Politician Gary Johnson Makes Some Sweet, Sweet Sounds


As a more specific followup to yesterday's talk about where libertarian political support should go, let's step in with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, already being talked about as a libertarian-friendly choice for the GOP 2012 nomination. Here are some examples of why, from an interview with the Republican Liberty Caucus:

I could have cut big government in New Mexico drastically and no one would have noticed.  (That is, these government employees produce no value for the economy.) The spending train is out of control.  But the Democratic legislature fought me and the courts handed down adverse rulings…We are a bankrupt nation.  We're not taking care of our own house. Unlike the generation before us, interest and principle payments are due now. The enormous budget deficits will lead to inflation and an ever weaker dollar….

I would have opposed both [TARP and the bailout].  Government should not have been involved in this. The Paulson connection amounts to this being an inside job….

I would recommend a free market approach to health care reform.  Increase supply through the free market.  Gall Bladders R Us. We ended up with an insurance entitlement rather than health care.  Extending the current approach will lead to shortages and rationing health care.

The same principle applies to education.  We should blow the lid off publicly controlled education…..

The Federal Reserve deserves full responsibility for the housing bubble and as well deserves credit for mitigating the bust.  Overriding that, the dollar is now worth a nickel.  I understand the arguments for a free market in money and I support them…..I wouldn't say the Fed needs to be abolished.  I understand the argument for a gold standard, though…..

I do believe in a strong national defense.  But our security is not threatened by Iraq and Afghanistan….I believe we should pull out of both and return our focus to fighting terrorism. The focus needs to be protecting America.

….Social Security is flawed…..It's a Ponzi scheme.  A combination of benefit reduction and/or privatization are necessary….

….The states are 50 laboratories of democracy.  The burden that the federal government places on the states is outrageous.  The same is true of health care.  A return to federalism is needed.

Reason magazine has been on the Gary Johnson beat since this January 2001 feature interview with the then-governor of New Mexico.