Huffington: "Beck Says Nasty Things"; Ailes: "So Do You!"


I've been pretty critical of Fox News in the past, and think that some of the criticism leveled against people like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity is justified (though much is overheated). And one would have to be living in a Beatrice Webb world of ideological devotion to not see that, opinion programs aside, the network's news coverage slants to the right. But watching this exchange between Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington on ABC's This Week, I had to (sort of) agree with Ailes.

Ailes's response—that there is some pretty inflammatory stuff on Huffington Post too—is fair. And there is a weird condescension embedded in Huffington's comment; one that implies that those rubes watching Glenn Beck will be incited to violence (her website recently accused Beck of instigating the "murder" of a Tennessee census worker) because, after all, they are "suffering." Her audience, on the other hand, is too busy clicking through photo galleries of celebrity breast augmentations to grab the Mannlicher-Carcano and shoot Dick Cheney.

So Beck's idiotic comment that Obama hates white people (which Huffington alludes to and Ailes says the host apologized for) is an outrage against civility and an affront to democracy. Keith Olbermann's recent comment that Sen. Scott Brown (R-Ma.) is an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees" isn't likely to dislodge Arianna from her frequent guest spot on The Countdown.

Appearing on Olbermann back in November, Huffington argued that there is an "exemption to the free speech protected by the First Amendment" that should prevent Beck from terrorizing the airwaves and inciting the hillbillies (quote comes at about 3:40 into the segment):

Also, when Huffington bemoans the stupidity and partisanship of Fox News, remember this recent piece from her website, which ruminated on what "Mary Jo Kopechne would have had to say about [Ted Kennedy's] death, and what she'd have thought of the life and career that are being (rightfully) heralded. Who knows—maybe she'd have thought it was worth it."

NEXT: Obama: 'I Don't Think I Said That.' In Exactly Those Words. In That Particular Speech.

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  1. I strongly encourage a look at the photo galleries of celebrity breast augmentations:…..03236.html

    1. Some of those are horrific. My God.

      1. These are pretty much all horrific.

    2. Tori Spelling said she got one in her 20s

      Well at least that is a partial explanation for why they are so hideously lopsided but couldn’t her dad have sprung for the other one?

    3. Holy fuck. Fake tits suck.

      1. If I can touch ’em… they’re real.

  2. Ailes and Will tag teamed Huffington, Kruginator, and Babwa Wawa like two sailor on leave. Ailes is almost a caricature of himself, the fat cat businessman, which made his bashing Huffpo ho and Kruggy even better.

  3. Pelosi and Huffington on the same day? I’m gonna sue you guys for my carpal tunnel syndrome. In both wrists. Bastards.

    1. That’s a lot of fapping. Try taking a cold shower.

  4. If Olbermann and Huffington decided to breed with each other, the resulting offspring would literally be too stupid to breath.

    1. Maybe you should just stop posting for a few weeks.

      1. Maybe you should bite me.

    2. *breathe.

      Damn Internet laws…

      1. Don’t you mean “L4vvZ”?

  5. “I’m the bigger dickhead.”

    “No, *I’M* the bigger dickhead.”

    “OK, we can both agree that Olberman is a bigger douchebag than both of us put together along with used car dealership sales force thrown in.”

    1. True. Oldbermann is the biggest douche on TV. Even more than Beck.

      1. They need a Douche Awards. Wait, what am I saying? The Grammys were just last night.

        1. Of all things, Jon Stewart already gave the douche award to Olbermann.

      2. That’s ’cause Beck is mildly retarded, whereas Olbermann really means it.

        1. Apparently you have never watched his tv show, listened to his radio broadcast or read any of his books.

          1. I have and he’s right. Olbermann really does mean the crazy bullshit he spits at the camera.

        2. Olbermann has been full retard for awhile.

  6. Anyone else getting sick of Michael C. Moynihan’s peevishness?

    Does he share Huffington’s fear that over heated debates lead to violence?

    Why can’t Limbaugh say “Hitler”?
    Why can’t Obermann say “Racist”?

