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Because When Michael Steele Refuses To Return a Racist's Phone Calls, That's News!


The Washington Post on Saturday did one of those whither-the-GOP/Tea-Party-relationship stories we've been seeing so many of since the Scott Brown election convinced basically everybody except Olbermannesque diehards that the Tea-Party-tendency=racism formula maybe wasn't the most helpful shorthand for understanding an interesting political story. But as Mother Jones' Stephanie Mencimer points out, there was only one Tea Party person quoted in the Post story, owner Dale Robertson. And Robertson is problematic as a spokesman.

Robertson serves as the face of the "distrust" that the Post tries to portray in the piece. [Philip] Rucker writes, "Robertson said he has reached out repeatedly to [RNC chairman Michael] Steele but has been rebuffed. 'He hasn't called me back,' Robertson said. 'I find that disconcerting.'"

Is this the face of Tea Party nation?

Also disconcerting is that the Post published that quote with a straight face. If the paper had bothered to assign someone to cover the burgeoning Tea Party movement, its editors would have known that Robertson doesn't actually represent anyone, except maybe himself. Nor is this the first time Robertson has complained to a gullible reporter that the GOP is ignoring him. But the Post should have known that Michael Steele, a black man, isn't likely to return the calls of a guy who just last week sent out a fundraising appeal featuring a photo of Obama dressed as a pimp.

Not convinced yet that the Post should have at least provided some context on Robertson's complaint about Steele's nonresponsiveness? Then consider this: Last year, Robertson was asked to leave a Houston Tea Party for carrying a sign comparing taxpayers to "niggars."

Like many of the media hounds claiming to represent the grassroots Tea Party movement, Robertson's main credential is opportunism. […] While real Tea Party leaders have distanced themselves from Robertson, the media have embraced him and his false claim that he founded the entire Tea Party movement. Despite efforts by Tea Party leaders to publicize Robertson's phony creds and racist sign-making habits, Robertson has appeared on Fox News, C-Span, Russia Today, as well as a host of radio shows, and he's been quoted with authority in a variety of newspapers. The Washington Post quote, though, is definitely a coup for Roberston, and a true embarrassment for the Post, which really should have known better.

Whole Mother Jones bit here. Hat tip to the indefatigable Bruce Majors.

For a piece on the Tea Party movement whose reporting overcomes authorial slant, I'd recommend Ben McGrath's in The New Yorker.

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  1. Wow, if I buy that domain name, I’ll be the spokeperson for you guys!

    Attenion Media: Matt Welch supports the abduction of orphans from Haiti.

    1. It’s not abduction. It’s the new intern pogram.

    2. I like that: “intern pogrom”.

      1. Postrellnacht.

        1. LOL.

          Oh yeah: ANTISEMITIC, SHAME ON YOU!

          My work here is done.

      2. English is boring when everybody spells the same way.

  2. Marginalizing opposing views 101: find a crackpot strawman to “represent” opposition.

    In advanced marginalization, we learn how to create and foster a lazy press that doesn’t check sources.

    1. For some reason the fiscal conservatives fail the basics in this and I used to think it was for the better.

      They could quote the far left Socialist and Communist outlets, for example, and in just a few years point to guys like Obama and say “See? Just the same.”

  3. The left is grouping for any trivial negative news against the tea party or any one who opposes their agenda. How dare Robertson compare Obama as a pimp when We all know he is a whore to the Unions interest.

    1. Obama is a Mack Daddy. He pimps white women and black women.

      1. I thought the phrase was “long-legged” mack daddy?

        1. He saidI said it both ways.

  4. Silly Crackar.

    1. I think this guy maybe onto something with the misspelling of epithets.

      1. “That which we call a cracker
        By any other name would smell as Cheeto.”

  5. In defense of, well, I don’t know who, I’ve noticed that both of the big parties have a block of voters who use the n-word (for different reasons) on a regular basis.

  6. a fundraising appeal featuring a photo of Obama dressed as a pimp

    So, I guess Ron Paul’s old fundraising ghost writers are still able to get work…

    (I await the Saint Sebastian treatment…)

    1. But Lew Rockwell’s had a job for a while.

  7. Wait. Did you say this was from Mother Jones? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Mother Jones for leftist for whom Hugo Ch?vez isn’t radical enough? I’m stunned to see anything other than derision for the Tea Party movement in Mother Jones.

    1. I suspect this was more of an effort to hold the Post to a higher standard than it was to find some truthiness in the Tea Party movement.

      MJ does staff some excellent investigative journalists. They also staff some batshit insane columnists. It makes for a fun read every month.

    2. I was about to write this. Kudos to MJ (or at least the writer of this piece) for intellectual honesty.

    3. As an indefatigable reader of “Mother Jones” since the mid-70s, I will have to observe that besides their coverage in SEVERAL articles about how the Tea Partiers are not simply Republicans, though Republicans would like to tap them and milk them the way the Demwits have been milking gay voters out of their money for two decades, the latest MJ has an article on how the environmental movement is full of grifters conning people out of their money.

      I think we have to establish a new Pulitzer prize for anti-statist, maybe even free market, journalism. And Reason (and National Review and the Weekley Standard etc) may have to fight for the award with the (formerly?) socialist “Mother Jones.”

