly rude to all the kids who take the G** D*** short bus! For god’s sake. It IS inappropriate to say “retard” about someone with whom you disagree, and it’s also inappropriate to fall back on the short bus joke. THINK.

        1. Clara, “stale and uninspired” is part of the puerile philosophy with these boys. Hell, you’ll die laughing when you read the sexist crap. I think of this site as “for entertainment purposes only”.

  6. “Democrats don’t currently have the votes to pass health care reform”

    Why not? That Senator Kirk fellow from MA still keeps voting. In fact, he was the 60th vote for cloture on the nomination of Patricia Smith to be solicitor in the Department of Labor.

    1. Count the votes in the House. The original House bill had 220 votes – a two vote margin. Pelosi has already lost two yes votes; Cao, a Republican who won’t vote yes this time, and Wexler, who left and won’t have his seat filled before voting. So she’ll need every vote she had from before. But look at who’s expressing caution, and you see a number of moderate, and even a few liberal, Dems, who’re signaling strongly that they don’t want to go along. Also, there’s Bart Stupak, who previously held up proceedings in order to get stricter abortion language attached. Stupak likely represents additional pro-life Dem votes. The Senate bill, which is what the House would be voting on, doesn’t have the strict Stupak language. We obviously don’t have a hard whip count, but Pelosi has admitted — and the best info suggests — that the House currently doesn’t have 218 at the moment.

  7. Rahm is probably a pretty smart guy; it’s a shame he doesn’t put his talents to more productive use.

    As a mafia hit man, for example.

  8. You know, his brother Ari is CEO of William Morris. I find that disturbing for some reason.

    1. See? That’s what I like about the British. Very classy, very reserved. Only they would have a high-end hit man company.

  9. nine-fingered senior Obama adviser

    Hey, I hope the budget allows for getting him one of these.

    1. Credit where credit is due, he’s nine-and-a-half fingered.

  10. … instead, he apologized to the CEO of the Special Olympics, who’s running a campaign against the use of the word “retard.”

    I’ve got some late breaking news. If we start referring to these folks as education strivers, mentally challenged or just plain stupid they will still be retarded.

    1. Of course we could go retro and resume calling them morons, idiots and imbeciles.

      1. It’s the euphemism treadmill in action. No doubt the current preferred words will become offensive at some point. As long as people like to make fun of retards, whatever word used for them will unfortunately become tainted.

        1. And people will always like to make fun of retards. That’s just the way of the world.

          1. ‘Tards, the deaf/blind, and midgets. God definitely has a sense of humor.

            On a related note, watched The Toxic Avenger 1 through 4 this past weekend. The Special Olympics must fucking HATE Troma Films.

        2. Their solution to the euphemism treadmill is to make the euphemisms longer and more unwieldy so as to become annoying to anyone who isn’t using it in the intended sense.

          The problem is that the people who are using the term in a work environment will invariably use some sort of shorthand to speed things up, which will eventually make it into the wild.

      2. I thought that moron was the technical term for someone in the class between ordinary dumbass and genuine retard.

        1. Moron, imbecile, and idiot were once all medical terms just like retarded. In a few decades, no one will care about “retard” any longer.

          Personally, if you are not calling someone who is mentally disabled a retard, I don’t see what the problem is. You don’t call mentally disable people retarded any longer.

          1. You left out “mongoloid.”

            1. Mongoloid was always an insult, though. It was used to describe Down’s Syndrome children when the defect was thought to be a evolutionary regression to the primitive “oriental” visage.

              Mongoloid had a legitimate meaning that had nothing to due with below-average intelligence.

              1. I thought it meant “happier than you or me”.

        2. I read in the WSJ a year or so ago that the bottom term — profoundly retarded — had been politically corrected/reduced to “profound”. True story.

          1. Nice, the people with IQs 70-80 aren’t retarded anymore.

            This is one of the steps towards making Idiocracy come true. When i was growing up, “average” was 90-100. Now “average” is 80-90. In another 20 years, 70-80 will be the average, and another 20 years will have us all in the mentally deficient category, and voila, Idiocracy. 40 years, tops.

            IQ of 136, bitches.

            1. I’m pretty sure the standard deviation is 15 pts on the IQ curve. So anyone between 85-115 is in the first standard deviation from the norm. 63% of the population will fall there. Average won’t move. The tests have been renormalized a couple times since being first designed.

            2. I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that an IQ of 100 denoted that you are of exactly average intelligence for someone of your age. That means that no matter how stupid people get, 100 will still be the average. Now if we use an average over all time, instead of a current average, as its implicitly defined, then you will indeed see people’s scores dropping as they get stupider.