    1. I think Moynihan was pointing out the hypocrisy of it all, not saying “ooh he said a bad word.”

    2. But Hitler and Obermann are both racists.

  7. I never watch Beck and I am still wouldn’t know Hanity from Job. I am told that he hosts one of the shows on Fox. Here is my question; even assuming for the sake of argument that both of them say crazy and inflamitory things, do either one of them demand that government power be used to forcibly silence their ideological opponents? If the answer is no, then Olberman and Huffington are a lot more dangerous and offenisve because they both do exactly that.

    1. Yeah the argument seems to be “our audience is more sensible there fore we can incite them with inflammatory language while Becks audience are unruly therefor he needs to be silenced”

      Moynihan sort of alludes to that but not very well and mostly focuses on how rude they all are.

      My general response is that Moynihan can go fuck himself. His obsession that the medium is the message is bullshit. Both sides use the same medium and over the top the language. The important thing is not Moynihan prudish sensibilities to the form but which one is right.

      If he does not like it then he can chose not to report on it and can stick with the political corespondents who debate issues using 19th century poetry scrawled on cocktail napkins.

      1. Exactly: the unspoken assumption here, as in most liberal political analysis, is that liberals are enlightened and normal, while conservatives are hillbilly wackjobs.

        But I think you’re totally off on Moynihan’s position.

        1. But I think you’re totally off on Moynihan’s position.

          Moynihan is the same guy who had conniption fits over Rush when he compared the left to Nazis. Of course he neglected to mention (or even link to the transcript) that Rush was responding to claims by democrats that conservatives were nazis.

          Of course this is all part of the game and and even if Rush just out of blue called Democrats Nazis what is the big fucking deal? Moynihan has demonstrated time and time again that he wants some sort of rules to debate and political discourse. And he has demonstrated time and time again that he values the form of the debate rather then the substance.

  8. The Fox News add on this article makes it all worth it.

    1. Did they add alot or alittle?

  9. Huffington plays a talking bear on a FOX animated sitcom. Just something that makes me giggle as she badmouths FOX.

    Otherwise… yeah. Though I do have to disagree with Nooge. Olbermann is only the second biggest douche on television. Number one is Nancy Grace. And it’s not even close. Oldbermann is Walter Cronkite compared to Nancy Grace.

    1. I am not sure that Grace really counts. Don’t you actually have to be a human being to be considered a douche?

      1. The most terrifying thing (among many from which to choose) about Nancy Grace is her nostrils.

        1. I would do her if she was ball gaged.

          1. Dear god, no! I wouldn’t fuck her with Pelosi’s dick.

            1. There is room in this world for us non-Puritains you know.

    2. Oldbermann is Walter Cronkite compared to Nancy Grace.

      Walter Cronkite was a fear monger and a liar. I don’t know where you are going with this. Oldbermann is worse then Grace?

      1. Well yes, but that would still make him better than anyone on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, or the national bureaus of ABC/NBC/CBS.

      2. “Walter Cronkite was a fear monger and a liar.”

        Was he Fear-Monger-in-Chief?

      3. No, nothing is worse than Nancy Grace.

        On that, the science *is* settled.

    3. I dunno. I’d call Grace the human equivalent of an intestinal helminth. Not really a douche. It’s a different quality of scumminess.

  10. How do you guys even watch these news “personalities”? If I have the TV on and somehow one of these people comes on, I will literally push my grandmother in front of a moving train in my rush to change the channel. I cannot stand these people; they are like torture to me.

    1. HEAD! MOVE!

      1. He’ll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow.

        1. Exactly.

    2. I would watch if the sound engineer dubbed in some inappropriatrly timed laugh track or some pant-splattering fart noises. Once per week or so would do.

    3. + a huge ammount.

      I spent exactly two days flipping through the cable news opinion shows when the Clinton blowjob scandle blew up before it hit me, ‘this is a total fucking waste of time.’ I admit, two days makes me a slow learner, but I have never stopped to watch those channels since.