  8. Well the piece in the New Yorker was ok, except for the fact they spent two paragraphs on me and my efforts only not to mention my name. Got an apology from Ben at least which was nice.

    Look for a piece on PJM in the next few days exposing the fraud that is Dale Robertson. The MSM love the guy because he is their view of a tea party person. The completely ignore the fact every tea party group worth their salt has condemned him and did from the minute he showed up with his idiotic sign.

    1. Andrew — Shoot me an e-mail when it’s up, thanks.

  9. Hat tip to the indefatigable Bruce Majors.

    Wow. I haven’t heard anything from him since he was in The Fall Guy series back in the 80s.

    1. Sage you are mistaking me for my father Lee Majors. I am the secret love child of Bruce Lee and Lee Majors. But you will have to buy my forthcoming book on the secret lives of 70s B-list TV and movie stars to find out how they met.

  10. Well that New Yorker piece was quite the eye-opener. They’re one-panel cartoons are even worse than Reason’s Friday Funnies. And it looks like they publish a years worth in every issue.

    Not Funny
    Not Relevant
    Pretty much devoid of any coherent thought altogether.

    Grades: Straight F’s

  11. They’re/their goddamnit

  12. Of point slightly, how many times is Little Green Footballs going to post that photo of Robertson to show how racist the Tea Party movement is?

    1. Between the racists and the gun nuts, it’s a wonder the movement ever got out of North Idaho.

      *end snark*

  13. Read the New Yorker piece. This phrase caught my eye:

    “local Tea Party gatherings turned to hundreds, and then thousands, collecting along the way footloose Ron Paul supporters, goldbugs, evangelicals, Atlas Shruggers, militiamen, strict Constitutionalists, swine-flu skeptics, scattered 9/11 “truthers,” neo-“Birchers,” and, of course, “birthers””

    So what percentage of the Tea Partiers do you figure are libertarian (a few, many, most)?

    1. Lots probably would call themselves libertarians. I doubt many actually are, though.

      1. Having been to every DC tea party event and some in Virginia and Maryland, I would say no more than 1/3 of the people who come to tea party events are libertarians, though 95% are extremely sane and sober, working and middle-class, small government people who are ripe for education in individualist ethics and libertarian class analysis. And I and other gay people go to the events and are not bothered. Indeed at the 9/12 March I saw at least one lesbian couple one sitting inside the legs of another, her lovers arms about her, and no one gave them any trouble.

      2. Glenn Beck calls himself a libertarian for god’s sake.

        1. So do Condi Rice, Bill Maher, ad nauseum. If you believe every person belongs to herself, not the state, and owns her own body, time, products, etc you are a libertarian; if not, not.

  14. Libertarians should remember that most of the folks listed by c3 do not want to confiscate your cash nor are they interested in dictating how you should live your life.

    Just some perspective. Trust no person who shouts “racism” unless the shouter is pointing at affirmative action and/or those that take pride in the color of their skin.

    1. Libertarians should remember that most of the folks listed by c3 do not want to confiscate your cash nor are they interested in dictating how you should live your life.

      It does not comfort me in the slightest that most of the groups in that list are either batshit crazy (goldbugs, truthers, birthers, Objectivists) or only want to oppress non-whites, non-Christians, or liberals (Minutemen, evangelicals, and Birchers respectively).

      1. Right, Objectivists are so nutty they do things like start wikipedia and FedEx. Better WATCH OUT!!

      2. Actually all those groups are clearly intellectually superior to you. Goldbugs certainly have better retirement funds than you do. Birthers just want Obama to open his sealed transcripts, client lists, White House visitor logs, etc. Objectivist academics are currently publishing books on egoistic/eudamonist ethics at Cambridge and Oxford University Presses.

        You are just another tired Leftover slandering people. We have steam-rolled over slime like you 3 times this year and we will do it again until it is time to mop up with the Clorox napkins.

    2. There are other ways to be racist you tool.

    3. That’s a convenient standard for you, LM.

  15. We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew your hate with lies. The way our courts work is that you get a competent lawyer, verifiable facts and present them to a judge, if the facts are real and not half baked lies, then, and only then, you proceed to trial. The Birthers seem to be having a problem with the so call facts that they present. Let’s face it no one will go along with you until you guys win a case, but until then, you will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. Keep plucking that chicken.

    1. Uh Montana I realize you are probably retarded being a Dewmit and all but what election did you win? You just lost VA, NJ, and MA. The polls say you are going to lose more.

      Oh you mean LAST year’s election. The one where your flop-eared Soros whore told the voters he would never tax their health care, would not raise taxes on the middle class, would not appoint lobbyists, would have transparency, etc etc?

      Do you prefer a firing squad or a guillotine, my little quisling?

  16. Bruce my boy….snore, snore….next

    1. Yes Montie, your boy Barry snored (on the beach in Hawaii), along with all the other demwits while Coakley was being flushed down the tank. You just keep snoring and name calling and living in denial. You’re right where we want you.

      How’s doing things on Colored People Time working out for you?

  17. Democratic National Committee lawyers spending money to smear Tea Partiers:…..eId=123811

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