          2. If your IQ’s below 20, how the hell are you even going to be offended by the terminology with which someone refers to you.

          3. IQ Range Classification
            70-80 Obama Apologist
            50-69 Hillary Clinton fan
            20-49 Paul Krugman fan
            below 20 Al Sharpton fan


      3. Droolers.

    2. Actually, develpomentally disabled is the correct phrase, although mentally retarded is still acceptable as a medical definition. You miss the point. It’s time to stop using the word “retard” as a pejorative about any person you don’t like. It’s lazy and it’s rude.

      1. What a profound statement.

        1. I thought Window Licking-American was the new phrase.

          Also, if you are calling someone you don’t like a retard isn’t being rude the point?

      2. AS a person who is diagnosed with “energy deficent syndrome” I object to your use of the word ‘lazy’ it’s rude and offensive to us with this serious condition.

  11. Love it when these muttonheads open their yaps and say stupid shit. If only there were more microphones…

  12. Maybe he should have to ride on the Congressional short bus this week, to learn a lesson.

    There’s no room.

  13. For the life of me, I’ve never understood the whole Rahmbo narrative; i.e., former ballerina morphs into Luca Brasi, intimidating DC political enforcer.

    How big a pussy do you have to be to “fear” this guy? What exactly are you afraid of — that he’ll call you naughty words while performing an angry pirouette?

    1. His eyebrows can capture and consume a full grown human in less than three minutes.

      1. This is a fact. He once made the mistake of scratching his eye.

        1. I thought he lost his finger in a tragic butt-skiing accident.

          1. He lost his finger when Obama bit it off to seize the Ring.

    2. Exactly, iowahawk, I made the same point a few months back on here and received protestations that really surprised me to the degree people buy into these obviously bullshit memes.

      So what if his parents were proto-Mosadist. My dad was a commie killin’ member of the 82ns Airborne but that says nothing about how you should regard me.

      I bet Yasser Arafat could have handed Rahm a gun and a knife, and ordered Rahm to stand in the corner while Yasser slept on the cot and Rahm would still be standing in that corner with his back turned the next morning.

      He is a member of the soft class with delicate little hands, people, not a natural born killer.

      1. “You got soft hands, city hands… You’ve been countin’ money all your life.”

        1. Ah, Quint! If I could have remembered where the quote originally came from, I would have incorporated it correctly.

    3. He works the way any whip does – powerful Democrats owe him favors, and he’s successful in directing party funds to candidates that stay in his good graces. We all know there’s nothing a politician fears more than losing an election.

      1. +1

        I have a special hatred for Vanity Fair tough guys. The two page spread where even an obvious dweeb like Geitner is dressed up like a mobster, and snarls and curses in the story. It obfuscates what real political power is about which you described pretty well.

    4. Actually, he makes me laugh.

    5. What exactly are you afraid of — that he’ll call you naughty words while performing an angry pirouette?

      In a tutu and leotard? Pretty. Fucking. Scary.

    6. You are so going to get slapped for that, mister!

      Slap, slap slap!

  14. Now I see on Drudge Palin has joined in calling for Rahm’s head. She has a special kid, and is a little special herself so her opinion gets extra special consideration.

    I am frankly disappointed. There was a time when a Republican would have rather taken a bullet in the gut than to behave like every other thin skinned and overly sensitive member of society.

    Singing a rap ditty to ‘Pants on the Ground’, MNG everybody!

    Sand in their pussy,
    Sand in their pussy,

    Everybody lookin’ like wussies with sand in their pussies . . .

    1. Right wing PC is truly a thing of great lameness.

      1. You, sir, offend me.

  15. It kills me how those who care about the cognitively challenged keep insisting the negative stigma stems from the semantics.

    When I was a boy, we called such people “mental”. Then we were taught that they were “retarded”. Then there was “learning disability”. And eventually “special” came to mean the exact same thing as when we use to point to our head and say “mental”.

    They’re still at it, even recycling some of the old labels.