      Hell, I got rid of everything but basic cable two years ago. Between Netflix, a few gaming/media consoles and the ‘net why would I need overpriced premium cable?

      1. Sometimes you’re feeling masochistic and want to hear Chris Matthews’s useless, half-witted quips. Other times you want to turn on Fox for the official party line. It’s not hard to figure out after 30 minutes, whether you’re watching a pundit or a news report, they all say the same thing, just in a different way.

        I remember watching Fox News the day the Rev. Wright videos surfaced. It really was a constant loop, as Obama described it. And I distinctly remember them inserting *breaking news* stories of black people being violent, at random intervals.

        This is not to say other stations don’t have an agenda, but Fox definitely does. I don’t watch cable news anymore because the pendulum has swung back to sadism. Now I argue with attractive liberal girls until they hate me. Wait, maybe I still am a masochist.

  11. Dude, are you serious? I mean really!


    1. I mean dude! Are you really serious?

      1. Yes, the annonymity bot really is serious.

  12. the network’s news coverage slants to the right

    Shep Smith has been slanting left pretty hard for the past year or so.

    1. I would be curious to see how many hours of Fox News Moynahan has ever watched in his life. The times I have watched it, I found it to be more tabloid than biased.

      1. Generally with you there brother John.

        Scroll down or just search on Marxist.

      2. Special Report with Bret Baier is pretty good.

  13. “…(her website recently accused Beck of instigating the “murder” of a Tennessee census worker)…”

    Wasn’t it a Kentucky Census worker?

    1. Tennessee, Kentucky, what’s the difference?

      1. Hey now!

        1. Florida, Georgia, it’s all south.

          1. Iran, Japan, they are both in Asia.

            1. Iran, Japan, they are both in Asia Korea.


              Ontario, Detroit, they are both Canada.

          2. Where do you live again? Canada South?

            1. Microsoftville. Amazontown. You know.

              1. Ah, formerly Boeington.

    2. Wasn’t it a Kentucky Census worker?

      Pretty sure it was a federal census worker. Working on that enumerated-in-the-constitution census in a State that wishes to be called a Commenwealth.

  14. And wasn’t it not a murder but a suicide despite the claims otherwise? Unless there is some other murder, that is some pretty piss poor work by Moynahan. Not only was it not in Tennesee, it wasn’t a murder. Oh well, I guess Moynahan figures the hillibillies wanted to do something like that. So that is good enough for Reason work.

    1. In Moynihan’s defense, he did put scare quotes around “murder”.

      1. Pretty weak defense there bubba.

      2. When i read it i took it on faith that Moynihan understood that it was a suicide. In fact i think he wrote about it and i know Reason wrote about it.

        His statement could have been clearer. I understood what he meant by this but you are right a first time reader who did not know the back story would not have gotten it.

    2. I would assume he took it for granted that we all know by now that there was no murder, hence the quote marks. And if the website really did accuse Beck of instigating murder, it’s appropriate for Moynihan to point that out. Whether the murder really happened or not, the accusation itself is legitimate news. The fact that it didn’t happen only makes the accusation all the more ridiculous.

  15. Arrianna is a Commie whore who pretended to be Conservative for awhile but appeared as a Commie like those sleeper spies we used to read about.

    And don’t stare at her too long or she will turn you gay like she did Michael Huffington.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

    Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

    1. Undermoron, how much would I have to pay you to participate in these monkey knife fights I throw every Thursday night? You can have a cool name even, like “Chimp Shlomo” or “The Lemur from Beersheba”.

      1. Everything is Jews with you Epscheiss.

        1. Now that is rich, UnderIronyChallenged. Go look up projection and start reading.

      2. Warty,

        The man makes a good point. Huffington was making herself out to be the Rand reincarnate while she was married. Now she is trying to be Carter in drag.

        1. The woman’s been pretty much under my radar, as seems appropriate.
          As I remember, she was married to a rich guy who ran for CA governor as a conservative. His bucks didn’t buy the election, but she was pitching in wherever she could with the ‘word’ (and the ‘blond’)
          Turns out some time later that he’s gay. No problem, but she *married* him!? What, this is like Presley marrying Whacko? “I really didn’t know!” Right!
          Anyhow, next thing is she ends up a lefty ‘commentator’ on TV as I recall. Such cynicism is hard to find outside DC.

          1. Yep. That’s one way o’ sayin’ it.

            I never gave a shit which way her guy swang, that is between them far as I care.

  16. And for all you Reasonoids, retarded Glen Beck had Nick Gillispe (sp) on.

    I recorded that show.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

  17. The only time I ever saw Olberman was that clip of Jon Stewart making fun of him, which is also the only time I’ve seen Jon Stewart.
    I’d read that Stewart was lame (PETA? c’mon!), but by comparison to the foaming-mouth Olberman, he looked, shall we say, ‘reasonable’.
    I have a feeling this is similar to Bush beginning to look good by comparison.

    1. You are way ahead. But Stewart does have his good moments.

  18. Huffington = cunt

  19. the network’s news coverage slants to the right.

    Perhaps that is the view from Marxists who taste it for moments until puking.

  20. How DARE YOU SIR! Miss Precious Perfect must now return to her favorite spot — Ariana’s crotch.

  21. …which ruminated on what “Mary Jo Kopechne would have had to say about [Ted Kennedy’s] death, and what she’d have thought of the life and career that are being (rightfully) heralded. Who knows — maybe she’d have thought it was worth it.”

    In that it prevented Ted Kennedy from becoming president? Definitely.

  22. Ever since Huffiana’s posturing as a Contract With America Republican turned out to be a bigger sham than her gay marriage, people have questioned her credibility on…well everything.

    When I was a little kid, Rush Limbaugh used to play this character on the local news radio station in DC, the character was a spoof of a blow hard conservative, but this was during the Reagan Administration, and all of a sudden people started taking this made up character seriously…

    Go back in the archives and look at what Welch wrote about the Huffington Post back when it first launched. That’s the correct reaction to whatever Huffiana says or does…laughter.

    It’s actually kinda scary how these walking jokes become important somehow in the public imagination. We really shouldn’t be a party to that. Please, stop taking her seriously!

    1. Agreed; my point above. Approaching the Kennedys in cynicism.

  23. For a while, she even played the “I’m so libertarian” game with her #1 fan Bill Fcuking Maher, who pretty much drools over her like a puppy over a chew toy.

    1. Maher drools over rich kid terrorists who hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings to die in “jihad coolness” too.

    2. “pretty much drools over her like a puppy over a chew toy” Maybe it’s a gay man thing.

    3. Bill Maher is a douche because he’s 100% sure that he’s right about everything, and confuses getting laid with being right. It’s a vicious cycle, and the only way to stop it is for women to stop having sex with him. If only Miss Huffington knew what a powerful position she was in–she could take down his whole world.

      1. I don’t think he is that confident. He just backtracked on his H1N1 comment. He uses the “I’m a comedian” verbal escape hatch whenever he gets into hot water. BTW, women already know their power.;-)

  24. Huffington: “Beck Says Nasty Things”; Ailes: “So Do You!”

    Sounds like a pair of kindergarteners. Is this what passes for political discourse in the US?

    1. Not outside of Georgetown bars and on MSM television shows.

      In Real America we talk about real politics, trucks and hot chicks who can cook and shoot.

      1. Yeah that’s what I meant: on American TV. I know normal human beings are better adjusted than members of the media. That’s a rough rule of thumb the world over.

        Those YouTube commentators prove Mr. Ailes right though: except for one annoying troller ALL the passionate hatred comes from the left. The tolerant. Progressive. Open minded. Left.

        1. The tolerant. Progressive. Open minded. Left.

          Yes, the Wal*Mart hating, Starbucks hating, Tobacco hating, Energy hating, lovers of love.

        2. COOL web page! I haven’t seen fractals in ages! Nice work.

          1. Thanks! I didn’t now anybody clicked on my link.

      2. John, “chicks who can cook and shoot” you must be 50. Cause it’s a man’s job to cook and drop the laundry through the shoot.