    1. My ex-wife was ‘tarded, and now she’s a pilot, dude.

    2. It’s ubiquitous:

      The same pattern emerges when one examines the actual terms used by the military. Shell shock, which was used predominantly during World War I, is an alliterative phrase with two syllables, and makes a direct reference to the cause of shock ? an exploding shell. Battle fatigue and combat fatigue, which were used unofficially in the early parts World War II and again during the Vietnam War, still include a reference to causation: battle and/or combat. Yet both phrases are four syllables, double the number in shell shock, and they use a less negative descriptor in fatigue. Combat exhaustion and operational exhaustion, used during the Korean War, up the syllable count again, in one instance making the phrase four times as long as shell shock, and the direct references to the cause of the condition are removed completely. Post-traumatic stress disorder, a term which did not officially exist until 1980 but which
      has been applied to veterans of the Vietnam War and all other military conflicts since, adds a hyphen and softens the language yet again. The person’s body is no longer in shock or injured, but is in “disorder” as the result of some type of “stress,” which may have nothing to due with combat. (Similar changes are seen in the diagnostic criteria for shell shock, gross stress reaction and post-traumatic stress disorder,

        1. I can’t get the link to work.

  16. Malcolm Tucker would have never apologized!

  17. I have nine and a HALF fingers, dammit, you fucking retards.

  18. We are sofa king we todded.

    1. Not so fast, loses meaning.

  19. You can call your outhouse a “remote temporary sanitation facility” but it still smells like shit when you open the door.

  20. Perhaps if the Whithouse had bothered to come up with a decent plan that a majority of the public supported they would have gotten Health Care Refrom. Liberals act like they are the vicims of some nefarious plot. No, there is no plot. You just have a lousy plan no one likes. If you had a popular plan, it would have passed after the August recess.

  21. That dude is pretty funny shen you think about it.


    1. The great and divine AnonBot changes the spelling of a common word…what does it all mean?



    November 11th, 2008 at 7:36 pm
    By The Democrats


    Obviously there has been a HUGE mistake?..

    Palin’s Dribble, Weasel Wording, Mush-Mush, Asssss-Backwards speak Cleary demonstrates who carries the Down Syndrome trait in her family, because of this we (the democrats) will allow you to send her back to Wacky-silla without prejudice and select another candidate.

    For this consideration the Republicans agree to sell Alaska to Russia (with Palin) and never mention the State of Alaska or her again.

    P.S. Why does Palin repeat herself in the same sentence and add extra words that don’t belong!! Reading a Quote from her makes me feel like I am in the advanced stages of dyslexia. Does Anyone else have a problem with this? Is there anyone out there from the North Slope who speaks Wacky-silla?

    1. Is this some new anonomynity bot ad?

  23. What’s the over/under on how many days after the November election before this schmuck will be out of the White House?

    1. I am not so sure. I think Obama is a true believer. He just might dellude himself enough to keep Emmanuel and Axelrod.

  24. What I want to know is: where is the dividing line where it stops being okay to make fun of stupid people? How stupid do they have to be before it stops being funny, and starts being mean?

    Also, it’s pretty amazing that fucking Johnny Knoxville treated the mentally handicapped with more respect than Obama or Emanuel. Maybe those two guys are just morons.

    1. When those stupid people are in positions of authority, it is always okay to make fun of them no matter how mean it would be in other context. Some day when Emmanuel and Axelrod are reduced to their proper stature in society of standing on street corners preaching at the top of their lungs and handing out flyers, it will be mean to laugh at them. Until then, feel free to make fun of them.

  25. Retarded liberals need the most love.

  26. Some day when Emmanuel and Axelrod are reduced to their proper stature in society of standing on street corners preaching at the top of their lungs and handing out flyers, it will be mean to laugh at them.

    Mean, maybe – Fun, definately!

  27. The representatives from my district when I lived in Chicago:

    1) Dan Rostenkowski
    2) Republican who served for two years when Rostenkowski went to jail.
    3) Rod Blagojevich
    4) Rahm Emanuel

    Nice district, eh?

    1. Have you had the water supply tested?


  28. Do the Special Olympics object to the use of the term “Paultard” or “libertard” as well?

  29. Rahm Emanual is a discrace… he is an insult to the human race.. Why is it that we allow the Boy to get away with such crude and hurtful language.What is his connection… Is it his nams?? is it his background? is it his religion?? One does wonder….

    It seems that the liberal press has given him a pass on this… One only has to guess on the connection…

    Torah, Torah, Torah

  30. follow up… Lets talk stright..

    Emanual is a fucking Jew boy who thinks being agressive and crude makes him smarter than the rest of us.

    1. follow up…on your follow up…Lets talk straight.Joe is a fucking anti-semitic who thinks… wait strike that

      1. forgot to insert anti-semitic ASS.

        1. Watch out joe. You might get a dead fish in the mail.

  31. Rahm is in need of a sex change operation so he can wear the pink dress to the White House Dinners…

    what a pitiful excuse for a man… what a discrace……what a low life…. but what the bloody hell,, he does advise our President…. Only ion America..

  32. All kidding aside…People who follow and believe the Republican way of thinking really DO have to have some level of mental retardation. I know no other way to explain the low level of thought, thinking skill and inability to understand what is fact, fiction or truth.

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