    2. I’m not so sure what to think of that exchange. Ailes asserted that a Huffpost blog post called him a tumor (to keep it short). Was that post just from a commenter like me or was it from a staff member? Did Ariana get on her cell phone on the way to the Green room to check if the IT department could find the post and figure out if it should be attributed to a staff member?

      1. I think that’s somewhat missing the point. Ariana claims that the right has a monopoly on vitriol and hatred (inspired by their politics) Ailes has said, and the comments on that video prove, that’s not true. In fact ignoring that annoying n***er troll most of the passionate hatred comes from ever open minded and tolerant leftists who don’t like it when the right spits it back in their face.

        I’m not standing up for either side here, but both sides must accept they’re as bad as each other and that if they can dish it out they can’t whine like shocked infants when they’re forced to take it too.

        1. I think that’s somewhat missing the point.

          I am just question the context of Ailes’ assertion that the Huffington post blog called him a “tumor”. Who wrote that?

          1. “ing” and a backslash i.

          2. How do I know? Chances are it wasn’t a member of staff, but that’s beside the point. Incidentally that user said much more than “Ailes is a tumour”. Unless I meticulously search the HuffOnTon Post I won’t find out exactly what was said, but apparently Ailes didn’t even cite the nasty parts of the post/comment.

        2. Ariana claims that the right has a monopoly on vitriol and hatred (inspired by their politics)

          That’s hilarious. Even without considering what they said about the Republicans the pinko wing of the Ruling Party poured out enough vitriol just between the Obama and Hillary camp-followers last year to put Goebbels to shame.


  25. Does being on TV turn people crazy or does the profession attract more crazy people in the first place?

    1. IHC, tv is like politics.Only crazies need apply.

  26. As traitorous commie rat bastards go, I really miss Walter Kronkite. Someday, I might miss Dan Rather.


    1. Only in a relative way, and only when Satan is shoving a trident up your ass

      1. Screaming “what’s the frequency Kenneth”?

  27. I’m either too effete and liberal or too dumb and rural to know what a Mannlicher-Carcano is. A type of gun? A type of cognac?

    1. A rifle of the type Lee Harvey Oswald used to kill JFK.

  28. The shit that spews out of Keith Fucking Olberbmann’s and Ariana Fuckington’s cake holes make blood shoot out of my eyes (to use a Glenn Beckism). But it’s good that the blood squirts out of my eyes; otherwise my head would asplode.

    These fucking people are so goddam narcissistic, they genuinely believe they are so much smarter than everyone else, and they – and only they – have the right answer to the way the country “should be.” They are cut from the same fetid cloth as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and so many other Congress-critters.

    If only a giant sinkhole would open up and swallow all them into the bowels of the earth where the great worm would rend their entrails for ever and aye.

    1. ADB, then what would you do for entertainment?

      1. Shoot my guns in celebratory glee while ululating in the streets.

  29. Fox News is a joke, along with Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly and etc. etc. What a host of behind the scenes racist for ratings….

    Does anyone remember this quote:
    Yeah, we work with niggers and gangs. You can take one of these niggers, drag ’em into the alley and beat the shit out of them and kick them. You can see them twitch. It really relieves your tension.
    “Mark Fuhrman”

    ***Mark Fuhrman, a FOX news Contributor, is the WORST kind of flaming racist and it reveals much about FOX news that they ally themselves with this man.

    **The Network can run but they cannot HIDE!!!

  30. I read urinating. Ululating reminds me of this

  31. Huffington: You are clearly a mindless ANTI American progressive LIAR. How do you face your children every day knowing you lack integrity and honor. But you make a dollar and that is more important than honor, right?

    1. Art,men do it every day. Stop bitching pussy.

  32. Arianna Huff N Puff turned her ex husband GAY then took half of his money after he lost the election then she turned into a Marxist slut.
    The nicest thing I can say about this socialist whore is that she hates boys.


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